Italian renaissance artists


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A look at five examples of Italian Renaissance Art

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Italian renaissance artists

  1. 1. Examples of Art andITALIAN RENAISSANCE Artwork from Italy, 1300- 1500
  2. 2. WHATMAKES ANITALIANRENAISSANCE ARTIST?As we look atthese fivepaintings, thinkabout…• What is the subject?• Who is p o r t r aye d i n t h e p i c t ur e ?• What type o f m a te r i al s are used?• What te c h n i q ue s are used?
  3. 3. MONALISA , BYLEONARDODA VINCIT h e wo m a n i s awe a l t hymerchant’s wife.The painting isrealistic and lifel i ke , w i t ha t te n t i o n todetail.Notice how thebackgroundf a d e s i n to t h edistance,through the useof “perspective.”There is theillusion ofdepth.More info.
  4. 4. CESTELLOANNUNCIATION, BYBOTTICELLIThe paintingdepicts a biblicalscene, with theArchangel Gabrielvisiting the VirginM a r y.Notice how thebackgroundthrough thewindow vanishesinto thedistance, addingan illusion ofdepth. Moreperspective.The painting wasdone with“tempura,” a kindof waterbased, acrylicpaint.Read more hereand here.
  5. 5. SCHOOL OFATHENS, BYRAPHAELThis paintingfeaturesimportantphilosophersfrom AncientGreece andRome, likeAristotle, Plato, and Pythagoras.Geometric linesand perspectiveare used to greatef fect to add anincredible depthand “3d” natureto the painting.The many figuresare painted withrealistica n a t o m y. N o t i c ethe detail in themuscles.Read more hereand here.
  6. 6. NATIVIT Y /BIRTH OFMARY, BYGHIRLANDAIOThis paintingdepicts the birthof the VirginM a r y, a b i b l i c a lc h a r a c te r. I ta l s o p o r t r ay sthe life ofwe a l t hy, u p p e rclass merchantsi n Re n a i s s a n c eI t a l y.The use ofperspectiveagain addsd e p t h to t h epainting. Noticethe stairsrunning alongthe left side ofthepainting, andt h e wa l l o n t h eright.Re a d m o r e h e r e .
  7. 7. BATTLE OFSANROMANO, BY UCCELLOThis painting issomewhatdif ferent fromthe others,looking lessrealistic.H o w e v e r, i t i s aclear example ofperspective.Lines are alignedto create anillusion of depth,and thebattlefielddisappearsagainst thehorizon.The subject is abattle involving aFlorentine nobleleading hissoldiers.The painting wasdone in tempura,a kind of waterc o l o r.Read more here.