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John Repetto
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John Repetto


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John Repetto's presentation for sloancaln. An Elluminate LIVE Demonstration

John Repetto's presentation for sloancaln. An Elluminate LIVE Demonstration

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Emphasize object oriented – multi user
  • Classroom 2.0 is an online social network of educators with membership at 25,000 as of June 2009. Steve now works as Social Learning Consultant for Elluminate, managing the LearnCentral community.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Before we begin please: 2 tc Configure Your Mic and Speakers Go to: Tools > Audio > Audio Setup Wizard or Join via Teleconference Click Handset > Follow instructions Welcome to the Elluminate Live! Demonstration
    • 2. A Quick Orientation A Quick Orientation… Raise Hand Send Message Talk Polling Whiteboard Tools Telephony
    • 3. Elluminate Facilitates the Entire Instructional Cycle 4
      • Offline, desktop authoring
      • Pre-assemble materials – agenda & activities
      • Refresh & reuse existing courses
      Elluminate Live! Elluminate Publish!
      • Deliver interactive sessions
      • Easy, single click attendance, course delivery, and recording
      • Podcasts or unplugged recordings
      • Distribute for portable, offline viewing
      Elluminate Plan! During After Before
    • 4. Real-time Sessions: Elluminate Live!
      • Core philosophy: No User Left Behind ™
        • Low bandwidth support (28.8 kbps to LAN)
        • Multiple platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris)
        • ADA Compliance and Accessibility
      • Highest Quality of Experience
        • Elluminate Foundation: Collaborative Communication Framework (CCF)
        • Dynamic and engaging experience
        • Transparent Technology
      Competitive Differentiator
    • 5. Session Management Essentials
      • Activity Indicators
      • Participant Management
        • Permission granting
        • Hand raising with queue
        • Participant sort
        • Auto hand raise at entry
        • Multiple moderators
        • Moderator control
        • Emoticons
      • In-Session Invitations
    • 6. Chat Essentials
      • Permission based public & private messages
      • Moderator can choose to view private messages
      • Add clickable URL links
      • Users can:
        • Save chat text
        • Send graphical emoticons
        • Filter messages
        • Time-stamp messages
    • 7. Audio Essentials
      • Crystal clear VOIP with the ability for 1-6 simultaneous talkers
      • Automatic volume level control
        • Keeps volume at a consistent and optimal level
        • Automatic peak limiting and automatic gain control
      • Moderator can mute/unmute a talker's speakers
      • Dynamically accelerated audio playback
      • Compensates for Internet delays
    • 8. Teleconferencing Integration
      • Reach those on mobile phones for audio portion of a session
      • Mute & unmute those on teleconference
      • All audio is captured in the recording
      • Ability for hosted service customers to bridge into teleconferences
      • VoIP only, conference call only, or a mix
      • Your own audio conferencing provider or ours
    • 9. Active Content - Whiteboard
      • Whiteboard
        • Multi-user, object oriented whiteboard
        • Create content and presentations dynamically
        • Mark-up whiteboard content using writing and drawing tools
        • Content area scales for optimal viewing
      Competitive Differentiator
    • 10. Application Sharing Active Content
      • Share applications, region of or entire desktop
        • Preview what is being shared
        • Markup for annotation, retention and discussion
      • Take remote desktop control
        • Password protected
        • Send keystroke combinations to remote machine
      • Mini controller for continuous session awareness
      • ESP Activity Indicators
      • Scaleable to screen size
      • Hot keys for quick control
    • 11. Presentation Mode Active Content
      • Puts participants into a full-screen mode
        • Whiteboard or Application Sharing
        • Users will only see the content area
      • Users can close out of Presentation Mode and return to the default view
    • 12. File Transfer Engage and Interact
      • Permission Based. Privilege can be given to participants
      • Transferred during recording playback
      • Can choose to prompt users of transfer
    • 13. Live Multipoint Video Active Content
      • Up to six simultaneous cameras
      • Adjust image quality and video size
        • 160x120, 320x240 and 640x480
      • User definable video focus and moderator controlled synchronized viewing
      • Snapshot picture and automatically place it on the whiteboard
      • “ Preview” or “Transmit” video
      • Bandwidth managed by CCF
      • Video Support for:
        • High-end camera (Camcorders)
        • Compressed video
        • Direct X video
    • 14. Streaming Video Active Content
      • Moderators initiate streaming video playback
      • Moderators can view the status of downloads
      • Download managed by CCF in the background
      • Ability to load and playback multimedia
        • Mpeg, QuickTime, Flash, .M4V, WMV
    • 15. Web Tour Active Content
      • Synchronized Web Surfing
        • Tour guide functionality can be passed to other moderators
      • Participants can interact independently with content
      • URL can be “published” to chat window
      • Embedded browser window
    • 16. Quiz Manager Engage and Interact
      • Test student understanding
      • Access class summary or individual quiz statistics
      • Load and store quizzes or quiz results
      • Create quiz on the fly
    • 17. Synchronized Notes Engage and Interact
      • Allows personal notes during a live session
        • Can edit notes and share them with others
      • Notes automatically saved on participant’s computer
      • During recording playback, notes are played back in-sync
      • Notes can be edited/enhanced after the session (during playback)
        • Can be used to prepare Text transcripts after the session
    • 18. Breakout Rooms Engage and Interact
      • Individual student / small group work
        • Full featured rooms in a private environment
      • Moderator can:
        • Create rooms on the fly
        • Move freely from room to room
        • Move content easily
        • Rename breakout rooms
        • Optionally allow participants to self-distribute
      • Automatic distribution of attendees into breakout groups
        • Randomize by number of rooms or number of participants / room
        • Easily drag and drop users into rooms
    • 19. Accessibility No User Left Behind
      • Closed captioning
        • Available live sessions and in recordings
        • Text appears in a separate window
        • Multi-channel
        • Use with voice-recognition software
      • Keyboard shortcuts
      • Visual and audible indicators
      • Scalable content areas
      • Inherit operating system’s color schemes
      • Screen reader support
        • Navigate the complete Elluminate Live! interface
        • Participants can read associated presenter notes for whiteboard content from the Synchronized Notes window
      Competitive Differentiator
    • 20. Record & Playback
      • Retain all live session interaction
        • Files Transfer, Synchronized Notes, Application Sharing, Web Tours and more!
        • Maintain full interactivity or maintain privacy by hiding participant names
      • Playback Navigation
      • Track recording viewers
      • Indexed based on session actions
        • Indices based on session actions
        • Searchable indices
        • Compact native format
      Competitive Differentiator
    • 21. Elluminate Publish! For Portable Learning Content
      • Desktop tool to convert Elluminate Live! recordings
      • High definition podcast, vodcast or standalone recording
      • Convert recordings to multimedia files
        • FLV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, MP4(H.264)
        • Output file sizes 1024x768, 650x480
      • Create chat and closed captioning transcripts
      • Play on your own time, on your own device – computer, laptop, iPod, MP3 player
      Competitive Differentiator
    • 22. Authoring a Plan Compose a library of course files Create attributes & notes for each action Suggest a duration per topic Action Pane Outline actions & media to be delivered in real time Competitive Differentiator
    • 23. Driving a Plan So easy that anyone can run it - always with control Agenda with content & actions Optional mini-controller for out-of-the-box delivery The “Next” Button Click to navigate Or, flexibly conduct class “in the moment” – independent of the plan
    • 24. Management Portals and Seamless Integration
      • Enterprise ready
        • Available as On Demand or On Premise Solutions
      • Access to Elluminate
        • Easy to use administration tools
        • Create one-time or open meeting rooms
        • Sessions are accessible through a secure URL or with a login
      • Elluminate Bridges
        • For Blackboard, Moodle, ANGEL, Sakai, eCollege, Fronter
        • Productized SDK
    • 25. Elluminate Professional Services
      • Your value-add accelerator to ensure a successful and smooth deployment of Elluminate throughout your institution
        • Certified technical consulting for installations and integrations
        • Business consulting to provide program guidance and best practices
        • Training to create Elluminate proficiency
        • Customer advocates for long-term partnership
        • Technology-certified IT professionals for ad hoc technical support
    • 26. LearnCentral
      • New social learning network for education
      • Moderated by Steve Hargadon, founder of Classroom 2.0, a network of 25,000 educators
      • Free Elluminate vRoom for up to three people or locations
      • Connect with peers, share content, build portfolios, access resources, attend events
      • Custom-branded, private version available
      http:// Join now!
    • 27. Questions For more information John Repetto - Enterprise Sales Manager Phone (941) 447-4223 Email -
    • 28. Why Elluminate? Focused investment in real-time learning for the academic market Designed for classroom instruction, easy-to-use for everyday collaboration Proven, large enterprise deployments – reliable, scalable, secure Reaches the most people, worldwide Focused on your education outcomes through software, services, and expertise
    • 29. Client System Requirements
      • Windows:
        • Windows XP (32 bit) or Vista (32 or 64 bit)
        • Pentium III 1 GHz processor
        • 256 MB RAM
      • Macintosh:
        • Mac OS X 10.5
        • G4, G5 or Intel processor
        • 256 MB RAM
      • UltraSPARC Solaris:
        • Solaris 10 (SPARC only)
        • UltraSPARC IIc 500 MHz processor
        • 256 MB RAM
      • Linux
        • openSUSE 11 (64 bit) or Ubuntu 8.10 (64 bit)
        • Pentium III 1 GHz processor
        • 256 MB RAM
    • 30. Client System Requirements
      • In additional, all of the above systems require:
        • Java version 1.5 or higher.
          • Note: Windows users can use only the 32-bit version of Java (not the 64-bit version)
        • 20 MB free disk space
        • 28.8 Kbps Internet connection
        • Windows, Linux or Solaris: soundcard with speakers and microphone or headset (or telephone for Telephony users)
        • Macs: internal, USB, or external iSight microphone (or telephone for Telephony users)