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Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
Print2green Managed Print Services
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Print2green Managed Print Services


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Go Green, Save Green and Print2Green with ASE’s Managed Print Services. ASE helps enterprises go green by recover, reuse and reduce your carbon footprint.

Go Green, Save Green and Print2Green with ASE’s Managed Print Services. ASE helps enterprises go green by recover, reuse and reduce your carbon footprint.

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  • This new program can provide you—likely for the first time—visibility of all of your network and locally attached devices, any time day or night. This visibility provides the capability to control and manage the costs to service and supply your fleet. With our proactive monitoring, we also virtually eliminate the need for you to be involved in keeping the devices up and running. And, because all of the costs are included in one simple cost, you have NOTHING to buy. And, if I told you I could provide these services for about what you are paying for just an HP OEM cartridge alone, would you be interested?......Let’s talk about each of these program benefits in a little more detail.
  • With our monitoring, this is likely the first time you will have visibility to your entire fleet of HP devices via our DCS that is loaded on your environment. The information provided via the DCS not only drives our Proactive Monitoring capabilities, which I’ll talk more about in a minute, but provides tremendous insight into the use of your devices. This insight means you can now finally control use the use of color outside of normal business hours, or see which devices are over utilized or under utilized, giving you the opportunity to better managed your existing fleet without buying new devices. In fact, you don’t even have to search for the information—we provide monthly and quarterly analysis to you as part of our value-added offering. Our DCS “pings” the environment every 30 to 60 minutes, which provides us the necessary information for our exclusive Auto Toner Replenishment System. Under this System, we monitor every device for toner low. In fact, the toner low setting for every device can be set individually based on usage patterns. When we see a device has hit the designated threshold for a replacement cartridge, we also look around the environment to see what other devices are approaching their replacement threshold. We then look at the usage patterns for the last two weeks, the last month, and the last three months. We base our replenishment date on which ever usage rate is the highest, ensuring you never run out of toner. In addition, since the device is essentially ordering its own replacement, you never receive the wrong cartridge. And, because we marry all of the delivery information with the device information, when the cartridge is received, you know exactly which device the cartridge is intended for. The best part is you don’t have to do anything other than approve the orders we send to you. If you are buying bundles under the program, you can either approve the order, or auto-ship the cartridges under a blanket P.O. If you are under a cost per page version of the program, you don’t need to do anything—the right cartridge will show up at the right time.
  • With our DCS collecting information from your environment, we also use this information to proactively monitor your entire fleet. In addition to the Auto Toner Replenishment System I just mentioned, we also proactively monitor your environment for service errors. If we see a device that has an unrecoverable error, we’ll proactively notify you that someone is on their way to get the printer back up and running. This capability is especially important with shared devices, which may often be down for days before it escalates to IT. This is because in a shared environment, if a user prints to the device, goes to pick up their output and something is wrong with the machine, they might fiddle with it for a couple of minutes, but they will then go back to their desk, find another device on the drop down menu, hit “print” and go to that device. Under our program, we’ll either notify you that the device is down, providing error information, etc. or under our “plus service” option ,we’ll perform those repairs for you.. Also key to you is that under this program, everything is included in the cost. It is SIMPLE for you!
  • Getting signed up under the program is simple. First….then read through the list. It is relatively self-explanatory.
  • Earlier, I mentioned one of the key benefits of our program—our exclusive Auto Toner Replenishment System Let’s look at the key benefits of our Auto Toner Replenishment System in a bit more detail. Reduced cartridge inventory—talk about how this lowers their need for safety stock and clutter in the supplies stocking areas. Never run out of toner—mention how this has been the favorite feature of the Auto Toner Replenishment System. It give you peace of mind. No one has to remember to order toner. Or you don’t have to worry about multiple people ordering toner at the same time for the same device. The right cartridge, every time—research shows that between 5 and 10% of all supplies are mis-ordered, causing lots of additional costs in sending them back and ordering the correct supplies. Of course, often the supply is NEVER returned, causing you even more unnecessary costs. One source for care and feeding of your fleet—if you use our “plus service” option, we simply take care of the problems when they do arise, and since we are proactively monitoring, we often solve the problem before you even know there is one! Monthly billing—under our program, you only pay for what you print each month—no minimums! We can also break down the information in a variety of ways to allow you to easily manage internal allocations of these costs in your organization.
  • The purpose of this slide is to show you what features our program provides compared to just purchasing an HP OEM cartridge. Of course, with HP you always get the best print quality and reliability possible. Under our HP OEM C6 MSP program, you will also get….read through the features. And, if you choose the “plus service” option, they will also get….read through the features.
  • Back up slide showing how the ATRS works. We first collect the information from all of the devices we can see—on the network or locally. That information then goes to our program analysis server, which runs algorithms as we described earlier to determine which devices will need supplies replenishment and when. That order is generated and, depending on the program, is either automatically sent or sent to you for approval prior to shipping.
  • Back up slide. Highlight and talk through each feature of the program.
  • Back up slide. Highlight and talk through each feature of the program.
  • Back up slide. Highlight and talk through each feature of the program.
  • Transcript

    • 1. HP OEM or ASE Compatible Print Managed Services ASE, Inc. Jan. 1, 2010
    • 2.  
    • 3. ASE Print Managed Services
      • Key Features
      • Visibility —See your network and locally attached devices, 24/7
      • Cost Management —Have predictable, known costs to manage printer fleet carbon footprint
      • Proactive Monitoring —greatly reduce your intervention in keeping the fleet up and running
      • Simplicity —ALL costs are included, and are variable with your page output volume.
    • 4. Key Program Benefits Visibility — our industry-leading Data Collection Service (DCS) provides 24/7 transparency to nearly all brands of network attached printers and MFPs, and most locally attached HP devices less than 5 years of age Cost Management — our exclusive Auto Toner Replenishment System™ ensures you won’t: • Run out of toner •  Overstock •  Order the wrong cartridge •  Need air shipments or next day delivery
    • 5. “ Who”, “What”, “When” & “Where” “ Who” Printed “ What” document name “ When” Date and Time “ Where” Application,computer & printer
    • 6. Key Program Benefits
      • Proactive Monitoring
      • We monitor your fleet for you
      • Alerting you to low toner and auto shipping of replacement cartridges and as well as maintenance, drum, fuser, and transfer kits
      • Service errors for printers in need of repair
      • Proactively performing those repairs under the “Plus Service” option
      • Simplicity — Everything is included!
      • Supplies, software, shipping
      • NO start up costs!
      • “ Plus Service” option,
        • Bundle program includes software and service in the cartridge price. Everything is built into the cartridge.
        • Page program provides single invoice for ALL service and supplies costs. Everything is built into the cost per page
    • 7. How Does the Program Work?
      • It’s Simple!
      • We install the Data Collection Service (DCS) on a server in your environment that is always on (like a Print Server).
      • The DCS reports all of the printers and MFP’s, which we used to establish the list of cartridge types that will be needed under the program.
      • If you choose the “Plus Service” option, we monitor your printers, free of charge, for 30 days to determine if any printers need maintenance to be brought up to workable condition prior to the start of the program.
      • We provide you with a contract that includes program pricing by page (this includes ALL costs) and basic terms. You select the length of the contract (1 year minimum) and the start date. Remember, the special program pricing is guaranteed only for the length of the initial contract period
      • All devices are labeled with asset tags, and shipping/delivery information is entered for each device.
      • We start the program!
    • 8. Auto Toner Replenishment System
      • Key Benefits
        • Reduced cartridge inventory —you only need to keep a few spares
        • Never run out of toner —we monitor your toner levels and alert you when toner is needed (and auto-ship under the Page program)
        • The right cartridge, every time —neither users nor purchasing are no longer concerned about ordering the right supplies for the right device, or toner for devices not longer in use
        • One source for care and feeding of your fleet —with our “Plus Service” option, all cartridge costs (including delivery), repair labor and repair parts are included. Even “Consumable” parts (ie. Fusers, maintenance kits) can be included in the program (and are standard in the Page program).
        • Monthly billing —We will bill you monthly based on actual cartridges purchased or pages printed. We can provide information by individual device, by department or location, and/or by device type
    • 9. Program Comparison Guide Key Features HP OEM or ASE Compatible Cartridge Only HP OEM or ASE Compatible MSP HP OEM or ASE Compatible “ Plus Service” Best print quality for all of your office printing needs    Best cartridge reliability, designed together with your HP printer    Environment monitoring with 24/7 visibility of your printer fleet   Auto toner reordering—the right product, only when you need it   Monthly reports on device usage, utilization, and printing trends   Special program discounts tied to the length of the contract   Proactive monitoring of printer service errors   Service help desk, trained to “triage” service errors   National service for all HP printers and MFPs  All labor and repair parts included (“consumable” parts extra)  Monthly reports on service activity (errors, repairs, etc.)  Single invoice for all of your supplies and service needs 
    • 10. Order Sent to Shipping You ASE DCS  Toner  Prints  Coverage Order Generated --Specific to Device --Shipped automatically Supplies Delivered to Your Location Auto Toner Replenishment System Program Analysis Server @
    • 11. National Service/Dispatch Key Feature Benefit to You National service One program across all of your company’s sites, regardless of location in the U.S. One national phone number for service Only one number to know for all service calls Proactive monitoring of printer service errors Improved uptime; no need for you to monitor the fleet Integrated dispatch within fleet monitoring service With the “Plus Service” option, you have the ability to check on status of any call; integrated reporting capability Service cost built right into cost per page price Predictable cost for service—no unexpected or exorbitant repair costs Pro-rated service plan With the “Plus Service” option, we give you the ability to start program right away with your existing HP OEM cartridge inventory
    • 12. ASE Dispatch and Triage
      • Dispatch manned by HP certified technicians
        • Proactive monitoring of your environment
          • Daily review of all accounts
          • Alert emails reviewed on all critical errors
          • Notification to you of service errors if desired
          • Schedules routine preventive maintenance
            • Maintenance kits
            • Drum, fuser and transfer kits
          • Makes right sizing recommendations based on usage and utilization rates of your printer and MFP fleet
    • 13. ASE Dispatch and Triage
      • Dispatch manned by HP certified technicians
        • Reactive
          • Takes your calls
          • Conducts triage to resolve issue over the phone
          • Dispatches service if deemed necessary (with “Plus Service” option)
          • Loads call data in device detail
          • Closes device detail when completed
    • 14. Printing made easy as 1-2-3…  Step 3  Step 2 Print2Cloud from anywhere in just 3 steps: Step 1 Sign up for FREE today www. PRINT 2 GREEN . com  Install Print2Green Data Collection Service (DCS) Start your Print2Green , Print Managed Service
    • 15. Print Managed Service Partner Thank you For More Information Call 866.874.3111