Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?


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Health conditions such as chronic pain, acid reflux or sleep apnea can be made worse by lying flat in a traditional bed. This is why many people with chronic health conditions opt for the comfort of an adjustable bed. In this presentation, we'll discuss the many ways that adjustable beds help to temporarily improve chronic health conditions.

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Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?

  1. 1. Do You Need an Adjustable Bed?Sleep Position and Your Health
  2. 2. Sleep Position and HealthIf you have a health condition such as sleep apnea, acid reflux or chronic pain, the way you sleep could be making your condition worse. Lying flat in a traditional bed aggravates these common health conditions, making going to bed one of the worst things you could do to your body.Luckily, there is a way to get relief. In this presentation, we’ll look at the various health problems that can be helped by sleeping in an adjustable bed.
  3. 3. Snoring and Sleep ApneaWhile snoring is thought of more as an annoyance, sleep apnea can be deadly.Both conditions are caused by airway passages that become blocked when you lie flat. This causes the body to get inadequate oxygen. Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-
  4. 4. Snoring SolutionsBy elevating the body during sleep, the breathing passages are able to open, allowing oxygen to flow freely.The best adjustable bed for relieving snoring and sleep apnea is the Prodigy. The Prodigy adjustable bed has a special snore-relieving feature that changes your sleeping position by 7 degrees and then returns you to your favorite sleeping position after 30 minutes. Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-
  5. 5. Acid Reflux and GERDAnother common health problem aggravated by sleeping flat is acid reflux, which is commonly associated with GERD.When people with acid reflux sleep on a flat bed, their stomach acid leaks into their esophagus, burning the lining of their esophagus. This leads to temporary pain and permanent scarring. Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-
  6. 6. Relieving GERDLuckily, relieving GERD can be as simple as elevating your torso. By doing so, you allow gravity to keep your stomach acid where it belongs. This is one of the most natural and effective ways to treat nighttime pain associated with GERD.While this can be done temporarily with pillows, an adjustable bed is a great long term solution. If you’re on a budget, try the Simplicity adjustable bed, our most affordable model.
  7. 7. Chronic PainChronic neck and back pain are also negatively affected by lying flat. This is because lying flat does not adequately support your spine.An adjustable adjusts to the curves of your body, providing support without aggravating pain points. Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-
  8. 8. Mattresses for Chronic PainBoth a memory foam mattress and a natural latex mattress are ideal for people with chronic back and neck pain caused by spinal supplications. That’s because foam mattresses provide pliable support without aggravating pain points.
  9. 9. About Sleep ComfortFor more than 15 years, Sleep Comfort hasbeen providing America with the highest-quality adjustable beds on the market.We provide our customers with a personalizedbuying experience, even connecting potentialbuyers with local adjustable bed owners, forlive testimonials and advice they can trust.We’re a member of the Bureau of HomeFurnishing and maintain an A+ rating with theBetter Business Bureau. Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-
  10. 10. Contact Us Visit the Sleep Comfort website to learn more about us. Our friendly and knowledgeable sleep experts are available to help find the right mattress and adjustable bed for you. Find out what sets Sleep Comfort apart from other bed companies.Pricing Information 1-800-648-1207Customer Service Phone: 800-501-3433 Fax: 858-487-8387 Email Sleep Comfort Sleep Comfort © 2012 www.sleep-