PaaS options for .NET

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Overview of Platform as a Service alternatives for .NET developers

Overview of Platform as a Service alternatives for .NET developers

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  • 1. PaaS alternativesfor .NETSlawomir Dorzak@sdorzak
  • 2. What is PaaS?● Provides ecosystem of services that can beprovisioned using API’s● Provides API, CLI and IDE integration toolsto provision and maintain application● Manages and abstracts OS and hardwarelayer● Pay per use / as you go pricing model● Built-in scalability and elasticity
  • 3. Challenges● Access to the host OS is often difficult orimpossible● Debugging can be an issue● Installing some legacy libraries might beimpossible● Higher risk of vendor lock-in than just IaaS
  • 4. Apprenda● Supports both Java and .NET● Private PaaS solution● Provides SaaS features
  • 5. Apprenda Logical Overview
  • 6. Cloud Foundry● Open Source platform (Apache 2.0)● Started by VMWare (Derek Collison andMark Lukovsky)● Written in Ruby and Go● Very flexible model - supporting multipleframeworks and runtimes● Can be used as a foundation for both privateand public offerings
  • 7. CloudFoundry Overview
  • 8. CloudFoundryPaaS LayerIaaS Layer
  • 9. Uhuru● Private and Public PaaS● Uses CloudFoundry as a foundation● Created their own execution agent for .NET
  • 10. Tier3● Private and Public PaaS● Targeted at enterprise● Uses CloudFoundry as a foundation for theirown fork - IronFoundry● Created their own execution agent for .NET
  • 11. AppHarbor● like Heroku for .NET● Built-in CI workflow● Deploy by doing a git push!● Debug and production environments● Big repository f additional services eg.RavenDB, Sendgrid, Memcached, NewRelicand much more● Plans start at free!
  • 12. AWS Elastic Beanstalk● A lot of control over host OS● Supports multiple languages andframeworks including .NET● Git deploy● Support for staging and live environments● VisualStudio integration● Built-in autoscaling● Recovers from EC2 failures
  • 13. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • 14. Summary● Windows Azure still the best public PaaS for.NET● Few viable alternatives● CloudFoundry (and derived platforms) - agood choice if vendor lock-in is an issue● for private PaaS CloudFoundry basedsolutions are worth consideration
  • 15. Resources●