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consulting business in Russia vm consult

  1. 1. International Business Development Russian Consulting Market Overview VM ConsultRussian Federation April 2010
  2. 2. Consulting ServicesEssential changes in the world consulting industry didn’t cancel the utilityof professional services, especially for quite young Russian enterpriseswhich now become more and more involved in global competition. VMConsult is prepared for cooperation in this field and ready to provide a setof services for strategic success of foreign consulting companies onRussian market.Current SituationDuring the last decade Russian consulting market has been developing with unmorally highgrowth rates. According to RA Expert, from 2000 till 2008 it had increased more than 20 times.And nevertheless the volume of Russian consulting market is still far from developed countries.In 2009 there was essential negative impact of crisis on consulting business (according to somesources there was more than 50% market reduction). But experts predict further developmentof Russian consulting market after recognition of economic recovery.The biggest market shares have IT, tax and strategic consulting, but the most stabledevelopment is expected on the side of financial and production (operational) consultingservices.However nowadays vast majority of consulting companies tries to unite different types ofconsulting and offer wide spectrum of services. Therefore it becomes irrelevant to makeservices based segmentation. Consulting companies in Russia can be easily divided by price ofconsulting services and number of consultants (see figure on the next page). Bill. rubbles VM Consult. Your first step on a new market 2
  3. 3. 3. 2. 1. Elite foreign consultants Elite foreign consultants “Big Four” (passive presence) (active presence) Price of consulting services 6. 5. 6. Russian consulting Specialized Russian Universal Russian boutiques consultants consultants 9. 8. 7. Small consulting Specialized Russian Universal Russian companies. Independent consultants consultants consultants Number of consultants Segmentation of consulting companies by I. Mann.There is a real competition only within groups and in some cases between companies from thenearest groups. Foreign consulting company most likely starts its business in Russia in Group 3.Thus, the main competitors will be other companies from Group 3 (A.T. Kearney, The BostonConsulting Group, Carana Corporation, Bain & Company, Roland Berger and at alias),companies from Group 2 (McKinsey, Accenture etc.) and some Russian consulting companies.Market OpportunitiesEconomic instability and involvement of Russian enterprises in global competition increases theimportance of competitive ability improvement. Labor productivity in Russia is dramatically lessthan in Western European and North American countries. VM Consult. Your first step on a new market 3
  4. 4. McKinsey marks out three main reasons: 1. Inefficient labor management 2. Obsolete machinery and technologies 3. Structure peculiarities of Russian economySuch situation opens good opportunities for Russian market penetration for consultants withproven experience in strategic and operational management, human resources and IT. Forconsultants which can help Russian companies to increase their operations and processperformance.Thus Russian consulting market can be very interesting to take more intent look on.Our ServicesWorking in contact with government and industry associations VM Consult is ready to supportcompanies form consulting industry at every stage of Russian market expansion.We advise to start with preliminary market analysis, that includes Market opportunity assessment Customer and competitor analysis Feasibility analysis Analysis of economical expediency Development of high level Solution OutlineIt will help in choosing the right market entry form and develop a profoundt business plan, thatwill cover market segmentation, sales forecast, marketing and financial planning, action plan.Realization phase will include implementation of defined action plan Contact us to get more information on Russian consulting market and to find out opportunities for your products there. VM Consult. Your first step on a new market 4
  5. 5. VM Consult. Your first step on a new market 5
  6. 6. About VM ConsultVM Consult is international business consulting firm that creates value for clientsby considerable increase of the certainty of foreign market penetration.Combining strong marketing knowledge and industry experience with holistic market entryapproach VM Consult offers to its clients a set of services for successful international businessdevelopment.http://www.consultvm.comContactsFor getting more information on Russian consulting market please contact:VM Consult LtdRussian FederationSt. Petersburg officeTel: +7(911) VM Consult. Your first step on a new market 6