7 crucial mistakes of your hotel marketing


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7 crucial mistakes of your hotel marketing

  1. 1. 7 Crucial Mistakes of Your Hotel Marketing By Viacheslav Makovich, makovich.v@gmail.comYou know that you could have much more profits from your hotel business just bygetting rid of the most common marketing mistakes?Mistake # 1. No marketing at all.The biggest marketing mistake is not to have marketing at all.I get one little secret for you: “In today’s fast moving World Being Good Is NotEnough”.In order to provide successful result you have to be prepared not only to have agood offer, but also to bring this offer to your potential clients. As a result of thatyou should have: 1) More new guests 2) More satisfied guests 3) Who will leave more money at your hotel 4) Will recommend your hotel 5) And will come to your again and againAnd that’s what marketing is about.Mistake # 2. No target audience.I’ll give you a short example, 4 000 000 times people search “Hotel in Paris” eachmonth. That’s a huge number, but do you think that your hotel has a highprobability to be founded on that request?But if you be more specific, has a clear positioning and stand out from other hotelby having your niche. That would be much easier.Several hotels had a great financial results just by clear targeting: one made a focuson pensioners, the other one on romantic couples, another on reach businessmen’s.I guaranty you, that you will lose some guest, but by choosing the right audienceyou will not only attracted more guests, but you will make them much more 1
  2. 2. satisfied. For you that means that they will come back and more importantly tell alltheir friends and relatives about you.Mistake # 3. No offer.I had a degree in marketing but what I learned about it in university didn’t work for didn’t worksfor vast majority of hotels.That marketing was focused on so called “image” advertising. That could probably work for bighotel chains, but that didn’t bring results for small and medium size hotels.I tested several approaches and find out that the most efficient marketing should has: direct response opportunity with a concrete offer and lack of timeI mean that you should not just give information on your hotel, but you must give concrete offer,that would be:  Interesting for your target audience (that could be good price, special bonuses or specific benefits of your hotel)  Motivating to act NOW (deadline, small number offered bonuses etc.)Generally speaking, you must give an answer to the following question: “Why should I chooseyour hotel above all others and why should I make my decision right now?”Mistake # 4. Not selling web page.I hope you understand how many of your potential guests use Internet to book ahotel. But unfortunately most hotels have just internet business cards instead ofmagnetic web sites that generates you more and more guests.And that could be a great opportunity for your business.You need to concentrate on 4 main issues: 1) How to attract more visitors 2) How to make them want to book a room 3) How to make them proof their wants 4) How to make them bookThe attraction of visitors is very large topic and I’m planning to cover it in one ofthe next articles. 2
  3. 3. Before coming up with my ideas on creation of desire to book a room in yourhotel, I would like to ask you a short question: “Do your clients make bookingdecisions based on emotional or on rational factors?”As it was shown in many studies, people use to make their decisions based onemotional reasons and only after that they are trying to put it on rationalbackground.So during the average 14 minutes while your web page is being looked through, yumust create the emotional will of booking a room. What should you have for that?  Nice looking friendly web page (not overloaded by sophisticated design)  A lot of multimedia: great photos and videos  Emotional writing: you have to describe not just a facts about your hotel, but the advantages that it gives to your visitors and their feelings out this advantages. By the way that would be also possible to mention some disadvantages and give the information how it can be easily solved.  Concrete, lucrative and motivational offer.Then you should think how to make them proof the decision. And the best thingfor that is the social proof: reviews from other visitors (that’s way you need to havea good motivation system of making a good reviews) and ratings.Also don’t forget about rational facts, like price quality ratio.And the last but definitely not least, there should be easy mechanism of making areservation from every page of a website.By the way, I will give here a short, but profitable comment. Don’t forget aboutupsale: when the reservation is made, suggest to order some of your additionalservices.Mistake # 5. Not enough additional services.The vast majority of hotels have totally insufficient number of products andservices that they are offer. That’s a mistake, because there are a lot of things that(1) could be interesting for your visitors and (2) could be profitably provided byyour hotel. 3
  4. 4. Short example, when I was in Istanbul together with my future wife I was quiteamazed when I knew that some hotels in Istanbul has good additional profitssimply by offering a feet massage to it’s visitors.Make a list of potential additional services, find appropriate persons or companieswhich can offer it, test that services and start implementation.When you give the keys to your visitors, give them also the paper with full list ofyour services. You’ll be amazed with results.---There is a single difference between my clients who have extraordinary successand those who don’t: implementation. Consistent implementation means thedifference between struggling to make a buck and having the money flow to you.That’s why not just read, but make a concrete steps to your development and ifyou are interested in having really outrageous results I recommend you to order acomplete course on “Profitable Hotel Marketing” with the detailed road map.Viacheslav Makovich,makovich.v@gmail.com 4