How to Use Data to Inspire Great Brand Storytelling


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Description: To better serve the wants and needs of your audience through content, marketers need to know how to analyze data. As organizations begin to grow, marketers can lose track of what's most important to their audience. To keep your company sharp and focused, data analyzation is key, but knowing what data to use can be a barrier to creating great stories.

Skyword’s Vice President, Services, Andrew Wheeler, and Managing Editor of the Content Standard, Ted Karczewski on Wednesday share how they use data to drive their content creation process to increase efficiency and produce stories people want.

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  • Because the data tells us when our customers are on vacation, we are able to help them take care of their homes. We sent customers push notifications reminding to adjust their thermostats and/or secure their homes, if they had not done so before they left. Our response rates were outstanding, with 45% of customers adjusting their thermostats to save a little energy while they were off on vacation.

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  • How to Use Data to Inspire Great Brand Storytelling

    1. 1. How to Use Data to Inspire Great Brand Storytelling May 18, 2016
    2. 2. 2©2016 Skyword Andrew Wheeler Vice President of Services, Skyword Ted Karczewski Content Marketing Manager, Skyword
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    5. 5. 5©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential Who Is Vivint Trying to Reach? • Vivint’s marketing targets people in all stages of homeownership, from young professionals interested in the latest gadgets and growing families to empty nesters and early retirees. • Vivint helps connect everything in your home to save you money.
    6. 6. 6©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential Audience-Centric Marketing • 13% of customers leave the home for vacation at least one day over Thanksgiving Holiday • 30% of customers host Thanksgiving Dinner • People vacationed longer in 2015 than in 2014 • South Dakotans take the highest percentage of vacations away from home (20%)
    7. 7. 7©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential The Result
    8. 8. 8©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential5/18/2016 8 Skyword Case Study: IBM Security Who Is IBM Security and what is
    9. 9. 9©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential Who is Trying to Reach? Business executives and enterprise IT security professionals who manage risk and need to stay ahead of the every-changing security reality.
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    11. 11. 11©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential The Result
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    13. 13. 13©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential Who is The Content Standard Trying to Reach? • The Content Standard reaches decision makers and individual contributors working for and with enterprise B2B and B2C organizations, media companies, and more.
    14. 14. 14©2016 SkywordProprietary and Confidential Audience-Centric Marketing Data Skyword Analytics + Google Analytics Social Listening Reader Surveys Writer Development Beat Develop- ment Feedback Loop Pitch Process
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