Content Rising | Boston 2014


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Panel Discussion on the emergence of Content Marketing.

Topics include:
The New Age of Search Marketing, Content, and Social.
A Roadmap to Sustainable and Scalable Content Creation.
The Convergence of Influencer and Content Marketing.
Importance of Content Amplification in Content Strategy.

Seth Dotterer, VP Marketing, Conductor
Gregg Freishtat, SVP Strategic Alliances, Outbrain
Tom Gerace, CEO, Skyword
Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr

Clare McDermott, Editor, Chief Content Officer Magazine

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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  • people are actively avoiding marketing messages, and it shows in marketing effectiveness…
  • Today people are hit with 3,000 brand messages each day. Technology enables them to escape and seek out content they love without being interrupted.
  • Why did we create Skyword? We, as marketers, strive to get our brand to stand out and get into the purchase consideration set. But it’s getting harder to break out through modern media
  • Shift in strategy is needed.
  • Stories build brands. Always have, always will.
  • It is our strong belief that paid advertising is grossly underserving brands based on a number of measures – including what we call the 6 vs. 94% imbalance, or….
  • Marketers heavily invest in tools and tech in getting people to do the things that they want to do when they are on their site. From CMS to AB Testing to Web analytics, you’ve invested a lot in making sure your site is a engine built to drive visitors to conversion events. But for that be valuable - you need to get people into your site.
  • Content has a dual identity
    The web is just a bunch of your content that can sometimes be found from other pages… (show content on your site and show it on ‘other’ places) -

    Have to Set up Web Presence Management here – and show different ratios
  • The problem is that marketers have been taking the path of least resistance - spending billions to drive traffic via paid media. Instead of trying to earn a customer conversation with great content – they try and buy it. There a few problems with that – the ROI of paid is decreasing, the reach is limited, and the effectiveness of that engagement is unclear. All of that is a massive problem because marketers are chasing the smallest part of the pie – when the true opportunity is in unpaid media.
  • Whether on search or social, laptop or mobile – the vast majority of customer conversations out there are not taking place on banner ads and in the confines of brands’ websites.
  • The opportunity is massive: when 94% of web traffic to brands is ‘unpaid’, trying to optimize and compete for the 6% is growing rapidly less effective. Engaging customers on their own terms allows you to reach a wildly larger audience and differentiate from your competition.
  • Everything SEO starts with content creation and delivery
    Content goes through many stages, starting with the ideation phase – this is the phase where you pick the subject, topic or idea in which your content will be created around
    This applies to all forms of content, web pages, videos for youtube, images, whitepapers, etc
    Along this process, several different people and even departments play a role in creating a process
    Although either voluntary or involuntarily, SEO plays a role in this process - it’s most often involuntary and most often poor-seo
  • Obviously we get a lot of questions about what this means for us as a company. We have an immense amount of experience in the SEO space as the leading enterprise search technology. But we believe that WPM can transform the role of the SEO organization to take a strategic position within the organization.
    As different teams start to coordinate their efforts, and involve stakeholders like product marketers or merchandisers, a new WPM team can expand the scope of their efforts beyond just optimizing for Google.
    They can start to think about content holistically, thinking about all different mediums
    They start to think about specific personas on how to engage them on their buyer’s journey, instead of just attacking generic buyers as their about to make a purchasing decision
    Finally- they can take a leadership role in the coordination of digital marketing effort
  • Important: Be sure to mention how we define earned media, which is content written about your brand like product reviews and news stories.
  • Outbrain can provide tremendous reach for your content across premium publisher sites.
    Here is a small sample of some of our partners, which include CNN, Fox News,, CNBC,
    We reach 554M UVs globally. Offices around the work, including UK, France, Australia, Brazil, India.
  • Content Rising | Boston 2014

    1. 1. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    2. 2. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Welcome to Content Rising
    3. 3. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    5. 5. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    6. 6. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    7. 7. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    8. 8. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising stop interrupting what people love, and become what people love...
    9. 9. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    10. 10. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    11. 11. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
    12. 12. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising insight storytellers sustainability amplification measurement
    13. 13. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Clare McDermott, Editor Chief Content Officer Magazine
    14. 14. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO Traackr
    15. 15. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Seth Dotterer, VP, Marketing Conductor
    16. 16. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Tom Gerace, CEO Skyword
    17. 17. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Gregg Freishtat, SVP, Strategic Alliances Outbrain
    18. 18. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising Clare McDermott Editor, CCO Magazine @soloportfolio The State of Content Marketing
    19. 19. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising Magazine SoloPortfolio
    20. 20. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising “Enthusiasm for content marketing is high; however, marketers are still unsure about the effectiveness & impact of individual tactics, distribution channels, and measurement techniques.” 2010 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends Report, Content Marketing Institute We began our research in 2010 … …
    21. 21. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising Content Marketing 2014 B2B Marketers: 42% consider themselves effective B2C Marketers: 34% consider themselves effective 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends Report, Content Marketing Institute
    22. 22. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising Thomas Hawk
    23. 23. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRisingClare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    24. 24. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRisingClare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    25. 25. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRisingClare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    26. 26. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRisingClare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    27. 27. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising B2B Marketers: Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    28. 28. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising B2C Marketers: Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    29. 29. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising 7 out of 10 believe marketing will look different in the near future ... None know what it will look like. What does the future look like? What do senior marketers say?
    30. 30. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising Ad hoc & complex … “We are making it up.” What does your content marketing team look like? What do senior marketers say?
    31. 31. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising 30% document strategy … 60% feel OK about it. Tell us about your content marketing strategy. What do senior marketers say?
    32. 32. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising How to scale. How to overcome silos. … “This is really messy.” What are your challenges? What do senior marketers say?
    33. 33. Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio | #ContentRising
    34. 34. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Traackr: Influencer Management Platform
    35. 35. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Every marketer runs an influencer program.
    36. 36. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Influencer marketing is about building and managing impactful relationships with your influencers Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising
    37. 37. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Traackr is the platform to structure & scale your influencer marketing. (Think sales before & after CRM)
    38. 38. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Influencer creates impact Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising
    39. 39. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Your goal: Influence the influencers Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising
    40. 40. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Get started today!
    41. 41. Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic | #ContentRising Thanks!
    42. 42. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Conductor: SEO + Content Marketing + Social = Web Presence Management
    43. 43. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising The Web Presence Management company the world’s best brands depend on to earn the digital customers paid advertising can’t buy. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising
    44. 44. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Marketers invest heavily in site experience
    45. 45. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Great content optimizes for your site AND for web discovery Content Has Dual Identities Your Site
    46. 46. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Marketers are addicted to buying traffic • Declining ROI • Limited Reach • Decreasing Effectiveness YOUR SITE PAID MEDIA UNPAID WEB $100Bis Spent Here
    47. 47. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising The untapped opportunity is in the ‘unpaid’ web YOUR SITEORGANIC MEDIA
    48. 48. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Consumer strongly prefer the ‘unpaid’ web Source: Conductor Study of over 310 Million Visits 65% 29% 6% Unpaid (organic, referral, social) Paid Media (PPC, display) Direct Web Traffic Distribution By Acquisition Type <6% OF TRAFFIC COMES FROM PAID
    49. 49. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Content goes through many stages – and many hands Content Creation Lifecycle
    50. 50. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising SEO is not clean-up
    51. 51. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising The Way We Organize Our Teams is Broken Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising
    52. 52. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Splitting Earned Media Ownership Into Silos Doesn’t Scale Creative & Brand = Content that looks good SEO = Content that gets found Social = Content that is shared
    53. 53. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising The Need for a “Web Presence Team” Emerges
    54. 54. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Leveraging the Whole Organization WPM TEAM CENTER OF EXCELLENCE Leadership Stakeholders Product Stakeholders Content Stakeholders Technical Stakeholders
    55. 55. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Don’t overly rely on paid and owned to distribute your message Think Holistically
    56. 56. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Evolution of the SEO Role SEO WPM Channel Google All Unpaid Channels Content Text Text, Video, Whitepapers, Articles, Buyer’s Journey Stage Final Stage All Stages Enablement Do It Myself Become part of the process Marketing To Anyone Specific Personas
    57. 57. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising WPM transforms a brand’s web presence in ‘unpaid’ channels, like organic search, content and social, into a powerful acquisition method resulting in meaningful traffic & revenue increases. Web Presence Management
    58. 58. Seth Dotterer | @dotterer | #ContentRising Thanks!
    59. 59. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising Skyword: 7 Questions to Answer for Sustainable, Meaningful Storytelling
    60. 60. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising Skyword increase in social shares 46% 890,000 page views in one year 40 hours a month improvement in productivity
    61. 61. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 1. Who are you trying to reach?
    62. 62. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 2. What matters to them?
    63. 63. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 3. What stories should your brand tell? ? ? ?
    64. 64. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 4. What actions are you trying to trigger? ! $ 
    65. 65. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 5. Who are your storytellers?
    66. 66. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 6. How can you make storytelling sustainable and scalable?
    67. 67. Tom Gerace | @tomgerace | #ContentRising 7 Questions 7. How will you know if your stories resonate?
    68. 68. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Outbrain: Discover What’s Next.
    69. 69. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Gregg Freishtat SVP Strategic Alliances Helping theworld discoverthe mostinterestingcontent
    70. 70. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising PAIDOWNED EARNED Articles Videos Blogs Branded Hubs Product Reviews Media Coverage Sponsored Articles Native Advertising Content We Amplify
    71. 71. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Immediate Reach + Scale 555 Monthly UniqueVisitors Globally MILLION
    72. 72. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Of U.S. Online Population Uses Outbrain % Immediate Reach + Scale
    73. 73. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Premium Publisher Network
    74. 74. Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat | #ContentRising Thanks!
    75. 75. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising Panel Discussion Clare McDermott | @soloportfolio Pierre-Loic Assayag | @pierreloic Seth Dotterer | @dotterer Tom Gerace | @tomgerace Gregg Freishtat | @gfreishtat #ContentRising
    76. 76. Tricia Travaline | @travwin | #ContentRising
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