Scope part 1 day 1


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Scope part 1 day 1

  1. 1. Diploma Project Management Captain Cook College Sharon Boyle
  2. 2.  Discuss results for Activity 1,2 & 3 Outlined a Project Management plan Meet Fred’s Shed initially or again Most completed LMS activities
  3. 3.  Project Management Plan Project Charter Components of PMP
  4. 4.  1. Conduct project authorisation activities 2. Conduct project scope definition activities 3. Manage application of scope controls
  5. 5.  44 Where, how and why
  6. 6.  Develop & confirm procedures for project authorisation with an appropriate authority as the basis for ◦ future project management activity ◦ commitment of resources and effort Obtain authorisation to expend resources
  7. 7.  project authorisation with an appropriate authority - either already have been decided before involvement of the project manager or be in the form of a scope statement which briefly explains why the project has been formed, what it hopes to achieve and how success will be measured or be required at a number of critical review points during the project
  8. 8.  Identify project ◦ objectives ◦ deliverables ◦ constraints ◦ exclusions ◦ assumptions ◦ principal work activities Establish measurable project evaluation of project performance ◦ benefits ◦ outcomes Establish agreement to a shared understanding of desired project outcomes with relevant stakeholders Develop and implement scope management plan
  9. 9.  Deliverables all products and services defined within the project scope Assessment 1. Manly Food & Wine Festival relevant stakeholders team members clients sponsors internal and external parties decision makers
  10. 10.  Implement agreed scope management procedures & processes Manage the impact of scope changes within constraints of ◦ time ◦ cost ◦ quality according to change control procedures Review progress & record results to assess the effectiveness of scope management procedures Identify & document scope management issues and recommended improvements
  11. 11.  scope management ◦ Determining scope change has occurred or is about to occur ◦ identifying & reporting scope creep ◦ identifying factors which influence changes to scope ◦ implementing agreed scope changes ◦ monitoring and reporting the effect of scope changes on other areas and on achievement of project objectives ◦ refining scope progressively throughout the project life cycle ◦ seeking authorisation for changes to project scope
  12. 12.  change control procedures formal agreements, for example contracts, sub-contracts, memoranda of understanding major elements of the project liable to change, for example design, engineering, finance project documentation, including plans, schedules, statements, directives, guidelines and instructions
  13. 13.  LRRJ0W8&feature=related Let’s apply this approach to The Great Tastes of Manly Assessment Item 1.
  14. 14. Read Great Tastes of Manly – This is the 2000 report & you are the PM for the 2012 event. Think about how the event could be defined. What ◦ could sink it. ◦ should be excluded ◦ should be included ◦ are our assumptions Please enter the spirit of the case study ie we want to put on a good event and we want to learn from the last one.
  15. 15.  Read the question ◦ Then read the question again. PMBOK style Inputs Tools & Outputs techniques Your work only ◦ Don’t copy & paste – even if good source found ◦ Help colleagues but submit your work only Work in – Results out ◦ Please be patient you are now one of 18 ◦ If you are here on time I can get to your work quicker
  16. 16.  XBSo 35 mins
  17. 17.  Introductory Powerpoint Spot the scope creep - videoMorning Tea Video Assessment Item 1 ◦ Great taste of Manly & the WBSLunch LMS Activities 1,2,3 Steve Caseley & a big nugget of scope