Procurement part 1.
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Procurement part 1.



Dip of PM

Dip of PM



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  • We only progressed to here on Thursday 11 october

Procurement part 1. Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Diploma Project Management Captain Cook College Sharon Boyle
  • 2.  Attempted Activity 1, 2 & 3 Discussed results for all Activities Started ? all four assessment items All Risk Unit assessment items MUST be in by 2 November
  • 3.  The biggest & most complex area of Diploma Big money = big potential problems Some projects rely heavily on procurements – others not so much Egs ◦ construction & engineering HUGE issue ◦ Events = critical issue but perhaps not so much ◦ Community based events = not much money lesser problem ◦ IT = entirely about procurement – think RBH & computers
  • 4.  Workshopped results in class
  • 5.  University of Southern Queensland – full policy list including purchasing ement%20and%20purchasing.htm#id13
  • 6.  Queensland Government Procurement Plan North Carolina Information Technology Procurement Office University of Southern Queensland Purchasing & policies
  • 7. 1. Determine procurement requirements2. Establish agreed procurement processes3. Conduct contracting and procurement activities4. Implement contract and/or procurement5. Manage contract and procurement finalisation procedures
  • 8.  1.1. Identify procurement requirements with input from stakeholders as the basis for procurement planning and contracts 1.2. Establish & maintain, within delegated authority, an agreed procurement management plan
  • 9.  What will the procurement management plan need to align with?
  • 10.  2.1. Obtain information from established sources capable of fulfilling procurement requirements 2.2. Adopt established selection processes and selection criteria, including occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements, 2.3. Obtain approvals for procurement processes
  • 11.  Workshopped results in class. Signatures – yes, but Stakeholder input Development of processes Management understanding of processes
  • 12.  3.1. Communicate agreed proposals prospective contractors or suppliers 3.2. Evaluate responses and select preferred contractors or suppliers in accordance with current legal requirements & agreed selection processes 3.3. Conduct negotiations with preferred contractor or supplier, with guidance of higher project authority if necessary, to agree on contract terms and conditions, establish common goals and minimise uncertainty
  • 13.  Lunch
  • 14.  Processes PlanningEvaluation/EngagementConsultants/ ConsultantSelectionProcess/
  • 15. Number of Quotes Additional Project Value Required InformationBigger job moreprocesses required Due diligence isVictorian Health Dept required. Proposal must be $0 - $25,000 1 written tender consistent with current market prices. $25,000 - 3 written tenders $150,000 minimum 3 Tenderers from The process a list of pre- should incorporate $150,000 and qualified activities set out in over consultants or Table: Consultancy inviting public Appointment tenders Flowchart
  • 16.  Victorian Health Department Bigger jobs
  • 17. Communication During Selection Process – Internal and External Selection Com. Strategy Debrief Selection Debrief Losing ContractService Needs Criteria Firms Negotiations Independent Fee Estimate Selection Develop Evaluate Interview/ Committee RFQ/RFP and Shortlist Final Selection Scoping
  • 18.  Please watch – you will need this for 1st assessment item….. Workshopped results in class.
  • 19. 1. Procurement StatementDescribe, in general terms, what products or services are being considered for procurement:
  • 20. 2. Estimated CostProvide an estimated total cost of all procurements in this project. Include confidence limits for your estimplus/minus dollars or percent of estimate). Example: $1,567,000 +/- 20%
  • 21. 3. Vendor SelectionDescribe what approach the project team will take to select a product or vendor (e.g. RFI, RFP, IFB).
  • 22. 1. Procurement DefinitionDescribe, in specific terms, what items will be procured and under what conditions:
  • 23. 2. Selection Process & CriteriaDescribe the selection process. List selection criteria. Describe any analytical selection tool that you will use.
  • 24. 3. Project Procurement TeamList all stakeholders who are involved in the Procurement Process, along with contact information and a descriptionof their Procurement Role. Enter an [ X ] next to each project team member who is authorized to enter into contractagreements or purchase for the Team (insert rows as needed): X Name: Phone / email: Procurement Role:here[ ][ ][ ][ ]
  • 25. 4. Contract TypeDocument which types of contract(s) will be used and the actions required to initiate the contract.5. Contract StandardsProvide the standards for documentation that will be used for each contract.
  • 26. 6. Vendor ManagementDescribe what steps the project team will take to ensure that the vendor provides all of the products and/or services(and only the products and/or services) that were agreed upon, and that appropriate levels of quality aremaintained.
  • 27. 7. Links to related planning documentsProvide hyperlinks to related documents, such as the Change Request Management Plan, Vendor Paymetc., or attach as addenda.Change Request Management Plan,Vendor Payment Plan,
  • 28. 8. Project Procurement Plan / Signatures Project Name: Project Manager: I have reviewed the information contained in this Project Procurement Plan and agree: Name Role Signature Date (MM/DD/YYYY)The signatures above indicate an understanding of the purpose and content of this document by those signing it. By signing this document, they agree to this as
  • 29.  Powerpoint presentation Introduction to Procurement & contractsMorning Tea Continued Powerpoint presentation Introduction to Procurement & contracts Reference to policies & procedures USQ Consultant selection processesLunch Assessment items for unit Procurement management plan Agree date & time for Role play
  • 30.  Presentation Richard VH – procurement in the engineering industry Time for reading & Activities 1,2,3,4 & 5.Morning Tea Revision of yesterday’s termsLunch Answers & discussion Activities 1, 2,3 Complete Fred’s Shed procurement plan Assessments completed