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Integration part 2
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Integration part 2



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  • 1. Diploma Project Management Captain Cook College Sharon Boyle
  • 2.  This is final unit for several people ◦ Tomorrow its - Farewell & Good luck Next week room will be less crowded A few more people joining us ◦ We will welcome them
  • 3.  Attempted Activities 1, 2, 3 Discuss results for Activities 1,2 & 3 Project meetings 1 & 2 – preparing minutes Briefly discussed TOC PMP
  • 4.  Project Meetings held last week You are required to ◦ Prepare the minutes from both meetings ◦ The topics included  Selection of quotes  Lessons learnt  Progress of the project
  • 5. Some comments re purpose of lessons learnt: Build up corporate knowledge To avoid repeating same issues Not to provide a platform for a speech Keep it applicable to other jobs Delivery should preferably be unemotional Can provide an opportunity to; ◦ Illustrate good processes – how we did it ◦ Specific content or knowledge – what we learnt ◦ Celebrate work well done.
  • 6. Progress or Status report Work with what you have What you know about Fred’s Shed The focus is on what was reported at the meeting – not what you can make up Please report any problems using the template
  • 7. Project Management Plan Table of contents – with some notes Unless you have all the components – you think are relevant to a PMP JUST the outline Brief notes x two or three sentences ◦ what you think should go into a PMP for each section.
  • 8.  Sharon Boyle Trainer Project Management Mobile: (+61) 0411 645 695 Email: Sharon@captaincookcollege.qld.edu.au Web: www. captaincookcollege.qld.edu.au
  • 9.  Steve Caseley ◦ Project Charter ◦ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tmZ2p7bVPc ◦ Project Management Planhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkymWoHY 48Y
  • 10.  Steve Caseley ◦ Project Charter ◦ Project Management Plan
  • 11.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXQ2lO3i eBA
  • 12.  Happens through out the project lifecycle
  • 13. 1. Initiation of change – Client or Project Manager or Team Member2. Completion of change/variation – what is the impact 3. Present to Client/sponsor 4. Secure approval 5. Enter Change register
  • 14.  Deliver agreed ◦ project phases ◦ approval points ◦ review points Report progress against established project baselines throughout the project life cycle Implement established finalisation plans, procedures and activities Identify & document integration management issues and recommended improvements
  • 15.  integration management issues and recommended improvements ◦ evaluation using established success and failure criteria ◦ knowledge management ◦ lessons learned ◦ records ◦ training programs
  • 16.  Finalisation plans, procedures and activities ◦ final audit/reconciliation ◦ finalisation of account codes and other financial documentation ◦ forwarding finalisation report to senior personnel ◦ project evaluation ◦ settling of financial liabilities ◦ transferring of assets to client or originating owner ◦ transition of responsibility/ownership of project deliverables/products
  • 17.  Powerpoint presentation Revise concepts from last weekMorning Tea Assessment Items for this Unit x 4. PMP & Project Charter Lessons learnt sessions Do ActivitiesLunch Change Management Any of the four assessment items Completing students ◦ Outstanding activities for other units