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Skolkovo energy eng

  1. 1. Innovations in energy efficient technologies supported by Skolkovo FoundationCluster of Energy Efficient Technologies
  2. 2. Cluster of Energy Efficient TechnologiesMISSION KEY OBJECTIVES: PARTICIPANTSRussia possesses the largest supply of energy • earching for innovative ideas and teams that S Our cluster is an international community of theresources in the world. This fact allowed are able to perform the full cycle of innovation outstanding researchers and entrepreneurs, whodeveloping economy for a long time without development, from research to commercial generate innovative ideas and turn them intosufficient investments in innovations. At the same success commercially successful products and technologiestime, our country has created unique research • timulating foundation of corporate RD centers S in the energy efficiency sector. Currently our clusterand development potential that allows creating targeted to energy efficient technologies unites more than 130 innovative companies. Theworld-class technologies. Significant improvement • nvolving scientists into solving actual technical I number of those who wish to join us is growingof energy efficiency resulting from the development problems facing the business, stimulating applied day by day; therefore we thoroughly chooseof new technologies is one of the most important research our members and provide support only to themechanisms for turning Russia into a country with • roviding the most comfortable administrative P companies that carry out the most innovativestrong competitive innovation-based economy. environment and support for the innovators’ RD with high potential for commercialization. companies Residents of the Cluster receive various kinds ofDEVELOPMENT PRIORITIES • s a result, enhancing competitiveness of Russian A support from the Skolkovo Foundation and itsEnergy Efficiency Cluster supports the energy efficient technologies in the world market partners: grants up to 300 mln. roubles, significant tax benefits, venture investments, access to thedevelopment of the newest technologies newest equipment, support of the global well-of energy generation, transmission known research institutes and leading technologicaland accumulation, enhancement of companies. Moreover our residents will getconsumption efficiency, “green” energy. the opportunity to become a part of the futureSuch technologies both increase energy efficiency “Skolkovo” innovation center.of the economy and become a base for emerging ofnew hi-tech Russian companies. Their commercialsuccess will stimulate innovative economydevelopment.
  3. 3. Network pneumatic wave power generation plant with efficiency of up to 60% on waves from 1 meter high KD Technology ZAOTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• rray of plastic floats with pneumatic air com- A Wave power plant • Venture investments in 2012 pressors connected by lever arms • Strategic investor in 2013• nergy of each wave impacts floats E CURRENT PROJECT STAGE • Pilot implementation sites for prototype models• elative motion of floats drives air compressors R • roof of concept by University College of Cork P• ompressed air is produced and transmitted to C (Ireland) REQUIRED FINANCING the shore, where electric power is generated • fficiency of 54% proven by Swansea University E • 2012 : RUB 28.5 million (UK) • 2013-2014 : RUB 220 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • :9 skale model is tested in a pool in Cork, Ireland 1• ower generation on waves from 1 meter high, P with efficiency up to 60% FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• ompetitive wave power generation technologies C • Offshore lab prototype – Q2 2013 provide efficiency up to 45% on waves not less • 1 MW plant protorype – 2014 than 5 meters• osts of electricity is as low as $0.17/ kW∙h as a C KEY MARKETS result of cheap polymeric structures use United Kingdom, Japan, the United States, China• educed maintenance costs due to on shore R and other countries with access to the sea electrical equipment INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY • CRDF Global - Best 2011 Innovation Idea • leantech Connect, One to watch 2011 - 30 most C promising European start-upsCONTACTS:Moscow, +7 (926), Energy generation
  4. 4. Production technology of energy-efficient Spin-Cell heat exchangers for heat supply systems used in the housing and utilities sector Energotekhnika LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• Cell heat exchangers with swirling-flow heat • Heat exchangers for heating systems (500 • Pilot implementation on sites exchange tubes (Spin-Cell) Mcal/h) and hot water supply (200 Mcal/h) • Financing for launch of manufacture• Cell structure of tube bundle without tube plate • Tool for calculating swirling flows (combination of • Space between tubes is filled with hollow helical software and hardware) PROJECT FINANCING fins • Grants received – RUB 2.5 million CURRENT PROJECT STAGE • Own funds – RUB 3 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Pilot implementation • Heat transfer coefficient is 1.5 to 2.5 times • Completed: RD, working design documentation, REQUIRED FINANCING greater than that of plate, and shell-and-tube heat pilot model manufacture and testing RUB 18.2 million exchangers• Hydraulic resistance lower than that of plate heat FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY exchangers Q1 2013• Decreased scaling and scum • Light and compact design, resistant to thermal KEY MARKETS and hydraulic impact Housing and utilities ($300 M), energy production• Cost and maintenance expenses could be sector, oil and gas, chemical, food processing and decreased by 15-30% ship building industries INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Method for heat exchanger manufacturing is protected with 3 Russian patentsCONTACTS:Moscow, Zelenograd, +7 (495) 972-38-44, Energy generation
  5. 5. Technology for manufacturing cost-effective and clean gas-fired mini power stations based on Solid-Oxide Fuel CellsNF CJSCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDS• Innovative cost-effective solid-oxide fuel cells • Power station lab prototype was designed • Strategic partner and investor for production and (SOFC) production technology which is: • Cost-effective SOFC manufacturing technology implementation in 2014– Sustainable technology was developed • Technological partner in 2015 – Cost-effective technology • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes – Scalable FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY • Lab prototype devices – Q3 2013 PROJECT FINANCINGCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Full-scaled prototypes – late 2014 Own funds $1,9 million• Projected cost of SOFC production is 2-3 times • Pilot production - 2015 less than competitive technologies REQUIRED FINANCING• Wider power-range of developed power stations KEY MARKETS Lab prototype – 0,7 million (0,5 – 25 kW, compared to 0,5 – 3 kW) • Households, small and mid-business, oil-and-gas Full-scaled prototype – $1,1 million• Simple and rugged design companies, utilities, heavy vehicles Pilot production – $2 million• Soundless clean tech generator with levelized • Potential markets: US, Middle East, Japan, EU, costs of electricity of $0.2 per kW∙h Russia, South-Eastern AsiaPROJECT PRODUCT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY• Power station manufacturing technology • Cost-effective SOFC manufacturing technology • SPVs for power stations production in US, EU, patented in Russia, US Japan • Patent applications for power station designed planed in Russia, US, Japan, EUCONTACTS:Moscow,, Energy generation
  6. 6. Technology for the production of zirconium dioxide-based electrolytic membranes to manufacture energy-efficient high- temperature solid oxide fuel cells GPI Innovation Center Co Ltd.THE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• evelopment of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) D Method of SOFC electrolyte production with ion • Strategic partner and investor electrolyte based on stabilized monocrystals of conduction of at least 0.02 (Ohm*cm)-1 at 730ºC, with • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes, starting zirconium dioxide (instead of ceramic elements) SOFC efficiency of 80%, and service life of up to 5 years from 2014• rocessing of electrolytic membranes with new P CURRENT PROJECT STAGE REQUIRED FINANCING directional crystallization methods in the condi- • atch of monocrystals was obtained for electro- B • Development of prototype and membrane produc- tions of HF-melting, chemical and mechanical lyte production tion technology: RUB 30 million polishing and impact with intensive laser pulses • lectrolytic membrane treatment technologies E • Development of prototype SOFC based on mem- were developed brane: RUB 200 millionCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• ew electrolyte has greater ion conduction and N FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY strength, which increases power output and • Sample membrane – Q2 2013 extends SOFC service life: • SOFC prototype – 2014-2015 1   year  – ower density up to 1 W/cm2 –1.5-2 times P KEY MARKETS greater than that of ceramic electrolytes • ower sources using different fuels (hydrogen, P– ervice life of 3-5 years, which is up to 5 times S natural gas, synthetic gas) greater than that for analogues SOFC   • stimated SOFC market will reach USD 1.6 billion E– OFC price of USD 350-400 per 1 kW, which is S by 2016 and will exceed USD 3.4 billion by 2021 1.5-2 times lower than for analogues INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY At least 3 patent applications for electrolyte produc-CONTACTS: tion methods and technology are expected to beMoscow, Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian filed in Russia, USA, Canada, EU, Japan, ChinaAcademy of Sciences, +7 (499) 503-81-65, Electrolyte Energy generation
  7. 7. Solid organic waste recycling power plant with plasma gasification methodPlasma chemicalTechnologies LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT KEY MARKETS• Use of low temperature plasma in the process of Pilot power plants Distributed power generation gasification of solid household waste• Considerable increase of solid waste recycling CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDS temperature by adding extra plasma energy, which Prototype developed • Strategic partner results in the process acceleration • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes• The share of ballast additives decreases in the ВОЗДУХ resulting gas, and the share of heat valuable components increases to provide high efficiency ОТХОДЫ generation ВОДАCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES В АТМОСФЕРУ• Two times less CAPEX per ton of recycling ЩЁЛОЧЬ ВОДА ВОЗДУХ capacity 2• Generates 20-30% more electric power per ton of ВОЗДУХ / ПАР recycled solid wastes ВОДА ВОЗДУХ• Extra thermal energy is generated 4 ПРОДУКТ-ГАЗ ШЛАК ВОЗДУХ 1 3 5 6 7 1 – Reactor-gasifiier 5 – Spray-type scrubberCONTACTS: 2 – Plasma generator, 50 kW 6 – Packed scrubber 3 - AfterburnerMoscow, +7 (495) 662-47-34, 7 – Exhaust fan 4 – Plasma generator, 10, Energy generation
  8. 8. Innovative small and medium sized wind generators on the basis of axis turbine, guide unit and irregular shape deflectorOptiflame Solutions LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGENew aerodynamic model of wind generator that Test prototype was constructedcombines both safety and increase efficiency KEY MARKETSCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Distributed clean power generation• Efficiency factor of the developed wind generator • ff-grid regions of South-Eastern Asia, O is 50-60% Russia, etc.• External guiding unit ensures extra safety and increase of efficiency factor PROJECT NEEDS• Small size and weight of blades, direct gearing • Strategic investor to the generator, air tightness of the structure • Production partner provide for simplicity and dependability of the system• Safe use at the rooftops PROJECT PRODUCT• Licensing of production technology• Production of wind-generatiosCONTACTS:Saint, Energy generation
  9. 9. Photovoltaic cells with increased efficiency based on self- organized quantum dots Solar Dots LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• evelopment of multijunction solar cell using the D • Licensing of created intellectual property • Strategic partner in 2013 InGaAs/GaAs quantum dots (QD) inserted in one • SPVs for solar cells production with industrial • Pilot implementation sites for prototype models of its subcells partner• The use of QDs provides more effective match of GaInP subcell the subcells absorption spectra for given system CURRENT PROJECT STAGE Tunnel diod of materials and allows to increase their efficiency Lab prototype developed: unijunction GaAs solar• Insertion of InGaAs based QDs in GaAs subcell cell with QD array Array of quantum dots results in the increase of the spectral range of GaAs subcell sensitivity for this subcell up to 1.35 μm FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Tunnel diod Multijunction solar cells manufacturing technologyCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES with increased efficiency – Q2 2013 Ge subcell in• Increase efficiency of PV up to 3-4% substrate• Decrease PV energy for energy consumers to 2,2 KEY MARKETS RUB per kWh • Distributed clean power generation in Russia, • Lower weight of PV cells Spain, Germany and other countries • Power generation for space crafts INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY • QD high density array organization technology • Design of solar panels based on PV cells with QD arrayCONTACTS:St. Petersburg, Alexey Nadtochy,+7 (921 )903-61-09, Energy generation
  10. 10. Wind electricity-generating machine with directional flow wind turbine using low-speed innovative power generatorMagma Innovation FirmLLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT• esign of the wind machine with directional flow D Licensing of production technology wind turbine provides increase in wind flow power generation CURRENT PROJECT STAGE• eveloped and patented low-speed power D Prototype development generator design that is simple and robust KEY MARKETSCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Distributed clean power generation• wo times shorter and lighter blades compared to T traditional fans PROJECT NEEDS• stimated air stream usage coefficient is 40-60% E • Strategic investor• ind turbine can function at air stream speed up W • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes to 60 km/h• fficiency of the generator is up to 94% in a wide E range of rotation frequencies and load rates• he land area for the wind farm (including the T security zone) will be almost 10 times smaller than that of traditional wind farmsCONTACTS:Dolgoprudniy, Moscow Region+7 (495) 408-21-83,, Energy generation
  11. 11. Flameless combustion technology use in infrared heatersRusskiye Kotly LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION • xtension of heat exchange equipment service E• ew chemical composition: design and N life due to uniform distribution of heat fields and technology for production of ceramic nozzles elimination of heat-stressed areas for boilers • imple technological design, low production cost S• ew technical solutions to ensure the even N distribution of the thermal fields CURRENT PROJECT STAGE• ffective use of different fuel types (natural gas, E Laboratory prototype developed associated gas and liquefied, synthesis gas, biogas, hydrogen) FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Q4 quarter 2014COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• ubstantial decrease of negative environmental S PROJECT NEEDS impact (сontent in the product of combustion – • Strategic partners NO 40 mg/m3 and CO2 50 mg/m3 with the • Financing excess air coefficient close to 1)• eduction of the fuel consumption due to the R decrease of heat losses and precise setting of temperature gradientCONTACTS:5 Leningradskoye Highway, Moscow, Russia, 125080+7 (499) 158-46-51, +7 (495) 789-59-58, Energy generation
  12. 12. Asymmetrical electrochemical capacitors with water electrolytes and energy storage system based on such capacitors ELTON CJSCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• igh-power Ni-C pulse capacitors H • Energy storage systems Feedback from prospective customers to define• igh-capacity Pb-C capacitors H • Licensing of capacitor manufacturing technologies specific requirements for storage systemsCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT FINANCINGHigh-power Ni-C capacitors: Prototype development and testing Skolkovo grant – RUB 251 million• igh density of energy H• perating temperatures from -50 to +65ºC O FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• o toxic materials N Q3 2013High-capacity HES-capacitors:• he number of charge-discharge cycles is times T KEY MARKETS greater than for other modern batteries • eliable start for trucks and buses: start-stop R• nergy density is comparable to those for E systems, recuperation systems batteries (~40 W∙h/kg) • nergy accumulation in the power supply systems E• re capable to compensate short failures of up A for compensation of misbalances, increasing the to 1 min in the power supply systems (95% of reliability of renewable energy generators failures) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY • Ni-C capacitor technology • Pb-C capacitor technologyCONTACTS:Troitsk, Moscow Region+7 (4967) 51-04-57,, Energy accumulation
  13. 13. Innovative energy-efficient shunting locomotive SinaraHybrid with a smart asynchronous hybrid driveSTM Innovation DevelopmentCenter LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT FINANCING• synchronous hybrid motive power with IGBT A • Prototype developed • Skolkovo grant – RUB 56 million invertors, Li-ion batteries and ultracapacitor • Pilot model tests started • Co-investor – RUB 60 million• icroprocessor-based locomotive energy control M system was developed FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• PS-GLONASS-based track prediction system G Certification to start from Q4 2012• nnovative design of rolling bearings I• ore than 20 novel technical solutions M KEY MARKETS JSC Russian Railways – 10.5 thousand locosCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Industrial enterprises – 7 k - 8 thousand locos• uel consumption in shunting operations reduced F by up to 30% INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY• xhaust emission reduced by up to 55% E • hree patents for utility model T• ife-time use cost is lower by 18% L • atent for industrial model P• ocomotive may be used in closed workshops L • atent search is being conducted in the CIS, East P European countries and the United StatesPROJECT PRODUCT• Certified pilot model PROJECT NEEDS• Sale of manufacturing licenses Access to foreign marketsCONTACTS:Moscow- Yekaterinburg– Lyudinovo; +7 (343) Energy accumulation
  14. 14. Asymmetrical graphene ultracapacitor based on non-water electrolyte with enhanced energy density that is 4-6 times higher than that of analoguesKongran LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY• ighly-porous carbons are the most promising H Licensing of supercapacitor production technology • Graphene production know-how materials for electrodes of energy storage devices for various applications • Electrolyte production know-how• uthors have know-how for cheap production of A graphene CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDS• se of a non-water electrolyte will make it U Model of symmetrical graphene/graphene Strategic partner and investor possible to increase electrode voltage from ultracapacitor based on water electrolyte was 2 to 4-5 V, and store 4-6 times more energy created, with energy density of 17 W∙h/kg, power proportionately to squared voltage value density of 2 kW/h• lectrolyte production technology based on E Kongran     polymerized nanoparticles with ionic and FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY electronic conduction • rototype with non-water electrolyte 25-30 W∙h/ P Energy  density,  Wh/kg   Power  density,  kW/kg   kg – Q1 2013COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Ultracapacitor cells 50 W∙h/kg, 5 kW/kg – Q4 2014• ower density from 50 kW/kg, energy density P 50 -100 W∙h/kg, which is comparable to modern KEY MARKETS batteries • nergy storage system for electric vehicles E• everal minutes needed for charging S • arge energy storage systems for electric grids L• ervice life is 10 times longer than that of lithium- S • nergy storage devices for renewable energy E ion batteries sourcesCONTACTS:Moscow, +7 (495) 939-71-93, Energy accumulation
  15. 15. Power and pulse acid ultracapacitors with high performance that utile nanomaterials, efficient designs and advanced technologiesTEEMP LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY• evelopment of advanced acid ultracapacitors D • Prototype supercapacitor cells and modules 7 patent applications are expected to be filed with (UC) of following types: • Supercapacitor manufacturing technology respect to materials and design of supercapacitors – High-capacity (for energy sector) – High-power pulse (for electric vehicles) CURRENT PROJECT STAGE PROJECT NEEDS• evelopment of nanoporous activated carbon D • uccessful experience with the development S • Pilot implementation sites for testing prototype materials for electrodes, with pores sized to of previous generation ultracapacitors (energy models in the energy sector increase specific internal surface area up to 1.5 density 15.4 W∙h/kg) and their use for electric • Consumers of supercapacitors in automotive times and highly efficient double electric layer vehicles industry• se of composite materials for electrodes and U • aterials and electrodes are being developed M current collectors • Development of cells was started PROJECT FINANCING• lectrodes combined with current collectors to E Skolkovo Grant – RUB 46.5 million reduce weight and resistance FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY • Prototype ultracapacitor cells – Q4 2012COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Power ultracapacitor modules – Q4 2013• igh-capacity UC: power density 1 kW/kg and H • Pulse ultracapacitor modules – Q4 2013 energy density 23 W∙h/kg at cost of $1 per Wh• igh-power pulse UC: power density 5 kW/kg, H KEY MARKETS energy density 3.5 W∙h/kg at cost of $20 per Wh • nergy storage systems for electric vehicles E• hese parameters will provide the solutions for T • arge energy storage system in electric grids L accumulation in grids and hybrids • nergy storage system for renewable energy E sourcesCONTACTS:Korolev, Moscow Region,+7 (495) 974-98-58,, Energy accumulation
  16. 16. Basic technology and design for the creation of lithium-air rechargeable chemical capacitors with energy density exceeding 1 kW∙h per 1 kg of battery weight for mobile applications and electric vehiclesFM Lab LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDSUnlike today’s most popular lithium-ion batter- • Target parameters per 1 kg of battery weight: Strategic partner and investor for production andies, lithium-air batteries are based on reduction of – Energy density: 1-3 kW∙h implementationatmospheric oxygen at the cathode – Power density: 1.5 kW • Life cycle: not less than 100 charge-discharge PROJECT FINANCINGCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES cycles • Skolkovo grant – RUB 30 million• xtremely high capacity of lithium-air batteries: E • Co-investor – RUB 10 million at least 5 times greater than that of lithium-ion CURRENT PROJECT STAGE electrons   batteries Development and testing of prototype cells load  • heoretical estimations of energy density of T lithium-air batteries are comparable to energy FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY content of gasoline (approximately 10 kW∙h/kg) • Prototype small-sized cells – Q3 2012• nlimited reserves of oxidizer (atmospheric U • Industrial model of batteries – 2013-2014 oxygen) KEY MARKETS Porous  cathode     • Sales of lithium-air batteries are expected to triple Electrolyte   Separator   by 2020 to $30 billion, which is connected first of Lithium  anode   all with the growth of electric vehicle and energy markets. • Forecasted growth is impossible without a drastic Membrane  from   increase of energy density of batteries used and/ porous   fluoroplas=c   or decrease of their prices Gas-­‐=ght  plate  of   Pos.  electrode  CONTACTS: solid  electrolyte     Neg.  electrode   Body  of  anode  Moscow, Zelenograd, chamber  filled   with  electrolyte    +7 (499) 732-93-38, Energy accumulation
  17. 17. New generation of contactless switches and current limiters for electric grids and for application in housing and utilities sector Current Limited LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• Contactless switches and current limiters (CSCL) • rototype CSCL for household consumers (up to P • Strategic partner and investor based on 1 µm thin nanostructured carbon films 100 A) and grid companies (1000 A) • Pilot implementation sites for prototype models, applied on quartz substrate • Licensable CSCL production technology starting from 2014• If critical current is exceeded, transition from • Testing and certification site metallic state to isolator occurs within ~0.1 CURRENT PROJECT STAGE millisecond Laboratory sample of CSCL with critical current of• Devices for 100A, 1000A electric distribution grids 1A was developed housing and utilities applications up to 63A are developed FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY • Prototype household devices – Q4 2013COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Prototype grid devices – Q1 2014• Significantly faster than inertia switches • Enhanced efficiency and reduced losses caused KEY MARKETS by heating of elements • witches for household use, housing and utilities S• Cost similar to inertia switches and dozens of sector times lower than that of superconducting current • urrent limiters, instead of high-T ceramic C limiters superconductors for grid companies, housing and• No mechanical contacts or switches prevent utilities sector voltaic arc or bounce, thus increasing fire safety and interference protection NTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Patents for technology of production of contactless current limiters and their incorporation in anCONTACTS: electric circuit are receivedTroitsk, Moscow Region+7 (916) 601-12-64, Energy transmission
  18. 18. Technology for power cables protection with quasi-crystalline Al-Cu-Fe coating for enhanced icing and corrosion resistanceCenter of Micromechanics andModern Materials LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• Use of Al-CU-Fe quasi-crystals for creating a Technology for applying continuous quasi-crystal • Strategic partner and investor protective film of 20 µm thick on the surface of coating during production of cables • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes, starting non-insulated cables from 2013• Development of technology for continuous CURRENT PROJECT STAGE manufacture of cable with a stable coating of • Quasi-crystal material production technology is REQUIRED FINANCING predetermined thickness developed Development of technology for continuous • Preliminary prove that quasi-crystal coating application of quasi-crystal coating duringCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES reduces friction coefficient and wetting production of cables: RUB 18.4 million• Enhanced performance of non-insulated class A and AS cables: FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY – Protection of icing due reduced wettability Q2 2013 – orrosion resistance due to protective C properties of coating KEY MARKETS• Grid operating costs reduced by up to 50% Sections of power transmission lines subject to without modifications to cable laying technology icing, territory with winter temperatures about 0ºC• Cable production cost increased by 5% INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY It is expected to file not less than 2 patent applications for protective quasi-crystal cable coating and a coating application deviceCONTACTS:Moscow, +7 (916) 110-13-56, Energy transmission
  19. 19. The high-performance cable for energy distribution with a nanocomposite core from basalt and glass fiberComposite Electro LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT NEEDS• New type of polymeric binding, nanocomposite • Core production technology • Strategic partner for production and materials for core • Wire production technology implementation• Use of nanotechnology will make it possible to • Pilot implementation sites for prototypes, starting use available raw materials (basalt and glass fiber CURRENT PROJECT STAGE from 2013 instead of expensive carbon fiber) as a basis • Basic RD completed with Karpov Institute of • Development of a new type of loom for increasing Physical Chemistry electrical conductivity and performance in extreme • ooperation with Research Institute of Cable C conditions Industry, Top Glass S.p.A., GEMA, Galen, Karpov Institute of Physical ChemistryCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• Energy losses reduced by 30-40% comparing to FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY the steel and aluminium cables – lower heating Q3 2013 intensity, cable has reduced heat radiation• Possibility to use lower power transition line KEY MARKETS supports with increased span • Russian and foreign grid companies• Cable costs $2500/tons, which is 2-2.5 times • Distribution and grid facilities lower than analogues ACCC (U.S.) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY More than 3 patent applications for core production technology and design of a cable with a composite core will be filedCONTACTS:Cheboksary, +7 (8352) 30-82-10, Energy transmission
  20. 20. Environmentally friendly plasma-pulse technology for increasing oil and gas recovery at horizontal oil and gas (shale) wellsNOVAS Sk LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT Example of application• Technology for plasma-pulse treatment of mature Well treatment service or licensing Treatment     vertical wells have been developed and proven efficient CURRENT PROJECT STAGE• A few hundreds of powerful discharges are made • Technology for vertical wells is already available along the well production interval with the dense • Technology for horizontal wells is being developed plasma generation.• lastic waves clean the bottomhole zone and E KEY MARKETS: January  February  March  April            May            June              July  August          September   spread deep into the formation thus cleaning All kinds of vertical and horizontal wells (including Qoil,  t/day   Qliquid,  m3   Water  cut,  %   perforation intervals mature)COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES PROJECT NEEDS• Efficient, simple bottomhole treatment • Strategic investor• Safe work under close aquifer bedding • Testing site• High-accuracy selective impact • Complete environmental safety • Possibility of repeated use CONTACTS:BP “Rumyantsevo”, Kievskoe Shosse, Moscow+7 (495) 225-62-40, Oil and gas – upstream
  21. 21. High-precision monitoring system for hydraulic seam fracturing that uses seismic arrays observations on the surface SYNAPSE LTDTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT High level of seismic noise• Monitoring system uses data from the seismic Service for monitoring genesis and development during hydrofrac sensors deployed on the surface immediately of fracturing during hydraulic stimulation of oil and production above the injection well gas recovery• The developed technology allows to detect, Precise location of complex locate and interpret microseismic events and CURRENT PROJECT STAGE source their attributes even if the characteristic signal on Product Development (Mathematical algorithms the surface is completely masked by natural and are substantially developed and tested based on the Number of seismic sensors can be dramatically reduced and accuracy of technogenic noise data from the frac sites in Russia, USA and Canada) monitoring enhanced due to implementation of the technologyCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES KEY MARKETS The example of source recovery from noise in data processing stages 1 to 4• Substantial decrease of the monitoring cost and USA (more than 20 000 fracs per year), Europe, increase of the monitoring coverage comparing China, Russia with the borehole monitoring• Technology overcomes the existing surface PROJECT NEEDS Complex sources monitoring methods’ disadvantages (suppression • Investments generate errors while implementing traditional surface of man-made noise, location and characterization • Test sites monitoring methods of complex sources)CONTACTS:Moscow, pr. Vernadskogo, 101 str. 1, office #303+7 (495) 434-36-38 Oil and gas – upstream
  22. 22. Software for online modeling and visualization of oil fieldsRock Flow Dynamics LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE• Fully interactive visualization allows for online • Commercialization monitoring and modeling at runtime • Key customers: TNK-BP, GAZPROM NEFT, • The software uses supercomputer cluster ROSNEFT, GAZPROM, NOVATEK, SINOPEC technologies and most up-to-date architecture (China), PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES (USA)• Powerful numerical algorithms • Company offices in Moscow and Houston (USA) COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES KEY MARKETS• Full runtime interactivity on the field model Major regions of petroleum development worldwide• Easy integration to intellectual field systems • Unique tools for the modeling PROJECT NEEDS New clientsPROJECT PRODUCTInteractive petroleum reservoir simulator tNavigator PROJECT FINANCING • Skolkovo grant – $1 million • Intel Capital Finance CONTACTS:47, Nakhimovskiy prospekt, Moscow, Russia+7 (499) 129-35-00, Oil and gas – upstream
  23. 23. Submersible electric plunger pump with linear motor, submersible converter and single power line NGKT LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION KEY MARKETS Operational benefit - coefficient of efficiency = 55.9%Combination of plunger pump with linear motor and • ussia: Volga Region and Western Siberia R Coefficient of efficiency УЭПНsubmersible  pump  plant     Electric  submersible converter • IS: Kazakhstan C   60.0 УШГН pump  plant   Bo4om-­‐hole   • on-CIS countries: the USA and North Africa N   УЭЦНcentrifugal  pump  plant   50.0 55,9 % Electric  COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES countries 40.0• ncrease of the time between repairs I 36,5 % 30.0 by at least 10% INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 25,7 % 20.0• t least 1.5-2.2 times increase in efficiency A • Active part of submersible linear electric motor 10.0 compared to existing models • Hydraulic protection of the electric motor 0.0• ecrease of the service cost by at least 10% D • Submersible inverter Total  design  расчетныйfficiency   Общий coefficient  of  e КПД • Original functional diagram of the plantCURRENT PROJECT STAGE Economic effect- $912 mln/yearPrototype pump development PROJECT NEEDS $192 $229 Снижениеthe well Decrease of Investments – USD 1 million млн./год mln/year   млн./год стоимости mln/year repair costsFINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY ремонта скважинQ3 2014 Снижениеthe capital Decrease of investments стоимости капиталовложений $495 Увеличениеtime Increase of the млн./год mln/year наработки на between failures отказCONTACTS:Konstantin Skitkin, +7 (926) 277-01-93, Oil and gas – upstream
  24. 24. Thermal gas method of development of the oil-and-kerogen bear- ing deposits of Bazhen (reserves estimated at 30-40 billion tons) RITEK Innovation CenterTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• he proposed thermal gas method is intended for T Innovative technological complex for development 2015 efficient oil and gas resources recovery out of the of nonstandard oil-and kerogen bearing deposits rocks of Bazhen KEY MARKETS• il recovery from the drained zones increases O CURRENT PROJECT STAGE • Bazhen deposits in Russia – 30-40 billion tons from 3-5% to 50-60% and more due to the in-site Technology development • Tight oils in America and Europe generation of efficient displacement miscible gas agent Air  injecon   Oil  gathering  and  treatment   Producon  well   Injecon  well   compressor  COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• vailability of working agents and low cost A• se of the natural power engineering, in U particular, of increased formation temperature (above 60-65 °С) assures the spontaneous Zone  of  intra-­‐formaonal    oxidave  processes                                Heat  penetraon  zone  Miscible  displacement   initiation of intra-formational oxidative processes        zone   and integration of the thermal and gas treatment Fracturing     Air-­‐and-­‐ water   mixture   Drained  zone   Addional  oil  inrush  from   Matrix  (non-­‐drained  zone)   matrix Oil and gas – upstream
  25. 25. Mini-GTL for processing associated gases into synthetic oil Gazokhim Techno LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• ew partial oxidation reactor and a catalyst N 4Q 2014• icrochannel reactor and Fischer-Tropsch catalyst M (Oxford Catalysts) KEY MARKETS• arketable product suitable for transportation M • mall scale remote deposits: S jointly with mineral oil – ey segment in Russia - USD 5 billion K – ussia in total – USD 10 billion RCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES* – Global market – USD 20 billion* Comparison with existing technologies– х CAPEX decrease 8 PROJECT NEEDS– х OPEX decrease 2 • Investments - USD 12 million– 0х specific capacity growth 1 • Pilot site• rofitable mini-GTL plant (with 50 million P nm3/year capacity) at small scale deposits PROJECT FINANCING**: Skolkovo grant – USD 5 millionPROJECT PRODUCT• Mini-GTL plants FINANCING REQUIRED• IP licensing Private investments – USD 12 millinCURRENT PROJECT STAGE“Mini-GTL-10” pilot plant construction stage with10 million cubic meter/year capacity **Grant Agreement has been signed with Skolkovo, and Financing Agreement has been signed with RUSNANO.CONTACTS:Building 3, 7 Znamenka st., Moscow; d.Pchelintsev@ngt-m.Ru Oil and gas – downstream and transportation
  26. 26. Plasma arc technology for stripping the main pipelinesPetroplasma LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• rc stripping of metal surfaces with plasma A 2014 allows for efficient and complete removal of any contaminations KEY MARKETS• he proposed technology can replace existing T Pipe surface stripping for the main pipelines mechanical methods (shot blasting, brushing, during overhaul at initial pipeline production manual cleaning) and after installationCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES PROJECT NEEDS• he quality of the surface pretreatment before T • Investments applying polymeric coating • Testing site• ncreased coating adhesion I• ipes service life increase PPROJECT PRODUCTTool for plasma arc strippingCURRENT PROJECT STAGEPrototype Oil and gas – downstream and transportation
  27. 27. Combination of catalytic processes and rectification in a single unit for production of EURO-5, MSAT-2 gasoline componentsRRT LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE KEY MARKETS• ombination of catalytic and separating systems C Pilot plant under construction Russia, India, China will increase the capacities for in the single device (tests start October 2012) top-quality fuel manufacturing in the nearest future• ombination of three processes: C – somerization reactor I FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY PROJECT NEEDS – Hydro-izomerisation reactor Q4 quarter of 2012 • Strategic partner – ectification system R • Site for approbation • Access to customersCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES• x decrease of the operating costs for gasoline 5 manufacture• x CAPEX decrease 3• ompliance with EURO-5, MSAT-2 standards C =  PROJECT PRODUCT• Production plants engineering• Licensing Standard technology, Oil and gas – downstream and transportation
  28. 28. Supersonic gas separation technology (3S-technology)ENGO Engineering Ltd.THE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE KEY MARKETS• pplication of new high-performance devices A Commercialization World market of gas conditioning systems at gas (3S-separators) and technological schemes and oil fields (based on 3S-separators) for usage in oil and gas INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY industry • ore than 40 international patents and patent M PROJECT NEEDS• evelopment of 3S-technology in relation to CO2 D applications New Clients and H2S separation and liquefaction of ethane and • 9 Russian patents methaneCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 3S-separators at Gubkinsky GKM and 3S-­‐сепараторы  на  Губкинском  ГКМ  и  месторождении  • ower efficient P Talimu field(Китай)   Talimi (China)• mall size S• ow capital and operating costs L• he absence of moving parts T• o need for frequent maintenance N• ncrease of liquid products separation rate IPROJECT PRODUCTFacilities for gas conditioning and processing (forgas and oil fields and gas plants) Oil and gas – downstream and transportation
  29. 29. Tool for the remote detection of the pipelines deficiencies based on the magnetoresistive nanostructures CTI LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION CURRENT PROJECT STAGE• echnical solution using three-component sensors T Experimental industrial model for the diagnosis of based on magnetic nano-films underground pipelines was created• radientomerty method realized in the system G provides for the decisive advantage in the FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY accuracy of pipelines magnetic anomalies • 2012 - for underground pipelines detection • 2013 - for underwater pipelines• oftware allows on-line processing and S visualization of the defects magnetograms PROJECTS NEEDS • InvestmentsCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE • The site for RD and production• emote detection and classification of defects R during the normal operating mode of a pipeline• etection accuracy - 90 % D• efectoscopy of the parts that are unreachable for D the usual diagnostics methodsPROJECT PRODUCTMagnetometric system combining hardware andsoftwareCONTACTS:Saint-Petersburg, Ligovsky pr., 254, www.polyinform Oil and gas – downstream and transportation
  30. 30. Microchip for wireless smart metering systems‘Mobix Chip’ LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITYApplication specific integrated circuit (ASIC) allows Q4 of 2013to combine data transmission by radio channeland regular electric power lines (PLC-channel). KEY MARKETSThis decreases the costs of smart metering system • Manufacturers of metering devicesdeployment and considerable increases reliability of • he market in Russia amounts to ~ 20 millions Tdata transmission. meters/year, which equals ~ RUR 60 billion /yearCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES PROJECT NEEDS• D mesh network guarantees the reliable data 3 Strategic partners transfer• an be used for electricity, gas, water and heat C PROJECT FINANCING meters. • RUR 61,7 million – Skolkovo grand• nique hardware configuration allows to install on U • RUR 61,7 million – own funds the existing metering systems• llows managing energy supply to the consumer ACONTACTS:Moscow, CEO: Alexander Buhman, Housing and utilities solutions
  31. 31. Heating pipelines maintenance by flushing with special reagents SAVANT Research and DevelopmentTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION PROJECT PRODUCT PROJECT FINANCING• he surface-active substance (SAS) is used for T Innovative reagent and the technology of its use • RUB 21,7 million – Skolkovo contamination removal from and subsequent • RUB 7,5 million – own funds protection of the inner surfaces of the heating CURRENT PROJECT STAGE pipes. Reagent development is almost completed, primary• conomically efficient technology for the use in E testing is on-going apartment buildings and other real estate objects FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITYCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Q3 quarter 2013• ecreases hydraulic resistance in the pipes by D 30% due to the solid hydrophobic film that is KEY MARKETS created on the pipe walls Companies operating heating networks• ecreases losses of heating-carrier from 10 to D 30% PROJECT NEEDS• owers costs of maintenance and capital repairs L • Testing site as the cleaning effect lasts for at least three • Strategic partners heating seasons• he technology could be used during whole year, +7 (495) 984 80 64CEO: Anna Bleyer Housing and utilities solutions
  32. 32. Heating pipeline internal inspection systems with remote control‘GAZPROECT –DIAGNIOSTIKA, LLCTHE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY The  cost  of  diagnos+c  for  1  km  of  hea+ng  • evolutionary method of non-destructive control - R Q3 of 2013 systems’  pipelines  with  the  diameter   thickness gauging based on the dynamic skin- 1000,  RUR  million   layer effect PROJECT NEEDS 30• lectromagnetic and acoustic methods adjusted E Testing sites for the specific conditions of heating systems.  PROJECT FINANCING 4COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • RUR 27,8 million – Skolkovo The  diagnos+c  study  • n-line inspection is 7,5 times cheaper than the I • RUR 27,8 million – own funds including  the  cost  of  the   pipeline  stripping.     inspection of the pipeline exposed to the surface In-­‐line  inspec+on  (ILI)   because stripping works are not needed.• he tool will identify the following defects: faulty T The  average  cost  of  repairs  of  1  km  for   fusions, undercutting, internal and external hea+ng  systems  pipelines  with  the   corrosion (including pitting), erosive wear of diameter  1000,  RUR  million   pipeline components, metal scaling in the pipe body. 42PROJECT PRODUCTRobotized tool with remote control that can operateinside of the underground heating pipelines with 7the diameter 700-1200 mm Repairs  following  the   results  of  ILI  CONTACTS: Repairs  without  ILI  (total   (replacement  of  specific   replacement)   defec+ve  sec+ons)    Saint Petersburg, Energy Efficiency Technologies Cluster –CEO: Belyaev Alexander, Skolkovo Foundation Housing and utilities solutions
  33. 33. Energy saving heater made of polymer«SYSTEM HEAT»THE ESSENCE OF INNOVATION FINISHED PRODUCT AVAILABILITY• adiator has two autonomous contours, while R End of 2013 traditionally there is only one• adiator is made of thermostatic polymer R KEY MARKETS • ouseholds HCOMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • uilding and development companies B• aving of up to 40% of the heating energy S • anaging companies M• eliable, resistant to corrosion, has extended R service life. PROJECT NEEDS• roduction cost is several times lower than for P • Premises for pilot production traditional heaters. • Testing sitePROJECT PRODUCTThermostatic polymer radiator for the use in centralheating systemsCURRENT PROJECT STAGERD is completed, prototypes were producedCONTACTS:Vladimir Bosnik,, + 7 (917) 502-43-20 Housing and utilities solutions