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  • 1. If advertising is a firework, then social media is a bonfire. John V Willshire Head of Innovation PHD
  • 2. Just a way to help think about the difference between social media and advertising Or explain it to someone
  • 3. Advertising is like fireworks
  • 4. Fireworks are attention grabbing beacons on steroids
  • 5. Good ones make you go ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ ooooh aaaaah
  • 6. They draw people in from miles around
  • 7. They’re prepackaged; just light a firework and stand back
  • 8. Or get in the professionals
  • 9. It’s so easy… EVERYONE is doing it
  • 10. Just like advertising
  • 11. It’s the standard solution
  • 12.
  • 13. Fireworks burn veryFireworks burn very brightly, but diebrightly, but die very quickly.very quickly.
  • 14. You need to keep lighting fireworks to keep folk interested
  • 15. Which is expensive
  • 16. It’s an arms race Bigger, brighter, louder, MORE
  • 17. Bonfire night is not just about the fireworks (the clue is in the name)
  • 18. If advertising is a firework, then social media is a bonfire.
  • 19. Two very different things
  • 20. Very different disciplines
  • 21. BuildingBuilding bonfiresbonfires takes time…takes time…
  • 22. …and it takes time to get good at building them
  • 23. It might go out… Keep trying
  • 24. Use whatever you have to hand
  • 25. It might be a bit lonely at first
  • 26. Then a few friends gather round
  • 27. Then a few more
  • 28. It’s where people like to hang out and share
  • 29. Then, wonderfully… …your friends start helping out
  • 30. Because people like helping with bonfires
  • 31. more friends, more wood, bigger fire, more friends...
  • 32. From a small start, you can end up with something pretty amazing
  • 33. Just like social media
  • 34. So have advertising fireworks had their day?
  • 35. In the long term… …we don’t know
  • 36. Right this moment… it’s not either / or It’s both
  • 37. If you have an amazing bonfire already, use a few fireworks to bring folk to it
  • 38. If your fireworks are great, stop people disappearing by getting a good ol' bonfire going
  • 39. Just remember, remember…
  • 40. Putting fireworks in bonfires isn’t a great idea
  • 41. Thank you to… Simon KempSimon Kemp David WildingDavid Wilding Beth WilliamsBeth Williams Chris StephensonChris Stephenson Daniel GoodallDaniel Goodall Mat RichesMat Riches Vijay SankaranVijay Sankaran John V Willshire, PHD @willsh