Варианты решений для подключения мобильных устройств
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Варианты решений для подключения мобильных устройств



Презентация для доклада, сделанного в рамках конференции Juniper New Network Day 01.01.2014. ...

Презентация для доклада, сделанного в рамках конференции Juniper New Network Day 01.01.2014.

Докладчик -- Consulting Engineer компании Juniper Networks Владимир Ураев.

Видеозапись этого доклада с онлайн-трансляции конференции вы можете увидеть здесь:



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  • I’d like to share some insightsabout Juniper Networks, let you know who they are, and give you some solid reasons why you should go with Juniper.It might surprise you to know you’ve already chosen Juniper and use their networking products everyday--you and some of the most important companies on the planet.Do you own stock? Then you’re already using Juniper:7 of the largest stock exchanges in the world complete their trades on Juniper products.Every time you use your smartphoneyou’reusing Juniper. Did you know 80% of smartphone traffic runs across Juniper routers and switches? When you stream video or do a web search, you’re going with Juniperagain. Did you know that almost 2/3rds of all the Internet transactions in the world happen because of Juniper products? That’s because the top 100 service providers and the biggest wireless carriers, and cable operators all go with Juniper.All this points to one thing: Juniper is one of the most important networking companies in the world. They’re a major global player in networking, data center and security, with 99 of 100 of the Fortune 100 companies using their solutions. By the way, you’re probably wondering who that one hold out is: it’s Cisco!Customerafter customer tell us thatby going with Juniper, they didn’t just get theconnectivity and super-fastspeeds they were expecting, they also get undeniable business valueAND, they were able to bring down their network costs.
  • •Juniper isn’t resting on its laurels. It’s an innovation engine. Juniper has a serious commitment to expand the potential of what a network can do, and they know the only way to do that is to continually push past their successes.•Juniper spends more on R&D and innovates more than any networking company in the industry. I know you’re saying. “OK, that’s great but what does it mean to me?”It means your network can grow, and you can handle all the new apps or devices coming down the road. •Think about it like this. Remember your first laptop? It probably seemed fast at first, but then, over time, you needed more apps, more memory, more speed. We’ve all been there.  Same with your network. What did things look like when your company first built its network and what does your network environment look like NOW? Chances are the network isn’t evolving at the same lightening speed. Why? It’s like that old computer. Networks are tired. Some just just can’t handle it anymore. They’re at full capacity and their peak performance has peaked. •And I’m sure you’ve asked the question, “If I spend money today on my network, will it be outdated in 6 months when the next big technology thing kicks in?” Fair question.  •Juniper future-proofs the network. Here’s where Juniper “gets it.” They go into a company with a strategy of bringing the network up to the level of sophistication today that matches where everything else is: all the devices, all the apps, and all the end-user needs. But also, with an eye to the future.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re replacing a switch or you’re looking to move to the cloud or you want to quadruple your bandwidth. Juniper is on top of all this…and more. •So why Juniper over any other networking company? For companies who want a true partner and who want to run faster, simpler, easier, and more cost-effective networks, Juniper is the obvious choice. Just look at their track record. 
  • Why do companies large and small go with Juniper? Because as they grow their business Juniper enables the network to grow with them.Here’s Juniper’s sweet spot: scale. It’s one of the most important aspects of a network. Can the network keep up with your demands? The world’s largest search engines and social media platforms need to scale on a daily basis, and they’ve grown their networks with Juniper. Think about the growth of these companies. They’re expanding at an exponential rate, and Juniper keepsup with the pace.Can you imagine the amount of traffic these social media platforms generate everyday on their networks? Almost 4.5 billion updates per day, or more than 53,000 per second. That’s pretty jaw-dropping, and Juniper keeps them up and running and connected.Why should roots in service providers matter to you? Simple.If Juniper can handle THAT kind of traffic, trust me, Juniper can handle ANYTHING your business throws at them!
  • We all know that the world has changed. But have we stopped to think about what actually means and how we need to change what we actually do with a world of networking.
  • The enterprise used to be inside the four walls at the desk. The enterprise is different now. It’s wherever somebody is trying to do their work. It’s the manufacturing floor, it’s the operating room; it’s wherever somebody is trying to accomplish what they’re doing.
  • The enterprise extends far beyond the confines of the company itself. Remote access applications certainly extend the Enterprise to your home, hotel or coffee shop. But wireless access now enables the enterprise to extend to wherever somebody is trying to work inside their organization. It’s moving productivity beyond the desktop to wherever your employees and end users (onsite guests, vendors and contractors) happen to be. And now your business only happens if the enterprise is always running and always on.
  • To meet these needs -Juniper is now introducing the ON Enterprise: mobile solutions for the world at work.
  • When we think about what it means to be ON Enterprise, it’s not just about locations and assess to business resources from any device, anywhere. It means now that the requirements for the campus network and the branch network have elevated… these new requirements address the needs and expectations for end users and IT managers alike. End users expect their access to be EASY and thoughtless and independent of their device. They also expect the same experience no matter where they are or how they access the enterprise resources. And for IT managers, vendors need to design out the complexities to help IT deploy – operate – and manage the network. And because the dependence and value of the network as increased, there’s no tolerance for down time. No tolerance for outages, very little tolerance for maintenance even. Juniper’s switching wireless and networking management solutions enables secure reliable access to mission critical applications from any device in the world, anytime. And that’s the key to being On Enterprise: it’s anywhere, anytime. It’s a higher level of expectation for delivering end user connectivity for productivity in the enterprise.
  • Today’s workforce is elastic and fluid, not bound by walls or geography. It depends on constant and secure access to the corporate network and applications from any device, anywhere, at any time. ON Enterprise is a reliable, simple, smart network for people, devices and things. Enabled by a comprehensive portfolio of switching, wireless and management products Juniper’s always ON Enterprise delivers immediate, consistent, secure access to business-critical information.
  • Best signal qualityEnsure consistent user experienceConsistent network serviceSupport many users, with lots of data, congregating and moving aboutResilient, uninterrupted connectivityExtend mission-critical business apps to wireless
  • High Density Wireless (Reliable)ProblemMore wireless client devices have to connect to your wireless network. The number of users are increasing. Also, users congregating and moving cause unexpected bursts in wireless traffic, with lots of data. Applications are increasing network traffic—video, rich media, UCC, apps. More devices + more data, but current WLAN can’t keep upWireless needs to support mission critical environments—need robust wireless service for highly dense client environmentsWireless connectivity is not seamless, consistent, balanced, nor fairCannot maintain wireless service with large network traffic loadsCannot adapt to changing traffic loads including spikesBursty wireless traffic severely impacts wireless network performance, Latency sensitive apps, , balancing b/w types of traffic Juniper Solution (Differentiators)A wireless LAN system from Juniper consisting of Juniper WLA Series WLAN Access Points that deliver robust wireless LAN service in high client density environments, WLC Series WLAN Controllers with Virtual Controller Cluster to manage high density environments. Consistent throughput even under highest loadsBand steering capability consistently moved 5 GHz capable clients from 2.4 GHz to the 5 GHz channelsLoad balancing evenly spreads diverse client devices across available access pointsHighest overall system throughput with best stability and lowest error and retry rates when compared to leading vendorsJuniper advanced data path technology enablesLocal Switching capability leads to higher throughput performance Use Case Education—classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, stadiums, residence halls, libraries.Hospitals—medical equipment, doctors, nurse stations, hospital guestsManufacturing—factory floors, capital equipment/toolsLarge Gathering Areas—stadiums, theaters, arenas, concert halls, convention centers Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)23% higher system throughput in high density deployments, lends itself to better utilization of wireless and higher efficiency environments50% lower retry rates, translates to more robust, reliable connections in high density environments.Satisfied usersHospitals: nurses, doctors can reliably treat patients and move between roomsSchools: students taking notes to the cloud, teachers administering online exams with confidenceManufacturing: reduce non-value added time in assembly lines, reduce inefficiency and costs, increase output and revenue Supporting ContentNovarum High Density WLAN TestingNovarum High Density WLAN Comparison Testing 
  • Single-touch, seamless adds, moves, changesEasily add wireless capacityCentralized managementManage entire wired and wireless network from same management toolAutomated, secure access controlEasily provide corporate and guest access
  • Seamless Capacity Management/Expansion (Simple)ProblemAdding APs, controller and/or expanding the wireless LAN coverage is complex, requiring many configuration steps and prone to errors. Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper Wireless simple expansion capability, enabled by Virtual Controller Cluster™ technology, allows simple, seamless wireless LAN capacity expansion. Simply plug in a WLC Series controller into a Virtual Chassis Cluster and it automatically downloads configurations, and the system distributes and load balances APs amongst the controllers including the new controller. All controllers in a Virtual Controller Cluster are managed as a single controller, allowing for simple, seamless massive scale.Single point of configuration—update to one device propagated to all cluster members.Add APs and they’re automatically configured and placed in service.Achieve high scale with up to 32 WLC Series physical controllers or JunosV Wireless LAN software controllers, controlling up to 4,000 APs. Use CaseUpgrade software on all controllers in one step.Expand wireless service to a new building—simply connect the APs and they come online.Add a new controller to a cluster—it is automatically configured and receives APs to control as the cluster load balances.Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Significantly decrease OPEX associated with manually configuring wireless system to add capacity. Less hours and/or staff required.Eliminate system downtime due to manual misconfigurations or operator errors.Increase system uptime to support business critical operations running with no impact.Efficient system utilization with automatic AP load balancing. 
  • Intelligent, real-time spectrumAutomatically deliver optimal wireless service Flexible Deployment OptionsTailor WLAN to business needsAutomated upgradesUpgrade software without maintenance windows
  • JunosV Wireless LAN Controller (Smart)ProblemNeed low cost centralized controller WLAN solutionNeed ability to quickly scale up WLAN serviceRequire flexibility to adapt new WLAN service requirementsNeed cost-effective controller with a pay as you grow model Juniper Solution (Differentiators)JunosV Wireless LAN ControllerThe JunosV Wireless LAN Controller is a virtualized software-based controller that supports up to 256 access points per instance to create a cost-effective, flexible and scalable alternative to physical controllers.Supports up to 256 APs per instance.VMware-based when deployed on an x86 platform.Identical feature set to Juniper WLC Series physical controllers.Supports hybrid blend of JunosV Wireless LAN Controllers with WLC Series physical controllers.Flexible Juniper Software Advantage (JSA) honor-based licensing model—deploy and dial your system today, pay later. Use CasesHealthcareSatellite clinicsRemote physician officesEducationDistributed campusDistance learningK-12 independent schoolsEnterpriseDistributed campusBranch OfficeTrainingService ProviderHotspotWi-Fi offloadManaged WLAN service Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Get full centralized physical controller features at a fraction of the cost.Flexible, agile deployments: faster adds and changes.Attractive JSA-based software licensing model: deploy now, pay later. Pay as you grow. 
  • Spectrum Intelligence: Real-time Spectrum Analysis and Tuning (Smart)ProblemThe RF environment is never static. It’s always changing over the course of a normal day as different users and devices connect and move about in a building or area with wireless service. It also changes over time as new RF interference sources arise from things like microwave ovens, new cell towers or the introduction of other RF devices and electronics. Need the ability to automatically detect changes and tune.Some WLAN vendors require a dedicated AP or require additional costly licenses per AP to run spectrum analysis.Some WLAN vendors don’t allow simultaneous spectrum analysis running alongside the wireless service. Juniper Solution (Differentiators)WLA Series access points can run as dedicated spectrum sensor or simultaneously with client access.Features advanced diagnostics, visualization and reporting with Junos Space Network Director.Detect, classify and report a wide variety of non-Wi-Fi interference sources. Use Case   Benefits (functional, cost, emotional) 
  • Only Hitless Failover (Reliable)ProblemCannot tolerate WLAN network outage (hospital, manufacturing, school)WLAN not reliable enough for mission-critical environment Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper Wireless Hitless Failover, part of Juniper’s Virtual Controller Cluster™ technology, delivers the industry’s only hitless failover WLAN solution. Each AP maintains an active connection to two WLC Series controllers.Enables instantaneous failover in the case of controller going offline.Sub 50ms failover performance preserves all voice, video, or data sessions.N+1 redundancy translates to least cost for resiliency. WLC Series controllers plug into the existing network infrastructure and don’t require specialized cables to attach to the Virtual Controller Cluster. Use Case Ensure the most robust, reliable, resilient WLAN in these use cases:Education: zero disruption to classroom lectures, online exams, live online collaborationsHealthcare: ensure life-critical systems are always online, Caregivers (doctors, nurses) are always connected to deliver patient careManufacturing: eliminate or minimize disruptions to assembly lines Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Resilient always-on wireless network ensures business continuityLife-critical hospital systems and equipment resulting in best patient careSuperior learning school learning environment. Eliminate any disruption to learning environment. Students get homework and classwork completed on time. Support all cloud-based apps that students rely on (Google Drive, etc.)Manufacturing maximizes production, resulting in higher revenue.Lower cost redundancy since you only need to purchase N+1. Supporting ContentNovarum High Density WLAN Resilience Report (Coming soon)YouTube Wireless LAN High Availability Demo (Dennis de Leest) 
  • Only In Service Software Upgrade [Juniper ISSU] (Smart)ProblemCannot tolerate non-value added software upgrade downtimeNetwork downtime can be life threatening in hospital environmentsNetwork downtime affects mission-critical/business-critical operations in manufacturing Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper ISSULeveraging Juniper Virtual Controller Cluster™ technology, Juniper features the industry’s only In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) solution. This allows you to upgrade the entire wireless LAN system with no impact to current network connections and sessions.Swap WLC Series controllers while system is live. APs are load balanced to alternate WLC Series controllers with no interruption to wireless sessions. Use Case Hospitals need to run 24/7, must minimize any disruptions to the network. ISSUManufacturing lines need to operate 24/7Quickly deploy new services and applications with zero downtime. Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Patient care is uninterrupted, ensuring patient safety and highest quality healthcare.Easily maintain latest software with latest bug fixes. Peace of mindManufacturing minimize non-value added time to increase production and maximize revenue.Enable flexible, anytime upgrades for organizations. Feeds to business agility. 
  • Remote Office (Smart)ProblemNeed to deploy and manage APs at remote locations without requiring a dedicated controller at the site.Need to maintain uninterrupted wireless service even if the WAN link to the centralized controller goes down. Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper Remote OfficeThe JuniperRemote Office capability allows easy and rapid deployment of secure wireless LAN services in retail and branch offices.Deploy and manage access points at each remote location over a WAN link without a local controller at each site.APs at each remote site switch traffic locally.APs at each remote site store persistent image of last known good config.If connection to controller is lost, wireless service continues uninterruptedConnected clients maintain wireless connection to the APNew clients can connect and authenticate locally—or the AP can be setup as a RADIUS client to interface with local AAA server to authenticate clientsWIDS continuesIf AP reboots while connectivity to the controller is lost the persistent configuration on the AP ensures continued service at the remote site. Use Case Distributed retail with central HQ location.K-12 schools with controller at school district office.Hospital with remote satellite clinics. Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Flexible deployment with reduced costs to remote sites.Maintain robust WLAN service even in case of WAN link outage.Centralized control with high performance local switching performance. 
  • Unified Communication & Collaboration (UCC) Ready Infrastructure (Reliable)ProblemNeed to deploy a robust unified communications and collaboration system such as Microsoft Lync.Current (non-Juniper) network infrastructure is low performing with high latency. It cannot provide required QoS for UC&C applications.Need a Microsoft Lync certified network infrastructure for both wired and wireless. Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper’s highly resilient and secure wired (EX Series Ethernet switches) and wireless (WLA Series) network components to deliver a Lync Certified network infrastructure.Juniper EX Series switches with Virtual Chassis technology enables configurations for more flexible east-west traffic, consistent with UC&C application traffic flows.Juniper Wireless provides low latency local switching architecture at the access point thereby reducing the number of hops required for wireless data. Packet forwarding architecture:Full featured local-switching support at the WLA enables optimized forwarding paths Minimizes network induced latency/jitterRobust QoS handling capability WLA & WLC simultaneously support WMM, DSCP, 802.1p and policy based QoS marking and forwarding QoS supported regardless of forwarding mode (centralized/distributed)Seamless roaming:VLAN/L2 based roaming eliminates inefficient forwarding paths prevalent in competing architectures (eg. Mobile IP)Simply implemented, widely supported fast-roaming through Opportunistic Key Caching (OKC) Mobility-Domain allows for campus-wide low-latency roaming after initial WPA2 802.1X authentication Use Case Support BYOD productivity by enabling UC&C applications.Deliver collaboration within the enterprise network that supports real-time UC&C applicationsProvide video conferencing service with assured service quality across WAN/WLAN to support HD video conferencing, telemedicine, and other mission-critical applications. Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Reliable – improved experience across high bandwidth and latency sensitive applications.Open – built for any application or service including Microsoft Lync.Secure – security with low performance impact and full visibility into user and application usageSimple – simplified architecture with fewer devices and reduced dependency on PSTN for reduced TCOAccessible – infrastructure optimized to provide high quality system-level performance regardless of wired or wireless access. Supporting ContentJuniper Microsoft Lync Landing Page
  • Presenter: SamirSamir speaker notes:Sprinkle in Netrix experience in deployments “Acme Corp deployment example…”May not be bullet, but at some point Samir mention tie in real-world challenges/need for network management As one addresses the challenges of latency, jitter and preventing packet loss that may create complexity in the wired and wireless network. How do you overcome the issues that can manage this capabilities?
  • Presenter: Samir
  • Presenter: TimSpeak to lead bullets, keep slide simpleOptimize East-West TrafficCollapsed Access/ AggregationOptimized east-west traffic flowsLocal WLAN Traffic OffloadLocal SwitchingDirect forwarding of WLAN traffic at APOptimized for east-west traffic flowsOptimized RFBand-balanced AP designLoad balancingBand steeringPrescriptive guidance RequirementsNetwork Assessment / Audit / Site surveyUse Network Director or Link location servicesPer Samir: Caution around speaking to WiFi (e911 issues)Establish Lync Requirements w/ Partners helpFeaturesEndpoints/devicesScale/GrowthCriticalitySite Survey w/ Qualified Lync Partner5Ghz coverage Indoor/OutdoorHigh DensityAudit network infrastructure WAN Switching WLAN-------------------------Endpoints/DevicesNetwork support for disparate device ecosystemCoverageWireless and wired service where endpoints are going to beWLAN 5ghz features / load balancing / band steeringEmergency call box exampleCapacity High Density WLAN Switching / WAN capacityQoSUniform easy-to-use QoS features across wired and wirelessStandards based QoS for greatest interoperabilityReliabilityVirtual Chassis (NSR/NSB) for wired network reliabilityController Clustering for WLAN reliability
  • Presenter: TimSpeak to lead bullets, keep slide simpleEzQoSSimple, consistent application of Quality of Service settings for Lync trafficUser-based QoS PoliciesQoS policies for WLAN based on user identity and applicationStandards-based over-the-air QoSRPMMeasurement probes from key points in the network to monitor performance and report problemsPrescriptive guidance RequirementsNetwork Assessment / Audit / Site surveyUse Network Director or Link location servicesPer Samir: Caution around speaking to WiFi (e911 issues)Establish Lync Requirements w/ Partners helpFeaturesEndpoints/devicesScale/GrowthCriticalitySite Survey w/ Qualified Lync Partner5Ghz coverage Indoor/OutdoorHigh DensityAudit network infrastructure WAN Switching WLAN
  • Presenter: TimSpeak to lead bullets, keep slide simpleNonstop routing/bridgingVirtual Chassis support for NSR/NSB ensures traffic continues flowing during switch failuresNon-Stop ClusteringWLAN controller clustering technology keeps WLAN available even if controller failsUnified Management- Reduce human errorsPrescriptive guidance RequirementsNetwork Assessment / Audit / Site surveyUse Network Director or Link location servicesPer Samir: Caution around speaking to WiFi (e911 issues)Establish Lync Requirements w/ Partners helpFeaturesEndpoints/devicesScale/GrowthCriticalitySite Survey w/ Qualified Lync Partner5Ghz coverage Indoor/OutdoorHigh DensityAudit network infrastructure WAN Switching WLAN
  • Presenter: TimSpeak to lead bullets, keep slide simpleUnified Wired & Wireless ManagementVisibility and configuration of wired and wireless networksFlexibility to AutomateFlexibility to automate common tasks and troubleshoot activities Location DataLocation data in network elements can be gathered by management tools and fed to Lync Prescriptive guidance RequirementsNetwork Assessment / Audit / Site surveyUse Network Director or Link location servicesPer Samir: Caution around speaking to WiFi (e911 issues)Establish Lync Requirements w/ Partners helpFeaturesEndpoints/devicesScale/GrowthCriticalitySite Survey w/ Qualified Lync Partner5Ghz coverage Indoor/OutdoorHigh DensityAudit network infrastructure WAN Switching WLAN
  • Presenter: TimAction: After slide content presented, handoff to Nancy.
  • Apple Ready with Bonjour (Simple)ProblemApple’s Bonjour multicast traffic is degrading the wireless network. Bonjour is very chatty and ends up clogging up the network as the number of Apple devices in the enterprise increases. Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Juniper’s Bonjour solution manages and scales Apple Bonjour traffic at a very granular level. It propagates Bonjour traffic only to those areas where it needs to go. Bonjour services are only advertised and broadcast to users or user groups that are tied by policy to those Bonjour traffic streams.The Juniper solution provides location-based filtered advertising of Bonjour services that are based upon the location of individual users. Only services that are available locally are advertised to local users.Bonjour management capability is embedded into existing WLC Series controllers, eliminating the need to install an additional gateway or other network element. Use Case Shut down all Bonjour traffic completelyControl or restrict Bonjour traffic based upon location-“Use only the printer on my floor”Only show an individual’s Apple devices on the network Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)You get happy users since they get the same Apple ecosystem experience that they have at home.Greatest flexibility – customers enable or disable Bonjour services bases on type of service, user identity, or location.Improve network efficiency – minimize the volume of Bonjour multicast traffic.Full Bonjour visibility and management – view Bonjour traffic levels, detailed statistics and easily troubleshoot Supporting ContentJuniper Elegantly Scales Bonjour for the Enterprise White Paper 
  • What you are looking at is our portfolio and as you can see, whether you need a12-port access or a multiple-port access, now we have a complete solution.
  • Benefits:High AvailabilitySTP free networksLayer 2 VLAN extensionRobust routing and MPLS VPNs
  • Comprehensive Automated Management [Junos Space Network Director] (Simple)ProblemCustomers require multiple disparate network management tools; one for wired, another for wireless, etc. This translates to increased OPEX as multiple teams required to manage the network.Network management tools are poorly designed, and lack ease of usability.  Juniper Solution (Differentiators)Junos Space Network Director - a smart, comprehensive and automated network management tool that enables network administrators to visualize, analyze, and control their entire enterprise network—data center and campus, physical and virtual, and wired and wireless—through a single pane of glass.Zero-touch Provisioning – Simplifies the deployment of networks without requiring user intervention, providing policy-driven plug-and-play provisioning and network bring-up operations.Bulk Provisioning – Enables faster service rollout and activation while protecting against configuration errors with profile-based and pre-validated configurations. Can be performed at logical (access, aggregation, core) or location (sites, buildings, floors, racks) levels. Use Case Benefits (functional, cost, emotional)Improves operational efficiency and reliability
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Варианты решений для подключения мобильных устройств Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ON ENTERPRISE Линейка продуктов Campus & Branch АПРЕЛЬ, 2014
  • 2. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.2 99 of the Fortune 100 Enterprises World’s Top 5 Social Media Properties 7 of 8 World’s Largest Stock Exchanges ВЫ УЖЕ ИСПОЛЬЗУЕТЕ JUNIPER The Top 100 Service Providers Самые успешные компании мира используют оборудование Juniper ВМЕСТЕ СО МНОГИМИ КРУПНЫМИ КОМПАНИЯМИ В МИРЕ
  • 3. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.3 ПРИМЕРЫ ЗАКАЗЧИКОВ В РОССИИ И СНГ
  • 4. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.4 ПОЧЕМУ НАС ВЫБИРАЮТ? END-TO-END SOLUTIONS Операторские корни Если оборудование Juniper справляется с огромным количеством трафика в операторской сети, его можно использовать в любой сети. END-TO-END SOLUTIONS Масштабируемость Количество приложений в вашей сети растет с каждым днем. Сможет ли сеть с этим справится? Используя Juniper, однозначно да. END-TO-END SOLUTIONS Рост вместе с вашим бизнесом Так как ваш бизнес часто требует адаптации, сможет ли ваша сеть поддерживать изменения? Использую Juniper, однозначно да. РЕШЕНИЯ JUNIPER РЕШАЮТ ЛЮБЫЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ
  • 5. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.5 Мобильный, беспр оводной мир изменил восприятие корпоративной сети навсегда. Подумайте на этим.
  • 6. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.6 Это корпоративная сеть.
  • 7. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.7 Корпоративная сеть распространяется далеко за границы офиса. Она везде где существует бизнес: с вашими заказчиками и коллегами, в производстве и дома. Ваш бизнес растет только когда сеть постоянно работает.
  • 8. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.8 Представляем Juniper Enterprise Р Е Ш Е Н И Я Д Л Я М О Б И Л Ь Н О Й К О Р П О Р А Ц И И .
  • 9. Copyright © 2014 Juniper Networks, Inc.9 Что такое Enterprise? Простой доступ к ресурсам бизнеса с любого устройства Постоянный высокий уровень сервиса в любом месте Простое внедрение и управление Полная отказоустойчивость
  • 10. Juniper Networks Enterprise. Коммутаторы, WLAN и централизованное управление позволяют безопасный и отказоустойчивый доступ в сеть с любого устройства в любой точке мира.
  • 11. 11 Copyright © 2012 Juniper Networks, Inc. www.juniper.net ЛИНЕЙКА РЕШЕНИЙ
  • 12. WLA322 Dual Radio Entry-level AP WLA532 3 Stream MIMO Dual Radio Max. Performance WLA632 3x3 MIMO Dual Radio All Weather WLA532E 3 Stream MIMO Dual Radio Max. Performance External Antenna WLA321 Single Radio Low Cost AP Entry level 802.11n Indoor 11n Outdoor 11n Functionality WLA Series Highlights  Самые производительные точки доступа на рынке  Самые рентабельные точки доступа  Полный функционал интеллектуальной коммутации  Анализ радиоэфира и MESH ТОЧКИ ДОСТУПА WLA1410 802.11AC Expected 1H-2014 Max. Performance
  • 13. # of AP WLC800 16-128 AP WLC880 16-256 AP WLC2800 64 - 512 AP WLC100 4-32 AP 12 32 128 256 512 BranchCampusEnterprise WLA Series Highlights  Самое простое решение на рынке  Высокая надежность  Единственное решение с полной отказоустойчивостью  Самое гибкое лицензирование JunosV WLC Up to 512 AP БЕСПРОВОДНЫЕ КОНТРОЛЛЕРЫ
  • 14. Virtual WLC Удаленный филиал с локальным виртуальным контроллером  Локальная коммутация абонентского трафика  Локальный контроллер установленный на VM вместе с другими приложениями виртуальной инфраструктуры Virtual WLC Централизованный контроллер  Контроллер в ЦОДе  Локальная коммутация абонентского трафика  Инфраструктуре VMWare в ядре сети ГИБКАЯ РЕАЛИЗАЦИЯ ИСПОЛЬЗУЯ VWLC Branch Hosted WLAN Centrally hosted WLAN Remote Office JunosV WLC Remote Office Rack servers JunosV WLC
  • 15. SMARTPASS – ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ ДЛЯ УПРАВЛЕНИЯ ГОСТЕВЫМ ДОСТУПОМ – Модуль гостевого доступа • Легкое управление • API для интеграции с внешними приложениями • Авторегистрация и рассылка пароля доступа через SMS / Email • Политики доступа основанные на MAC адресе гостевого устройства – База данных пользователей сервиса • Детальная информация об устройствах использовавших приложение – Модуль политик доступа • Поддержка RFC 3576 (Dynamic Radius) позволяет изменять authorization attributes или отключать клиентские сессии • Местоопределение устройств – Позволяет разрешать или блокировать доступ в зависимости от местонахождения устройства – Позволяет менять любой AAA attribute в зависимости от местонахождения устройства – Политики доступа (location based, time based или комбинация обоих) Centralized Guest Access Database
  • 16. SMARTPASS CONNECT – АВТОМАТИЧЕСКОЕ САМО- ПОДКЛЮЧЕНИЕ УСТРОЙСТВ BYOD – Автоматическое подключение BYOD устройств • Безопасный доступ (802.1x или PSK) к беспроводной сети • Безопасный доступ 802.1x к проводной сети – Аутентификация • Использует встроенные в ОС supplicants • Credentials (PEAP, TTLS) или Certificates (TLS) – Автоматический процесс запроса и установки сертификата на клиентском устройстве – Устройства • iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • 17. ЛУЧШЕЕ КАЧЕСТВО РАДИО СИГНАЛА Лучшая радио- технология – балансировка диапазона БЕСПРЕРЫВНЫЙ СЕРВИС Лучшая высоко- производительная архитектура ПОСТОЯННЫЙ ДОСТУП Отказоустойчивая архитектура НАДЕЖНОСТЬ Always ON Wireless
  • 18. ВЫСОКАЯ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТЬ Juniper High Density Wireless Проблема – Беспроводная сеть не в состоянии поддерживать постоянно растущее число беспроводных сессий, широкополосный трафик , и часто меняющиеся клиентские устройства. Наше решение– Высокопроизводительное решение, с технологией обработки клиентского трафика. Особенность – Band steering (2.4  5 GHz), балансировка нагрузки, высокая производительность и отказоустойчивость. Преимущества– Производительность сети увеличивается на 23%
  • 19. ПРОСТОЙ МЕХАНИЗМ ИЗМЕНЕНИЙ И ДОБАВЛЕНИЙ Технология простого управления изменениями сети ЦЕНТРАЛИЗОВАННОЕ УПРАВЛЕНИЕ Junos Space Network Director управляет всем сетевым оборудованием АВТОМАТИЧЕСКИЙ КОНТРОЛЬ ДОСТУПА В СЕТЬ Общие политики доступа, SmartPass для гостей SmartPass Connect для устройств BYOD ПРОСТОТА Future Proof Your Network with Flexible, Adaptable Wireless LAN
  • 20. ПРОСТОЙ РОСТ И УПРАВЛЕНИЕ СЕТЬЮ Juniper Wireless Single Touch Adds, Moves, Changes – Simple Проблема – Сложный , ручной процесс добавления нового сетевого оборудования Наше решение – механизм упрощения процесса. Особенность – Централизованные настройки, автоматическая балансировка точками доступа, 32 контроллера и 4,000 точек управляются как единый элемент. Преимущества – Легкие автоматические настройки, снижение затрат на управление. +
  • 21. ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНОЕ РЕШЕНИЕ Deliver Intelligent Wireless LAN ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНЫЙ АНАЛИЗ РАДИОЭФИРА Spectrum Intelligence и Auto-Tune АВТОМАТИЧЕСКОЕ ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ПО ISSU – In Service Software Upgrades   Upgrading ГИБКИЕ ВАРИАНТЫ РЕАЛИЗАЦИИ Intelligent Data Flow, Remote Office, и JunosV виртуальный контроллер Centralized Remote Office Private Cloud w/JunosV Wireless LAN Controller Control Data
  • 22. JUNOSV ВИРТУАЛЬНЫЙ КОНТРОЛЛЕР Virtualized Software-based Controller – Smart Проблема – Дорогой и тяжелый рост сети Наше решение – JunosV виртуальный контроллер, основанный на Vmware гибкая и масштабируемая альтернатива аппаратному контроллеру, поддерживает до 512 точек доступа Особенность – Полный функционал аппаратного контроллера, кластеризация с другими контроллерами, JSA модель лицензирования Преимущества – Полноценный беспроводной контроллер по очень привлекательной цене Centralized Remote Office Private Cloud w/JunosV Wireless LAN Controller Control Data WLC WLC WAN WAN JunosV Wireless LAN Controller
  • 23. Проблема – Радиоэфир всегда динамичен. Источники помех снижают производительность сети, требуя ручных настроек каналов и мощности. Наше решение –Анализ радиоэфира в режиме реального времени и автоматические настройки каналов и мощности сигнала. Особенность– каждая точка доступа одновременно обслуживают клиентов и сканируют радиоэфир. Преимущества – автоматическое обнаружение и устранение источников помех, нет надобности в специальных точках доступа, гибкое лицензирование. УПРАВЛЕНИЕ РАДИОЭФИРОМ Real-time Spectrum Analysis and Tuning – Smart
  • 24. ОТКАЗОУСТОЙЧИВОСТЬ Juniper Wireless Resilience, enabled by Virtual Controller Cluster™ – Reliable Проблема – Использование беспроводной сети для бизнес приложений, но существующие решения не предоставляют достаточной отказоустойчивости для критических приложений. Наше решение – Самое продвинутое решение для отказоустойчивости. Особенность– восстановление сервиса за 50 миллисекунд, с момента отказа, архитектура N+1 Преимущества – Инфраструктура для критических приложений, рентабельная отказоустойчивость (N+1). 50ms    
  • 25. ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ ПО БЕЗ ПЕРЕРЫВА СЕРВИСА Juniper ISSU – Reliable, Flexible Проблема – Обновление сети ведет за собой перерывы в сервисе, не подходит для критически важных приложений Наше решение – Juniper ISSU, единственное решение для обновления ПО без перерыва сервиса. Особенность –В процессе обновления все сессии продолжают работать,контроллеры могут быть заменены без перерыва сервиса Преимущества – Беспроводная сеть постоянно работает, всегда работает с последней версией ПО, поддержка нового функционала   Upgrading
  • 26. УДАЛЕННЫЙ ФИЛИАЛ Juniper Remote Office – Smart Проблема – Обрыв канала WAN ведет за собой сбой в работе удаленного офиса Наше решение –Технология Juniper Remote Office устраняет сбои сервиса, даже при обрыве канала связи. Особенность– Нет надобности устанавливать контроллеры в удаленных филиалах, точки доступа локально коммутируют трафик, бесперерывный сетевой сервис Преимущества – Гибкость , рентабельность, централизованное управление с локальной коммутацией Centralized Remote Office Private Cloud w/JunosV Wireless LAN Controller Control Data WLC WLC WAN WAN JunosV Wireless LAN Controller
  • 28. ИНФРАСТРУКТУРА UNIFIED COMMUNICATION & COLLABORATION Juniper UC&C, Lync Certified Solution – Reliable Проблема – низкопроизводительная сетевая инфраструктура, с высокими задержками не может поддерживать приложения UC&C как Lync. Наше решение –Коммутаторы и беспроводное решение полностью сертифицировано для Lync Особенность– Полная сертификация Microsoft, локальная коммутация улучшает производительность, QoS prioritization. Преимущества – улучшенный сервис для приложений UC&C
  • 29. MS Lync - Network Impairments Latency Jitter Packet Loss RTP packets as reported by monitoring <200ms >200ms >500ms Good Poor Bad <20ms >30ms can be ok >45ms really bad Good Poor Bad <3% >5% will impact audio >7% really bad Good Poor Bad
  • 30. QoS for Lync 2013 – Обслуживание разного вида трафика по-разному – Разное облуживание = разные механизмы QoE • Queuing самый распространенный механизм – Реализация разного трафика на сетевом оборудовании • Port, VLANs, 802.1p/CoS, DiffServ/DSCP/TOS/IP Precedence, MPLS TAGs – Трафик Lync • Трафик инициируемый сервером Lync • Удаленные Интернет клиенты Lync • Lync IP телефоны • Трафик исходящий из SIP Trunk
  • 32. ОПТИМИЗАЦИЯ DATA PATH Проблема: У сетевых задержек множество причин • Extra hops to traverse network tiers • Централизованные контроллеры для обработки трафика • WLAN Retransmissions Optimized East-West Traffic Local WLAN Traffic Offload Optimized RF Virtual Chassis High Performance High-DensityAdvanced Data Path
  • 33. QUALITY OF SERVICE В СЕТИ Проблема: Загруженная сеть создает jitter • Загруженность uplinks на уровне доступа в сеть • Загруженность радиоэфира WLAN • Загруженность каналов WAN Simple, Consistent QoS User-based QoS Policies Ongoing Performance Monitoring EzQoS with EX4300 Robust EX Series ReportingIdentity-based Networking  
  • 34. ОТКАЗОУСТОЙЧИВОСТЬ СЕТИ Проблема: Потери пакетов из за загруженности и перебоев в сети • Сильная загруженность сети • Отказ элементов сети • Загруженность беспроводных контроллеров Nonstop Routing/Bridging Non-Stop WLAN Policy-based Configuration Management Virtual Chassis Junos Space Network DirectorVirtual Controller Clustering +
  • 35. УПРАВЛЕНИЕ ИНФРАСТРУКТУРОЙ Проблема: Недостаточный мониторинг сети не позволяет быстро устранить проблему и произвести оптимизацию • Единое управление всей сетью • Автоматизация сети • Консолидированная информация о приложениях и сервисах Unified Wired & Wireless Management Flexibility to Automate Location Data Aggregation Junos Space Network Director Microsoft Lync + Junos Space Network DirectorJunos Scripts and APIs CONTROL
  • 36. РЕКОМЕНДАЦИИ Убедитесь что сетевое оборудование производителя сертифицировано Microsoft Lync Проведение WLAN site survey Аудит сетевой инфраструктуры Наши партнеры или Professional Services смогут вам помочь
  • 37. ПОДДЕРЖКА APPLE BONJOUR Juniper Bonjour Solution – Simple Проблема – Apple’s Bonjour multicast трафик снижает производительность беспроводной сети Наше решение –Bonjour шлюз управляет и масштабирует трафик Bonjour в сети Особенность– Встроенный в существующие беспроводные контроллеры, broadcast трафик только в зависимости от политики пользователя, фильтрация трафика по местонахождению в сети Преимущества – Шлюз Bonjour улучшает производительность сети, полное управление, нет надобности добавлять дополнительное устройство WLA WLA WLA WLA WLC Tim Jason Tim Tina  Wireless LAN Access Point Wireless LAN Controller Internet Connection Bonjour
  • 38. FIXED MODULAR ЛИНЕЙКА КОММУТАТОРОВ EX2200 EX2200-C EX3300 EX4200 EX4300 EX6210 EX8208 EX8216 EX9204 EX9208 EX9214 Entry Level Access Switches Proven Access Switch Versatile Access Switch Powerful Aggregation Switch Dense Access/ Aggregation Switch Core/ Aggregation Switch Programmable Core/Distribution Switch Доступ АГРЕГАЦИЯ / ЯДРО
  • 39. COLLAPSE A VERTICAL BUILDING WLA РЕАЛИЗАЦИЯ VIRTUAL CHASSIS / VIRTUAL CLUSTER CONNECT WIRING CLOSETS EXSeries Virtual Chassis CLOSET 2 EX4300 Aggregation/ CoreAccess 10GbE/40GbE uplinks 10/40Gb E 40G VCP CLOSET 1 BUILDING A BUILDING B WLA WLA EX4300VC-2a WLA EX4300VC-3a WLA EX3300VC-1a LAG EX4550VC-1a LAG WLA EX6200-1b SRX Series Cluster LAG WLA App Servers Centralized DHCP and other services LAG EX9200VC-1b WLC Cluster Internet WLA WLA
  • 40. Private MPLS Campus Core with VPLS or L3VPN РЕАЛИЗАЦИЯ MPLS И VPN — METRO/DISTRIBUTED КАМПУС Stretch the Connectivity for a Seamless Network Core Switch (PE) Access Switche (CE) MPLS VLAN Access Switche (CE) Wireless Access PointWireles s Access Point SITE 1 Core Switch (PE) VLAN1 VLAN2 R&D VPN Marketing/ Sales VPN Finance/ Business Ops VPN Core Switch (PE) Access Switche (CE) MPLS VLAN Access Switche (CE) Wireless Access PointWireless Access Point SITE 3 Core Switch (PE) Core Switch (PE) Access Switches (CE) MPLS VLAN Access Switches (CE) Wireless Access Point Wireless Access Point SITE 2 Core Switch (PE) VLAN3
  • 41. EX FIXED PLATFORMS EX2200-C EX2200 EX3300 EX4200 EX4550EX4300  12 port 10/100/ 1000BASE-T  PoE/PoE+  Fan-less  4-member Virtual Chassis Lite  Fixed power supply and fans  24/48 port 10/100/ 1000BASE-T  4 SFP uplinks  PoE/PoE+ model options  4-member Virtual Chassis Lite  24/48 10/100/ 1000BASE-T  PoE/PoE+  Data center air flow  6 member Virtual Chassis  Fixed power supply and fans  MacSec  External RPS option  4 port SFP/SFP+ uplinks  28/48 port wirespeed 10/100/ 1000BASE-T  PoE/PoE+  Flexible uplinks  Data center air flow  Field replaceable power and cooling  4 port GbE SFP uplink  2 port 10GbE XFP uplink  10 member Virtual Chassis  128 Gbps Virtual Chassis backplane  28/48 port wirespeed 10/100/1000BASE-T  PoE/PoE+  Data center air flow  Field replaceable power and cooling  4 port GbE/10GbE SFP/ SFP+ uplink  10-member Virtual Chassis with 320 Gbps backplane  32 or 40 10GbE fiber ports  Redundant power and cooling  Small form factor (1 RU)  10 member Virtual Chassis  Mixed Virtual Chassis with EX4200  Line rate
  • 42. EX6200 EX8200 EX9200  10 slot modular chassis  Redundant SREs  64 Gbps per slot with redundant SREs  48 port 10/100/1000BASE-T line card  48 port 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE+ line card  Redundant fans  6 power supplies  8/16 slot modular chassis  Various line card options  Virtual Chassis support with XRE200  320 Gbps per slot  Fully redundant Routing Engines  1.92 Bpps  MPLS, IPv6  4/8/14 slot modular chassis  Various line card options  Programmable – SDN, Automation, JunosSDK  240 Gbps per slot  Fully redundant Routing Engines  MPLS, IPv6  Virtual Chassis support EX MODULAR PLATFORMS 48x1G Copper 48x1G-PoE 48x1G Fiber 8x10G 48x1G-Copper 48x1G-Fiber 40x10G 48x1G-ES 48x1G-POE 48x1G - Fiber 48x1G - Copper 32x10G Fiber SFP+ 4x40G Fiber QSFP+ 2 x100GbE (CFP) + 8-port 10GbE SFP+
  • 43. JUNOS SPACE NETWORK DIRECTOR Управление проводными и беспроводными сетями Единое управление всей сетью VISUALIZE ANALYZE CONTROL Мониторинг производительности Полный обзор сети Мониторинг трафика Network Director
  • 44. JUNOS SPACE NETWORK DIRECTOR Junos Space Network Director – Простое управление сетью Проблема – Много разных систем управления на единой сети, затрудняет управление. Наше Решение– Junos Space Network Director. Особенность– Единая платформа управления проводной и беспроводной сетью, наличие единого интерфейса. Преимущества– повышенная эффективность, позволяет быстрое развертывание и активацию новых сервисов, единый взгляд на всю сеть. VISUALIZE ANALYZE CONTROL