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  2. 2. "Any positive or negative statement made by potential, actual, or former customers about a product or company, which is made available to a multitude of people and institutions via the Internet."
  3. 3. Oral, person-to- person communication between a receiver and a communicator whom the receiver perceives as non- commercial, concerning a brand, product, or a service.”
  4. 4.  “Any positive or negative statement made by potential, actual, or former customers about a product or company, which is made available to a multitude of people and institutions via the Internet”
  5. 5.  Higher Degree of Marketer-Controlled E- Word-of-Mouth Efforts  Viral Marketing  E-Referral Marketing  Consumer Profile Targeting  Lower Degree of Marketer-Controlled E- Word-of-Mouth Efforts  Social Networks  Brand Communities  Consumer Message Boards
  6. 6. What is Viral Marketing? A promotional method that is of the customers, by customers, and for customers “Like viruses, take advantage of the rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands – or even to millions”
  7. 7.  Refers to marketing techniques that use pre- existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness, through self-replicating viral processes.  Marketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily.
  8. 8. Differences
  9. 9.  Incentive Viral Marketing- The most successful viral marketing will provide people with an incentive to participate.  Easy forwarding – The Internet is the ultimate for of viral marketing because of the ease and low cost of someone forwarding your marketing message.  Design of Message & Incentive- In order for a viral marketing email to be successful the design of the Message and Incentive are also critical.
  10. 10. Advantages  Accessed by millions of people per day  Quicker way of reaching the customer  Saves on advertising costs within companies  Customize the message to your preference  Can easily be directed to your exact target market  Sometimes gives the company a good
  11. 11. Disadvantages  Can be annoying and be considered as spam  Only benefits the company if an actual sale is made from the ad  Focuses more on short term success  Many competitors can easily imitate the viral marketing techniques and steal the market from other companies  Can put out a negative impact on the company, in the same timing that it puts a positive impact on the
  12. 12.  The Samsung ad, created in-house, was the third most-shared ad this week with 231,000 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.  Meanwhile, Apple's ad promoting the features of its newly-launched iP hone 5S, also created in- house, was shared just 25,500 times this week and placed last in the chart.  The ad features Apple's chief designer, Sir Jonathon Ive, talking about the device's fingerprint security functionality.  Sharing of the two Smartphone ads supports recent research suggesting Apple's ads are underperforming against its competitors in the viral video space.  Still in first place, LG's "ultra reality" ad, in which job interviewees are caught on hidden camera as they are fooled into thinking an asteroid has hit Earth, was shared 389,699 times.  The ad follows a string of successful hidden camera ads from the electronics manufacturer, including "lift shocker", in which people trapped inside a lift are fooled into thinking the floor has fallen away.
  13. 13.  In todays era of social networking it’s easy to think how quickly the likes of Facebook and Myspace grew but the real viral marketing pioneer was Hotmail. In December 1996 Hotmail had 500,000 registered users – less than a year later they had over 12,000,000 users. This astonishing growth rate was down to the fact that every single email sent from Hotmail included a small advert promoting the service in the footer.
  14. 14.  Now, one of the most important secrets to be taken into account is about getting the headline right, and you can do this by adding numbers to the headline.  Another secret for a successful viral is to tap into buzz-worthy topics, and that is because content that talks about something which is currently talked about has the tendency to get talked about.  After that, you can also try to cram a lot of value into a small package, because the more value is to be found in one single place, the greater the impact .  No matter how experienced you are, you must always learn from what already works.  The viral content must be concise and right straight to the point, outlining the value, otherwise readers will scroll past it.  Insert links into what you write for a plus of value and depth. Make sure though that they are carefully chosen links.  And last but not least, the 7th secret is about spreading the word: you can be the one to start word of mouth.
  15. 15. A specific type of viral marketing is E-referral Marketing. Here, marketers send promotional email messages to past customers.  7 Sure-Fire Ways to Build Your Referral Business  Set A Target  Timing  Top 20  Give and You’ll Receive  Type of Customer  Rewards Program  Thank-You
  16. 16.  Consumer profile targeting is an e-wom marketing effort that targets consumer with common likes and interests by providing e-wom reviews that are both positive and negative in nature.  How Customer Profiling Can Increase Sales  Create Broad Descriptions of Your Ideal Buyers  Identify Unique User Goals & Most Important Features  Locate and List Where Customers Will Find You
  17. 17.  Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.  Brand Community- A brand community is a community formed on the basis of attachment to a product or marque. Recent developments in marketing and in research in consumer behaviour result in stressing the connection between brand, individual identity and culture.
  18. 18.  The internet has become a portal of information for every thing and any thing. It is easy to access chat rooms and message boards for virtually any consumer-related activity.
  19. 19.  E-word-of-mouth is a complicated concept as marketers struggle to find a unique promotional device that will cut through the clutter of online communications. However, successful e-wom marketing efforts can be an effective online marketing tool and serve several functions for product and service marketers. E-wom marketing create intrigue and generate buzz leading to traffic on a particular website (e.g., typing commands for a cartoon character to follow), which will in turn promote the company’s offerings. Other marketing- influenced efforts create awareness and provide product knowledge to consumers.
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