Precision Agriculture and ICT in The Netherlands


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Precision Agriculture and ICT in The Netherlands

  1. 1. ICT and Precision Agriculture developments inThe NetherlandsSjaak Wolfert, LEI Wageningen URPeter Paree, ZLTORound Table ICT and Precision Farming, Turin, Italy, 24 June 2013
  2. 2. Sources used Dutch projects:● KodA – from knowledge to practice for arable farming (2006-2010) – 8 M€● PPL – program on Precision Agriculture (2010-2013) – 12 M€● MoveRTK EU projects● agriXchange (2010-2012) – 1.3 M€● SmartAgriFood (2011-2013) – 7.3 M€● FIspace (2013-2015) – 20 M€● Unifarm (2012-2015?) - ? €
  3. 3. ICT becomes a key driver for innovation Location-based monitoring and service delivery through GNSS Internet of Things (IoT) – everything/everyone gets connected,M2M communication leading to autonomously communicatingdevices and virtualization of objects and processes Data explosion (Big Data), linked open data and the potential ofopen innovation Cloud services and app stores – the Internet is everywhere(smart phones, embedded networked devices, etc.) with newpossibilities for service delivery, augmented reality, etc. Social media – more direct and instant interaction betweenstakeholders potentially leading to new market opportunities andchannels, co-innovation, etc.
  4. 4. Roadmap for solutions: two parallel tracksOrganizational:• Business in the lead• Information Exchange &StandardizationTechnical:• Business process management• Service-oriented architectureBased on theFuture InternetNewGenerationInformationSystems
  5. 5. Coherence: management cycle
  6. 6. Geo ICT based planning & control(new in red) Reduction 7-10%• Comply with legislation; Open data Geo Input, development: year round register (private) Open map-layers: agri parcels, crop parcels, etc.• Value of the parcels (production capacity, alternatives)Production Value: weighing wheat, potatoSoil condition: EM36 etc; resistance, historyOptimal combination to be found out.• Planning the seasonCrop Parcel or nature/ waterbuffer? GAOS parcel-Tramline planning planningExchange tramline instructions(farmer contractor)
  7. 7. Controlled Traffic Farming• NetworkStandardisation & Calibration of RTK systemsTraffic planning• Tools & appsIndividual seed/plantpositioning• StandardisationEditeelt 4.0• MachineryWeeding in the rowSelf guidancetractors / robots(in a herd)
  8. 8. Variable Rate Application• Sensors: testedSatellite DbaseDrones• Treatments: isobus connectedAEF plugfest• Data: data modelparcel layersGeo databases: choice.
  9. 9. Use Case modelling
  10. 10. SmartAgriFood: 3 use case domains – 6 pilotsVegetableProduction(greenhouse)Arable Farming(spraying)Flowers & PlantsSupply ChainFruits & VegsSupply ChainMeatTransparencyTailored ShoppingExperience
  11. 11. Smart Farming Overall ArchitectureGreenhouse and Spraying Use Case PilotExternalServicesData sourcesfrom sensing andmonitoringLocalFMSSpraying,Greenhouse ServicesMeteorologicalServiceState and PolicyInformation ServiceFMISE-agriculturist Servicefor spraying potatoes,greenhouseCloud FMSPublicRepositoryRegistryCentralizedCloud Service11Machine BreakdownService
  12. 12. FIspace platform High Level ArchitectureTrial 1Front-EndFIspaceApp StoreReal-time B2BCollaborationCoreSystem & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy, and Trust ManagementOperating EnvironmentDevelopmentToolkitTrial 2Trial 3Trial 4Trial 5Trial 6Trial 7Trial 8I2NDIoTIoCIoSS&TGENERIC ENABLERSDEVELOPMENTTOOLKITBase TechnologiesValidation
  13. 13. 1 4352687Intelligent PerishableGoods LogisticsSmart Distributionand ConsumptionFarming in the CloudUse Case Trial Experimentation Sites1. Crop ProtectionInformation Sharing2. Greenhouse Management& Control3. Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning4. Fresh Fruit and VegetablesQuality Assurance5. Flowers and Plants SupplyChain Monitoring6. Meat InformationProvenance7. Import and Export ofConsumer Goods8. Tailored Information forConsumers
  14. 14. Thank you for yourattention