Wolfert FIspace AgroConnect seminar 27may2013


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Presentation of the FI-PPP use case projects SmartAgriFood and FIspace to a group of Agri-Food and ICT stakeholders in the Netherlands that are potentially interested in the open call in the FIspace project and phase 3 projects.

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Wolfert FIspace AgroConnect seminar 27may2013

  1. 1. Future Internet PPP: use case projectsSmartAgriFood and FIspaceSjaak WolfertAgroConnect seminarWageningen 27 May 2013
  2. 2. Sjaak Wolfert – curriculum vitae 1990 – 1996: MSc Crop Science at Wageningen Agricultural University● Thesis: Modelling crop growth using literate programming 1996 – 2002: PhD at Wageningen University, depts. of OrganicAgriculture/Applied Computer Science● Thesis: Sustainable agriculture: how to make it work – a modelingapproach to support management of a mixed ecological farm 2001 – now: Senior Scientific Researcher Information Management and ICT inAgri-Food Supply Chain Networks at the Agricultural Economics ResearchInstitute (LEI) of Wageningen University and Research Centre 2009 – now: Assistant Professor Information Systems at InformationTechnology Group of Wageningen University 2011: guest researcher at Massey University, New Zealand
  3. 3. Sources used Dutch projects:● KodA – from knowledge to practice for arable farming (2006-2010)● PPL – program on Precision Agriculture (2010-2014)● Digital Horticulture (2009-2013) Agri-food Living Lab EU projects● agriXchange (2010-2012)● SmartAgriFood (2011-2013)● FIspace (2013-2015) Other:● Developing (martket) IS in Saudi-Arabia, Indonesia
  4. 4. Background Future Internet PPP:Evolution of the InternetInternet ofPeople /ContentInternetofThingsInternetofServicesInternet ofComputers
  5. 5. ICT becomes a key driver for innovation Location-based monitoring and service delivery through GPS Internet of Things (IoT) – everything/everyone gets connected,M2M communication leading to autonomously communicatingdevices and virtualization of objects and processes Data explosion (Big Data), linked open data and the potential ofopen innovation Cloud services and app stores – the Internet is everywhere(smart phones, embedded networked devices, etc.) with newpossibilities for service delivery, augmented reality, etc. Social media – more direct and instant interaction betweenstakeholders potentially leading to new market opportunities andchannels, co-innovation, etc.
  6. 6. Specific characteristics of Agri-Food SupplyChain Networks Heterogeneous, dynamic natural conditions (e.g. soil,weather, pests) Seasonal growing Natural products: growth, decay, high quality variations Dynamic, open chains High demands from consumers and society (legislation,certification, food safety) High volume distribution Governance: large processors, many SME’s in globalchains
  7. 7. ICT developments in general businessIslandautomationERP Open architecture(SOA-BPM)skip this step for agri-food?
  8. 8. Generic idea of FI-PPP illustrated by phase1 projectshttp://www.fi-ppp.eu/projects/•Usage area requirements•Generic Enablers vs•Specific Enablers•Conceptual prototypes
  9. 9. FI-WARE Core PlatformThe Reference Architecture of the FI-WARE platform isstructured along a number of technical chapters, namely: Cloud Hosting Data/Context Management Internet of Things (IoT) Services Enablement Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework Security Interface to Networks and Devices (I2ND)See http://www.fi-ware.eu/our-vision/ for detailed information
  10. 10. FI PPP Programme Implementation90 M€ 80 M€ 130 M€
  11. 11. Smart Food and Agribusiness: Future Internet forSafe and Healthy Food from Farm to ForkDr. Sjaak Wolfert (coordinator)LEI Wageningen URe-mail: sjaak.wolfert@wur.nlwww.smartagrifood.eu
  12. 12. • EC contribution 5 M€• Start date 01.04.2011• Duration 24 months• Partners 21• Countries represented 7The Smart Agri-Food project aims to:• Boost the application and use of futureinternet ICTs in Agri-Food• Affect a huge number of Agri-FoodSMEs throughout Europe• Increase the competiveness andsustainability of Agri-Food
  13. 13. Objectives Smart Agri-Food (Phase I)To boost the application and use of future internet ICTs in the agri-foodsector by:• identifying and describing the technical, functional and non-functional FI-specifications for experimentation in smart agri-food production as awhole system and in particular for smart farming, smart agri-logistics andsmart food awareness• identifying and developing smart agri-food-specific capabilities andconceptual prototypes, demonstrating critical technological solutionsincluding the feasibility to further develop them in large scaleexperimentation and validation• identifying and describing existing experimentation structures and startuser community building, resulting in an implementation plan for the nextphase
  14. 14. SmartAgriFood: 3 use case domains – 6 pilotsVegetableProduction(greenhouse)Arable Farming(spraying)Flowers & PlantsSupply ChainFruits & VegsSupply ChainMeatTransparencyTailored ShoppingExperience
  15. 15. Overall ArchitectureGreenhouse and Spraying Use Case PilotInternetExternalServicesData sources(OKEPEPE/MTT/CropInfra & JD)LocalFMSSpraying,Greenhouse ServicesMeteorologicalServiceState and PolicyInformation ServiceFMISE-agriculturist Servicefor spraying potatoes,greenhouseCloud FMSPublicRepositoryRegistryCentralizedCloud ServiceNKUA’sPremises16Machine BreakdownServiceMachine StatusServiceTask ControllerServiceGreenhouse sensors,actuators
  16. 16. Smart Agri-LogisticsLogistics IntelligenceLogistics ConnectivityReal-time Virtualization5. 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100Glycongen concn. (µmol glucose equiv./g)UltimatepHDFDnormalnormal or PSEacid
  17. 17. Cloud Event Management SystemLocation A Location BVirtualPlantVirtualLocation AVirtualLocation BEnvironmentupdatePlantlocationupdateEnvironmentupdate
  18. 18. Objective of the Smart Food Awareness• To satisfy needs of each consumer by providing transparentand tailored information about agrifood products, using FI.I am a Royal Gala applefrom south Spain, I wasgrown withoutpesticides followingorganic farming criteria,I have been here for 1day, my carbon footprintis 1,2 kg CO2e.
  19. 19. • Each logo/sign hasseveral criteria that hasto accomplish.Smart Food Awareness: how?• Product scanning(RFID, barcode ...)• Image recognition(logos/signs)• Consumer gets tailoredinformation of theproduct and/or logo.• Each product containsinformation gatheredthrough all supply chain.• Each consumerdefines his/hershopping profile.
  20. 20. Example component descriptionBusinesslayerApplicationlayerTechnologylayerLink to FI-WARE GEs
  21. 21. More (detailed) information about pilots• Most deliverables available at http://www.smartagrifood.eu/site-downloads• Conceptual prototypes and mock-ups are demonstrated athttp://www.smartagrifood.eu/pilots
  22. 22. FI-WAREExpansion ofUse CasesCall 3Call 2FITMANXIFIINFINITYENVIROFICall 1CONCORD20112010 2012 2013 2014 2015Phase 3Phase 1 Phase 2FI-CONTENTUSECASESOUTSMARTSAFECITYFINSENYSMARTAGRIFOODINSTANT MOBILITYFINESTTF Extension and UsageFI-STARFI-PPP Programme ArchitecturePlatform componentsPlatformusageUse casescenariosCapacity BuildingFinesceFI-CONTENT 2FIspaceUse caseplatforms
  23. 23. Future InternetBusiness CollaborationNetworks in Agri-Food,Transport & LogisticsSjaak WolfertProject Coordinator
  24. 24. End-2-End VisibilityCollaboration & CommunicationHigh-Quality Customer ApplicationsNew Services & AppsConsultantsForwarderProductionPlantsCarriersPortsCustomsBanksInsurancesAuthoritiesConsumersFeaturesMachine-2-Machine CommunicationMotivation and ImpactAgri-Food, Transport and Logistics:• EU turnover: 1,500 billion €• Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings• Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissionsFuture Internetwill facilitate:■ … seamless cross-organizationalcollaboration (informationexchange, communication,coordination of activities)■ …unprecedented transparency,visibility and control of processes(using Internet-connected sensors andIoT devices)■ …rapid, easy, low costdevelopment and deployment ofcustomized solutions (apps andservices)■ …agile formation of businessnetworks and ecosystems (socialnetworks and app/service markets)
  25. 25. Project Details• EU Seventh Framework Program (7FP)– Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP)• Project type: Collaborative Project - Large-scale IntegratedProject (IP)• Total budget: 20 M€• EU funding: 13.5 M€• Duration: April 2013 – April 2015 (FI-PPP phase II)• Grant Agreement: 604123• Project coordinators:– Sjaak Wolfert, Wageningen UR, The Netherlands– Rod Franklin, Kühne + Nagel, Switzerland• Website: www.FIspace.eu
  26. 26. Project Consortium
  27. 27. FIspace platform High Level ArchitectureTrial 1Front-EndFIspaceStoreReal-time B2BCollaborationCoreSystem & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy, and Trust ManagementOperating EnvironmentDevelopmentToolkitTrial 2Trial 3Trial 4Trial 5Trial 6Trial 7Trial 8I2NDIoTIoCIoSS&TGENERIC ENABLERSDEVELOPMENTTOOLKITBase TechnologiesValidation
  28. 28. FIspace – a B2B collaboration and execution serviceDomain nApp StoreDomain 1App StoreDomain 2App StoreGE GE GE GEGELegacy System Legacy System IoT Devices IoT DevicesCollaborative B2B ArtifactFocused WorkflowCustomized Execution via App MashupEnd-user Interaction via BYOD InterfacesAdministrative Services• Configuration• Security• Billing• Monitoring• Etc.Event Management ServiceB2B CollaborationServices• Partner Setup• Discovery• Communications• Etc.+ ++ + +
  29. 29. 1 4352687Intelligent PerishableGoods LogisticsSmart Distributionand ConsumptionFarming in the CloudUse Case Trial Experimentation Sites1. Crop ProtectionInformation Sharing2. Greenhouse Management& Control3. Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning4. Fresh Fruit and VegetablesQuality Assurance5. Flowers and Plants SupplyChain Monitoring6. Meat InformationProvenance7. Import and Export ofConsumer Goods8. Tailored Information forConsumers
  30. 30. Open call for Apps are mainly specified by trialsTrial 1Front-EndFIspaceStoreReal-time B2BCollaborationCoreSystem & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy, and Trust ManagementOperating EnvironmentDevelopmentToolkitTrial 2Trial 3Trial 4Trial 5Trial 6Trial 7Trial 8I2NDIoTIoCIoSS&TGENERIC ENABLERSDEVELOPMENTTOOLKITBase TechnologiesValidationOpen Call(1.35 M€)
  31. 31. Planning Open CallProject StartPublication of Open Callvia website, newspapers, journal, CORDISOpen Call closedDetailed specification and planningAnnouncing that an Open Call takes placeOpen Call publicationEvaluation of proposalsPO approved accessionof new BeneficiariesEventsInform proposersPrepare accession to GA w.r.t. II.36Submit Evaluation Report to PO &Request accession of new beneficiariesSep. 2013Dec. 2013Jan. 2014Evaluation Report preparedMar. 2014April 2014Additional Partners involvedRelated FIspace TasksGuiding new Partners for techn. workCommunicate announcement text to POand full call detailsExperts communicated to POproposals evaluated2 weeksMax. 7 weeks3 weeks1 April 2013
  32. 32. Upcoming events 6 June 2013 in Venlo: Joint Stakeholder Meeting of theHorticultural Trials in the FIspace project (ziewww.tuinbouwdigitaal.net) 27 June in Eindhoven: Future Internet PPP roadshow –Informatiebijeenkomst derde call (ziewww.agentschapnl.nl) September 2013: FI-PPP Open call eventSee www.FIspace.eu for actual information
  33. 33. Thank you for your attentionsjaak.wolfert@wur.nlwww.FIspace.eu
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