FIspace Infodays Poznan 18 Sep 2013


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This presentation explains the FIspace project especially focusing at potential proposers for Phase 3 of the FI-PPP

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  • These sectors together have a huge potential impact on the European economy and society.EU turnover: 1,500 billion €Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savingsSustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissionsHere you see a picture of the business network we are dealing with (farmers, carriers, retail, customs, etc.)They are challenged by all kind of ICT-related developments, such as:High-quality customer applications, end2end visibility, M2M communication, etc.But there are currently still quite some bottlenecks to be solved, such as:Interoperability between current inter-enterprise information systems (still use of paper, fax, phone, etc.)Tracking and tracing possibilities are still limited (especially e.g. if you want to know what happened to your food between production and consumption)Especially for SMEs, software is relatively expensive, while the need for flexible, customized solutions has increasedThese bottlenecks are the reason for current limited and rather fixed business collaboration networks, hampering innovation in generalThrough conceptual prototypes in phase 1 we have made it plausible that FI will significantly contribute to overcoming these bottlenecks by facilitating:...seamless cross-organizational collaboration…unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes…rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions…agile formation of business networks and ecosystems
  • This will be achieved by the FIspace platform, which is a cloud-based solution for business collaboration.This platform is represented by the big rectangle in the middle, consisting of several components:FIspace store (similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play), which offers a range of apps and services supporting B2B collaborationBecause apps are characterized by simple, lightweight functionalities, this collaboration is supported by a B2B collaboration core that handles object states, event handling, (re-)planning processes, etc.Further embedding and integration is supported by the other layers:System & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy and Trust managementAnd an operating environment to make it runningThe apps are planned to be developed through the open call in Phase 2 and large scale expansion in Phase 3. Therefore we develop and offer aSoftware development toolkitFinally, the whole platform is approachable through front-ends, which are typicallycockpit-type of web browser applicationsAll these components will use, and therewith validate, several GEs from FI-Ware and - at the other side – eight trials will validate and demonstrate the FIspace platform
  • These trials are largely a continuation and extension of the pilots that were started in phase 1. They are categorized into three themes:Farming in the cloud (e.g. crop protection information sharing)Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics (e.g. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain Monitoring)Smart Distribution and Consumption (Import and Export of Consumer Goods)The trials are concentrated at several locations all over Europe, but since most of them concern international supply chains, the actual scope is much larger.All trials use similar functions of the FIspace platform (especially within one theme; as indicated by the connections) and therewith GEs
  • Presented by Andreas
  • FIspace Infodays Poznan 18 Sep 2013

    1. 1. Future Internet Business Collaboration Networks in Agri- Food, Transport & Logistics FI-PPP Information Days 17-18 Sep. 2013, Poznan, Poland Sjaak Wolfert (Project Coordinator) Also here: Ana Garcia, Bülent Erbas
    2. 2. End-2-End Visibility Collaboration & Communication High-Quality Customer Applications New Services & Apps Consultants Forwarder Production Plants Carriers Ports Customs Banks Insurances Authorities Consumers Features Machine-2-Machine Communication Motivation and Impact Agri-Food, Transport and Logistics: • EU turnover: 1,500 billion € • Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings • Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissions Future Internet will facilitate: ■ … seamless cross-organizational collaboration (information exchange, communication, coordinatio n of activities) ■ …unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes (using Internet-connected sensors and IoT devices) ■ …rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions (apps and services) ■ …agile formation of business networks and ecosystems (social networks and app/service markets)
    3. 3. FIspace platform High Level Architecture Trial 1 Front-End FIspace Store Real-time B2B Collaboration Core System & Data Integration Security, Privacy, and Trust Management Operating Environment DevelopmentToolkit Trial 2 Trial 3 Trial 4 Trial 5 Trial 6 Trial 7 Trial 8 I2ND IoT IoC IoS S&T GENERIC ENABLERS DEVELOPMENT TOOLKIT Base Technologies Validation
    4. 4. Possible Front-end view
    5. 5. 1 4 3 5 2 6 8 7 Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics Smart Distribution and Consumption Farming in the Cloud Use Case Trial Experimentation Sites 1. Crop Protection Information Sharing 2. Greenhouse Management & Control 3. Fish Distribution and (Re-) Planning 4. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Quality Assurance 5. Flowers and Plants Supply Chain Monitoring 6. Meat Information Provenance 7. Import and Export of Consumer Goods 8. Tailored Information for Consumers
    6. 6. Coordinator Technical partners Business partners Research centers and universities
    7. 7. Associated partners • Borborema Group (Brasil) • Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management (New Zealand) • China Telecom Corporation Limited Beijing Research Institute (China) • EDEKA (Germany) • Eurofins GmbH (Germany) • European Retail Academy • Future Logistics Living Lab (Australia) • Global G.A.P. c/o FoodPlus GmbH • JOHN DEERE GmbH & Co. KG European Technology Innovation Center • ORGAINVENT (Germany) • Pardalis (USA) • Sebrea Minas Gerais (Brasil) • Union Fleurs aisbl • Westfleisch eG (Germany)
    8. 8. Smart Farming Internet External Services Data sources (OKEPEPE/MTT/ CropInfra & JD) Local FMS Spraying, Greenhous e Services Meteorological Service State and Policy Information Service FMIS E-agriculturist Service for spraying potatoes, greenhouse Cloud FMS Public Repository Registry Centralized Cloud Service NKUA’s Premises 8 Machine Breakdown Service Machine Status Service Task Controller Service Greenhouse sensors, actuators
    9. 9. Reality Smart Logistics Sensors & Devices Objects Inter- mediary platform Cloud Event Mana Infor Han Pro Noti De M DataStorage
    10. 10. Smart Food/Product Awareness
    11. 11. T&L Collaboration Space On-demand waste transport  Less transports  less emission, less pollution, less noise, …  Energy reduction: 20% (estimated) []
    12. 12. T&L Collaboration Space Integrated freight & people transport  More effective utilization of transport means and roads  Increase in utilization: 50%-200% (estimated) []
    13. 13. Smart Food and Health Services
    14. 14. FIspace Release Milestones • Mo 6: Open technical specification • Instrumental to engage with external developer community (Open Call Members) • Key information for Phase 3 proposers • Mo 12: Development & Validation Cycle 1 • First release of platform, experimental environment & Baseline Apps • Working platform for development community to use and build upon • Mo 18: Development & Validation Cycle 2 • Second release of platform … + Domain Apps • Mo 24: Development & Validation Cycle 3 • Final release of platform … + Domain Apps 30 Sep 2013 31 Mar 2014
    15. 15. Some relevant public deliverables • D200.2 FIspace Technical Architecture and Specification • D400.2 Progress report on trial experimentation and App development and initial plan for Phase 3 rollout • D500.7.1 Detailed plan to move into phase 3, including detailed plans for the large scale expansion of platform usage facilitated by local and regional stakeholders including SMEs Will be published at 30 Sep 2013 at Also have a look at the previous project’s deliverables and
    16. 16. Further planned support for projects • Welcome package (and welcome sessions) to support real engagement • Knowledge transfer activities (what): – FIspace capabilities for developers – Experimentation (design your experiment) – Building the innovation ecosystem around FIspace (best practices from the trials and other supporting tools, e.g. Living Labs) – Possibilities for exploitation • Knowledge transfer tools (how): – Collaborative and online supporting tools: guides for the FIspace for Users and for Developers, Technical Documentation for all FIspace components and Apps. – Workshops, webinars and documentation – Community of developers • Proposers not entering phase 3 but interested in FIspace: – we would like keep working with you to explore possibilities of collaboration
    17. 17. Questions? @FIspace_eu
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