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FIspace general presentation
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FIspace general presentation


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A general presentation of the new EU-funded FI-PPP FIspace project

A general presentation of the new EU-funded FI-PPP FIspace project

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  • These sectors together have a huge potential impact on the European economy and society.EU turnover: 1,500 billion €Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savingsSustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissionsHere you see a picture of the business network we are dealing with (farmers, carriers, retail, customs, etc.)They are challenged by all kind of ICT-related developments, such as:High-quality customer applications, end2end visibility, M2M communication, etc.But there are currently still quite some bottlenecks to be solved, such as:Interoperability between current inter-enterprise information systems (still use of paper, fax, phone, etc.)Tracking and tracing possibilities are still limited (especially e.g. if you want to know what happened to your food between production and consumption)Especially for SMEs, software is relatively expensive, while the need for flexible, customized solutions has increasedThese bottlenecks are the reason for current limited and rather fixed business collaboration networks, hampering innovation in generalThrough conceptual prototypes in phase 1 we have made it plausible that FI will significantly contribute to overcoming these bottlenecks by facilitating:...seamless cross-organizational collaboration…unprecedented transparency, visibility and control of processes…rapid, easy, low cost development and deployment of customized solutions…agile formation of business networks and ecosystems
  • This will be achieved by the FIspace platform, which is a cloud-based solution for business collaboration.This platform is represented by the big rectangle in the middle, consisting of several components:FIspace store (similar to the Apple App Store or Google Play), which offers a range of apps and services supporting B2B collaborationBecause apps are characterized by simple, lightweight functionalities, this collaboration is supported by a B2B collaboration core that handles object states, event handling, (re-)planning processes, etc.Further embedding and integration is supported by the other layers:System & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy and Trust managementAnd an operating environment to make it runningThe apps are planned to be developed through the open call in Phase 2 and large scale expansion in Phase 3. Therefore we develop and offer aSoftware development toolkitFinally, the whole platform is approachable through front-ends, which are typicallycockpit-type of web browser applicationsAll these components will use, and therewith validate, several GEs from FI-Ware and - at the other side – eight trials will validate and demonstrate the FIspace platform
  • These trials are largely a continuation and extension of the pilots that were started in phase 1. They are categorized into three themes:Farming in the cloud (e.g. crop protection information sharing)Intelligent Perishable Goods Logistics (e.g. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain Monitoring)Smart Distribution and Consumption (Import and Export of Consumer Goods)The trials are concentrated at several locations all over Europe, but since most of them concern international supply chains, the actual scope is much larger.All trials use similar functions of the FIspace platform (especially within one theme; as indicated by the connections) and therewith GEs
  • So the key results will be:FIspace platform: FI-enabled, extensible cloud solution (WP200,300):Enabling seamless and efficient collaboration in business networks byExploiting GEs provided by the FI PPP Core PlatformWorking experimentation sitesacross Europe (WP300,400)Validating test applications in early use case trials in Agri-Food, Transport & Logistics(Plan for) large scale expansionFostering innovation by IT solution providers and industrial uptake by larger user communities (WP500)(So not only plans are made, but during this project large scale expansion will take place through the open call and the overlap with Phase 3 projects
  • Transcript

    • 1. Future InternetBusiness CollaborationNetworks in Agri-Food,Transport & LogisticsGeneral presentationSjaak WolfertProject Coordinator
    • 2. End-2-End VisibilityCollaboration & CommunicationHigh-Quality Customer ApplicationsNew Services & AppsConsultantsForwarderProductionPlantsCarriersPortsCustomsBanksInsurancesAuthoritiesConsumersFeaturesMachine-2-Machine CommunicationMotivation and ImpactAgri-Food, Transport and Logistics:• EU turnover: 1,500 billion €• Efficiency: 148-220 billion € savings• Sustainability: 26.5% of CO2 emissionsFuture Internetwill facilitate:■ … seamless cross-organizationalcollaboration (informationexchange, communication,coordination of activities)■ …unprecedented transparency,visibility and control of processes(using Internet-connected sensors andIoT devices)■ …rapid, easy, low costdevelopment and deployment ofcustomized solutions (apps andservices)■ …agile formation of businessnetworks and ecosystems (socialnetworks and app/service markets)
    • 3. FIspace platform High Level ArchitectureTrial 1Front-EndFIspaceStoreReal-time B2BCollaborationCoreSystem & Data IntegrationSecurity, Privacy, and Trust ManagementOperating EnvironmentDevelopmentToolkitTrial 2Trial 3Trial 4Trial 5Trial 6Trial 7Trial 8I2NDIoTIoCIoSS&TGENERIC ENABLERSDEVELOPMENTTOOLKITBase TechnologiesValidation
    • 4. Overall VisionA General Cloud-based Platform for Collaborative Business NetworksOn-demandServices & Appsreal-time collaborationgeneral business functionalitiesdomain-specific functionalitiesFront End Customized End-UserCockpitsIntegration Bus. System &StandardsBusiness Partner &Network Mgt.Data Int. &MediationStore &FinancialInteraction &Interoperabilitymulti-device & ubiq.AccessExternal SystemsRe-use, Config.,Mash-UpSecurity, Privacy, TrustOntheCloudIndustries(converging)Farming & Manufacturing Transport & Logistics(Producers, Farmers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, ..)Wholesale & Retail Service Sector(Forwarder, Carriers, 3PL / 4PL, Ports, …) (Warehouses, Supermarkets, Stores, …) (Banks, Insurances, Authorities, ..´)BusinessSystemsSmart Items(IoT, etc.)ExternalServicesLegacySystems….ICT Industry(going to the Cloud)Cloud Operators &Infrastructure ProvidersSoftware & Solution ProvidersValue-Added Service ProvidersI2NDIoTIoCIoSS&T(+ follow up)GENERIC ENABLERSDEVELOPMENTTOOLKITBase TechnologiesValidation
    • 5. 1 4352687Intelligent PerishableGoods LogisticsSmart Distributionand ConsumptionFarming in the CloudUse Case Trial Experimentation Sites1. Crop ProtectionInformation Sharing2. Greenhouse Management& Control3. Fish Distribution and (Re-)Planning4. Fresh Fruit and VegetablesQuality Assurance5. Flowers and Plants SupplyChain Monitoring6. Meat InformationProvenance7. Import and Export ofConsumer Goods8. Tailored Information forConsumers
    • 6. Large Scale Expansion of Use CasesProof-of-Concepts & Specifications from SmartAgriFood and FInestConsolidation (WP200-500)FIspaceDevelopment(WP200)Use Case Trials(WP400)Phase 2(cSpace)Phase 1Phase 3 CorePlatformValidation(Openness&Versatility)IntegrationwithCorePlatform(UsageofGenericEnablers)ProjectCoordination(WP100)Hosting &Experimentation(WP300)Open Collaboration &Exploitation(WP500)Plan for Large Scale Expansion (WP500)Overall Approach and Key Results
    • 7. Questions ?