Six Sigma White Belt — — Intro to Six Sigma and "Lean" Thinking


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Six Sigma White Belt — — Intro to Six Sigma and "Lean" Thinking

  1. 1. Business and Management 5 Six Sigma White Belt — — Intro to Six Sigma and “Lean” Thinking Six Sigma is a robust and powerful approach to creating significant improvement in organizations. Created by Motorola in the mid 1980’s and popularized by GE, AlliedSignal and others, Six Sigma has been credited with billions of dollars of certified annual savings. This Workshop will provide a high level, non-statistical introduction to Six Sigma. You will be able to compare and contrast Six Sigma with other process improvement approaches such as Total Quality Management (TQM) and Zero-Defects quality, and identify a selected set of tools and techniques which support the Six Sigma methodology. “Lean” thinking is a different way of looking at how work gets done. Popularized by James Womack and Daniel Jones, Lean Thinking focuses on identifying and eliminating “non-value added work.” By the end of this session, you will be able to: • Describe what differentiates Lean thinking from traditional process improvement thinking; • Experience a simulation that will provide an “in the muscle” experience of Lean thinking; and • Understand how a selected set of tools and techniques supports the Lean thinking methodology. Methods This interactive session will highlight a combination of lecture, simulation, and small-group work to accomplish its learning objectives. PowerPoint slides will illustrate key points throughout the session. Additionally, you will leave the workshop with a copy of “The Six Sigma Memory Jogger II” - a Six Sigma tool guide, and “The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger” – a Lean thinking tool guide. 0.7 CEU. Tuition: $275 (includes continental breakfast, lunch & tool guides) XML108-069061 Sept 25 1 session Tu 8:30am-4:30pm Lawrence Solow, President, 3-D Change,® Inc. Six Sigma Yellow Belt In this 16-hour course, you will learn about the philosophy and concepts that are at the heart of the Six Sigma approach. A sample of tools for each step of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) framework will be introduced. You will leave the training with a copy of the “Six Sigma Memory Jogger” – a user-friendly, powerful resource tool. Bring a problem to the Workshop and learn how the Six Sigma approach and tools can help you solve it! 1.6 CEU. Tuition: $495 (includes continental breakfasts & course materials) XML107-069542 Oct 12-Nov 2 4 sessions F 9am-1pm Lawrence Solow, President, 3-D Change,® Inc. Lawrence Solow President of 3-D Change,® Mr. Solow has presented at numerous professional Inc., helps organizations conferences, including ASTD, SHRM, SIETAR, become more effective. His and Project Summit. He has also authored Chapter work focuses on integrating 9, “A Comprehensive Approach to Organizational strategy, processes, and people Learning: Total Learning Architecture” for in order to create sustainable the book, “Learning Architectures: Building change. Utilizing his graduate Organizational and Individual Learning” by degree in Organizational Communication, Six Warren R. Wilhelm. Larry was also featured on Sigma “Black Belt” certification and 25+ years the internet radio show “Success Becomes You” of change agent experience, Larry partners with on clients to create customized solutions to their specific requirements. Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  2. 2. 6 Business and Management Business Analysis — — IIBA Body of KnowledgeTM Organizations large and small depend on their ability to deliver value-oriented systems. Project managers recognize that improved requirements gathering and analysis are key deliverables. That is why the role of the business analyst has emerged as a key to unlocking the potential for project success, and why an organization – the International Institute of Business Analysis™ – has emerged to raise its level of professionalism and recognition. (See The business analyst is the bridge between those who have a business problem to solve and those who enable IT solutions. The course is designed for anyone who needs a better understanding of business analysis tasks and techniques. This includes project managers, IT staff and project team members. By taking this course, you will learn about requirements tasks, modeling techniques such as UML and context diagrams, documentation templates, validation, testing and deployment, and improving communications with developers and stakeholders. The course brings to life material in the most current Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge™ by the IIBA™. The course should also enable qualified business analysts to apply for IIBA certification. 3.0 CEU. Tuition: $695 XBA137-069062 Sept 24-Oct 29* 10 sessions M,W 6:30-9:30pm *Class will not meet Oct 8 Peter Johnson, CBAP Peter Johnson, CBAP Peter Johnson applies over 20 years of experience in product marketing, business analysis, project management and IT management to the course he developed for Business Analysts. A Certified Business Analysis ProfessionalTM, he currently works as a consultant on interface design, testing and implementation for a NJ statewide case management system. Previously, he was Director of Business Solutions, supervising an IT development and business analyst staff and proposing enterprise strategies for a Trenton marketing firm. Certificate in Meeting & Event Planning & Management The major components of meeting and event planning will be discussed and analyzed in interactive and creative learning sessions. The 30-hour program presents information relating to the most important aspects of meeting management and will encompass articles and information from the leading industry manuals. You will develop a personal Meeting and Event Planning Manual based on the presented building block system, which will be applicable for all types of meetings and events. The course will stress the necessity of developing and implementing a clear objective for each event or meeting at the concept stage, and will offer the tools and knowledge needed to develop clear and concise strategic plans based on the objectives. The major aspects of meeting management will be presented, discussed, and developed within the building block system. You will develop the security and knowledge to tackle the major aspects of meeting planning and will be introduced to valuable outside sources of information and opportunities for personal education within the meeting planning field. The course is appropriate for those already involved in the meeting planning industry, who do not presently hold the CMP designation, and those striving to gain the knowledge and skills to enter the field. Upon successful completion of course requirements, the Certificate will provide Continuing Education Units applicable for future professional designation applications and job growth. 3.0 CEU. Tuition & fees: $495. Textbook information is available after registration. XBA102-069546 Sept 19-Dec 19* 10 sessions W 6-9pm *Class will not meet Oct 24, Oct 31, Nov 7 & Nov 28 Joanne Joham, CMP Ms. Joham is an officially recognized study group leader for the Convention Industry Council and teaches Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) courses on a global basis. During her career, Joanne has represented and worked with international congress and convention centers, hotels, international airlines, professional congress organizers and destination management companies. She is currently the Regional Director for North America with ICCA-the International Congress and Convention Association. Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  3. 3. Business and Management 7 PMP® Prep Series Offered in conjunction with ON-TARGET learning, a division of ABC Consulting Group International®, LLC, the Center for Continuing Studies at Mercer is pleased to offer the PMP® Prep Series. This series is recognized and endorsed by PMI® - The Project Management Institute. These workshops are the foundation on which project management expertise is built. Individuals who are responsible for managing people, tasks and assignments that need to be completed on time and on budget should attend. Participants across industries will develop a full range of skills needed to deliver sound, solid and significant business results. Attend both workshops to earn 3.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or 35 Professional Development Units (PDUs) – which meets the prerequisite as stated by PMI to apply for your Project Management Professional (PMP®) Exam and join the PMP® Exam Prep STUDYgroup™ to obtain one of the top ten most desirable certifications today! Introduction to Project Management PMP® Exam Prep STUDYgroup™ Delivering Results on Target, on Time and on Budget! An Examination Preparation Course for the Introducing the 3² Project Management Process™ Project Management Professional (PMP®) As business management increases in complexity Certification and as budgets get tighter, the discipline of project Prerequisite: a minimum of five years of management becomes increasingly instrumental project management-related experience in to delivering successful projects within budgets any for-profit and/or non-profit environment. and on time with the expected results or outcomes. A level of formal project management Introduction to Project Management consists of education is needed in order to benefit most three segments designed to address the Project from the STUDYgroup™ at the participant’s Life Cycle and highlight the key principles and discretion. The sole purpose of this course is tools of sound project management practices: the to prepare you for the certification exam that is conceptualization phase, the planning phase and offered by the Project Management Institute® the execution phase of Project Management. (PMI®). It will only focus on how to best prepare 2.1 CEU. Tuition and fees: $749 (includes for and pass the exam. This 12-session program materials) is delivered in eight weeks through interactive XCP350-069543 Sept 11-Sept 27 and real-life examples. 6 sessions Tu,Th 6-9:30pm 4.8 CEU. Tuition and fees: $1,188 (includes Franck J. Gerard, PMP course materials) XCP352-069545 Nov 6-Dec 8 Leadership for the Project Manager 12 sessions Tu, Th 6-9:30pm It’s not a job; it’s an attitude! Sa 10am-1:30pm Introducing the RightPath™ Profiling Franck J. Gerard, PMP Project success depends upon strong leadership to communicate expectations and define the process. This workshop will assist you to develop the Franck J. Gérard, PMP’s necessary skills to get the maximum performance Registered Education Provider from every member of the team and achieve project (R.E.P.#2230) success. You will learn about your leadership Franck is a project management style and the most effective way to motivate and consultant specializing in communicate with your team members. the design, development and 1.4 CEU. Tuition and fees: $499 (includes delivery of training initiatives materials and leadership profile assessment) around the world such as XCP351-069544 Oct 16-Oct 25 Webcast events, conferences, 4 sessions Tu,Th 6-9:30pm train-the-trainer for targeted audiences. As Franck J. Gerard, PMP an author and featured speaker, he brings his passion for teaching, along with nearly 20 years of experience in corporate training to the success of this program. Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  4. 4. 8 Business and Management Inventory Management Developed for APICS (Association for Operations Management) by Anthony D. Wilbon, Ph.D., William F. Latham, CFPIM, CIRM and Michael D. Ford, CFPIM, CRE, this five-workshop series is designed for supervisors, managers and directors in manufacturer management, warehouse management, distribution management and operations management. Take all five workshops and save $100! Workshop 4: 2.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $395 (includes Material Requirements Planning course materials) XBA150-069107 Sept 25-Oct 25 and Bills of Material To effectively use a Material Requirements 10 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm Planning (MRP) system, it is essential to Workshop 1: understand how bills of material (BOMs) are structured and how MRP calculates requirements. Basics of Inventory Management This course includes instruction and exercises so This workshop provides a broad overview of basic students can practice these important concepts. concepts and good inventory management concepts. 0.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $99 (includes 0.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $99 (includes course materials) course materials) XBA154-069105 Oct 16-Oct 18 XBA151-069095 Sept 25-Sept 27 2 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm 2 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm Workshop 5: Physical Inventory Workshop 2: Cycle Counting This workshop will discuss what works and what In this workshop, the participants will learn doesn’t as the participant learns the essential how to implement or improve a cycle count¬ing preparation steps and activities to perform in program and what the real purpose of cycle advance. The best physical inventories require counting is: finding and fixing the causes of the best, most thorough, preparation. inventory errors. 0.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $99 (includes 0.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $99 (includes course materials) course materials) XBA155-069106 Oct 23-Oct 25 XBA152-069103 Oct 2-Oct 4 2 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm 2 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm Workshop 3: Distribution Inventory Management James O’Donnell, This workshop focuses on the distribution CPIM, CIRM, APICS; network model and its objectives, activities, and Certified Instructor for CPIM distribution inventory management decisions and CIRM certifications and includes interactive exercises to present As a past President of the the fundamental concepts associated with the PRSJ (Princeton South Jersey) distribution environment. Chapter of APICS, Jim has 0.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $99 (includes been a member of APICS since course materials) 1985. At present, Jim is an Associate Director in XBA153-069104 Oct 9-Oct 11 Materials Management for Bristol Myers Squibb, 2 sessions Tu, Th 6:30-9pm New Brunswick, NJ. From warehouseman, production worker, production planner, master scheduler, MRPII implementation project leader to materials manager, and warehouse manager, Jim has more than 20 years of hands-on experiences in materials management. Jim has also planned and executed Inventory Accuracy Improvement Programs, Cycle Count Programs and numerous Physical Inventories. Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  5. 5. Business and Management 9 Management Skills for Supervisors The goal of this program is to provide you with a foundational understanding of the roles, tasks and practices of effective supervisors; and build competence in applying new concepts, thought interactive activities and training exercises. The program will cover: • M aking the Critical Shift from Subordinate to Supervisor • Planning and Organization • Leadership Issues • Performance Management • Conflict Management • Problem Solving • Customer Service This highly interactive training will help you explore and develop a development plan by applying the learned concepts. 0.7 CEU. Tuition & fees: $119 XML100-069547 Sept 29 & Oct 6 2 sessions Sa 9:30am-1pm Antonio Cardona, MPA, MA, CPM, CT Antonio Cardona Antonio Cardona spent much of his career in the NJ Office of the Attorney General, ensuring HRM and diversity administration with a focus on strategic management and HRM compliance issues. He currently works in training development for the NJ Motor Vehicles Commission, creating programs in Leadership, Customer Services, Document Fraud, Problem Solving for Managers, and Ethics in Business. He is an Associate Professor of Business and Psychology at Mercer County Community College, and teaches at the NJ Public Administration Institute at Fairleigh Dickenson University. Ethics Fitness Workshop Ethics Beyond Compliance: A Values-Based Approach to Leadership We are frequently called upon to deal with ethical decisions in our professional and personal lives. When confronted with these decisions, it is helpful to have a clear set of criteria to guide your choices and enable you to respond instantly. This training provides a simple process that will help you analyze and resolve ethical dilemmas and help you avoid a potentially career-ending move. 0.4 CEU. Tuition: $79 (includes continental breakfast & program materials) XCP216-069746 Oct 10 1 session W 9am-1pm Woody Woodhull Woody Woodhull is a nationally recognized consultant in education, ethics training, management leadership, marketing and resource development. He has been Vice President of Western Iowa Tech Community College as well as Executive Director of the college Foundation. Woody served as Deputy Director of the State of Illinois Community College Board and is currently the president of Ethics Training Systems (ETS). He is certified by the Institute for Global Ethics to conduct Ethical Fitness Seminars to both public and private entities. His seminars are both informative and entertaining. Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  6. 6. 10 Business and Management APA’s (American Payroll Association’s) PayTrain College & University Program As a payroll professional, you know how important it is to maintain your company’s compliance by keeping up with changing regulations and procedures. Staying current is not only important to your company’s bottom line but also to your continued professional development. In cooperation with the American Payroll Association, the Center for Continuing Education at Mercer presents the PayTrain College & University program for payroll professionals. Comprised of two professional development courses, PayTrain Fundamentals and PayTrain Mastery, this program is designed for all levels of payroll administration. Whether you are interested in preparing for the Fundamental Payroll Certification (FPC) or Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) certification exams, or are new to the industry and need to learn the basics of payroll, our courses will help you meet your goals. PayTrain Fundamentals: PayTrain Fundamentals teaches the fundamental payroll calculations and applications necessary for individuals who are new to the payroll industry, those who support the payroll industry, and those who are preparing for the FPC or CPP certification examinations. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills required to maintain payroll compliance and prevent costly penalties. These calculations are critical to successfully passing the FPC and CPP exams and are not covered in PayTrain Mastery. PayTrain Mastery: (Spring 2008) Topics covered in PayTrain Fundamentals include: • Payroll fundamentals • Fundamentals of payroll operations • Paycheck fundamentals • Payroll benefits basics • Tax reporting • Payroll accounting • Professional administration 3.0 CEU. Tuition and fees: $645 (includes APA course material) XCP168-069093 Sept 17-Nov 19 10 sessions M 6-9pm George Lenoir, CPP Tax Preparation Earn Your Career Certificate Online! This course covers everything you need to know about tax preparation for yourself—and for Accounting others as a potential source of extra income. We will discuss issues including filing requirements, Certificate Program filing status, dependents, income, adjustments to An Online Comprehensive Career income, deduction, tax credits, and more. Upon Certificate Program completion, job opportunities are available for The Accounting Career Certificate Program will qualified candidates. The course textbook may provide you with the skills and knowledge you need be purchased from the instructor the first night of to prepare for any of a wide range of careers in class at a cost of $99. Alternatively, the instructor accounting. This program may also provide beneficial can lend you a book for a $99 security deposit preparation for elements of national certifications, (refundable upon safe return of the book). such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified 2.4 CEU. Tuition: $228 Financial Manager (CFM), and Certified Management XBA103-069188 Oct 2-Oct 25 Accountant (CMA). Tuition: $998 (includes $148 8 sessions Tu, Th 6-9pm tuition & $850 fees) (540 contact hours of instruction) Michael Levine • Enrollment is always open so you can start at anytime • Your textbooks, learning materials, and unlimited instructor support are included in your tuition • Certificate of Completion awarded upon program completion • 15 months to complete program To learn more, or to enroll, go to www.ed2go. com/ or call 609-570-3672 Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  7. 7. Business and Management 11 Certified Bookkeeper (CB) Prerequisite: two years’ work experience as a bookkeeper and background in double-entry book- keeping Offered in conjunction with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB), the Center for Continuing Studies is pleased to present the certified Bookkeeper (CB) program. By becoming a Certified Bookkeeper, you can increase your earning potential, enhance your standing as a professional and give yourself an edge in even the most competitive job market. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Certified Bookkeepers “will have the best job prospects.” This course prepares you for the Certified Bookkeeper examination by helping you master the skills and knowledge required for certification, which are as follows: • Adjusting entries (accruals and deferrals) • Correction of accounting errors (includes the bank reconciliation) • Basic book and tax depreciation • Basic payroll—paying wages, withholding, depositing and reporting taxes using the basic forms (W-2, 941, 940, 8109) • Recording and costing out merchandise inventory • Internal controls and fraud prevention By successfully passing tests in six subjects, signing a code of ethics and demonstrating two years’ work experience as a bookkeeper, you earn the right to put “CB” after your name. The experience requirement may be completed before or after passing the tests. A CB has the proven skills and knowledge to carry out all key accounting functions through the adjusted trial balance for a firm of up to 100 employees. 8.0 CEU. Tuition and fees: $999 (tuition: $760; six workbooks & fee: $239) An additional fee of $255 to take the certification exam (2 parts) will need to be paid directly to AIPB. XBA127-069064 Sept 17-Dec 10* 23 sessions M,Th 6-9:30pm *Class will not meet Nov 19 & Nov 22 Joseph I. LaRosa, CPA, MBA Lisa M. Thouin, CPA Registration deadline: September 10, 2007 • More information available at registration. Joseph I. LaRosa, CPA, MBA Lisa M. Thouin, CPA Joe LaRosa is the Associate Director–Worldwide Lisa Thouin is a manager with Klatzkin & Fleet Administration for the Global Financial Company. She has an accumulated knowledge Shared Services Group at Bristol-Myers Squibb of more than twenty years in the field of public Corporation. Joe currently serves on the Board accounting. Lisa’s experience includes a full of Directors for the NJSCPA’s Mercer County range of accounting, tax and management Chapter as Secretary and Membership Committee advisory services. Ms. Thouin is a member of Chair. Joe is a Certified Public Accountant in the the American Institute of CPAs and the New State of New Jersey and holds a Masters Degree Jersey Society of CPAs. Currently she serves in Business Administration from Monmouth as Vice President of the Mercer Chapter of the University and a Bachelors of Arts Degree NJ Society of CPAs and Treasurer of the Pebble in Accounting and Economics from Rutgers Creek Homeowners Association. University. Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  8. 8. 1 Business and Management Continuing Education for Accountants The Center for Continuing Studies and MCCC is registered with the New Jersey State Board of Accountancy for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for licensed Certified Public Accountants and Public Accountants. Fundamentals of Finance and Ac- Small Business counting for Non-Financial Managers Management Series See pg. 19 for course description. See pgs. 22-23 for course descriptions. 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course • tarting Your Own Business: Parts 1 and 2 S materials: $95) • Marketing Communications Writing XCP209-069157 Sept 10-Oct 8 • Creative Marketing and Advertising 5 sessions M 6:30-9:30pm Techniques to Increase Sales Ken Horowitz, MCCC Instructor • The Marketing Plan • Marketing with a Guerrilla Mind Set Effective Business Writing • Technology and Your Small Business See pg. 14 for course description. • Choices in Legal Formation 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $142 • Understanding Financial Statements XWC117-069116 Sept 11-Oct 16 • Taking on Debt for Growth: 6 sessions Tu 6:30-9pm Why Borrow Money? Ellen Benowitz, MCCC Instructor • Recordkeeping for Small Businesses Successful Negotiating The Role Emotional Intelligence See pg. 19 for course description. Plays in Communication 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course See pg. 15 for course description. materials: $95) 0.8 CEU. Tuition and fees: $76 XCP214-069159 Oct 16-Nov 13 XML186-069121 Nov 1-Nov 29* 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm 4 sessions Th 7-9pm Edward Kurocka, MCCC Instructor *Class will not meet Nov 22 Marge Smith, Nonprofit Consultant Delegating for Business Success See pg. 20 for course description. Accounting and 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course materials) Tax Update for Nonprofits See pg. 17 for course description. XML182-069162 Oct 17-Nov 14 5 sessions W 6:30-9:30pm 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $42 (includes Marc Dorio, MCCC Instructor continental breakfast and course material) XML191-069128 Nov 15 Comprehensive QuickBooks™ 1 session Th 9am-12pm See pg. 23 for course description. Edward Noble, CPA???, MCCC Instructor 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $295 (tuition and fees: $142; lab fees: $153) Total Quality Management XCA148-069589 Sept 24-Oct 1 See pg. 19 for course description. 2 sessions M 9am-5pm 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course XCA148-069590 Nov 28-Dec 5 materials) 4 sessions W 9am-5pm XML171-069160 Nov 20-Dec 18 Kenneth J. Horowitz, CPA 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm *Class will not meet May 28 Bookkeeping for Nonprofits Jim O’Donnell, CPIM, CIRM, APICS See pg. 17 for course description. 1.2 CEU Tuition and Fees: $113 XML149-069585 Oct 29-Nov 21* 4 sessions M* 6:30-9:30pm W** 6:30-9:30pm *Mon. classes: Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12 **Wed. class: Nov 21 Leonard Steinberg Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  9. 9. Business and Management 13 PHR/SPHR Certification Preparation Course Continuing Studies at Mercer and the Human Resources Management Association of Princeton (local SHRM affiliate chapter) offer a 13-week comprehensive review of the major disciplines within Human Resources. Designed to give human resource professionals new tools for successful performance on the job, the course also helps prepare participants for the Human Resource Certification Institute’s (HRCI) national examination for the Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certification. When: • Wednesdays, 6-9pm, September 19-November 21, 2007 • Registration deadline: form and payment must be received by September 10, 2007 Course Fee: The registration fee of $1195 includes the new 2007 study materials of the Society for Human Resource Management’s Human Resource Learning System, CD-ROM, and mastery tests. Special discount for members of the Human Resource Management Association of Princeton is $1050. 3.9 CEU. For information on becoming a chapter member, see the HRMA chapter web site at XCP198-069555 - $1195 XCP198-069556 - $1150* *Rate for HRMA of Princeton chapter members only Congratu lations! 100% PHR p 79% overa assing ratio ll passing ratio Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  10. 10. 1 Business and Management Marketing Communications Whether you need to market your product or service, you need strategic, results-driven skills that enhance the bottom line. No matter what business you are in, communicating clearly and persuasively is a skill critical to your business success. Our wide range of courses in this series is designed to show you how to target an audience and promote your product or service for greater return on your investment. Marketing Communications Writing Effective Speech Communication Word choices do matter. How do you analyze for Multi-Lingual Professionals your audience and then write copy that This 5-session, 10-hour program is designed to persuades, motivates, and excites people? In build confidence and expands communication this course, you will gain an understanding of the effectiveness by focusing on Leadership methods and processes used to write marketing, Presence, Relationship Connection and Speech advertising and other communications tools that Refinement. Designed for professionals work. Learn how to make an impact with words who speak English fluently, addresses as you implement marketing and communication communication barriers that are unique to non- programs. native professionals and ways to enhance the 0.6 CEU. Tuition: $57 effectiveness of communication in business. XMS307-069115 Sept 10-Sept 17 1.0 CEU. Tuition and fees: $349 (includes light 2 sessions M 6-9pm refreshment program materials) Ellen Silverman, MCCC Instructor XCP179-069557 Sept 20-Oct 18 5 sessions Th 12:30-2:30pm Effective Business Writing Eileen Sinett, Speech and Presentation Coach Learn how to write more effective letters, memos and e-mail messages concisely and effectively. Assertiveness Skills Practice how to organize your thoughts, deal Appropriate assertiveness can be key to getting with writer’s block, and proofread accurately. ahead, both at work and in personal situations. Participate in a refresher on grammar and This course demonstrates methods for gaining punctuation basics. Exercises, discussions, self-confidence, self-respect, and for dealing and critiques will show you how to project a effectively with people at work and at home, positive and professional image in your written including how to express positive and negative communications. A grammar review including messages appropriately, set limits and say no, combining and streamlining sentences will be communicate your ideas clearly persuasively. included. Textbook required. Available in Build a confident, professional image. college bookstore. 1.0 CEU. Tuition and fees: $95 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $142 XWC112-069118 Sept 20-Oct 18 XWC117-069116 Sept 11-Oct 16 5 sessions Th 7-9pm 6 sessions Tu 6:30-9pm Marge Smith, Communication Consultant Ellen Benowitz, MCCC Instructor The Marketing Plan Pronouncing American English See pg. 23 for course description. Is English not your first language? Does your 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 accent reduce your communication effectiveness XMS800-069583 Oct 10 on the job, in school, or in social situations? 1 session W 6:30-9:30pm Improve your knowledge of American English Martin Mosho, MCCC Instructor as it is spoken, with instruction in the sounds, intonation and stress patterns, individual and Marketing with a Guerrilla group presentations. Prerequisite: ability to read Mind Set a newspaper in English. Bring to every class: a Discover the differences between traditional small mirror, the two required manuals and tape marketing and guerrilla marketing. Learn set which are available in the college bookstore. techniques and concepts to create marketing 2.0 CEU. Tuition and fees: $190 that succeeds. Leave knowing how to choose XES600-069117 Sept 5-Nov 7 the right marketing mix for your business; how 10 sessions W 7:30-9:30pm to maximize your budget with no-cost, low- JoAnn Ficca, M. Ed., CCC-SLP, cost, high-impact strategies; and how to make Speech-Language Specialist marketing a part of your business as usual. 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $80 XMS311-069119 Oct 15-Oct 22 2 sessions M 6-9pm Ellen Silverman, MCCC Instructor Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  11. 11. Business and Management 15 ESL (English as a Second Language) Afraid to Present in Front of an Writing Speaking Skills Audience? – You don’t have to be! If you are a non-native English speaker who A survey found that more people are afraid of pub- wants to improve your overall written and lic speaking than of dying! There are many reasons spoken communication abilities, this course for this. One of the biggest is that we haven’t been is for you. Major topics will include a variety taught specifically what to do – and not do – when of grammatical concepts, sentence structure, we are standing in front of a live audience. In this pronunciation, and idioms. 6-hour workshop, participants will be provided 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $142 with specific “do’s and don’ts” regarding what to XES601-069120 Oct 23-Nov 27 do with their feet, voice, eyes, and hands. Tips will 6 sessions Tu 6:30pm-9pm also be provided on the best ways to answer ques- Ozana Castellano, MCCC Instructor/ tions – including when you don’t know the answer! Communications Specialist Practice these new skills under the guidance of an experienced instructor and public speaker. Don’t Waste Your Time in Meetings! 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $145 (includes Ever left a meeting saying, “what a waste of breakfast, lunch instructional materials) time”? If so, attend this 3-hour workshop. Par- XCP265-069584 Nov 9 ticipants will learn about the factors that contrib- 1 session F 9am-4pm ute to wasted time in meetings and what they can Lawrence Solow, do to minimize or eliminate them. They will also President, 3-D Change®, Inc. learn about the “meeting tornado tube” and its implications for effective meetings. Whether you The Role Emotional Intelligence plan and lead meetings, or simply participate in Plays in Communication them, this workshop promises to be a great use Understanding emotional intelligence can of your time! empower you to work more successfully with 0.4 CEU. Tuition and fees: $65 (includes others. This course will provide the opportunity continental breakfast instructional materials) to answer the following questions: What is XCP266-069747 Nov 15 emotional intelligence? How can you develop 1 session Th 9am-1pm yours? How can emotional intelligence improve Lawrence Solow, relationships when working with others? President, 3-D Change®, Inc. 0.8 CEU. Tuition and fees: $76 XML186-069121 Nov 1-Nov 29* 4 sessions Th 7-9pm * Class will not meet Nov 22 Marge Smith, Nonprofit Consultant Real Estate Please note: You must be 18 years of age, have the equivalent of a high school education, and complete the state required 75-hour course before you can apply for a NJ State Real Estate Salesperson’s License. Real Estate Pre-Licensing Real Estate State Exam Preparation Considering a career change? Licensed Real No prerequisite, but recommended for real estate Estate Salespersons are often found in Real students who either are taking or challenging Estate Offices, Lending Institutions, Property the NJ State Real Estate Licensing Exams. This Management Firms, Appraisal Companies, concentrated program will facilitate a higher Insurance Companies, Home Development confidence level of the pre-licensing applicant in companies and other industry related businesses. passing the New Jersey State Real Estate Salesperson An exciting career opportunity awaits. Course Exam. In the morning, we will integrate memory includes State real estate law, mortgages, sales and understanding of terminology, title, ownership agreements, deeds, math, title closings, property interests, contracts, agency relationships and more. interests, rights, liens and a very comprehensive The student will review difficult test questions study of today’s real estate disclosure regulations. and a concise methodology of choosing the right All study and practice materials--including a final answers. In the afternoon, we will focus on math exam--serve to prepare each student to pass the using easy real estate related terminology, uniform NJ State Exam. Upon successful completion of methodology, and common sense techniques. This this course, each student will receive a candidate math review is intended to increase the confidence guide and certificate to apply for registration to level of the pre-licensing student in real estate take the NJ Real Estate Salesperson Exam. Please math for the New Jersey Real Estate Salesperson pick up the textbook at Conference Center or Broker State Exam. Student should bring a Registration Desk prior to Friday, Sept 14. calculator to class. All necessary materials will 7.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $490 (includes book fee $40) be provided in class. XCP280-069122 Sept 15-Dec 1* 0.7 CEU. Tuition and fees: $115 (includes $35 10 sessions Sa 8:30am-4pm tuition $80 fees) *Class will not meet Sept 22 Nov 24 XCP284-TBA Jan 2008 Loretta Smith, MCCC Instructor 1 session Sa 9am-4:30pm Loretta Smith, MCCC Instructor Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  12. 12. 16 Business and Management Nonprofit Leadership Management The Nonprofit Leadership and Management series provides relevant leadership and management topics of critical value to nonprofit organizations. The program is packed with practical techniques necessary for agency survival in the new millennium. Workshops are oriented to the needs of staff, program administrators, executive directors, board members, philanthropists, volunteers, and those interested in employment in nonprofit agencies. Management Skills for Nonprofits Grantwriting Essentials With limited staff and financial resources, it is This workshop will acquaint and equip particularly critical that the nonprofit administrators prospective or novice grant seekers with the become truly proficient in all aspects of management. skills and tools they need to research, prepare and Each workshop will focus on strengthening submit effective and competitive proposals for particular skills necessary for effective management: funding from a variety of grantmakers. Topics communication, team building, problem solving, to be covered will include: the anatomy of a motivation, stress management, time management, grant; hallmarks of a successful grant; prospect research, including Internet and print resources; and conflict resolution. individuals, foundations, corporations and 1.2 CEU. Tuition and fee: $114 government entities as grantmakers; building XML153-069124 Sept 11-Oct 16 a case for your cause; assembling a proposal- 6 sessions Tu 7-9pm writing “tool kit”; building relationships with Marge Smith, Nonprofit Consultant funders and collaborators; the importance of building evaluation into your proposals; Marketing PR for Nonprofits understanding the importance of sustainability; This class focuses on marketing and communication and follow-up with and cultivation of funders. issues as they relate to a nonprofit organization’s Hands-on group and individual exercises will ability to raise support and enhance its image and allow students to apply what they are learning. reputation in the public, private and nonprofit Ample opportunities for group participation, sectors, as well as the community at large. Topics discussion, and Q A’s. to be addressed include: establishing and promoting 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $142 a positive, recognizable identity for your cause/ XCP264-069126 Oct 3-Nov 7 mission and organization; market characteristics 6 sessions W 6:30-9pm and segmentation; determining your organization’s Judith Arnold and Claire Walton, / J F Arnold Group “market share” and performing analyses, including force field and SWOT; creating and maintaining Human Resources Development a current media database and forging fruitful for Nonprofit relationships with the media; examining various Due to the limited resources and the involvement media outlets and opportunities; writing and of community, developing human resources disseminating press releases and pitching stories; for nonprofits presents challenges that are assembling media kits; organizing and hosting press unique to nonprofits. This workshop will conferences; crisis management; and evaluating discuss the process involved in the selection your progress and measuring success. There will and management of personnel in nonprofits. also be discussion of market positioning, marketing Personnel administration, volunteer management, strategies and PR campaigns, and the need to relationships of board, staff and volunteers, develop a comprehensive event and fundraising hiring and firing, motivating staff and volunteers and effective supervision will be discussed. plan. Hands-on group and individual exercises and 1.0 CEU. Tuition and fee: $95 discussions will complement the learning process. XML151-069127 Oct 23-Nov 13 1.8 CEU. Tuition and fees: $171 4 sessions Tu 6:45-9:15pm XML154-069125 Sept 17-Oct 22 Marge Smith, Nonprofit Consultant 6 sessions M 6:30-9:30pm Judith Arnold and Claire Walton, J F Arnold Group Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  13. 13. Business and Management 17 Bookkeeping for Nonprofits Internal Controls The world of nonprofit financial management This seminar will concentrate on policies, is changing. This course will focus on the procedures, and operations that organizations current best practices to use in many nonprofit face daily. Specifically addressed will be areas organizations. Course material will cover setting where there are increasing concerns about deceit, up a financial reporting system, allocating income fraud, and security, as well as the confusion about and expenses according to programs and funding the roles of management and boards of directors. sources, preparation of internal financial reports, Also highlighted will be both internal and external preparation of the annual IRS Form 990, and audit functions, and the increasingly important setting up procedures for recording fundraising role of technology. A segment of this seminar events and associated expenses. Also covered will will focus on the compliance requirements of the be interactions of financial responsibilities between Sarbanes-Oxley legislation. management, staff, and the board of directors. 0.8 CEU Tuition and Fees: $75 1.2 CEU Tuition and Fees: $113 XML148-069129 Nov 26-Dec 17 XML149-069585 Oct 29-Nov 21* 4 sessions M 7-9pm 4 sessions M* 6:30-9:30pm Leonard Steinberg W** 6:30-9:30pm *Mon. classes: Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12 Essentials of Fundraising **Wed. class: Nov 21 Americans are generous people. $220 Billion Leonard Steinberg was given away last year. Is your organization getting its share? Learn the basic elements of The Role Emotional Intelligence the Resource Development Process and how Plays in Communication to implement them in your agency. Explore See pg. 15 for course description. the techniques of fundraising and learn how to 0.8 CEU. Tuition and fees: $76 identify the best potential constituencies to target with your efforts. XML186-069121 Nov 1-Nov 29* 0.9 CEU Tuition and Fees: $85 4 sessions Th 7-9pm XCP186-069147 Dec 4-Dec 18 *Class will not meet Nov 22 3 sessions Tu 6-9pm Marge Smith, Nonprofit Consultant Les Loysen Accounting and Tax Update for Nonprofits This course will focus on the significant accounting and tax requirements associated with doing business as a nonprofit in the state of New Jersey. Emphasis will be on proper financial reporting and important considerations government and third-party funders look for in financial statements and current trends in financial reporting. Discussion will also focus on tax exempt status and proposed changes in NJ- CRI filing requirements. Time will be allowed to respond to questions of attendees. 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $42 (includes continental breakfast and course material) XML191-069128 Nov 15 1 session Th 9am-12pm Edward Noble, CPA, MCCC Instructor Certificate in Nonprofit Management This certificate requires the following six core courses and a minimum of 20 elective course hours. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. Upon completion of all the requirements for the certificate, please contact our office at (609) 570-3311 for a certificate. Core courses: Elective courses: • Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management • Grantwriting Essentials (Spring 2008) • Courses in AMA Certificates • Finance Accounting for Nonprofit • Courses in Marketing and Communications (Spring 2008) (pp. 14-15) • Essentials of Fundraising • The Role Emotional Intelligence Plays in • Management Skills for Nonprofits Communication • Human Resource Development for Nonprofit • Accounting and Tax Update for Nonprofits • Marketing and Public Relations for Nonprofits • Bookkeeping for Nonprofits • Internal Controls • Essentials of Fundraising Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  14. 14. 18 Business and Management American Management Association University Certificate Programs Continuing Studies at Mercer and the American Management Association (AMA) have developed a multi-course curriculum to meet the unique needs of working professionals who want to learn state-of-the-art management skills. These courses are designed to help you become more effective in your present position and better prepared for advancement opportunities. AMA courses are nationally recognized for their comprehensiveness and value. Our instructors use AMA textbooks as the foundation and draw on their own expertise and experience to present material in the most timely and relevant manner. American Management Association University Certificate in Leadership Excellence If you are a manager or a mid-level executive who wants to improve performance by developing effective leadership skills, this certificate is for you. This series is packed with tools that enable you to maximize your day-to-day efficiency, as well as your long-term contribution to your organization as a competitive leader. To earn this certificate, you must satisfactorily complete four core courses in your chosen area of study in addition to two other AMA courses. Courses can be taken in any order. Upon completion of the requirements of the certificate, please contact our office at (609) 570-3311 for your certificate. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. Core courses: • Gaining Competitive Advantage with Shared Leadership Teams • Coaching for Top Performance • Leadership Skills for Managers (Spring 2008) • Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals Gaining Competitive Advantage Managing and Achieving with Shared Leadership Teams Organizational Goals Forward-looking organizations have discovered This is a hands-on guide to both setting and that shared leadership, rather than self- redefining goals, as well as a nuts and bolts management, is what unlocks truly high planning resource for achieving those goals. performance for teams. If you’re new to the You’ll learn how to: implement five proven shared leadership concept, you’ll be brought up goal-setting criteria to increase chances for to speed quickly. The class will examine why success; tie in departmental or work-unit goals this approach works so well for face-to-face to the larger organization’s mission; develop a credible selling strategy to facilitate a wider buy- teams, as well as computer-networked “virtual in of each goal; create an action plan to carry teams.” An array of real-world success stories, in out the goals; track goals to make certain they areas ranging from customer service to product accomplish objectives on time. improvement, will help you make the case for 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $270 (includes AMA shared leadership teams to your company leaders. course materials: $95) And you’ll learn how to determine what degree of XML180-069154 Sept 11-Oct 9 shared leadership is right for your organization. 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm 1.5 CEU. Tuition fees: $270 (includes AMA Edward Kurocka, MCCC Instructor course material) XML159-069152 Sept 10-Oct 8 Coaching for Top Performance 5 sessions M 6:30-9:30pm This course provides a powerful combination of training, communicating, and motivating skills that will enable you to successfully challenge your staff to reach higher levels of performance. You will learn how to define and communicate performance goals using S.M.A.R.T. criteria: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-trackable. 1.5 CEU. Tuition fees: $295 (includes AMA course materials and assessment tools: $120) XML118-069155 Oct 15-Nov 12 5 sessions M 6:30-9:30pm Cathy Quartner Bailey, MBA Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  15. 15. Business and Management 19 American Management Association University Certificate in Project Management This Certificate in the Project Management Program is designed to equip you with required skills necessary in setting up project plans, scheduling work and monitoring progress in order to achieve desired project goals and results. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. To earn the certificate, you must satisfactorily complete four core courses in your chosen area of study in addition to two other AMA or elective courses. Courses can be taken in any order. Upon completion of the requirements of the certificate, please contact our office at (609) 570-3311 for your certificate. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. Core courses: • Successful Project Management (Spring 2008) • Total Quality Management • Successful Negotiating • Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Fundamentals of Finance Successful Negotiating Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Successful Negotiating can teach you the art of Gain a firm understanding of financial and win/win negotiation. You’ll get a firm grasp of accounting terms, techniques, and practices- the negotiating tricks and techniques the pros use. even if you have no financial background. Learn Learn everything from pre-negotiation planning the basics: interpreting financial statements, to the use of seemingly unimportant details like calculating inventory costs and cost of goods seating arrangements and meeting site selection sold, detailing cash flow, and more. Learn how to influence the results of negotiations. to read and interpret financial statements, balance 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course sheets, and managerial accounting reports; back materials: $95) up business plans and proposed budgets with XCP214-069159 Oct 16-Nov 13 solid financial facts and analysis; calculate 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm returns on sales, gross margin percentages, and Edward Kurocka, MCCC Instructor returns on total assets using ratio analysis. Plan for the future with confidence; use everyday Total Quality Management financial data, terms, and tools more effectively; This course is a guided tour along the road to and prepare cash flow statements on both the Total Quality Management (TQM). It reviews indirect and direct bases. the history of quality and examines the wide 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course variety of philosophies, concepts and techniques materials: $95) for managing, controlling, and improving XCP209-069157 Sept 10-Oct 8 quality. Finally, the course takes a “walking 5 sessions M 6:30-9:30pm tour” of recent winners of the Malcolm Baldridge Ken Horowitz, MCCC Instructor National Quality award. 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course materials) XML171-069160 Nov 20-Dec 18 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm *Class will not meet May 28 Jim O’Donnell, CPIM, CIRM, APICS Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  16. 16. 0 Business and Management American Management Association University Certificate in Management This certificate is the basic know-how designed to help you meet current challenges in a changing environment. Learn how to motivate your team when budgets are tight and staffs are reduced, and how to help your team take on new responsibilities as you adjust to your new leadership responsibilities. To earn the certificate, you must satisfactorily complete four core courses in your chosen area of study in addition to two other AMA courses. Courses can be taken in any order. Upon completion of the requirements of the certificate, please contact our office at (609) 570-3311 for your certificate. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. Core courses: • Managing and Achieving Organizational Goals • Leadership Skills for Managers (Spring 2008) • Delegating for Business Success • How to Manage Conflicts in the Organization Managing and Achieving Delegating for Business Success Organizational Goals This course shows you how to delegate This is a hands-on guide to both setting and responsibility more effectively so you’ll have redefining goals, as well as a nuts and bolts more time to manage – you and your employees planning resource for achieving those goals. will have the opportunity to take on more You’ll learn how to: implement five proven challenging tasks. 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course goal-setting criteria to increase chances for materials) success; tie in departmental or work-unit goals XML182-069162 Oct 17-Nov 14 to the larger organization’s mission; develop a 5 sessions W 6:30-9:30pm credible selling strategy to facilitate a wider buy- Marc Dorio, MCCC Instructor in of each goal; create an action plan to carry out the goals; track goals to make certain they How to Manage Conflicts accomplish objectives on time. 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $270 (includes in the Organization This course will equip you with the strategies, AMA course materials: $95) tactics and insights you need to gain control XML180-069154 Sept 11-Oct 9 of tough conflict situations. You’ll discover 5 sessions Tu 6:30-9:30pm how to spot potential interpersonal conflicts Edward Kurocka, MCCC Instructor – and defuse them before they flare up. You’ll understand how, when, where and why to apply the five favored conflict-resolution approaches, and you’ll develop the insight and intuition you need to make them work. 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course materials: $95) XML183-069163 Nov 21-Dec 19 5 sessions W 6:30-9:30pm Leigh Isleib, MCCC Instructor Marc Dorio’s clients have included Fortune 100 and 500 Corporations, manufacturing, service, and privately held companies, as well as technology- driven emerging growth companies both here and abroad. His professional experiences range from training, organizational effectiveness and leadership development to team development and executive coaching. Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  17. 17. Business and Management 1 American Management Association University Certificate in Human Resources This certificate program is designed for professionals who are seeking a comprehensive overview of human resources. Whether you are a new HR professional, HR specialist who has limited general experience or a professional who wants to learn more about the human resources function, you will find this program beneficial to your professional advancement. To earn the certificate, you must satisfactorily complete four core courses in your chosen area of study in addition to two other AMA or elective courses. Courses can be taken in any order. Please contact our office at (609) 570-3311 for a certificate. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis. Core courses: • Fundamentals of Human Resources • Fair, Square and Legal: A Manager’s Guide to Safe Hiring, Managing, and Firing Practices • Compensation: Effective Reward Programs (Spring 2008) • Performance Management Fundamentals of Human Resources Fair, Square and Legal: A Manager’s Fundamentals of Human Resources is a Guide to Safe Hiring, Managing, comprehensive guide to the productive Firing Practices management of human resources. It will enable Do you know what to do to protect your business, you to develop an effective human resources your employees and yourself from legal liability? plan for your company, based on the needs of Can you defend your actions, or those of your your organization. employees, if you do end up in court? Staying 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course out of trouble is a matter of being prepared. And materials) that’s exactly what you’ll learn in Fair, Square XCP200-069164 Sept 6-Oct 4 and Legal: clear, unambiguous, step-by-step 5 sessions Th 6:30-9:30pm methods of documentation, compliance, and Al Morasso, MCCC Instructor prevention for every business-related action that Performance Management can raise legal liability. This course presents you with a clear model you 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course can follow to plan, monitor, analyze, and maintain materials: $95) XCP201-069166 Nov 15-Dec 20 a satisfying process of performance improvement 5 sessions Th 6:30-9:30pm for your staff. Designed to encourage students to *Class will not meet Nov 22 apply what they are learning to their current job responsibilities, this course offers exercises and assessments to determine their own readiness to implement performance management. It also illustrates strategies for developing the crucial communication skills of coaching, problem solving, and giving feedback while teaching methods of linking organizational and personal goals. 1.5 CEU. Tuition: $270 (includes AMA course materials) XCP206-069165 Oct 11-Nov 8 5 sessions Th 6:30-9:30pm Marc Dorio, MCCC Instructor Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  18. 18. Business and Management Small Business Management Mercer County Community College is pleased to present these Small Business Management courses designed for small business owners, as well as for those planning to start a business. This series of courses will take you through the steps required to create a winning business plan and guide your business idea into a successful reality. You will learn to: • Start and manage your own business • Organize your business finances • Market your product or service • Plan for future growth • Use technology to advance your business Who should attend: • Small business owners • Prospective small business owners • Consultants • Those involved in banking, accounting and other business services Certificate in Small Business Management To earn the certificate, you must take four (4) core and four (4) elective courses listed below: Core courses: Elective courses: • Starting Your Own Business: (Several electives are offered each semester) The Business Plan, parts 1 and 2 • Taking on Debt for Growth: • Choices in Legal Formation Why Borrow Money? • The Marketing Plan • Creative Marketing and Advertising • Recordkeeping for Small Businesses Techniques to Increase Sales • Understanding Financial Statements • Technology and Small Business • Quickbooks Comprehensive • Marketing Communications Writing • E-Commerce Basics • Marketing with a Guerrilla Mindset Starting Your Own Business: Part 2 – Writing the Business Plan Parts 1 and 2 Prerequisite: Part 1 - Starting Your Own Business Planning to start your own business? Learn the The details of putting your business plan key elements for small business success including together are presented. Also, franchising, how funding, marketing, financial management and to do more with less capital, and case studies legal factors. Focus on how to bring these elements highlighting the do’s and don’ts of business together to develop a business plan. This two-part planning are covered. course will take students through the steps required 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $80 to actually create a winning business plan. Part one XBA804-069587 Oct 3-Oct 10 is a prerequisite for part two. 2 sessions W 6:30-9:30pm Jerry Rovner, MCCC Instructor Part 1 – Starting Your Own Business Learn the creative approach principles that lead Marketing Communications Writing to small business success, and begin to develop See pg. 14 for course description. a business growth pattern plan. 0.6 CEU. Tuition: $57 XMS307-069115 Sept 10-Sept 17 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $80 XBA802-069586 Sept 19-Sept 26 2 sessions M 6-9pm 2 sessions W 6:30-9:30pm Ellen Silverman, MCCC Instructor Jerry Rovner, MCCC Instructor Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!
  19. 19. Business and Management 3 Creative Marketing and Advertising Comprehensive QuickBooks™ Techniques to Increase Sales Prerequisite: Knowledge of accounting This course presents unique ways to market a and Windows. product or service. This workshop is not for the This course is a combination of Introduction and timid or those who expect standard methods of Intermediate QuickBooks featuring: entering reaching their niche market. and paying bills, using credit cards/other asset 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 and liability accounts, tracking and paying XMS802-069588 Oct 3 sales tax, payroll, estimating, time tracking 1 session W 6-9pm and job costing. Please obtain textbook (Get Ellen Silverman, MCCC Instructor Smart With QuickBooks 2007 for Windows) from publisher: Tech Learning Resources The Marketing Plan Specifications, ISBN: 1-930147-95-3 - online Learn how to develop marketing goals for your order only at The textbook small business. Explore how you can (a) define is needed for the first class. the markets where your services or products 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $295 (tuition and will be most successful (b) develop an action fees: $142; lab fees: $153) plan and (c) reach your target market. Topics XCA148-069589 Sept 24-Oct 1 include: identifying your target market, selecting 2 sessions M 9am-5pm marketing tools and techniques, developing XCA148-069590 Nov 28-Dec 5 logos, setting an advertising budget, selecting 4 sessions W 9am-5pm appropriate printed and web-based materials and Kenneth J. Horowitz, CPA working with marketing professionals. 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 Understanding Financial Statements XMS800-069583 Oct 10 Learn to enhance and clarify your bottom line. 1 session W 6:30-9:30pm Topics include: spreadsheets, understanding Martin Mosho, MCCC Instructor revenue and expense, structure and relationships, meaningful forecasts and projections, balance Marketing with a Guerrilla Mind Set sheets and more. See pg. 14 for course description. 0.3 CEU Tuition and fees: $40. 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $80 XBA831-069591 Nov 12 XMS311-069119 Oct 15-Oct 22 1 session M 6:30-9:30pm 2 sessions M 6-9pm Kenneth J. Horowitz, CPA Ellen Silverman, MCCC Instructor Taking on Debt for Growth: Technology and Your Small Business Why Borrow Money? Are you overwhelmed by the capabilities and choices Having sufficient capital in your business is a key that technology provides? Learn how technology to achieving operating success. Learn about the can impact your business by understanding the role most popular loans and negotiation techniques to of computers, communication systems, networked get better deals and learn when it is appropriate environments, web technologies and software to take on debt. Find out why one lender will options for small businesses. reject your application while another will accept 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 it, and develop ways to anticipate what your XBA837-069748 Oct 23 lender will require from you. Measure the true 1 session Tu 6:30-9:30pm cost of a loan, including those hidden charges. Chris Eggert, MCCC Instructor 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 XBA839-069592 Nov 26 Choices in Legal Formation 1 session M 6:30-9:30pm Examine the elements of each legal form for Kenneth J. Horowitz, CPA your business. Learn the difference between sole proprietorship, partnership, S and C corporations Recordkeeping for and the widely used LLC. An industry expert Small Businesses will guide you through some of the initial legal Information systems is the term used for considerations for your business and tell you financial and accounting systems for good how to make the most of your professional reason. Small business owners need current and advisory team (attorneys, accountants and accurate information to make effective business business consultants). decisions. Learn how to choose financial and 0.6 CEU. Tuition and fees: $79 accounting systems that meet federal and state XBA803-069749 Sept 25-Sept 27 tax requirements that are cost efficient and 2 sessions Tu, Th 6-9pm provide useful business information. Brett Cooper, L.L.B. 0.3 CEU. Tuition and fees: $40 XBA836-069593 Dec 4 1 session Tu 6:30-9:30pm Kenneth J. Horowitz, CPA Phone: 609.570.3311 Fax: 609.570.3883
  20. 20. Business and Management Small Business Counseling Now The Self Employment Available at MCCC! Assistance (SEA) Program The Small Business Development Center of An intensive 6-week, 60 hour, daytime train- The College of New Jersey, funded by the US ing program for those who would like to start Small Business Administration and NJ Com- their own business. Topics include: Develop- merce Commission, will offer one-to-one con- ing Business and Marketing Plans, Taxes, Re- fidential and group counseling (at no charge) by cord Keeping, and Legal Formation. Classes specialists and private industry consultants in begin periodically. Courses can be applied to areas of finance, marketing, strategic planning, the Small Business Management Certificate. business plan development, Internet related is- Call 609-570-3530 for information. sues, government procurement, and sales. Tuition and fees: $800. To schedule your free one-to-one counseling Note: If you are currently collecting unemployment appointment at Mercer, call 609-570-3530. benefits, call your Employment Services counselor regarding financial assistance and eligibility. ed in Now offer also! me the dayti Career Transition Opportunities Test Preps Becoming a Certified Substitute Teacher taking procedures that will help them achieve Prerequisite: 60 college credits. This course is designed their highest potentials. to help participants become effective substitute 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $240 (includes teachers who can deal with problems and challenges workbook, $80 tuition $160 fees) An additional that arise in the classroom. Participants will be able $15 book shipping charge will be applied if to manage classroom behavior, understand legal registration is received after September 6. responsibilities, follow lesson plans and cope when XAS104-069180 Sept 20-Oct 25 there are none, and relate to staff and students. Call 1- 6 sessions Th 7:10-9:40pm 800-922-4693 - Utah State University - for required Area Enterprises Educational Consultant, MCCC Instructor textbook: Substitute Teacher Handbook, K-12 ed., Utah State University, ISBN: 1890563161. Tax Preparation Tuition and fees: $190 This course covers everything you need to know XCP176-069167 Sept 10-Oct 29 about tax preparation for yourself—and for others as a 8 sessions M 9:30am-12pm potential source of extra income. We will discuss issues XCP176-069169 Oct 30-Dec 18 including filing requirements, filing status, dependents, 8 sessions Tu 7-9:30pm income, adjustments to income, deduction, tax credits, Julia Larkin, MA, Education Consultant and more. Upon completion, job opportunities are available for qualified candidates. The course textbook Graduate Record may be purchased from the instructor the first night of Examination (GRE) Review class at a cost of $99. Alternatively, the instructor can The GRE Review will familiarize students with the lend you a book for a $99 security deposit (refundable questions asked on the GRE. Classes will be equally upon safe return of the book). divided between verbal ability and quantitative 2.4 CEU. Tuition: $228 XBA103-069188 Oct 2-Oct 25 ability portions of the test. Students will practice with typical questions asked on the GRE, and learn 8 sessions Tu, Th 6-9pm Michael Levine test-taking procedures that will increase their skills and confidence for maximum success. 1.5 CEU. Tuition and fees: $240 (includes Resumes and Cover Letters: workbook, $80 tuition $160 fees) An additional The First Step to Getting a Job $15 book shipping charge will be applied if Ready to start looking for a new job, but don’t have registration is received after September 4. your resume together? Want to send an email response XAS102-069179 Sept 18-Oct 23 to a job posting, but don’t want to get lost in “the mail?” 6 sessions Tu 7:10-9:40pm How many pages should a resume be? What words Area Enterprises Educational Consultant, MCCC Instructor work best in selling yourself? These and other tips will be shared in this course. The first evening, students Graduate Management will learn some “dos and don’ts” of resume and cover Admittance Test (GMAT) Review letter writing, and the second evening, students will be The GMAT Review will acquaint students critiqued on their own resumes and letters. with the questions on the GMAT. Classes will 0.4 CEU. Tuition and fees: $38 XWC172-069594 Oct 9-Oct 16 be equally divided between the verbal ability and the quantitative ability tests, with special 2 sessions Tu 7-9pm Ellen Judson, Business/Resume Consultant emphasis on the critical reasoning and analytical writing portions. Students will be taught test Registration deadline is two weeks prior to the course start date. Avoid the $10 late fee... Register Early!