Case Studies and
                                                         Expert Commentary
Monday, 13th January 2003
                           Applying Six Sigma to the Product Design Process
Tuesday, 14th January 2003                                                     12:30 Luncheon

8:00   Coffee and Registrat...
Wednesday, 15th January 2003                                                          12:30 Luncheon

8:45        Chairman...
GOAL/QPC, your source of help in deploying Six-
    Conference Objectives:                                                ...
BOOKING FORM AND ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS                                Team Discounts: A 15% discount is available for gro...
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Six Sigma Leadership Summit 03


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Six Sigma Leadership Summit 03

  1. 1. Case Studies and Expert Commentary from Industry Leaders: Six Sigma David Brookfield Director Six Sigma HONEYWELL Jose Calero Six Sigma Champion & Head of Business Development FIRST DATA EUROPE Leadership John Selkirk Director of Supply Chain Quality MOTOROLA Paul Fox Six Sigma Champion BAUSCH & LOMB Andy Liddle Summit 14th - 15th January 2003 Six Sigma Champion Europe DUPONT TEIJIN FILM Pavilion House Rob Keenan Knightsbridge, LONDON Six Sigma Champion & Head of Business Development MARCONI Paul James 2003 Area Director Six Sigma 14-15 January 2003 Northern Europe STARWOOD HOTELS Berners Hotel Brian Crossland DSSM Champion Westminster, LONDON BAE SYSTEMS Radouane Oudrhiri, PhD Chief Technical Officer Take Control of your Quality SYSTONOMY and Achieve Breakthrough Results Steve Corr Group Director Commercial Operations Lean Enterprise in 2003 Group REXAM Tommy Geary Drive Waste and Cost out of BPI Manager EMEA DELL COMPUTER Your Company and Unlock David Hewitt Productivity Gains Six Sigma Master Black Belt, MSS BenelUK & Southern VOLVO CARS David Palm Presented by President Increase Your Profit Margins LEAN SIGMA TECHNOLOGIES Sal Puaar without Compromising Head of Product & Process Leadership Media Partner Efficiencies CELERANT CONSULTING Karen Gadd Director OXFORD CREATIVITY Henry Strickland Director OXFORD CREATIVITY
  2. 2. Monday, 13th January 2003 Applying Six Sigma to the Product Design Process Workshop A: 9.30am – 4.00pm Market leaders are refusing to choose between product excellence and Specifically, the workshop will enable you to: speed to market; between process efficiency and quality of output. This • Study examples of successful Six Sigma implementations interactive workshop is designed for professionals who want to be pre- • Determine how to reduce cost, improve quality, and raise eminent, who want to go beyond benchmarks, with ever-higher customer service levels standards of product and process, today and tomorrow. • Maximise the ROI from your Six Sigma projects As an organisation seeking market leadership, you understand the need • Master the challenges of cross-functional implementation to attract customers with robust and sustainable advantages: constant Customer Product Product and product improvement, competitive pricing, optimum service. And Requirements Characteristics Process Elements organisations that are already market leaders recognise that maintaining Customer and growing their lead is a long game: it means finer and finer tuning of operating models to deliver ever-greater degrees of excellence. This lively workshop will provide you with a clear view of the significant advantages of applying Six Sigma methodology during the 6-Sigma Process Design Product Capability Specifications New Product Development and Manufacturing process. Participants will learn to apply complexity and process capability to the design You will be provided with a practical, hand on experience that you and manufacture of a Six Sigma level product. The challenge? Building can take back to your company. You will understand how to use Six a prototype product – on time, on budget, and in line with customer Sigma and eliminate errors, reduce waste, and generate substantial and expectations. quantifiable business benefits for your organisation. Facilitator: Sal Puaar Sal Puaar, a recognised Six Sigma expert, leads Celerant Consulting’s Product and Process Leadership service offering – an approach that ensures Six Sigma (and other recognised routes to managing performance change, such as Kaizen, TRIZ, benchmarking and Shainin) really work for the client. Puaar is also Chairman of the Celerant Institute. The Institute provides a unique combination of advice, training, coaching and ongoing implementation support designed to complement Celerant’s consultancy work. He has extensive experience implementing Six Sigma techniques in leading global companies. The Power of Lean Methods & Six Sigma Enhance your Six Sigma Implementation Tools as Merged Quality Model with TRIZ Creativity Methods Workshop B: 8.30am – 12.30pm Workshop C: 1.00pm – 5.00pm There has been much written about the power of Lean in reducing TRIZ is the ‘Theory of Inventive Problem Solving’ and the ideal component waste and the power of Six Sigma to eliminate variation in any for your Six Sigma toolbox. There is an extensive array of quantitative tools manufacturing or transactional process. The real power of Lean and available to Six Sigma practitioners, but how do you develop creative Six Sigma is when they are used together to achieve the maximum solutions to the problems? How can you implement creative new processes impact upon a process in the shortest amount of time. Major and systems that will deliver total Six Sigma customer satisfaction? TRIZ management attention is drawn to the basic fact that neither Lean nor enhances Six Sigma by organising breakthrough tools and methods for Six Sigma can be stand-alone programmes if a company is truly going creativity. In this hands-on and interactive half-day workshop, you will to become a world-class performer. This lively workshop will provide discover how to apply TRIZ methods to all your business challenges. You you with the foundations you need to strengthen your competitive will learn to classify your problem, then select the right TRIZ tool for the position in your area of business. problem, and develop powerful breakthrough solutions. The key areas for discussion will include: In this lively tutorial you will: • Study examples of successful Lean & Six Sigma • Contradiction analysis implementations in manufacturing and transactional processes, • The separation principles for eliminating inherent contradictions and discover the untapped opportunities in your own • The 40 principles for eliminating trade offs environment You leave this workshop and know how to expand your knowledge base, • Ascertain how to reduce cost, improve quality, and increase and you will understand where to seek new solutions. You will identify customer service levels and eliminate harmful or unnecessary features from products and • Maximise your Return on Investment with the synergy of Lean processes using the TRIZ approach. and Six Sigma • Master the challenges of a cross-functional implementation Facilitators: Karen Gadd founded Oxford Creativity. Her ambition with TRIZ is to At the completion of this workshop all attendees will have an make it well known and widely used in the UK, encouraging top understanding of the lasting effects you can expect from a successful companies to create expert TRIZ teams for innovative problem solving. synergy of Six Sigma tools and lean methods. You can create a On discovering and learning TRIZ she decided to concentrate on successful deployment roadmap and apply the tools of Lean and Six developing TRIZ problem solving for the UK market, and set up Oxford Sigma that make the most sense for your business and your customers. Creativity, whose major clients now include Rolls-Royce, BAe Systems, These are the profound results you can take home to your company to Pilkington, Glaxo, Gillette, Airbus, Brown and Root and Heidelberg. eliminate errors, reduce waste and generate substantial savings. Henry Strickland joined Oxford Creativity with a view to promoting TRIZ Facilitator: David Palm is President of Lean Sigma Technologies, as an effective vehicle for implementing innovation and organisation-wide LLC, an international management consulting firm specialising in culture change. His main focus has been on the use of “Learning Tools” as Lean and Six Sigma. He has worked for over 30 major companies to a means of energising and motivating an entire organisation quickly, often help them deliver world-class performance for their businesses and in combination with quality tools and techniques to ensure rigour in the customers. Most recently, he served as the Corporate Director of Lean appproach to solving problems. Henry has worked closely with companies and Six Sigma for a Fortune 500 company with responsibility for the such as Philips, British Petroleum, Mellon Bank, Rank Xerox, British rollout of Six Sigma worldwide. Telecom and others on major change related projects. . . . to claim your 10% Early Bird discount, please see registration page or visit
  3. 3. Tuesday, 14th January 2003 12:30 Luncheon 8:00 Coffee and Registration 2:10 Aligning Six Sigma with Supply Chain Management SCM 8:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks The aim for near-perfection performance cannot provide results Welcome and brief outline on Six Sigma as quality initiative to without your suppliers’ involvement. Infusing Six Sigma secure competitive advantage in times of economic change. methods through all links of the supply chain creates an John Selkirk – Director of Supply Chain Quality undisrupted flow of products and information, and avoids MOTOROLA inventory build up and low quality performance. This presentation refers to Motorola’s record of growing end product 9:00 Applying Six Sigma Initiatives to Growth process quality due to internal and external Six Sigma project Processes selection. Understanding the complete Value Chain and the broader • How to identify and create a sufficient supporting Six Sigma Economic Environment of your customer and their customers, infrastructure to include your suppliers enables you to develop winning products and supporting value • Outsourcing Project selection for the supply chain propositions. This case study will demonstrate how Six Sigma • Assessing the financial rewards of Six Sigma for suppliers tools enables Sales & Marketing to capture and analyse the Voice and receivers of the Customer to drive substantial growth through successful John Selkirk – Director of Supply Chain Quality new product introduction. MOTOROLA • What are the tools applicable to the Growth Process? • How can we ensure we capture the Voice of the Customer 2:55 Networking Coffee Break (spoken and latent) and analyse the data to provide high priority development needs. • How to stay ahead of competition by capturing customer loyalty. 3:15 Six Sigma Implementation to Weather the David Brookfield – Director Six Sigma Climate of Economic Slowdown DESIGN FOR HONEYWELL The aerospace industry is facing the same problems as the SIX SIGMA majority of manufacturers today. With the new Airbus A380 9:45 Secure Consistent Company Support for Six about to start into production, BAE SYSTEMS has benefited Sigma Initiatives from Six Sigma to maintain a strong balance sheet. Brian will The key challenge to powerful endorsement for Six Sigma has explain how to take cost out of the business as driven by the always been the entire company’s ongoing support beyond the customer through Design for Six Sigma in Manufacturing stages of initial enthusiasm. Andy will point out how to create a (DSSM) techniques. business structure to counter a ‘been-there-done-that apathy’ • How to achieve and secure near-perfection in that all too easily dismisses Six Sigma as the next ‘fad’ on the list manufacturing with a reduced budget of Management initiatives. • Aligning the Voice of the Customer with DSSM • Inspiring top-level management support to complete Six • Securing buy-in and support for Six Sigma from different Sigma integration into the business DNA audiences in times of falling orders and growing • Overcoming the cultural resistance to change in your company competition • Ensuring continuous acceptance of Six Sigma horizontally Brian Crossland – DSSM Champion and vertically across the organisation BAE SYSTEMS • How to avoid that Six Sigma becomes ‘old hat’ Andy Liddle – European Six Sigma Champion DUPONT TEIJIN FILM 4:00 Six Sigma Project Execution in Customer Services and Sales 10:30 Networking Coffee Break After 2 years of effective Six Sigma rollout in Sales and Marketing regions, a firm Black Belt and Green Belt structure 11:00 Maintain a Six Sigma Culture in a High is in place that can be replicated and incorporated into other Speed Process Environment business areas. Essential success factors are a suitable Cycle times are getting shorter. What was measured in weeks is implementation strategy and the identification of Six Sigma now a category of days or even hours. High-speed processes are projects according to a given Sigma Belt structure. David will as responsive to a Six Sigma culture as more time-consuming explain the importance of communication of Six Sigma projects. Tommy will pull from personal and industry examples achievements and of identified pitfalls across a service region, to show how the power of a Six Sigma transforms established and what key lessons can be taken away to improve Sales and business structures into a high performance culture. Service. • Utilising the Six Sigma momentum to achieve profitably • How to recognise the key deployment phase milestones • Gaining and maintaining commitment to Six Sigma efforts • Customer Satisfaction as driving force for Six Sigma from the production floor to the boardroom readiness • Implementing improvement efforts across the whole business • Assessment on how well Six Sigma has been deployed structure across specific regions Tommy Geary – BPI Manager EMEA • How to structure Sigma Belt Training and their deployment DELL COMPUTER David Hewitt – Six Sigma Master Black Belt, MSS BenelUK & Southern 11:45 Key Learnings on Six Sigma in Service VOLVO CARS Sectors Extending Six Sigma from manufacturing to transaction is more 4:45 Chairman’s Closing Remarks than just expanding the range of projects. Six Sigma becomes a business strategy to encompass the entire company. Marconi’s 5:00 END OF FIRST CONFERENCE DAY use of the Six Sigma toolbox in non-manufacturing areas will provide insight into this ‘emerging’ use of Six Sigma. • Chartering and deployment roadmap in transactional environments • Identified pitfalls and effective problem solutions • Outlining a customised approach for Six Sigma in non- EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT repetitive processes Register before 1st December 2002 and Rob Keenan – Six Sigma Champion, Internal Development Director save 10%! MARCONI
  4. 4. Wednesday, 15th January 2003 12:30 Luncheon 8:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Recap of the 2:00 OPEN PANEL SESSION – Successful Six First Conference Day Sigma Project Management A summary of Tuesday’s presentations will proceed today’s sessions on Delegates have the opportunity in this after-lunch session to how Six Sigma initiatives can be improved even further. discuss the critical issues of effective project selection and John Selkirk – Director of Supply Chain Quality management. Improvement projects are fundamental to the MOTOROLA DMAIC process. Project management is largely ignored in Six Sigma training, although business strategy metrics are the crucial basis of successful Sis Sigma schemes. True profit 9:00 Merging Lean Methods & Six Sigma Tools to a enhancement from Six Sigma implementation is based on the SIX SIGMA Standardised Improvement Process choice of suitable projects, and the right execution of Six Substantial financial gains and lasting quality improvements can be Sigma methods to increase and sustain quality improvements. gained from the synergy between Lean and Six Sigma when For this open session, starting points of discussion are: LEAN & effectively co-ordinated to a Merged Model Strategy. Both quality • Identifying the principles of right project selection and initiatives complement each other to eliminate waste and improve effective roll-out plans (Internal or External) efficiencies. Paul will demonstrate how to develop workable process • What makes a problem “worthy” of a Six Sigma solution? maps for a Merged Quality Model. • Executive Training & Top Level Support - Project Scope • Understanding what Six Sigma tools to use and assessing how and how to avoid “Scope Creep” lean methodologies operate • Avoiding possible pitfalls at the project planning stage • Eliminate the systemic defects that adversely affect working • Project tracking and control synergies • How to avoid sending out conflicting cultural messages Discussion Leader: Chairman John Selkirk – Director of Paul Fox – Six Sigma Champion Supply Chain Quality BAUSCH & LOMB MOTOROLA 9:45 Applying Lean & Six Sigma to Finance and 3:00 Networking Coffee Break Customer Service The industry has been cautious to transfer quantitative 3:15 The Evolutionary Nature of Transactional improvement methods from the manufacture of hard goods to complex, intangible services. After 1 year of targeting functions away Six Sigma from the production line, Rexam have developed a successful process More than just a statistical toolbox, Six Sigma develops from mapping for Lean Six Sigma in transactional areas. This presentation its initial stages to an ever more complex but far-reaching illustrates how Lessons Learned from the factory floor were utilised management strategy, linked with succession planning. for transactional implementation, and how Lean Six Sigma has been James will discuss the various phases a service organisation aligned back to the metrics the business wants to see. goes through after 18 months of successful Six Sigma • How to identify waste in the transactional part of business applications. What is implemented as a made-to-measure • Key metrics for pilot demonstration projects programme in a design brief will develop into a Six Sigma • Devising a specific Six Sigma Green Belt training that scheme very specific to the organisation itself. Is a strong incorporates Lean methods process orientation the successful and inevitable outcome of • Identifying the stakeholders at a very early stage a Six Sigma driven company? Steve Corr – Group Director Commercial Operations Lean • How Six Sigma transforms the business structure, and Enterprise Group how a transformed structure re-defines initial Six Sigma REXAM PACKAGING targets • Assessing the importance of a DMAIC training as a 10:30 Networking Coffee Break result of Six Sigma evolution • Adapting but not adopting – customise Six Sigma and 11:00 Sustaining a High-standard Six Sigma Belts lose the Sigma tag! Training Curriculum Paul James – Area Director Six Sigma, Northern Europe The industry does not have a commonly accepted view about the STARWOOD HOTELS actual tasks of different coloured belts. Master Black Belts are mostly conducting projects in a supervisory position, whereas Black Belts and Green Belts are involved in detailed work on specific projects. 4:00 Benefits of TRIZ in Six Sigma • Finding the right people and utilising Six Sigma training as Six Sigma like any other improvement initiative is not the TRIZ substantial leadership pool final answer to all quality problems that might arise in • Linking Six Sigma success to compensation, appraisal and career manufacturing and in transaction. Other gains can be development achieved when sophisticated Merged Models are applied. • Assessing costs for external vs. internal training for part-time and full-time coloured belts TRIZ is a systematic creativity method that is finding a Jose Calero – Six Sigma Champion, Head of Business Improvement growing audience in Six Sigma, complementing the strong FIRST DATA EUROPE analytic orientation of Six Sigma with an equally strong system for innovation. This presentation will use case 11:45 Combining Six Sigma and Continuous Process studies on quality and performance problems encountered by Pilkington’s Six Sigma Experts to demonstrate the Improvement for Software Engineering validity of TRIZ as enabler for Six Sigma methods and The combination of Six Sigma methodologies and continuous process applications. improvement frameworks such CMM® (Capability Maturity Model) offers a great opportunity to achieve unprecedented quality and cost- Henry Strickland – Director effective software engineering. By quantitatively managing the quality OXFORD CREATIVITY characteristics of software development processes and optimising Supported by a co-presenter of PILKINGTON, PLC them consequently, it is possible to achieve a learning organisation. Radouane will refer to his experience as Software Six Sigma Champion at GE Medical Systems, and will highlight: • Measurement Framework for process behaviour and Design 4:45 Chairman’s Closing Remarks scorecards and work-products • Explanations of what you want to measure (and why) and 5:00 END OF CONFERENCE instructions on how to collect your data • Discussions of challenges for deploying such initiatives within software communities . . . to claim your 10% Early Bird Radouane Oudrhiri, PhD – Chief Technical Officer CTO discount, please see registration page SYSTONOMY or visit
  5. 5. GOAL/QPC, your source of help in deploying Six- Conference Objectives: Sigma, proudly announces two new Memory JoggersTM specifically designed for your Six Sigma “Six Sigma might be the maturation of everything Leaders and Teams. All attendees of the Six we’ve learned over the last 100 years about quality.” Sigma Leadership Summit 2003 will receive a Gregory H. Watson, past president of the American Society for Quality copy of each new Memory Jogger with their Business Week, issue July 22, 2002 conference documentation in London. In the world of manufacturing, Six Sigma, the quality- The Black Belt Memory JoggerTM control and cost-cutting power tool, has become Provides new and experienced Black Belts and others with guidance on their roles, and contains tips and something akin to a religion. Now it is providing its step-by-step instructions for performing more that 21 advanced worth on the service side. Like many fundamental, Six Sigma tools. Starting with the DMAIC Model, The Black Belt evolutionary principles, Six Sigma continues to Memory JoggerTM offers 25 chapters of Six Sigma know-how. outgrow its origins. Six Sigma can provide ALL Use it as a training tool or as a quick reference to keep your operations with a disciplined way to prevent errors, teams and projects on track. eliminate rework, and generate substantial savings. The Six Sigma Memory JoggerTM II Initial investments are recuperated very quickly when A portable teaching and reference guide for everyone in the your trained experts stop fixing symptoms, and company, The Six Sigma Memory JoggerTM II explains the What, eradicate root causes based on data, not perception! Why and How of Six Sigma. Provides a Six Sigma Overview, Given the slowing economy, the benefits of Six Sigma explains the DMAIC process and offers detailed instruction on are critical to protect profits, customer retention, and how to perform over forty Six-Sigma analytical, decision-making to maintain your competitive advantage. and planning tools. This pocket guide provides a concise and convenient source of everything your team needs to succeed. We invite you to join with Quality Professionals and explore how you can make a significant change in 2003. You will make the connections you need Sponsorship and Marketing Opportunities with ideas and people who have made a significant This conference will provide direct access to a pre-qualified difference in their companies. Attend the Six Sigma audience that is almost impossible to reach through traditional Leadership Summit 2003 in London, and discover marketing channels. Our events are content focused and ensure how you can achieve ever-higher levels of customer the highest level of attendees. Sponsors and exhibitors are also satisfaction and of continuous business growth! guaranteed repeat exposure because we limit the number of opportunities available. To register please see registration page or To find out more about promotional activities and to visit reserve your exhibit space at the Six Sigma Leadership We look forward to meeting you at our Summit Summit 2003 please contact Geoff Burns on +44 (0)207 969 in January 2003! 2716 or email Realise Six Sigma – Learn from those who invented the formula and used it first! We invite you to learn Six Sigma from the most experienced practitioners in the world! A full schedule of Six Sigma programmes is now available through Motorola University. Black Belt Training Programme 2003, in London Green Belt Training Programme 2003, in London Four weeks over four months: One week: 3rd-7th February, 10th-14th March, 7th-11th April and 17th-21st February 2003 12th-16th May 2003 Developing Green Belts is a very powerful Black Belts are experts who are groomed in approach for cascading Six Sigma approaches the Six Sigma methodology, with emphasis on and techniques throughout an organisation. application of statistical process control techniques Green Belts receive a subset of the more (SPC). Our approach to developing Six Sigma Black comprehensive Black Belt programme. This Belts is based on an Action Learning Model. This level of skills and knowledge enables Green model combines classroom instruction with real- Belts to serve as high performing team members on Black Belt time project implementation and mentoring. Prior to commencing project teams as well as capable leaders of projects that do not the Black Belt training programme, candidates complete each require the Black Belt level of analysis and rigour. segment of training, they will immediately apply the concepts and tools learned to their improvement project. Black Belt training is delivered in four segment over a four-month period of time and is Motorola University also offers complete Six Sigma services for constructed upon the DMAIC methodology. organisations interested in customised onsite implementation To register or for more information please visit our website at or call our Six Sigma Experts at Motorola Headquarters on +1 847 576 1310
  6. 6. BOOKING FORM AND ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS Team Discounts: A 15% discount is available for groups of 3+, groups of 5+ receive 20% discount, and groups of 7+ receive a 30% discount when registering from the same organisation at the same time. Please note, only one discount applies, Group Bookings 4 Easy ways Dates: Pre-conference Workshops: Monday, 13th January 2003 Conference: Tuesday and Wednesday, 14th and 15th and Early Bird discounts do NOT accumulate. to register January 2003 Payment: Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or credit card. When paying by credit card, the billing address must be provided. Payment must be made prior to the event to guarantee a place. The organisers reserve the right to refuse admission if payment has Venue: The Berners Hotel not been received. Ixperion cannot be held liable for non-arrival of registration By Telephone: @ Berners Street, Westminster, London W1A 3BE information. All invoices and registrations processed must be honored in full, unless +44 (0)20 7969 2716 Phone: +44 (0)20 7666 2000 cancellation has been received under the terms stated in the cancellation section. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, conference workbook and all meeting materials. Fees: Conference only £998 + VAT = £1,172.65 Cancellations: Cancellations must be received in writing up to ten working days before the date of the conference and will be subject to an administration fee of £99.00 per ßBy Fax: registered delegate. It is regretted that cancellations received after this time cannot be +44 (0)20 7969 2800 EARLY BIRD before 1st December £898 + VAT = £1,055.15 accepted and will be liable for the full fee. Substitutions may be made at any time. Please fill in the form below. Conference & Workshop A £1,596 + VAT = £1,875 Hotel Accommodation: Hotel and travel costs are NOT included in the booking fee. However, IXPERION have a limited number of hotel rooms EARLY BIRD before 1st December £1,436 + VAT = £1,687 available. Please contact Geoff on +44 (0)20 7969 2716 for further Conference & Half-day Workshop B ■ or C ■ £1,446 + VAT = £1,699 details. By Post: Please contact us at Ixperion prior to the conference if you have any additional IXPERION EARLY BIRD before 1st December £1,301 + VAT = £1,529 Conference & Half-day Workshops B & C £1,894 + VAT = £2,225 h requirements e.g. wheelchair access, large print, special dietary requirements, etc. 43-45 Portland Square Enquiries: By telephone to Geoff on +44 (0)20 7969 2716 London W1H 6HN or by email to EARLY BIRD before 1st December £1,705 + VAT = £2,003 United Kingdom Database: It is possible that your address is not held on our database. Please return the Please fill in the form below. Workshop A only £598 + VAT = £703 entire mail piece and we will pass on the information to the original provider to ensure EARLY BIRD before 1st December £538 + VAT = £632 your records are amended. Ixperion – Six Sigma Conferences request that speakers present impartial, objective information – devoid Half-day Workshop B ■ or C ■ only £448 + VAT = £526 of marketing or sales material – as part of our acceptance of them as speakers. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and timing of the programme or identity Online: EARLY BIRD before 1st December £403 + VAT = £474 of the speakers. You will be contacted about any major changes and please do refer to our web site for additions or amendments to our programme. Half-day Workshops B & C only £896 + VAT = £1,053 EARLY BIRD before 1st December £806 + VAT = £948 Please check for latest information Booking Form EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Six Sigma Leadership Summit 2003 Register before 1st December 2002 and save 10%! We wish to make reservations for the following delegates: 1st Delegate __________________________________________ 2nd Delegate Salutation ____________________________________________ Salutation______________________________________________ Surname ______________________________________________ Surname _______________________________________________ 1st Name _____________________________________________ 1st Name ______________________________________________ Job Title ______________________________________________ Job Title _______________________________________________ Direct Telephone ______________________________________ Direct Telephone _______________________________________ Email _________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________ Name of Organisation ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Nature of Business________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________ Post code ________________ Country ________________________________ Switchboard Telephone __________________________________________ Fax __________________________________________ Name of person making booking: ______________________ Job title: ________________________________________________ ❑ We enclose a cheque made payable to: IXPERION – Six Sigma Conferences, and send it to: 43-45 Portland Square, London W1H 6HN, United Kingdom ❑ Bank transfer – Ixperion Six Sigma Conferences, at Barclays Bank, University Plain, Norwich NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom. Sort code: 20 62 53 Account number: 10523410 ❑ Please charge my credit card Visa ❑ American Express ❑ Mastercard ❑ Maestro ❑ JCB ❑ Switch/Solo ❑ Card Number ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder’s Name____________________________________ Expiry date______________________________________________ Cardholder’s Billing Address ______________________________________________________________________________________ ❑ I am unable to attend but please send me ___ copies of the conference documentation at £299 each. Payment must be received before dispatch. Can’t attend? ❑ Please send details of sponsorship or exhibition opportunities. Don’t miss out on this crucial information. You can purchase the full conference We may wish to use your details to contact you with offers and products which we documentation with all presentations at think may be of interest to you. just £299 (excl. 17.5% VAT & postage). Simply tick the box on the booking form Please tick the box if you would prefer not to be contacted for this purpose by: and the material will be sent to you ❑ IXPERION – Six Sigma Conferences ❑ Other carefully selected organisations immediately following the conference. Please allow 14 days for delivery. Thank you for your registration.