Six Sigma Certificate


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Six Sigma Certificate

  1. 1. Six Sigma Certificate Industrial and Systems Engineering San José State University September, 2008
  2. 2. Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma Lean Enterprise about transforming the old Six Sigma emphasizes improving existing mass production capabilities into new lean capabilities capabilities Set of structured methodologies, Extends efficiencies of lean manufacturing to the problem-solving tools and advanced supply chain, logistics, administration and service operations statistical methods for analyzing and Strives for just-in-time operations and improving processes, products and continuous flow via… services tight relationships with customers and Applies across broad range of metrics, suppliers especially cost, quality, time and variability synchronization of distribution and transportation systems Moves beyond treating symptoms and cellular manufacturing short-term problems to the lasting Streamlined, information-enabled workflows elimination of root causes Emphasizes integrated, cradle-to-cradle design, incorporating design for manufacturability, reproducibility, product lifecycle, etc. Infrastructure required for Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma to be effective Guiding infrastructure of business strategy, business planning, enterprise leadership, program management, and team management Supporting infrastructure to enable change management and workforce training and development 1
  3. 3. Motivation Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma experts are in strong demand in Silicon Valley As Silicon Valley’s premier teaching university, San José State University has an important role in… Providing graduates with the expertise to serve Silicon Valley Offering a pool of faculty experts with deep subject matter expertise Facilitating university-to-company and company-to-company interactions Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Has long had a forward-looking curriculum covering much of six sigma, just-in-time manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, value engineering, integrated product life cycle, environmentally conscious manufacturing College of Engineering Funded relevant work 2
  4. 4. Several certification levels Six Sigma Lean Master black belt: black belt Gold (master): silver + strategic + overall six sigma orchestration (flows and infrastructure for entire organization; e.g., new product development, supply chain, order-to-delivery, administration) Black belt: green belt + Silver: bronze + integrative statistical tools (flows from suppliers through customers) Green belt: basic problem- Bronze: tactical (local process) solving methodology and tools Yellow belt: broad overview Source: Web search 3
  5. 5. Professional organizations offer certificates Program type Six Sigma Lean Onsite course IIE (enterprise) Online course IIE IIE (supply chain) SME ASME Exam only ASQ Source: Web search 4
  6. 6. Several universities offer certificates Not in conjunction with professional organizations Program Lean Six type Six Sigma Lean Sigma Coursework Arizona State Loyola Marymount Onsite San Diego State U Michigan Brigham Young professional Clemson Rutgers development San Diego State Online Michigan Cal State East Colorado Bay Cal State East Bay Source: Web search 5
  7. 7. Should lean six sigma black belt certification be done by professional organization? Yes Adds independent credibility and branding beyond degree Closer to practice, ensuring curriculum meets needs of industry No SJSU brand is strong; no need for external brand No other universities found that require independent certifications Extra layer of bureaucracy, delay: students will need to take tests, wait for results, and show certificates Extra cost for students (~$1500) Lack of academic freedom Over-emphasis on implicit correctness of methods Over-crowding courses with material to “teach to the test” rather than develop critical thinking abilities 6
  8. 8. Notable professional organizations offering six sigma certificates ASQ (American Society for Quality) $240 for members (student membership is $25), $390 for non- members Tests at various local sections in March and October The most referenced certification body IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) In conjunction with Six Sigma eLearning Inc. (SSEI) Online course with live instructor Fees: Members $5945 | Non-member: $6095 10 sessions, 3 hours each. 60+ hours of study, an examination, and project-focused, instructor-guided work ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Through Source: Web search 7
  9. 9. Notable professional organizations offering lean certificates IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) Lean enterprise Members $3480, non-member: $3630 10 days of in-person training over four independent seminars Lean supply chain Members $1195, on-member: $1345 Online over 12 weeks SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) $1135 for members (student membership is $125), $1970 for non-members Requires portfolio of experiences for review Must pass three hour, 150 question test ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Through Source: Web search 8
  10. 10. Several universities offer six sigma certificates All provide own certifications; none rely on professional organizations The University of Michigan Offers self-paced online course for $6000 through the Center for Professional Development Includes MiniTab statistical software and Implementing Six Sigma text book San Diego State University Offers a four week course covering lean and six sigma through SDSU Extended Studies $8495 fee Colorado University Offers online course for $6509 through continuing studies Arizona State University Awarded through Department of Industrial Engineering and Interdisciplinary Committee on Statistics Requires five courses: DOE, Regression, SPC, Six Sigma Methodology, and Six Sigma Capstone (project) Cal State East Bay Self-paced, online through Gatlin Education Services $2495 Source: Web search 9
  11. 11. Several universities offer lean certificates All provide own certifications; none rely on professional organizations Brigham Young University Offers combined lean six sigma certificate On-site $3500 University of Michigan On-site Many courses: lean manufacturing (10 days), supply chain, product process development, office, etc. Cal State East Bay Online through Gatlin Education Services $1495 Source: Web search 10
  12. 12. SJSU Requirements for a Green Belt Certification Completion of ISE 250 - Leading the Six Sigma Improvement Project with a grade of B or better. 19 students completed Certificate Successfully in Spring 08 11
  13. 13. SJSU Requirements for a Black Belt Certification Completion of the following courses with a B or better: ISE 202 – Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments ISE 235 - Quality Assurance and Reliability ISE 250 - Leading the Six Sigma Improvement Project** ISE 251 - Orchestrating the Lean Enterprise Improvement Program** Completion of real-world projects in ISE 202 and ISE 250. A joint project can be completed if a student enrolls in ISE 202 and ISE 250 concurrently. Completion of an open book exit exam with a passing grade of 75%. Satisfaction of a Probability and Statistics Prerequisite, such as ISE 130 or its equivalent. Requirements for a MS ISE Degree in the Specialty Area Production and Quality Assurance built into Black Belt Certificate **Courses Modified Significantly 12
  14. 14. ISE 202 – Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments Description Review of statistical inference and tests of hypotheses. Introduction to analysis of variance and covariance. Theory and applications of experimental designs for engineering problems. Random and systematic designs. Randomized blocks. Latin squares. Factorial and fractional factorial designs. Taguchi methods. Prerequisite: ISE 130. 13
  15. 15. ISE 235 - Quality Assurance and Reliability Description Selection of adequate variables to monitor a manufacturing/service process; quality improvement through process design, vendor management, customer feedback and product development; use of statistical control charts, the Pareto principle, PDCA, process capability; design for reliability, statistical techniques for analysis of reliability and reliability growth. Prerequisite: ISE 130 (or equivalent). 14
  16. 16. ISE 250 - Leading the Six Sigma Improvement Project Description Improvement projects are critical. Covers Six Sigma methodology, problem-solving tools to improve cost, quality, time and variability. Management of projects, teams, change, and benchmarking; root cause problem solving, and implementation effectiveness. Practical experience through course project. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. 15
  17. 17. ISE 251 - Orchestrating the Lean Enterprise Improvement Program Description The elements of an effective organizational improvement program composed of multiple projects. Covers capabilities-based strategy; dimensions of performance such as cost, quality and time; when to use Six Sigma, Lean, Theory of Constraints and Reengineering. Prerequisite: Instructor consent. 16
  18. 18. Certificate of Completion Green Belt Certification This certificate is awarded to Yasser Dessouky In recognition of completing the Green Belt certification requirements through the Industrial & Systems Engineering Department at San José State University Dr. Baruch Saeed Instructor Dr. Louis Freund, Chair—Industrial & Systems Engineering 17