Six Sigma


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Six Sigma

  1. 1. Institute of Industrial Mission: Engineers The Mission of the Detroit Chapter is to promote the advancement of Chapter 47 Industrial Engineering by providing NEWSLETTER professional development information and resources to our Detroit, Michigan customers. Volume 45, No. 3 June and July, 2001 Visit us on the web http:// 2001 Officers President Tuesday, June 19th Vito Wasniewski, INFOnetics (248) 372-4855 Executive Co-V.P.’s Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Tej Jhamb, Budd Company (248) 619-2642 - Why did The Budd Company decide to pursue Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma approach? Jayant Trewn, Lason Systems (248) 526-1800 - How was the “The Budd Production System” developed ? - See photographic examples of the Budd Production System implementation. Program Co-V.P.’s Bob Fitzgerald, General Motors (810) 947-4658 Speaker: Kirk Fink, Division Manager of Continuous Improvement Matt Fahnestock, Ernst & Young Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 (313) 337-5776 Time: 5:30 pm registration begins Bob Inman, GM R&D Center 6:00 - 7:30 pm presentation (810) 986-0932 Location: Located at 1850 Research Drive, Troy (east of Stephenson Hwy and Newsletter Editor V.P. Ron Brzuch, Ford north of Maple Road). Enter from Maple Road only. (313) 337-8385 See map on page 4. Public Relations V.P. Constraints: No cameras. Limited attendance to 30. This is not a plant tour. Crystal Rogers, General Motors Cost: No cost. Pizza and refreshments will be served. (248) 753-8724 RSVP: by June 14th, to our IIE VOICEMAIL (313) 438-0205. Webmaster V.P. Carolyn Nguyen, General Motors (313) 667-9120 Advertising V.P. Sunday, July 22nd Greg Andrysiak, TRW Inc. (248) 442-8607 Sunday Afternoon Golf Outing E-Mail V.P. Dean Pyers, General Motors (810) 575-0683 at Sylvan Glen Municipal Golf Course in Troy Development V.P. - It doesn’t matter how proficient are you in golf! Bijay Nayak, AAM - Come by yourself to join a foursome. Bring a friend. All are welcome! (248) 299-6400 - See Sylvan Glen on the web at Membership V.P. Vinod Chauhan, Visteon (810) 466-9598 Date: Sunday July 22, 2001 Tee Time: Contact Vito Wasniewski for details at 248-372-4855 Finance V.P. Doug Rogers, General Motors Location: 5725 Rochester Road (248) 696-3865 Corner of Rochester Road and Square Lake Road in Troy Administration V.P. See map on page 8. TBD RSVP: by July 16th Affiliate Council V.P. Saeed Ahmad, Mobility Tech Center (810) 574-6483 University Liaison V.P. TABLE OF CONTENTS Rich Anderson, Daimler-Chrysler (810) 497-1328 Chapter President’s Message ......2 June Meeting Notice…….…… 4/5 Student Chapters Upcoming Meetings .....................2 July Meeting Notice……….……. 5 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Shane Henderson [advisor] - (734) 763-3459 Chapter Activity Report ...........… 3 Membership Report .....................6 University of Michigan - Dearborn Membership Activities .................3 Career Development ....................6 Munna Kacchal (a dvisor) - (313) 593-5053 Wayne State University Additional Maps for Meetings.......8 Leslie Monplaisir [advisor] - (313) 875-3412 June/July, 2001 1
  2. 2. Chapter President’s Message website has a new look. We have a full schedule of programs and plant tours. Our quality surveys continually by Vito Wasniewski tell us what we are doing right, and what our members want out of the local chapter. With additional support What’s Up in the BIG D? (Dallas!!) from the national organization each member should realize increased value and benefit from their IIE Something is going at IIE. I attended the membership. national conference in Dallas, and its important to note that change is in the Please contact me if you have any suggestions on how the air. The presentations were great. The chapter can be improved or questions about the many people were interesting. And there is a programs mentioned above. Please check the website at desire at the national level for the www.iiedetroit.or g and send an email or call me directly. society to better serve everyone’s needs – members, chapters, and the Lastly, I want to thank all of those that attended the profession. conference from Detroit. It’s always great to meet others from your home when you are away for a few days. By attending various events at the conference I learned about several initiatives that are being undertaken to achieve the goals that were stated above. The areas that are being developed are: Up Coming Meetings IT Systems Improvements for members Chapter Self-service August—The Harbour Report Web-site redesign Jim Harbour, at the Gazebo. The date of this Solutions website meeting will be set soon after the world renown Society Communications to members yearly automotive productivity report is published. eBrief newsletter Encourage Lifelong Learning of members Mindbuilder – "Live" seminars on the web September 11, Budd Stamping Plant Tour & Digiscript – virtual library of seminars Lean Manufacturing Presentation Self-study - Interactive web-training No cameras, limited attendance to 30, lunch is Open Access Forum for all members provided. 12141 Charlevoix Avenue, Detroit (West FREE signup for IE networking communities of Conner and South of Mack Avenue). Next to DC (these used to be $25 each) Jeep Assembly Plant. Introduction 11:30 am, Encourage Professional Registration followed by plant tour and winding up with a Lean Encourage International membership Manufacturing presentation. Leverage sister societies – i.e. SAVE October 9, Joint Meeting with SAVE Int’l While the above initiatives focus on providing value to Stay tuned for a joint meeting between the Detroit members – NOW! It was often heard that the Institute Chapter IIE and the Greater Michigan Chapter of will do more to "promote the accomplishments of IIE SAVE International (SAVE is devoted to the members." Basically, let people know that IE’s do a lot advancement and promotion of Value Engineering for industry, society, and people. (VE) in the management of business & government. Marlin Thomas, the new president of IIE (and a former November, Project of the Year from PMI - The resident of Michigan and graduate from the University of Michigan) provided some context for the above Visteon Transition improvements. Operationally there were many The Great Lakes Chapter of Project Management improvements (structure of the board, the society’s Institute (PMI) is proud to announce that Decision constitution, systems, etc.) these were much to exciting in Consultants, Inc. has earned chapter- level Project of this column. Marlin’s most significant goal this year is to the Year honors for the Visteon Transition Project. grow membership by 15%. Through growth, IIE will be better able to serve all of us. December, Inauguration and Holiday Party I believe that the Detroit chapter has started this year with the same spirit of change to serve its membership. Our June/July, 2001 March/April, 2000 2 2 Institute of Industrial Industrial Engineers Newsletter Metro Detroit, Institute of Engineers Newsletter Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  3. 3. Chapter Activity Report Automotive Products Group. by Dr. Bijay Nayak February 2001 IIE Solutions: Professors Mayuram Krishnan and Judith Olson of the University of The IIE Detroit Chapter held 6 Board of Directors Michigan collaborated on a project to find that close meetings since January 2001. quarters can double productivity. The Program Committee organized following interesting programs in April and May 2001: Did you see who was at the IIE International Conference in Dallas? Thanks to Dean Pyers for the photographs. 1. Material Engineering Logistics – Using Static & Dynamic Simulation, by R. Stephen Milley and Jeffrey Liss on April 19, 2001. 2. Quality and Effective Problem Solv ing for the New Millennium, by Christopher P. LaMothe from General Motors on May 22, 2001. The Program Committee has organized a joint chapter meeting with Society of American Value Engineers (SAVE), Greater Michigan Chapter in October 2001. The details of topic and venue will be available in due course. At the Banquet Hall are Swatantra Kachhal, Marlin Thomas Tej Jhamb, Executive Vice President raised $ 2305 (incoming IIE President, native of Monroe Michigan and graduate charitable funds through Arya Samaj Greater Detroit of UM Dearborn), Vito Wasniewski, Dave Sharma (Parkdale Michigan to donate to earthquake victims in India in Pharmaceuticals in Rochester) and Dean Pyers. March 2001 which shows great commitment of IIE Detroit Chapter to community services. IIE International Conference 2001 was attended by Vito Wasniewski, Dean Pyers and many o ther IIE Detroit Chapter members in May 2001. Vito Wasniewski also attended Leadership Training Workshop during the conference. Overall April and May 2001 were hectic months full of activities for IIE Detroit Chapter members. Finally if you have any news items of note, things such as member promotions, activities, awards, publications, or projects of interest to the general membership, please Enjoying the opening night reception at Eddie Deen's Ranch in contact Dr. Bijay Nayak at Phone : 248-299-6400, Fax : downtown Dallas. 248-475-4663, E-mail : Attendees saw unusual spectator sports, like Armadillo Racing. Membership Activities May 2001 IIE Solutions: Detroit Chapter honors two Seen in Dallas at the 2001 IIE Solutions Conference: members. Richard Krasnow was given the chapter’s Distinguished Service Award and Andrea Lechowicz Lusine Baghdasaryan Dr. Charu Chandra received the chapter’s annual Irv Otis Scholarship. Ron Crabtree Dr. Munna Kachhal Don Lee Jingshan Li March 2001 IIE Solutions: U of M - Ann Arbor, named Dean Pyers Gurdev Sharma Lawrence M. Seiford, Ph.D., chairman of industrial Vito Wasniewski and operations engineering. Foamex International Inc. selected Ronald Phillips as VP of sales for its Will we see you in Orlando in May, 2002? June/July, 2001 March/April, 2000 3 3 Institute of Institute ofEngineers Newsletter Newsletter Metro Detroit, Industrial Industrial Engineers Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  4. 4. June/July, 2001 March/April, 2000 4 4 Institute ofInstitute ofEngineers NewsletterNewsletter Metro Detroit, Industrial Industrial Engineers Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  5. 5. Tuesday, June 19th Sunday July 22nd Six Sigma & Lean Sunday Afternoon Manufacturing Golf Outing at Sylvan Glen Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing Enjoy a day in the sun. Come by yourself and join a Budd Company, Plastics Division foursome or bring your friends. Contact Vito Was- niewski at 248-372-4855 for tee times and details. No cameras, limited attendance to 30. Sylvan Glen Municipal Golf Course on the web at Located at 1850 Research Drive, Troy (east of Ste- phenson Hwy and north of Maple Road). Enter from Maple only. See map on opposite page. Greens and Rental Fees The presenter is Kirk Fink, with 20 years experience Weekend Greens Fees: in both consumer goods and automotive, currently 18 holes - resident $19.00 the Division Manager of Continuous Improvement. 18 holes - nonresident 27.00 18 holes - Senior 14.00 9 holes - resident 13.00 1. Introductions 9 holes - nonresident 17.00 9 holes - Senior 10.00 2. Why did The Budd Company decide to pur- Rentals sue Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma ap- 18 holes - electric/gas car $26.00 proach Seniors 18.00 9 holes - electric/gas car 16.00 3. How was the “The Budd Production System” Seniors 11.00 developed Pull carts 2.50 Clubs 5.00 4. What is The Budd Production System Lockers - daily 2.00 Lockers - yearly 40.00 5. Implementation of The Budd Production Sys- Outing surcharge $1.00 tem at the Plastics Division 6. Photographic examples of the Budd Produc- tion System implementation - 5S / Visual Factory Management - Single Minute Exchange of Dies - Kaizen Events - Six Sigma Project 7. Outcome of the implementation at Plastics Di- vision (Lean Measurable) 8. Lessons Learned 9. Questions and Answers June/July, 2001 March/April, 2000 5 5 Institute ofInstitute ofEngineers NewsletterNewsletter Metro Detroit, Industrial Industrial Engineers Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  6. 6. -- Additional Facilities: Travel (25-30%) to other company fa- Membership Report cilities to study processes and facilities, and recommend changes 4/01/2001- 6/01/2001 as needed. Extend the successful improvements implemented at the main plan to other facilities. NEW MEMBERS BACKGROUND AND EXPERIENCE: Mr. Christopher J. Miller Mr. Ronald S. Crabtree Mr. David A. Howey Mr. Brian V. Klear Education: BS in Industrial Engineering or BS/BA and 10 years Mr. Daniel L. Rolka Mr. Henry Scheil Industrial Engineering experience. Mrs. Alicia L. Smith Mr. Ivan J. Streeten Experience, Knowledge and Skills: 5 years IE experience (10 TRANSFERS INTO THIS CHAPTER years if not a BSIE). Experience performing Industrial Engineer- ing functions in an aircraft assembly line environment. Strongly Mr. Bhaskar Parameswaran FROM: Univ. of Texas El Paso prefer that experience has been obtained working in an aircraft Mr. Saed M. Salhieh FROM: Wayne State University maintenance facility studying work flow, scheduling, and plan- Mr. Chad L. Shaffer FROM: University of Michigan ning and their relationship to contractual requirements and per- Ms. Angela K. Slayton FROM: University of Michigan formance. Candidate must have capability to analyze aircraft Ms. Carie A. Smith FROM: Philadelphia (PA) hangar operations to determine if efficiencies can be gained in aircraft movement, station layout, material flow, planning proc- esses, or functional testing. Career Development CONTACT: Denise Messenger =================== Phone: 949-253-3522 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Fax: 949-474-2204 A well-established provider of maintenance, repair, and over- haul (MRO) services in the aerospace industry intends to hire =================== an Industrial Engineer [IE] to increase efficiencies in their three plants. The IE will report to the Vice President of Engineering, Have an immediate need for two Industrial Engineers with flow and will be based in the Southeast, with occasional travel to study experience in material handling. Due to the confidentiality other facilities. The company is at the vanguard of the industry, required all the info I can give you is a major material handling providing high quality, affordable, and timely service for both co. in Grand Rapids, classic I.E. work, layouts, flow studies etc. military and commercial aircraft. and the range, 70-80k, three to five years experience. Find out more by visiting our website, PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES: and calling me direct at 360-474-0122. Thank you for your kind response, this is a major opportunity that should not be over- The IE must produce the following critical actions and results: looked. Sincerely, -- Assessment: Develop a familiarity with facilities, functions, Mal Callan, VP Randolph and Associates and processes including considerable interaction with plant employees develop an understanding of the business. =================== -- Prioritization: Work with VP of Engineering and the VP of If any Chapter member would like to post a job opening or Operations to prioritize areas that warrant situation wanted, please contact: Greg Andrysiak at (248) further study. 442-8607, -- Investigation: Conduct a thorough investigation of prioritized areas to determine where efficiencies can be realized. -- Recommendations: Formalize observations and analyses into a report to senior management, and confer with senior management on recommended changes. -- Implementation: Manage the implementation of improve- ments, and continue to observe and fine tune changes. March/April, 2000 June/July, 2001 6 6 Institute of Institute ofEngineers Newsletter Newsletter Metro Detroit, Industrial Industrial Engineers Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  7. 7. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT THE MASTER'S DEGREE IN IIE Detroit Chapter 47 Members Can INFORMATION SYSTEMS and TECHNOLOGY Save Money With This Membership A joint program between Computer and In- Benefit formation Science (CIS) and Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (IMSE) College of Engineering & Computer Sci- ence Citizens Insurance Company, headquartered in Howell, Michigan, is providing special Designed for Working Professionals group discounts for auto and homeowners insurance to IIE members through a special Who is the degree targeted for? - Working professionals engaged in the development affiliation with ESD The Engineering Soci- and maintenance of effective and efficient large-scale ety of Detroit. Since the inception of this software systems, but requiring further training for their member benefit program in 1971, over current jobs. 18,000 policies have been written, which - Professionals who wish to retrain for new career direc- tions. clearly shows the success of the program! - Recent graduates who are preparing for a career in the software profession and require deeper understanding. Here is a summary of some of the special WHO IS ELIGIBLE? discounts that are available: Graduates of technical and non-technical four-year degree programs. (Non-technical degree graduates IIE Group Discounts Auto discount .....10% are required to take some additional courses.) Homeowner’s Discount .....20% "200,000 new Information Technology professionals Multi-Policy Discount .....take an additional 10% dis- will be required annually until at least 2005. This is count off both policies nearly a 100% increase over supply." (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, November 1997) New Home Discount ..... save up to 30%! Be an Information Technology Professional If certain qualifications are met much as an This new program will help you gain leading-edge additional 25% may be knowledge in the following areas: available! E-Commerce Enterprise Resource Planning We can also provide quotes for long term Supply Chain Management care insurance and for your classic antique Business Process Reengineering cars, trucks, boats, and motorcycles. Data Warehouse & Mining Design of Integrated Information Systems This program is administered by Hartland Full details, including course descriptions at: Insurance Group of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Call Hartland Insurance Group at 1-800- (313) 593-5361 FAX: (313) 593-3692 682-6881, or call you local Citizens agent Email: for a free, no-obligations quote. When call- ing, be sure to mention that you are a mem- University of Michigan - Dearborn ber of IIE so that the special discounts will 4901 Evergreen Road Dearborn, MI 48128-1491 be reflected in your quotes. ADVERTISEMENT March/April, 2000 June/July, 2001 7 7 Institute ofInstitute of Engineers Engineers Newsletter Metro Detroit, Industrial Industrial Newsletter Metro Detroit, Chapter 47 Chapter 47
  8. 8. Tuesday, June 19th Sunday, July 22nd Six Sigma & Lean Manufacturing Sunday Afternoon Golf Outing Budd Company, Plastics Division, Sylvan Glen Municipal Golf Course, 1850 Research Drive in Troy , MI 48083 5725 Rochester Road, Troy, MI (eas t of Stephenson Hwy and north of Maple Road) Corner of Roche ster Road and Square Lake Road Enter from Maple Road only. Institute of Industrial Engineers #47 c/o Ron Brzuch 7247 Almaden Court Canton, MI 48187 DATED MATERIAL