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  • 1. 6TH ANNUAL Don’t miss the exclusive case study from winners of SIX SIGMA the Best Achievement of Six Sigma in Manufacturing at the 2006 Global Six Sigma Awards EXCELLENCE – Lonmin Platinum! 27, 28, 29 February 2008 Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg Achieving Six Sigma Maturity Through Enterprise-wide Deployment And Process Improvement Attend This Conference And Learn Introducing Your Keynote Speakers And Round Table Panel Members: From Leading Organisations That Are Currently Benefiting From Successful Six Sigma Deployment: Sadiq Malik, Andre Booyzen, Business Development Director Master Black Belt, • Establish methods for gaining executive BCT GLOBAL LONMIN PLATINUM management buy-in for Six Sigma pre- and post-implementation Back By Popular Demand: • Create an effective implementation process by successfully integrating Six Sigma into the Ian Weir, Director: Process Integration Francien de Kock, Black Belt culture of your company and Six Sigma HONEYWELL • Learn how to sustain your Six Sigma STANDARD BANK initiative after the deployment phase for more effective processes Gary W Miller, Strategic Projects Leader ASPEN PHARMACARE LIMITED • Ensure you reduce waste and increase profits by utilising Six Sigma to its full Plus! Hear From This All New Speaker Panel: potential • Investigate the possibility of incorporating Richard Schuster, Adriaan du Plessis, Managing Director Deployment Champion: Six Sigma THINKING DIMENSIONS GROUP, Lean into your Six Sigma initiative for BARLOWORLD EQUIPMENT JURAN STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNER comprehensive process management • Identify deployment success factors to Ravin Pitamber, Alex La Ruffa, Black Belt ensure maximum Six Sigma execution Head of Six Sigma AFRICAN BANK GROUP 5 Sponsored By: Weldon Bond, Managing Director Dr Tony Gardener, Organisational IDEAS MANAGEMENT Process Development Manager: GTSS and former Director, NEDBANK SOUTH AFRICAN EXCELLENCE FOUNDATION Christiaan Taljaard, General Manager Salomon Erasmus SPECPAK (PTY) LTD Managing Director BMG SOUTH AFRICA Media Partner: Researched and Developed by: PLUS! PLUS! What Past Delegates Have Had to Say About IQPC’s previous Six Add real value to your organisation by Sigma Conferences: participating in: 10 exclusive case studies “Thank you for the opportunity to attend and thank you to all the people that 1 executive panel discussion shared their knowledge and experience” 1 rapid networking exchange Technology Manager, Sasol Technology 1 full day masterclass 1 speaker round table “This is the first Six Sigma exposure I’ve had and I loved it!” Production Superintendent, BCL Limited Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or 086 100 IQPC Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
  • 2. 6TH ANNUAL SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE Dear Business Improvement Specialist, Since Six Sigma was first developed at Motorola, this business philosophy has found countless new recruits in a variety of businesses across the world. South African companies have only recently adopted the programme with varied rates of success. However, South Africa’s burgeoning economy and the relentless competition between these organisations have led to a renewed effort to revitalise Six Sigma as a quality and process improvement initiative. This successful quality initiative is revolutionising not only manufacturing, its initial focus, but also service industries including outsourcing, financial services and telecommunications organisations. What are you doing to stay ahead of your competitors? Find out how you can improve your products and services by attending IQPC’s 6th ANNUAL SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE summit. Gain invaluable knowledge and advice from leading institutions in South Africa who are currently effectively deploying Six Sigma. Some of the leading minds in the Six Sigma industry will share with you best practices on how to… • …effectively gain buy-in from senior executives for your Six Sigma initiative • …positively manage change during the implementation phase • …utilise Six Sigma effectively to gain maximum value out of the methodology • …identify deployment success factors such as people, projects and infrastructure • …incorporate the Six Sigma philosophy into your existing company values Don’t be left behind! Attend this conference and actively engage with principal Six Sigma experts in South Africa. Hear their success stories and translate their achievements into your own company. Find out first-hand the challenges they faced when implementing Six Sigma and how they have managed a sustained deployment initiative. Diarise 27 -29 February 2008 and attend IQPC’s 6TH ANNUAL SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE summit. Take a look through the brochure for a detailed outline of what you can expect. I look forward to meeting you at the conference. PS Don’t m iss the full Six Sigma -day mast Kind Regards, ! Learn ho erclass on w to use S way to cre ate qualit ix Sigma in Design For understan y product an innova ding your s and serv tive customer ices by ’s expecta tions and needs! Hayley McLaren Project Manager IQPC South Africa 5 Reasons Why Six Sigma 2008 Gives You The Best Value For Your Marketing Spend: 1 You will have direct access to the most senior people in the industry; the key decision makers who are responsible for ensuring quality in their processes. 2 Your clients and your critical potential clients will be attending 6th Annual Six Sigma Excellence and this is the perfect chance to make yours the brand they remember. Be an early bird and book and 3 You will have the option of receiving a full participant list prior to the conference so that you can see exactly who is attending and target those who are specifically relevant to your pay before 12 November 2007 to business. receive R1000 off the full price 4 The exhibition area is strategically placed in the conference venue to enable maximum of the conference. To register interaction with all attendees. You will have full and prolonged exposure to this select audience. please fax Noxi Mshumpela on 5 Our focused and highly researched presentations will provide you with the in-depth +27 (0) 11 669 5069 knowledge of the industry to further your business, improve existing relationship and pursue new contacts. As 6th Annual Six Sigma Excellence is not a tradeshow, there will only be a limited number of opportunities available. To secure premium sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, call IQPC on +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or email: Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or 086 100 IQPC Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
  • 3. 6TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE DAY ONE SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE Wednesday, 27 February 2008 07:30 Early Morning Refreshments and Registration 12:15 Building The Business Case For Six Sigma: Gaining Buy-In From Management 08:30 Opening Remarks by Chairperson Sadiq is one of the pioneers of Six Sigma in South Weldon Bond, Managing Director Africa, having over 9 years experience in doing IDEAS MANAGEMENT and former Director, presentations and managing Six Sigma projects. SOUTH AFRICAN EXCELLENCE FOUNDATION Sadiq was trained by Motorola University on Six Sigma. His success is based on excelling at senior positions 08:45 Helping Black Belts To Succeed in Marketing, Sales, Operations and Training CASE STUDY Barloworld Equipment has 30 Black Belts, of which operations. He has participated in various business 10 are currently full-time in 6 Sigma. A successful developments and process reengineering projects in deployment depends on having productive, happy Europe, USA and Africa in both the service and Black Belts. In this session Richard Schuster will manufacturing domains. elaborate on how Barloworld manages Black Belts’ In this session he will cover the following: CASE STUDY careers and ensures that they achieve international • Realising the importance of Six Sigma buy-in to roll productivity benchmarks. Specifically, he will cover the out a successful company-wide initiative following: • Articulating your ROI: qualifying and quantifying • Managing Black Belts’ expectations the benefits you are looking for • The structure of a 6 Sigma deployment • Creating a plan for approaching management to • Project selection and coaching obtain Six Sigma buy-in • Measuring Black Belt performance Sadiq Malik Richard Shuster Director: Business Development Deployment Champion: Six Sigma BCT GLOBAL BARLOWORLD EQUIPMENT 13:00 Rapid Exchange Network 09:30 Assessing The Key Attributes And Roles Of Black Belts In Meet, network and exchange business cards with X CHANGE Process Management fellow delegates and speakers in IQPC’s exclusive, lively • Identifying mission critical functions of a Six networking session. In this revolutionary, quick fire format, Sigma champion ensuring they perform their you can meet every single delegate and core functions quicker and more efficiently exchange best practice and learning. Bring along CASE STUDY • Assessing the effect of process failure on your your business cards, this will be exciting! overall Six Sigma team to avoid disappointment and disillusionment 13:30 Lunch For Delegates and Speakers • Assigning appropriate tasks to appropriate teams: streamlining the Six Sigma implementation 14:30 Can We Create An “Ambidextrous Organization” Where process Six Sigma And Structured Innovation Coincide? Ian Weir Most companies are primarily focused on the preservation Director: Process Integration & Six Sigma of their current market strategies and this is achieved STANDARD BANK through the deployment and application of productivity and quality methodologies such as Process Management, 10:15 Sustaining Six Sigma And Getting Stakeholder Buy-In: Lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma and Continuous Design for What Top Management Wants To See Six Sigma. Ambidextrous Organisations have developed the In this exclusive panel discussion, a select board of key ability to balance their preservation and evolution priorities. decision-makers will participate in a dynamic They have found that a pure preservation strategy does CASE STUDY debate about the importance of Six Sigma not necessarily mean that their future existence is secure EXECUTIVE PANEL sponsorship from the top in order to improve buy-in as more and more competitors enter the market space with and sustainability of your project. By getting improved products and services. An evolutionary strategy insights from those leaders whose organisations have includes methodologies such as Discontinuous Design already implemented Six Sigma, as well as input from for Six Sigma, TRIZ and Structured Innovation. By combining senior executives who are yet to embark on a Six these two approaches an organisation will be able to Sigma roll-out (or have decided against it), these create new products and services followed by the individuals will enable you to gain an understanding development and improvement of new processes which will of a perspective from “the suits”. re-ignite the profitability curve. If you are a captain of industry and would like to During this presentation you will a better understanding of partake in this industry-defining session, please • Structured Innovation and contact Hayley McLaren on +27 (0) 11 669 5009 or • how to align this with your current Six Sigma email her on Deployment. Salomon Erasmus 11:00 Mid-Morning Refreshments Managing Director BMG SOUTH AFRICA 11:30 Determining The Need For Six Sigma As A Continuous Improvement Methodology By 15:15 Mid Afternoon Refreshments Analysing Your Company Needs • Examining whether your company can sustain a 15:30 Bouncing Back From Failure – Realising major culture change with the implementation of Success After Initial Six Sigma Collapse CASE STUDY Six Sigma • Understanding how and why the Six Sigma project CASE STUDY • assessing the challenges your company faces and failed initially and learning from your mistakes establishing the capability of Six Sigma in alleviating • Turning your deployment around by utilising new these problems methods to ensure future success • Understanding the purpose of Six Sigma when • Planning and mapping the turnaround for embarking on specific projects: Is this the right maximum Six Sigma exposure time to implement this initiative? Dr Tony Gardener Gary Miller Organisational Process Development Manager: GTSS Strategic Projects Leader NEDBANK ASPEN PHARMACARE LIMITED 16:15 Closing Remarks By Chairman 16:30 Close Of Day One Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or 086 100 IQPC Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
  • 4. 6TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE DAY TWO SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE Thursday, 28 February 2008 07:30 Early Morning Refreshments and Registration 13:15 Analysing Whether Process-Improvement Is Applicable For A Six Sigma Deployment 08:30 Opening Remarks by Chairperson • Understanding how process improvement can benefit Weldon Bond, Managing Director a Six Sigma initiative as much as other company CASE STUDY IDEAS MANAGEMENT and former Director, processes in your organisation SOUTH AFRICAN EXCELLENCE FOUNDATION • Improving opportunities within your organisation by systematically and objectively reviewing your Six Sigma 08:45 Integrating Six Sigma Into Your Company’s programme Business Strategy To Maximise Its Value • Recognising that fluctuation in the quality of a Six Sigma • Redesigning the business model of your deployment does not mean immediate failure of the CASE STUDY enterprise with the aim of yielding greater Six initiative Sigma results Ravin Pitamber • Using Six Sigma as the backbone for your Head of Six Sigma business strategy GROUP 5 CORPORATE AND BUSINESS SERVICES • Seeing Six Sigma as an integrated business process, not merely a methodology 14:00 Identifying Deployment Success Factors To Francien de Kock Ensure Maximum Six Sigma Execution Black Belt • Establishing long and short term strategies for HONEYWELL continued improvement of Six Sigma • Recognising the importance of timing in a Six 09:30 Achieving Total Performance Excellence By Sigma Project – calculating the right project at the PANEL DISCUSSION Incorporating Lean Into Six Sigma right time • Defining Lean Six Sigma: where do the two • Instituting rigorous reporting, analysing and CASE STUDY disciplines meet? measurement structures for effective Six Sigma • Assessing whether your company has the ability deployment to incorporate and sustain Lean and well as Six Sigma Panel Members • Mapping the implementation process of Lean Six • Ian Weir Sigma and Identifying what the benefits will be Director: Process Integration and Six Sigma Andre Booyzen STANDARD BANK Master Black Belt • Dr Tony Gardener LONMIN PLATINUM Organisational Process Development Manager: GTSS NEDBANK 10:15 Mid-Morning Refreshments • Christiaan Taljaard General Manager 10:45 Using Six Sigma To Position Yourself At The SPECPAK (PTY) LTD Forefront Of Delivery South African freight increasingly operates within 14:45 Mid Afternoon Refreshments a framework of constraints and opportunities determined by the global economic environment. 15:00 Achieving Customer Satisfaction Through Freight logistics is often troublesome and the Improved Business Processes: Disecting supply/demand structure is often demanding. In this Six Sigma’s True Value session, Christiaan Taljaard will detail how Specpak • Reviewing the movement of Six Sigma from a CASE STUDY CASE STUDY realised this problem in the timber industry, and how purely manufacturing environment to a they have used Six Sigma to ensure they remain at transactional one the forefront of their delivery services. This session • Using Six Sigma in sales and marketing to enhance will pay specific attention to the following: customer value and increase profits • Identifying the demand/ supply crisis in the • Improving collaboration between different timber industry departments to drive a customer-centric business • Avoiding customer dissatisfaction by realising Six Alex La Ruffa Sigma would help in timber freight services Black Belt • Growing the Six Sigma deployment initiative at AFRICAN BANK Specpak in order to continue growing the business Christiaan Taljaard 15:45 Exclusive Expert Speaker Round Table General Manager This is your opportunity to meet with the speakers in a one ROUND TABLE SPECPAK (PTY) LTD on one setting. Get to discuss and debate topical issues surrounding Six Sigma with the experts 11:30 Utilising Culture Change To Sustain Your Six • Sadiq Malik Sigma Project After Initial Deployment Success Business Development Manager • Creating employee enthusiasm for your project BCT GLOBAL and continuing the momentum • Andre Booyzen CASE STUDY • Examining why it is important that Six Sigma is not Senior Manager – Six Sigma and Operational Excellence a once-off project, but a continuous improvement process LONMIN PLATINUM • Getting continued support across business silo’s to fully realise Six Sigma benefits 16:30 Closing Remarks By Chairman Adriaan du Plessis Managing Director 16:45 Close of Day Two THINKING DIMENSIONS (PTY) LTD, JURAN STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNER WHO MUST ATTEND: 12:15 Lunch For Delegates and Speakers This conference has been researched and designed for senior level professionals and key decision makers from the Mining, Manufacturing, Retail and Service Industries. Those who will benefit greatly from attending this premier event include: • Six Sigma Professionals • Quality Managers • Continuous Improvement Managers • Business Strategy Managers • Process Engineers Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or 086 100 IQPC Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
  • 5. 6TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE DAY THREE SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE Friday, 29 February 2008 POST-CONFERENCE MASTERCLASS ABOUT OUR SPONSORS You have learnt all the theory, now learn how to put it into practice. IQPC’s NOVEL IDEA: invaluable workshops create a practical forum for lively interaction, discussion and Novel Idea is a leading provider of Six Sigma Business Improvement learning. Facilitated by leading industry experts, you will have the opportunity to Methodologies. Novel Idea deploys Six Sigma, in all size organisations. Novel address your personal challenges and be guided step-by-step in how to transform Idea’s business objective is to help organisations achieving their corporate your learning outcomes from the conference directly into your work environment. objectives through the successful deployment of Six Sigma as a leadership philosophy. Novel Idea’s offering is packaged in such a way that customers, that Full-Day Workshop Format: wish to internalise Six Sigma, can do so in the shortest possible cycle time. Novel Idea offers a fully integrated approach to Organisation Improvement with all 07:30 Registration tools, software, training, as well as process that follow a step by step approach to 08:30 Workshop Commences assist organisation to achieve the following benefits: Improvement, Conformance, 16:30 Workshop Ends Integration and Performance through Six Sigma as a leadership philosophy. Lunch, mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments will be served during the day. BMG: BMG helps clients increase shareholder value by developing high-performance teams, improving profitability and accelerating growth. We do this by engaging organizations in a business transformation process that moves them through the HOW TO PLAN YOUR SIX SIGMA DEPLOYMENT: critical stages of change. Some of the specific methodologies we use as part of A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO INTEGRATE SIX SIGMA any tailored solution include: Strategic Planning, Change Leadership, Lean, Six INTO YOUR ORGANISATION. Sigma, Design for Six Sigma, Innovation, and Supply Chain Management. As more and more companies are using the Six Sigma theory to improve As BMG’s reputation for smart, effective solutions has grown, so have the unique their products and services, the emphasis has been put on the planning traits that set us apart from the competition. These strengths continue to define that is built into the front-end of the deployment. For Six Sigma to prove a BMG as an industry leader in driving Performance Excellence as we help clients: valuable and productive initiative, there are a few factors that have to be • Transform their business by operationalising strategy analysed in order to gain the full value of Six Sigma. • Strengthen revenue growth • Bolster bottom-line financial performance In this practical workshop, you will understand how to: • Sharpen efficiencies * Identify the keys to designing your deployment • Engage their people * Understand which personnel could effectively staff your • Improve in-house problem-solving capabilities deployment • Accelerate product development * Gain buy-in from management to ensure Six Sigma SESSION 1 sustainability THINKING DIMENSIONS: * Create a flow of activities that will aid your change Thinking Dimensions Group is part of a global business improvement network with a difference. The international network extends abroad into Europe, USA, management. Australasia and the Middle East. * Integrate your Six Sigma initiative into the core value system of your business For the past seventeen years our vision has grown from a dedicated process * Monitor your progress to ensure Return On Investment consulting driving force to one which embraces a partnership with numerous (ROI) organisations to facilitate successful change interventions and business improvement. The emphasis is on interventions that work and produce positive MOVING BEYOND DMAIC INTO DESIGN FOR SIX SIGMA (DFSS) bottom line results. Most businesses are experiencing deep seated pain resulting from competitive DFSS is used to design or re-design a product or service from the ground pressure. As a result business seeks to implement initiatives to propel up. The expected process Sigma level for a DFSS product or service organisations and people into a new era of business improvement and renewal. is at least 4.5 (no more than approximately 1 defect per thousand opportunities), but can be 6 Sigma or higher depending the product. The strategic intent is to provide business improvement and thinking technology Producing such a low defect level from the product or service launch that will transform diverse individuals into a formidable improvement minded means that customer expectations and needs (CTQs) must be completely workforce. understood before a design can be completed and implemented. There are a number of methods to implement DFSS in your company, one example being DMADV, which is defined as: Define, Measure, Analyze, Design and Verify. In this full-day Masterclass, you will be taken through the step-by-step ABOUT IQPC process of how to tailor a Design For Six Sigma approach to suit your IQPC provides business executives around the world with tailored and practical business needs: conferences, large scale events, topical seminars and in-house training • Learn how to overcome internal resistance to Design For programmes, keeping them up-to-date with industry trends, technological Six Sigma developments and the regulatory landscape. IQPC’s large scale conferences are market-leading “must attend” events for their respective industries. IQPC • Utilise DFSS principles while still maintaining an element SESSION 2 produces more than 1,500 events annually around the world, and continues to of innovation to gain a competitive edge grow. Founded in 1973, IQPC now has offices across six continents including • Learn how to translate VOC (Voice Of Customer) into the major cities such as: Berlin, Dubai, Johannesburg, London, Madrid, New York, design process to achieve a truly individual product scope Sau Paulo, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto. IQPC leverages a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivalled portfolio of conferences Tilla van der Walt and training events. Director NOVEL IDEA Register Today! Call +27 (0) 11 669 5000 or 086 100 IQPC Fax +27 (0) 11 669 5069
  • 6. 6TH ANNUAL SIX SIGMA EXCELLENCE 27, 28, 29 February 2008 Gallagher Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa EASY PAYMENT METHODS BY CHEQUE, DIRECT DEPOSIT OR CREDIT CARD: 3 Easy Ways To Register Please contact us for International Quality & Productivity Centre, Standard Bank, Randburg Branch, Fax your registration form more information Code 01-80-05, Account #: 021616299, IBAN #: 01800590  to +27 (0)11 669 5069 Phone +27 (0)11 669 5000 Online  or 086 100 IQPC   E-mail or  Post Private Bag X10009 Sandton, 2146 TERMS AND CONDITIONS Accepted applications to attend the IQPC conference or training course (“Event”) are in every case subject to these terms and conditions: Payment Terms - Payment is due in full upon completion and return of the registration form. Due to limited conference space we advise early registration and payment by credit card to avoid disappointment. Admission to the conference will be refused if payment has not been received. Views of Speakers at any Conference or Training Course – are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of IQPC, its employees, agents or contractors. Delegate Substitutions - Provided the fee has been paid in full, within the time frame as per our terms and conditions, substitutions at no extra charge can be made up to 10 working days, before the start of the Event. (Send notification for any such changes in writing for the attention of the Customer Services Director at Delegate Cancellations – must be received by IQPC in writing and must be addressed to the Please do not remove this label even if it is not addressed to you Customer Services Director at REFERENCE CODE: 32.5 PDFW • ancellations received 10 working days before Event start-date, entitle the canceling c delegate to a full credit of amounts (credit to attend future event – not refund monies) paid to date of cancellation which may only be redeemed against the cost of any future IQPC Event, within one year from date of such cancellation; DELEGATE RATES • ny cancellations received less than 10 working days before the Event start-date, do not a entitle the canceling delegate to any refund or credit note and the full fee must be paid; • on attendance without written cancellation, the Customer Services Director at n, is treated as a cancellation with no entitlement to any refund BOOK AND or credit. PAY BEFORE STANDARD Speaker Changes - Occasionally it is necessary for reasons beyond our control to alter the content and timing of the program or the identity of the speakers. 12 November 2007 • f IQPC cancels an Event, delegate payments at the date of cancellation will be credited to a I future IQPC Event (such credit is available for up to one year from the date of cancellation). If IQPC postpones an Event, delegate payments at the postponement date will be credited towards the rescheduled Event. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled Event, R7 999.00 R8999.00 the delegate will receive a full credit of amounts paid up to the date of postponement which Conference Only + VAT may only be redeemed against the cost of any future IQPC Event (and such credit will be + VAT available for one year from the date of postponement). No cash refunds whatsoever are available for cancellations or postponements. Indemnity - IQPC is absolved from and indemnified against any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration or cancellation/postponement of an Event arising from any cause Conference + R10 999.00 R11999.00 whatsoever, including, without limitation, any fortuitous event, Act of God, unforeseen occurrence or any other event that renders performance of the Event impracticable or impossible. A Full Day Workshop + VAT + VAT “fortuitous event” includes, but is not limited to, war, fire, flood, riot, industrial action, extreme weather or other emergency. Warranty of Authority - The signatory warrants that he/she has the authority to sign this Application and agrees to be personally liable to IQPC for payments falling due pursuant thereto Workshop R3499.00 R3999.00 should such warranty be breached. Only + VAT + VAT APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS Credit Card Details I acknowledge that I have read, understood and accept the programme and Terms and Conditions (including Payment Terms) and hereby apply for registration on behalf of myself (if a single delegate) or on behalf of the undermentioned organisation which I am PLEASE CHARGE: American Express Bankcard Visa Mastercard Diners Club duly authorised to represent. Name: ________________________________________________________________________ CREDIT CARD NUMBER: Name of Organisation: ___________________________________________________________ CCV CODE: EXPIRY DATE: Job Title (Specific):_______________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________ NAME OF CARD HOLDER (PLEASE PRINT) Date: __________________________________________________________________________ Signature: ______________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF CARD HOLDER: (Where organistaion sends deligate/s and is responsible for payment of conference/course fee*) TO SECURE YOUR PLACE AT THIS COURSE - PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: Company Name VAT # Postal Address Telephone # Fax # E-mail Address Purchase Order Number Where did you hear about this event? E-mail Post Fax Internet Magazine other Title Delegate Name Designation E-mail Cell # 1 Yes, please update me with relevant information 2 Yes, please update me with relevant information 3 Yes, please update me with relevant information 4 Yes, please update me with relevant information 5 Yes, please update me with relevant information Copyright 2007 IQPC. All Rights Reserved. The format, design, content and arrangement of this brochure constitute a trademark of IQPC. Unauthorised reproduction will be actionable under South African Law. Company VAT Registration No. 4160202919