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Six Sigma

  1. 1. Six Sigma for Software Development Information Technology Research Associates, Proudly Presents our N ew rd S i 3 Annual Conference On a r e D e v e l o p m e n t A x Sigma for Softw ge nd Six Sigma a an Six Sigma for Software Development d Sp ea ke rs S i x S i g m a ffor S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p m e n t or Software ! Six Sigma for Software Development Development Six Sigma for Software Development Six Sigma for Software Development Ensure business continuity – take your software development October 6-7, 2004 projects to the Six Sigma level of perfection and quality! Six Sigma for Software Development The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Fresh topics and speakers this year to help you develop successful Six Sigma initiative! Six Sigma for Software Development • • Leveraging CMMI and other best practices together with Six Sigma Understanding and incorporating the Voice of the Customer • Getting the most from DFSS and DMAIC for software Six Sigma for Software Development • • Incorporating and managing software inspections and containing defects Deploying world-class Six Sigma training S i ToSRegister:f o r S o f t w a r e D e v e l o p m e n t x igma • Plus: A roundtable discussion with aerospace/government and commercial Six Sigma practitioners • And much more! S i x S i g m a f o r Case fStudies from the Expertsl o p m e n t So tware Deve Call 800-280-8440 or visit us at Six Sigma for Software Development Engenio Information Technologies, Inc. IDX Corporation Lockheed Martin Integrated Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Pershing LLC Raytheon Company Systems & Solutions Six Sigma Advantage Six Sigma for Software Development Motorola University Wipro Technologies Six Sigma for Software Development Conference Sponsor Six Sigma for Software Development Recommended Online Resource Official Publications and Media Partners Six Sigma for Software Development The Software Quality Internet. It’s all about Quality.
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, and cost-effective precedented quality the oppo rtunit y to achieve un d waste but will ult imately are companies with dollars in rework an ix Sigma provides so ftw anies thousands of ll not only save comp S developme ensure busines nt measures that wi s continuity. ny ar eas of manufacturin g for the past twen ty years, only cts. More and ed successfully in ma gy to software proje Although Six Sigma has been us to ap plying the methodolo mline figures ze the advantages ically improve botto anies begun to reali a means to dramat recently have comp ftware industry as embraced by the so e Development, more , Six Sigma is being . Sigma for Softwar in these harried times t our third annual Six and stay profitable s is proud to presen Research Associate Infor mation Technology San Francisco, CA. October 6-7, 20 04 in you how to: ining nference will teach lass Six Sigma tra This dynamic, two-day co gether • Deploy world-c project d other best practic es to a forecast tools in • Leverage CMMI an • Utilize Six Sigm with Six Sigma management software e Customer between DFSS and tand and incorp orate the Voice of th • Explore the link • Unders ections and ering age software insp requirement engine • In corporate and man se studies! contain defects , “in the trenches” ca the form of 10 hard-hitting home information in with practical, take- PLUS: This conference is packed ’s forum will not on ly nferences, this year Sigma for Softw are Development co y already have in pla ce with the ess of our last Six ing process you ma rs — as well as Building on the succ t also focus specifically on bridg ies and fresh speake st of that event, bu practical case stud bring you the be ted agenda including Sigma. With an upda to miss this conferen ce! and discussion. im plementation of Six s — you won’t want rpose of education the top speakers fro m past forum inten ded solely for the pu e enjoy, discuss ment conference is or services, so pleas The Six Sigma fo r Software Develop en dorse any products does not market or search Associates Inform ation Technology Re h.asp. and learn. 800-280-8440 or register online at ww Register today! Call Sincerely, erence Director April Johnson, Conf C CH ASSOCIATES LL ix Sigma FINANCIAL RESEAR t and commercial S ussion with aerospace/governmen citing roundtable disc P.S . Don’t miss the ex y. cond da practitioners on the se The iSixSigma Software Portal: It’s All About Quality. ■ Articles ■ Newsletters Learn about the methodology that’s ■ Dictionary ■ Merchandise transforming businesses around the world. ■ Directory the Internet’s ■ Events Calendar Sign up for our FREE newsletter and begin applying Six Sigma most popular Quality ■ Jobs/Careers discussion forum! in Software & IT today. ■ News The Software Quality Internet. It’s all about Quality. To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  3. 3. Wednesday, October 6th, 2004 11:10 – 11:55 Case The Story of IDX Flowcast V3.0: Inception, Study 7:30 Deployment and Beyond Conference Registration and Continental Breakfast; Exhibits Open By leveraging the Six Sigma Methodology, the development and deployment of this innovative product have shown impressive 9:00 – 9:15 improvements. The application of Six Sigma to Software Development to improve Feature Selection and Code Stability and the corresponding Chairperson’s Welcome impact on Product Support Costs, are all exciting accomplishments that Conference Chair: support Flowcast's ability to ensure continued customer success. Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis Initiative, Software Engineering Institute Speakers: CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY Shelly Ann Denoon, Six Sigma Blackbelt IDX FLOWCAST 9:15 – 10:00 Dan McKibben, Six Sigma Master Blackbelt Bridging the Gap Between Six Sigma Training and Process IDX IMAGECAST Model Deployment In pursuit of higher maturity, many organizations repair and stabilize their 12:00 – 12:30 engineering, development, and support processes yet falter when it Technology Showcase comes to modeling and predicting process, project, and product Vendors of tools for comparing data sets, creating spreadsheet performance and relating improvements to business value. Many never simulations, developing quality control charts, etc. will give go beyond the “model-as-checklist” mentality. One solution to this is Six presentations about the features and benefits of their products, Sigma—a robust approach for augmenting an organization’s allowing attendees to see how they use currently available technology improvement models and best practices, whatever the maturity goal. to enhance Six Sigma-based software development projects. Across an enterprise, Six Sigma provides philosophies, frameworks, and To join this showcase, please contact Ryan Esslinger at analytical tools, and trains people to use them. 704-889-1298 or But how does a software, systems, or IT organization ensure that its process improvement implementers, those who are typically experts in 12:30 - Luncheon; Exhibits Open the models, are also savvy users of data? How does it ensure that its cadre of “belts” are not constantly “reinventing the wheel” present in 1:30 – 2:15 Case the body of knowledge of proven process models? One answer is to Study Six Sigma Forecasting Tools: Making the Practical integrate process model knowledge and domain-specific examples into Link with Project Management the “traditional Six Sigma” curriculum. This presentation will provide an Six Sigma makes use of two kinds of tools that can work well overview of a training curriculum that infuses CMMI, Goal-Question- together in strengthening project forecasts. The first, Monte Carlo Indicator-Metric, and other domain best practices within the Six Sigma forecasting, characterizes the shape of the variation around key framework. Overviews of the curriculum case studies will be shared, estimate inputs, using that to forecast probabilistic results. This thereby also providing an overview of Six Sigma itself. approach can work well when applied from the ‘bottom up’ to the critical path tasks in a project’s work breakdown structure. The Speakers: second method, regression model building, uses historic data to map Gary Gack, Managing Partner predictor variables (known at the outset of a project) and forecast SIX SIGMA ADVANTAGE, INC. variables (like duration, effort, and released quality). Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis This presentation uses case study data to describe the practical use Initiative, Software Engineering Institute of each of those approaches. Project managers will see how the CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY tools can work together, in concert with their ‘experience based’ estimates, to triangulate on an overall best forecast. 10:05 – 10:50 Case David Hallowell, MBB, MS Statistics, CTO Study SIX SIGMA ADVANTAGE, INC. Lessons Learned in Deploying World-Class Six Sigma Training 2:20 – 3:05 Case As both Six Sigma concepts and industry's adoption of Six Sigma Study concepts dramatically increase, the lessons learned related to successful, Pershing Case Study on DMAIC world class deployment of Six Sigma training become literally business Speakers: critical. This talk will focus on lessons learned in the past year including Pankaj Sharma, Assistant Vice President internally-developed training, contracted development of training, BB PERSHING LLC certification testing and different delivery experiences - including the use A BNY Securities Group Co. of elearning and internal and external instructors. Rishi Agrawal, Technology Product Manager Robert W. Stoddard, Software Reliability Engineering Manager, PERSHING LLC Personal Communications Sector A BNY Securities Group Co. MOTOROLA UNIVERSITY 3:10 - Refreshment Break; Exhibits Open 10:55 - Refreshment Break; Exhibits Open To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  4. 4. 3:25 – 4:10 Case 9:20 – 9:50 Northrop Grumman Case Study: Integrating Study Using Six Sigma to Accelerate the Adoption of CMMI for Quality Initiatives Optimal Results Northrop Grumman Mission Systems has implemented an integrated Better. Faster. Cheaper. While typically applied to the product development series of quality initiatives to improve their engineering and life cycle, these criteria also pertain to process improvement efforts. management processes. This presentation will discuss their Recently, the Carnegie Mellon“ Software Engineering Institute (SEI) approach to implementing a widespread Six Sigma program, and its funded a project to explore if and how Six Sigma enables the adoption of connections to their ISO, CMMI, and Mission Assurance processes. software, systems, and IT improvement models and practices. The study In the past three years, the company has trained over 3000 Green sought to ascertain if Six Sigma, used in combination with improvement Belts and 150 Black Belts, and has completed over 800 Six Sigma practices, can result in better selections of improvement practices and projects. The material discusses a wide range of engineering projects, accelerated implementation of selected improvements, and more problems that can be addressed by Six Sigma, and identifies the valid measurements of success. challenges and ways of overcoming them. The use of Six Sigma to The SEI gathered survey, case study, and publication data to study rapidly achieve CMMI Levels 4 and 5 will be highlighted. the joint implementation of Six Sigma and improvement models or practices such as (but not limited to) the SEI’s CMMI models, the Speaker: Information Technology Infrastructure Library, Control Objectives for Rick Hefner, Ph.D., Director, Process Initiative Information and related Technology, and Architectural Tradeoff Analysis NORTHROP GRUMMAN MISSION SYSTEMS Methods. This presentation highlights project results and key successes 4:15 – 4:30 from several case studies and describes how your organization can apply these learnings to accelerate your improvement effort. Day One Conclusions and Summary Conference Chair: Speaker: Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis Initiative, Software Engineering Institute Initiative, Software Engineering Institute CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY Day One Concludes 9:55 – 10:55 Roundtable Discussion with Aerospace/Government and Commercial Six Sigma Practitioners Panelists will share their organization’s integrated approach to Six Thursday, October 7th, 2004 Sigma (DMAIC, DFSS, or Lean) and their selected improvement models (CMMI, ISO, and others) and how this integration has 8:00 contributed to performance improvements and bottom-line benefits. Continental Breakfast; Exhibits Open Overviews of case examples will be shared. Moderator: 8:30 – 9:15 Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis Exploring the Link Between DFSS and Software Requirement Initiative, Software Engineering Institute Engineering: An Evolutionary Approach to RE CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) aims to provide design engineers with a Panelists: modelling perspective and predictive abilities of the quality of their Rick Hefner, Ph.D., Director, Process Initiative designs. Software Requirements Engineering plays a major role within NORTHROP GRUMMAN MISSION SYSTEMS the Software DFSS process in particular and software/information systems development in general. Requirements Engineering is a Lynn Penn, Director Quality Systems & Process Management complex activity that involves creativity, interactions between a wide LOCKHEED MARTIN INTEGRATED SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS range of different stakeholders with different engineering judgement, Robert W. Stoddard, Software Reliability Engineering Manager, background knowledge and experience. Therefore two certainties about Personal Communications Sector requirements can be established: They will evolve, and they will be MOTOROLA UNIVERSITY inconsistent. In this presentation, Radouane will illustrate how DFSS techniques Bob Thorman can help in the requirements engineering process, but also how further L-3COM (invited) gains can be achieved when DFSS is extended by other techniques 10:55 - Refreshment Break; Exhibits Open borrowed from evolutionary modelling to take into account the evolving nature of requirements and systems. Speaker: Radouane Oudrhiri, Ph.D., CTO SYSTONOMY To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  5. 5. 11:10 – 11:55 2:50 – 3:35 Case Aligning Six Sigma and Software Lifecycle Processes Integrating ISO, CMM and Six Sigma to Achieve Study Six Sigma practitioners have long been challenged in aligning DMADV / Business Goals - The Wipro Experience DFSS process with well known software process like the Rational Wipro has a holistic approach to quality management – aligning with Uniform Process (RUP). IDX Systems has developed a schema that industry best practices and internationally renowned matches and overlays the DMADV and RUP processes in a logical Standards/Models like ISO 9001, CMM, PCMM and Six Sigma manner to assure quality business outcomes. The inclusion of methodologies amongst others. Wipro reckons with the spirit of such formalized methods for collection and interpretation of Voice of models, maps its relevance to the organization’s process improvement Customer (VOC) and Voice of Business (VOB) data as key components goals and rigorously implements the same to achieve its business needs of requirements activities in RUP inception and elaboration are just The presentation details the Wipro’s experience in implementation part of this newly defined IDX enterprise methodology. The schema of ISO and SEI-CMM models and their role in the definition and includes a mapping of activities, artifacts, and tollgates across the two institutionalization of processes for effective project execution. processes to maximize the value that each brings to the software In particular emphasize is on strategies and approaches that were development environment. A discussion of the activity required to followed and implemented at Wipro Technologies in Integrating and develop the schema, key decision points, roll-out of the system, and implementing Six Sigma concepts for bringing in key benefits will be presented during the session. • Improvement in business performance through a precise Robin Conway, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Deployment Leader quantitative understanding of customer requirements IDX CARECAST • Elimination of defects from existing processes, products and services. Scott Williams, Six Sigma Black Belt • Effectiveness in upstream processes of the software IDX CARECAST development life cycle, 11:55 - Luncheon; Exhibits Open The presentation will also cover the challenges faced while integrating multiple frameworks in Wipro’s Quality journey and 1:00 – 1:45 Case benefits achieved because of effective implementation of these Statistically-Based Testing: The Benefits Study practices. of Test Optimization Speaker: Industry studies have shown the cost of testing to represent between Venkat Subramanyam, General Manager — Quality 30 and 50% of the total cost of software product development. If WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES this is even close to accurate, testing represents an opportunity of significant leverage. The purpose of this session is to explore potential 3:25 – 4:30 Case opportunities for enhancing our return from test through the applied Study Lean Six Sigma at Lockheed Martin use of statistical methods in the optimization of test case generation. Our specific dialogue will include both conceptual and case study The essence of Lean Methodology is “An organization working discussion around the application of two industry-cited best practice together to make continuous improvements without large capital statistical approaches, that of Combinatorial Design Methods and investment.” Six Sigma methodologies complement the principles of Usage-based testing (utilizing Markov Chains). lean by coupling the elimination of variance with the elimination of “steps.” Six Sigma tools enhance the focus into a process by Speaker: assisting in the identification of “value added.” The ability to envision Neal A. Mackertich, Ph.D., Software Engineering Six Sigma Master the process allows for the improvement in the process. RAYTHEON COMPANY Speaker: 1:50 – 2:35 Case Lynn Penn, Director Quality Systems & Process Management Study LOCKHEED MARTIN INTEGRATED SYSTEMS & SOLUTIONS An Inspection Retrospective Thirty years of research data support the benefits of inspections, yet 4:30 – 5:00 software development organizations continue to resist implementing Final Thoughts & Conference Wrap Up a formal inspection program. How do you overcome the cultural resistance to implementing inspections? Holding an inspection Speaker: retrospective was the key to overcoming resistance and gaining Roxanne O’Brasky, President momentum. Dr. O'Connor will share lessons learned from a pilot ISSSP (invited) inspection program. Conference Adjourns Speaker: Sheila O'Connor, Ph.D., Six Sigma Software Process Engineer ENGENIO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2:35 - Refreshment Break; Exhibits Open To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  6. 6. The Conference Rave CHAIR REVIEWS Jeannine Siviy, Software Engineering Measurement & Analysis Reviews from our last two Six Sigma for Software Development Initiative, Software Engineering Institute conferences in San Jose, CA and Boston, MA: CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY Jeannine Siviy is a member of the Software Engineering Measurement “Excellent conference! Lotsand great,studies. of detailed and Analysis Initiative at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). She information, best practices, Mary Nicewander, Sr. Process case ” leads the SEI’s research on Six Sigma and its applications to software process improvement. Additionally, she provides internal and onsite Excellence Consultant data analysis support, analytical methods development, and site- INTUIT, INC. specific measurement and analysis workshops, spanning commercial-, acquisition- and CMMI-based projects. Prior to joining the SEI, Jeannine worked for Eastman Kodak Company on controls systems, “Excellent, well-planned conference. The talks had a good “follow-on” style.” applied statistics, and manufacturing process development. Her experience includes several controls systems installations, applications Sian Hope, Sr. Lecturer using an internally-developed statistical analysis software package, UNIVERSITY OF WALES and the leadership role for the conceptual design of a multi-million dollar controls system in a new facility in China. A certified Six Sigma Quality Black Belt Practitioner, Jeannine “Very good conference; as young asaSix Sigma is in the software arena, there was lot of good earned her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and her M.E. in Systems Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. information presented.” Steve Katz, Software Quality Manager SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY Who Should ATTEND The 3rd Annual Six Sigma for Software Development conference is “Very good conference; real world application of Six Sigma to software development.” designed specifically for decision-making IT professionals and managers responsible for software project and program management, Michael Cyger, Managing Director requirements definition, design, development, and deployment of ISIXSIGMA, LLC software services. The agenda is intended for individuals with a range of Six Sigma experience, including none to quite experienced. Enhance Your Marketing Efforts by Sponsoring this Event! Maximize your firm’s exposure at this event by sponsoring a cocktail reception or custom-designed networking event. We can design custom sponsorship packages tailored to your marketing needs. To learn more about exhibit and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ryan Esslinger at 704-889-1298 or Official Conference Sponsor Systonomy is specialised in Software Quality Engineering through the application of Six Sigma tools and techniques extended by Systonomy. By combining Six Sigma with appropriate software engineering practices and process improvement methods, we help our clients to accelerate the implementation of their own IT and Software quality programmes. Our adaptive approach offers our clients an innovative and low risk move from defensive strategies to those of growth. Systonomy has created a unique DFSS — Design For Six Sigma —framework and training for Software Engineering that is at the forefront of current knowledge and is investing heavily in research into new methods. Our training has been designed from the ground up as an IT/Software Six Sigma or DFSS training programme and is not a superficial modification of manufacturing Six Sigma. If you wish to create learning and agile organisations and delight your customers contact Systonomy today. To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  7. 7. Official Publications Important and Media Partners Information 4 The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II FOUR WAYS TO REGISTER: A portable teaching and reference guide for everyone in the organization, The • FAX: 704-889-1292 Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II explains the What, Why and How of Six Sigma. % MAIL: Information Technology Provides a Six Sigma Overview, explains the DMAIC process and offers Research Associates detailed instruction on how to perform over forty Six-Sigma analytical, 18705 NE Cedar Drive decision-making and planning tools. This pocket guide provides a concise and convenient source of everything your team needs to succeed. Battle Ground, WA 98604 h CALL: 800-280-8440 Software Business is a business magazine serving the software f ONLINE: industry. Every issue features articles on strategies, finance, product development, tech support and more. Software Business is also the VENUE INFORMATION: sponsor of the Annual Software Industry Awards. It is the only business and technical magazine 3rd Annual Six Sigma for Software targeted exclusively for the software development and publishing industry. Software Business is Development issued bi-monthly, and subscriptions are free to qualified recipients. For more information, please visit our web site at, or call 800-803-9488. October 6-7, 2004 The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Application Development Trends is the one publication that top-tier 1333 Bayshore Highway AD/IS managers go to month after month for a clear strategic overview Burlingame, CA 94010 of the full application development lifecycle and its impact on the enterprise. Each month ADT 650-347-1234 covers the emerging tools, trends and technologies AD professionals need to successfully complete their development projects. Note: Driving directions and parking information is available at Six Sigma Advantage, Inc. is dedicated exclusively to the application of the Six Sigma methodology and tools to achieve FEES AND PAYMENTS: breakthrough improvements in Software Development and The fee for attendance at the 3rd Annual Information Technology organizations. We have adapted and evolved proven Six Sigma concepts Six Sigma for Software Development to the unique and demanding requirements of Software and IT. conference is: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$1895 ISSSP is committed to promoting the adoption, advancement and integration of Six Please make checks payable to Information Sigma in business. Our community supports this mission through advocacy and Technology Research Associates, and write awareness efforts; professional development and educational programs; and by serving code C114 on your check. You may also as an information and referral source. pay by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Purchase orders are also accepted. GOAL/QPC offers people practical tools and organizational skills to support teamwork and continuous process improvement within their organizations. Payments must be received no later than Our most popular product line, the Memory Jogger™ series of pocket guides, September 28, 2004. helps employees at all levels to acquire and perform critical skills for Group discounts are available; for more assuring product and service quality and effective process performance. Our newest additions to information, please call Trudy Reilly at the Memory Jogger™ series – The Black Belt Memory Jogger™, The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ 704-889-1287 or II, The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger™, and The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™. CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel four weeks or more in advance of the conference, you can Software Development is the leading magazine for software development expect a full refund or voucher. Cancellations managers. It is the definitive source to empower those who implement occurring two to four weeks prior to the and manage teams, technologies, practices and tools integral to conference date receive a $200 refund or successful development projects. Development leaders turn to Software Development for its a full voucher to another ITRA event. If you established editorial integrity, and for its mission-critical guidance in helping to manage success cancel any time after September 21, 2004, factors throughout the entire development process — Design, Develop, Test, Deploy. Free you will receive a voucher, which can be used subscriptions are available at at any ITRA event within the calendar year. Conference Please Note: For reasons beyond our control it is occasionally necessary to alter the content and timing Sponsor of the program or to substitute speakers. Thus, the speakers and agenda are subject to change without Information Technology Research Associates, a division of Financial Research notice. In the event of a speaker cancellation, every Associates, LLC, organizes educational, executive-level briefings and conferences effort to find a replacement speaker will be made. on information technology topics. Featuring top-level faculty, ITRA events avoid sales pitches while providing intensive educational briefings on key topics of interest to IT executives. To Register: Call 800-280-8440 or visit
  8. 8. Six Sigma for Software Information Technology Research Associates, Proudly Presents our Development New Six S 3 g AnnualrConferenceaOn i ma fo Softw re rd Development Agenda and Speakers! Six Six Six SigmaSigma for Software Sigma for Software Development Development for Six Software Sigma for Software Development Six Sigma for Software Development Six Development Sigma for Software October 6-7, 2004 Ensure business continuity – take your software development Development Six Sigma for Software The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport projects to the Six Sigma level of perfection and quality! Development TO REGISTER: Call 800-280-8440 or visit us at The 3rd Annual Six Sigma for Software Information Technology Research Associates PRSRT ST U.S. POSTAGE Development Conference 343 Soquel Avenue, Suite 334 PAID Santa Cruz, CA 95062 BURLINGTON,VT PERMIT NO. 21 TO REGISTER: • FAX: 704-889-1292 % MAIL: Information Technology Research Associates METHOD OF PAYMENT: 18705 NE Cedar Drive ❑ Check ❑ Credit Card Battle Ground, WA 98604 h CALL: 800-280-8440 f ONLINE: CARD TYPE: ❑ MC ❑ Visa ❑ Amex ❑ Yes! Register me for the conference. ❑ Please call me; I’m interested in a group discount for my team. Card number: ❑ Please call me; I’m interested in exhibition or sponsorship Exp. Date: Name on Card: opportunities at this event. ❑ I wish to receive updates on ITRA’s upcoming events via fax, email Signature: and phone. Signature: ___________________________________ Make checks payable to Information Technology Research Associates, and write C114 on your check. Name Title PLEASE MENTION YOUR PRIORITY CODE: Company Dept. Address City State Zip Telephone: Fax Email Conference Code: C114