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  1. 1. Presenting IXPERION’s SIX SIGMA 4th Conference Six Sigma for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals FORChemicals & Pharmaceuticals Best Practices Sharing and Case Studies from: Two-Day Conference in Houston, Texas Marcel Kranenburg Quality Director November 16 & 17, 2004 GE ADVANCED MATERIALS Six Sigma Workshops: November 15, 2004 Parke Boyer Crowne Plaza Medical Center, Houston Vice President Business Performance Management DEGUSSA Discover how industry leaders have committed to Ed Snyder Six Sigma to improve their performance and report Vice President & Chief Process dramatic monetary gains without compromising FDA Improvement Officer H.B. FULLER requirements. Key topics include: n GE Advanced Materials on deploying the Change Acceleration Process Jeffrey T. Kuc (CAP) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) as a Merged Model for Vice President, Human Resources & Process Improvement Company-wide Six Sigma Rollout ALPHARMA PHARMACEUTICALS n Covance and Alpharma Pharmaceuticals on how to expand Six Sigma applications to advance the company culture within the Pharma Industry Barbara O'Leary Vice President Quality & Process n Ethicon Endo-Surgery on the undisrupted flow of products and Improvement information in a Six Sigma Supply Chain HENKEL TECHNOLOGIES n Degussa on how to address lean issues in customer acquisition and maintenance processes Clive Broadbent Global Six Sigma Champion n H.B. Fuller on the powerful synergy of Lean and Six Sigma to reduce BASELL POLYOLEFINS waste and improve cycle times Tim Strauss Initiatives Champion 3 Workshops provide Fundamental Six Sigma Knowledge: COVANCE n Successful Six Sigma Project Selection and Execution Dr Jeff Flesher Director, Training & Organizational Chet Damania, Ethicon-Endo Surgery Development n Practical Application of DFSS Voice of The Customer Tools ABBOTT LABORATORIES Randy Perry, Master Consultant, SBTI and Dan Kutz, President, SBTI Maureen Harte Master Black Belt n Benefit from TRIZ Methods for Creative Six Sigma! ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS Dr Ellen Domb, PQR Group Mike Hammill Master Black Belt PRAXAIR Recommended Six Sigma Resource Lead Sponsor Chet Damania Master Black Belt ETHICO ENDO-SURGERY Randy Perry Supporting Media Partners Master Consultant - SBTI Endorsed by Dan Kutz President – SBTI 2 FREE Dr Ellen Domb Six Sigma President – PQR Group Memory Joggers to Dr Arthur Mlodozeniec 15% discount for ISSSP Members all delegates Senior Consultant – PharmQuest Corp Register online or Call tollfree 866-SIGMA TALK, or fax tollfree 877-SIGMA FX
  2. 2. Six Sigma Workshops: November 15, 2004 Successful Six Sigma Project Selection and Execution Whole-Day Workshop A: 9:00 – 4:00 The success of your Six Sigma initiative depends on accurate selection and management of the right Six Sigma projects. This practical workshop will give participants the opportunity to set up a successful strategy to identify suitable projects. You will understand how to specify criteria for affordable and beneficial project measurement and control. This is your opportunity to attend an interactive workshop with Chet who has gained vast experience at Ethicon Endo-Surgery in leading strategic and tactical cross-functional Six Sigma projects. Chet will introduce you to: n Company strategy and Six Sigma projects - How to integrate improvement projects with your business objectives n Identifying pitfalls of project selection in manufacturing and transaction n Examine your toolbox - What do you need to reduce variation? n Exploring affordable and beneficial Six Sigma Projects n How much time should you allow for each project to be completed and monitored? n The role of Black Belts and Master Black Belts in the selection process This whole-day session will identify the right tools to improve your business processes by selecting the right Six Sigma projects from the start. Attendees will discover how to concentrate efforts back home on the right targets to achieve lasting quality value in your enterprise. Morning Coffee with Bagles, a Business Lunch and Afternoon Refreshments will be served. Facilitator: Chet Damania, Master Black Belt - ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY. Mr Damania obtained his M.Sc. in Engineering Management, at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in 1991, and his Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, in 1986. His tasks at Ethicon Endo-Surgery include: n Deploying Organizational Structure for Six-Sigma Effectiveness. n Leadership in cross-functional teams on concurrent process engineering to exceed customer expectations, cost, quality, service and schedule targets. n Partnered with Finance, I/M, R&D, Marketing and Business Process Excellence on Project Selection, Goal Setting and Launching Key Six-Sigma Initiatives. n Hands-on experience in Project/Team Management, Design and Process Scorecards, Global Supply Chain, Process Controls/Quality Systems, Customer-Vendor Relationship Practical Application of DFSS Benefit from TRIZ Methods for Voice of The Customer Tools Creative Six Sigma! Workshop B: 8:00 – 12:00 Workshop C: 1:00 – 5:00 The DFSS toolkit is quite extensive and has many tools for improving TRIZ is the 'Theory of Inventive Problem Solving' and the ideal commercialization in both marketing and technology. During the component for your Six Sigma toolbox. There is an extensive array of course of this workshop we will concentrate on the use of specific quantitative tools for identifying process problems and opportunities DFSS tools to capture and analyze Voice of the Customer information. for improvement available to Six Sigma practitioners, but how do you Using a hands-on workshop example you will gain experience in develop creative solutions to the problems? TRIZ is the systematic capturing and recording information from customer visits. With these innovation methodology that provides the answer. In this hands-on insights you can identify and practice methods to distill out the most workshop, you will discover how to apply TRIZ methods to all important information from this word data. In this lively tutorial Randy challenges in manufacturing. and Dan will introduce you to: You will learn to classify your problem, then select the right TRIZ tool n Understanding the purpose of specific tools used in DFSS for the problem, and develop powerful breakthrough solutions. execution The key areas for discussion will include: n Gaining hands-on experience in the practice of some key n Contradiction analysis DFSS tools (including KJ analysis) n The separation principles for eliminating inherent n Interacting with experienced facilitators who can help contradictions identify how DFSS could be applied in your company n The 40 principles for eliminating tradeoffs You will not just talk about DFSS. You will have the opportunity to All the TRIZ databases will be provided for you to use in class and to better understand DFSS by applying the tools that make most sense take back to your Six Sigma work. You won't just learn about TRIZ- for your business and your customers. you'll learn to use TRIZ for Six Sigma breakthroughs. Facilitators: Randy Perry is a senior-level executive at Sigma Facilitator: Dr. Ellen Domb, President of the PQR Group, editor of The Breakthrough Technologies Inc, with extensive experience in P&L, TRIZ Journal and an internationally recognized TRIZ educator and global product management, marketing, Six Sigma, strategic planning, consultant. Ellen pioneered the integration of TRIZ with Six Sigma, and personnel coordination and budgeting for global chemical process has specialized applying TRIZ techniques to business problems in operations. He is a Master Black Belt in Design, Operations and manufacturing and in transactional areas. Transactional Six Sigma Methods with experience in project implementation with various multi-national corporations. Some of the clients he has worked with include: Celanese, Eastman Chemical, GOAL/QPC, your source of help in deploying Six-Sigma, proudly announces two new Memory JoggersTM specifically designed BASF, Sequa Chemical, WR Grace, TRW, Lincoln Electric, FMC, Johnson for your Six Sigma Leaders and Teams. All attendees of the Six Wax and OSRAM SYLVANIA Sigma for the Chemical & Pharmaceutical sector will receive a copy of each new Memory Jogger with their conference Daniel Kutz, President - Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. documentation in Houston Dan joined SBTI in May 1998 after a ten year career with Motorola's The Black Belt Memory JoggerTM Automotive Electronics Group and Semiconductor Product Sector. Dan Provides new and experienced Black Belts and others with guidance on their roles, and led many courses of Black Belt level training for Paccar, Invensys, contains tips and step-by-step instructions for performing more than 21 advanced Six Sigma tools. Starting with the DMAIC Model, The Black Belt Memory JoggerTM offers 25 Iomega, Cutler-Hammer, and was a Project Manager, Executive chapters of Six Sigma know-how. instructor and Lead Black Belt Instructor for Six Sigma deployments in The Six Sigma Memory JoggerTM Eaton, Cummins Inc., Cooper-Cameron, Crompton, and BASF A portable teaching and reference guide for everyone in the company, The Six Sigma Memory JoggerTM II explains the What, Why and How of Six Sigma. Provides a Six Sigma Automotive Coatings. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Overview, explains the DMAIC process and offers detailed instruction on how to perform Marquette University, a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering over forty Six-Sigma analytical, decision-making and planning tools. and an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register before November 5th and save up to $600!
  3. 3. Tuesday, November 16, 2004 8:00 Coffee and Registration 12:30 Luncheon 8:45 Chairman’s Opening Remarks 2:00 Six Sigma and its Impact on Changing Corporate Welcome and brief outline on Six Sigma as an essential quality initiative to Culture in the Pharmaceutical Industry secure competitive advantage in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector We all recognize the results from a successful Six Sigma Dan Kutz, President - SBTI deployment in the form of Process Improvement, Cost Reduction and Operating Discipline. There is also a by-product that stems 9:00 Project Selection at the Initial Phase of Six Sigma from deploying Six Sigma into a company, and that is the impact Deployment it has on improving a company’s culture. This presentation will focus on project selection as the key challenge for • Understanding the necessary changes for corporate culture, and successful implementation at the early stages of Six Sigma rollout. The building these changes into the deployment plan. proceedings after the 'low hanging fruit' were picked determine the long- term success of variation reduction. • The role of Change Management and the utilization of effective • How to identify projects 'worthy' of the Six Sigma toolbox Change Management principles. • Pulling together projects from each area: what communication • How do we measure the impact Six Sigma has on culture infrastructure is necessary? change? Barbara O'Leary, Vice President Quality and Process Improvement Jeffrey T. Kuc, Vice President, Human Resources & Process HENKEL TECHNOLOGIES Improvement ALPHARMA PHARMACEUTICALS 9:45 Utilize Six Sigma as an Industry Wide Process Management Strategy 2:45 Six Sigma and the Profitable Customer as a Product of MARKETING & SALES Six Sigma's greatest strength, as it relates to achieving operational Marketing & Sales excellence, is typically realized with the broad deployment of many, Most Six Sigma applications are directed at the traditional product carefully selected and scoped, process driven projects. This increasing development or production process. Away from the production visibility to sub-processes can expose core processes in a new light. This line, this presentation will address how Six Sigma at Degussa is system, or process hierarchy, can expand to include the complete supply addressing "quality" and "lean" issues in customer acquisition chain and eventually the industry as a whole. It is this 'expanding process' and maintenance processes. Parke will demonstrate that a strategy that could provide us with a coordinated way to truly impact the "profitable customer" is a product, and a result of successful Six Industry's core processes. Sigma deployment in Marketing & Sales. • Deployment strategy: from many narrowly scoped projects to core process management • How to define "quality" in transactional environments • Building a process management system/tool, which can greatly improve • Transferring Six Sigma lessons from manufacturing to the back project selection office • Integration of other methodologies and tools (TOC) as appropriate • Demonstrating the success of Six Sigma implementation • Providing customer value through process management through results Tim Strauss, Initiatives Champion - COVANCE Parke Boyer, Vice President Business Performance Management - DEGUSSA 10:30 Networking Coffee Break 3:30 Networking Coffee Break 11:00 The Business Case For DFSS DESIGN FOR SIX SIGMA The use of Design For Six Sigma for new product development and 3:45 Implementing Six Sigma with an Affordable Growth commercialization has become quite widespread in the chemical industry Philosophy and is continuing to rapidly grow. During this presentation we will examine Contrary to popular thought about introducing Six Sigma with a why the use of DFSS is critical in today's constantly changing environment. “Big Bang" to achieve maximum impact, Basell have implemented Six What are the benefits of using DFSS and can these benefits be quantified? Sigma on a project-to-project basis. Clive will point out how their A case study example will be used to identify specific benefits realized from measured rollout plan has inspired the business unit flexibility to using DFSS and how these benefits can be quantified. create appropriate momentum. • Why should a company care about improving its ability to bring new • Linking Six Sigma efforts to organizational strategy and goals products to market? • Convincing senior management of the benefits that can be • What are typical failure modes that companies face in the new product achieved through Six Sigma commercialization process? • How to link Six Sigma with a Growth Philosophy • DFSS is not only for new products but also for new process, service and application development Clive Broadbent, Global Six Sigma Champion Randy Perry, Master Consultant - SBTI BASELL POLYOLEFINS Dan Kutz, President - SBTI 4:30 Lean Six Sigma as Improvement Driver for Chemical LEAN & SIX SIGMA 11:45 Using DFSS to Create a Global Six Sigma Project Processes Management and Reporting System. Additional benefits are secured from the complete integration of Lean Critical aspects of any Six Sigma deployment include the following abilities: Principles with Six Sigma tools and project management discipline. Ed's • Manage, forecast and report the results of project efforts presentation will illustrate how Lean’s waste reduction with a Six Sigma variation cutback and a project methodology, are being used to execute • Measure and manage the Six Sigma project funnel and pipeline H.B. Fuller's company strategy. • Share best practices in order to maximize the global impact of replicable • Strategic planning to institutionalize Lean & Six Sigma as projects and reduce the cycle time of achieving the impact. improvement drivers In this case study Praxair will share how, within 9 months, they successfully • How to implement a quality culture centered around a Lean Six used DFSS to replace multiple existing systems with a new, single, global Sigma synergy application that is used by all of it's businesses. Mike will show how DFSS made decision-making and implementation easier while ensuring the new Ed Snyder, Vice President & Chief Process Improvement application addressed the needs of many internal customer groups. Officer - H.B. FULLER Mike Hammill, Master Black Belt - PRAXAIR 5:15 Chairman’s Closing Remarks EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register before November 5th and save up to $600!
  4. 4. Wednesday, November 17, 2004 8:00 Coffee and Registration 1:15 Practicalities of Getting Lean Six Sigma Started LEAN & SIX SIGMA The initial phases of implementing the synergy of Six Sigma with Lean 8:30 Chairman’s Opening Remarks and Recap of the First methods are Executive Buy-In, Champion Selection (the weak link in Conference Day both initiatives), Project Identification, Metrics, and the sustainment of A short summary with the key points of Tuesday’s presentations will Lean Six Sigma success. If any of these are not properly addressed by proceed today’s sessions on more advanced Six Sigma projects. management, their Lean Six Sigma efforts will produce less than Dan Kutz, President – SBTI stellar performance. Maureen will highlight the key issues to secure a successful joint initiative: KEYNOTE PRESENTATION • Aligning the corporate vision with your Quality mission to guarantee customer satisfaction 8:45 The Roll-out of Six Sigma in a Multinational • Assessing initial and continuous investments - Secure a long-term Organization ROI This presentation from GE Advanced Materials will refer to a • Gaining top management support detailed case study on how a successful Six Sigma is centered on • How to restructure your corporate structure to maximize your the merged model of Change Acceleration Process (CAP) and improvement processes Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). Maureen Harte, Master Black Belt • Discussing the problems associated with rolling out Six Sigma. ORTHO CLINICAL DIAGNOSTICS • CAP, a structured process to accelerate a cultural change. • DFSS, a structured process to accelerate a technical change. 2:00 Networking Coffee Break • Developing a (CAP/DFSS) based model to ensure a structured 2:15 Establishing Leading Indicators using Six Sigma for the SUPPLY CHAIN roll-out of Six Sigma. Global Supply Chain • Ensuring a sustainable roll-out through: The aim for near-perfection performance cannot provide results - Management awareness without achieving Supply Chain Excellence. Six Sigma methods - Leading by example through all links of the global supply chain creates an undisrupted - Project selection mechanism flow of products and information, and avoids inventory build up, - Business decisions based upon data analysis instead of data improves customer service, quality and cost. This presentation - Roles and responsibilities reviews how Six Sigma tools are being deployed to create a Global - The importance of review processes Supply Chain dashboard. - Building systems and structures • Understanding the key drivers of the Supply chain by linking the Marcel Kranenburg, Quality Director dashboard metrics with leading indicators GE ADVANCED MATERIALS • How Supply Chain Excellence is achieved by improving Customer Service levels and simultaneously lowering Inventory and Cost 10:15 Networking Coffee Break Chet Damania, Master Black Belt - ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY 10:35 Benefit from Six Sigma in Training & Development 3:00 Using TRIZ to Accelerate Technology Transfer in the In a major improvement initiative, Abbott Laboratories project Pharmaceutical Industry teams completed various analyses of training needs/solutions, In the pharmaceutical industry, "technology transfer" refers to the based on the Six Sigma toolbox. This presentation will demonstrate processes that are needed for successful progress from drug that Six Sigma methods can be utilized to set up an improved discovery to product development to clinical trials to full-scale training and development approach. commercialization. Challenging, seemingly impossible problems arise • How to develop a training module incorporating Six Sigma at all of these interfaces. This presentation will use three examples methods from the pre-clinical test phase to demonstrate that TRIZ can solve • The linkage between process improvement and training issues these problems, and speed the progress of new pharmaceuticals to • Lessons learned market. The ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) Guidelines will be used to show the many situations in Dr Jeff Flesher, Director, Training & Organizational which TRIZ will be a key to advancing new pharmaceuticals to Development - ABBOTT LABORATORIES market, and making them available to the doctors and patients who 11:20 ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION need them What if Your Customers Do NOT Want a Six Sigma Dr Ellen Domb, President - PQR GROUP Product? Dr Arthur Mlodozeniec, Senior Consultant PharmQuest Corp Your customers purchase a product because it meets their needs, not because it meets Six Sigma standards. What if a variation 3:45 Chairman's Closing Remarks cutback of 3.4 ppm does NOT respond to your VoC material? Should the perfect Six Sigma rate be the absolute MUST for all 4:00 END OF CONFERENCE departments within all organizations regardless of your customers’ requirements? If the concept of Six Sigma should be to identify the right sigma level for your business and technical needs, what is the "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high design structure to achieve this? intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution; it presents the wise choice of many alternatives." • How to verify the quality that your customer wants Willa A. Foster • Is 'Customer Education' a realistic option? • What makes a business structure favorable for Six Sigma implementation? DISCUSSION LEADER: Dr Ellen Domb, President - PQR GROUP 12:15 Luncheon EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register before November 5th and save up to $600!
  5. 5. Do you want to be left out of tomorrow’s business transactions? Ignoring Six Sigma can drive you out of business. After IXPERION's great success with our international Six Sigma Not surprisingly, the adoption of Six Sigma is series, this is the 4th Summit exclusively to focus on the Chemical dramatically growing among chemical and and Pharmaceutical Industry. Here are testimonials from satisfied pharmaceutical companies. It is increasingly seen attendees who attended previous events in Houston: as THE legitimate way to improve processes, products, services and the bottom line. “IXPERION did a fine job. Made it very “Great conference last week. I actually easy for me. Plenty of time for learned a lot and had an excellent “We think Six Sigma will become an admission ticket networking.” reception from my management team this for doing business in the chemical industry,” says David DuPont morning when I gave them an Kane, Vice President, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. “We overview…” think it will increasingly become a basic requirement for “Your conference gave me a broad Rhodia Inc. doing business, similar to how ISO and other quality range of ideas that are being implemented throughout our industry. “Very good variety of topics and standards became core.” excellent presenters.” (Chemical Market Reporter, 15 Sept. 2003) They will help me identify a road map for my Six Sigma implementation.” Great Lakes Chemical Corporation “The chemical industry is ideal for the BASF implementation of Six Sigma,” says Banc of America “Very good speakers and topics, “Great networking ability and inclusion of various areas and examples.” Securities analyst Mark Gulley. “The industry is a process opportunity to see where various Ortho-McNeill Pharmaceuticals driven industry, and it is comprised of engineers and scientists who are used to working with statistical tools, companies are in the Quality Learning “Application orientation of speakers.” Function.” I believe that it is not just a fad, but a substantative Chevron Phillips Chemical “The presentations - they were very quality initiative.” The analyst cites two advantages from informative.” Six Sigma—the creation of a universal internal language Company LP Praxair and methodology in trying to achieve operational “The exchange of ideas and solutions excellence. to problems actually experienced “Presenters did an excellent job and (Chemical Market Reporter, 16 July 2001) by the participants was the best! covered a lot of material - very well “Many tend to view Six Sigma as some sort of mysterious The in-depth seminars were also very prepared and willing to share quality system involving tight specifications,” says Neil helpful.” experiences.” Kaufman, CEO of it technology Inc, a Woburn, Mass.- Celanese International Dow Chemical Company based company. “It can be more appropriately viewed as a toolbox full of new devices, which are useful for the chemical industry. In traditional business process, the research chemists produce anew substance, and analytical The iSixSigma Portal: chemists perform measurements and add specifications. In the Six Sigma approach, we first find what the customer wants and then look at the process It’s All About Quality. capability study.” (Chemical Market Reporter, 16 July 2001) Learn about the n Articles Find out for yourself how you can save significant n Dictionary amounts of money while improving the way you respond to business challenges. methodology n Directory REGISTER TODAY for Six Sigma for Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals and hear from experienced industry that’s n Events Calendar n Jobs/Careers professionals how Six Sigma has given them a distinct advantage in today’s hyper-competitive transforming n News market! Call TOLLFREE on 866-SIGMA TALK and secure your businesses around n Newsletters place at the 4th Annual Houston Summit exclusively the world. n Merchandise to focus on Six Sigma for YOUR industry sector! …plus the Sign up for our FREE Internet’s most Thank you to our Sponsors newsletter, and begin popular Quality “Knowledge of the applying Six Sigma in discussion forum! possibilities is the beginning of your business today. passion.” Dr. Stephen Zinkgraf Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, founded by Dr. Zinkgraf is the premier Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise business solutions consulting company. We have combined the proven Six Sigma The Quality Internet. methods with the Lean tools into a flexible, integrated set of roadmaps. Our wide array of services ensures an expansive It’s all about Quality. portfolio of products and services to positively impact our clients in all disciplines and at all levels. As an international company, we provide the tools, knowledge, and solutions needed to transform clients into competitive performers in an ever-changing global market. SBTI is passionate about delivering quality results to our clients. EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register before November 5th and save up to $600!
  6. 6. Booking form and administrative details Dates Workshops: Monday November 15, 2004 Team discounts: A 15% discount is available for groups of 3+, groups Four easy ways Conference: Tuesday & Wednesday, of 5+ receive 20% discount, and groups of 7+ receive a 30% discount when registering from the same company at the same time. Please note to register November 16 & 17, 2004 that only one discount applies. Group bookings and Early Bird discounts Venue Crowne Plaza Hotel HOUSTON-MEDICAL CENTER do NOT accumulate. Payment: Payment can be made by check, bank transfer or credit card. 1 When paying by credit card, the billing address must be provided. By telephone 6701 South Main, HOUSTON, TX 77030 Payment must be made prior to the event to guarantee a place. The Toll-Free: 1-800-CROWNE2 organizers reserve the right to refuse admission if payment has not been Sue on 866-SIGMA Tel: 1-713-7971110 received. IXPERION cannot be held liable for non-arrival of registration TALK Fax: 1-713-7968291 information. All invoices and registrations processed must be honored in full, unless Email Amy Roberts at cancellation has been received under the terms stated in the cancellation section. Payment includes lunches, refreshments, conference workbook 2 and all meeting materials. Online FEES Secure your Early Bird Discount! Register Cancellations: Cancellations must be received in writing 10 working days before the date of the conference. You can expect a voucher which before November 5th and save up to $600! can be used at any IXPERION event. IXPERION regret that refunds for Conference only EARLY BIRD n n $1699 $1499 cancellations are not provided. Substitutions can be made at any time. Hotel Accommodation: Hotel and travel costs are NOT included in 3 Conference & Workshop A n $2498 the booking fee. However we have a limited number of hotel rooms By post available. Please quote IXPERION – SIX SIGMA CONFERENCE and you Ixperion, EARLY BIRD n $2098 will be offered a single guest room at a special conference rate. 1 Riverside Road, Conference & 1 Workshop n $2198 Please contact us at IXPERION prior to the conference if you Norwich NR1 1SQ, n B or n C have any additional requirements e.g. wheelchair access, large EARLY BIRD n $1898 print, special dietary requirements, etc. United Kingdom Enquiries: By telephone to Sue on 866-SIGMA TALK Please fill in the Conference & Workshops B & C n $2697 or by email: form below EARLY BIRD n $2297 IXPERION – Six Sigma Conferences request that speakers present impartial, WORKSHOPS ONLY Whole-Day Workshop A EARLY BIRD n n $799 $599 objective information – devoid of marketing or sales material – as part of our acceptance of them as speakers. It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organisers to alter the content and timing of the programme or identity of 4 the speakers. You will be contacted about any major changes and please do refer to By fax Half-Day Workshop n B or n C n $499 our web site for additions or amendments to our programme. 877-SIGMA FX EARLY BIRD n $399 Please check Please fill in the 2 Half-Day Workshops B & C n $998 form below EARLY BIRD n $798 for latest information Six Sigma for E A R LY B I R D D I S C O U N T Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Register before November 5th~ We wish to make reservations for the following delegates: and save up to $600! 1st Delegate 2nd Delegate Salutation Salutation Surname Surname 1st name 1st name Job Title Job Title Direct Telephone Direct Telephone Email Email Name of Company Nature of Business Address Postcode Country Switchboard Telephone Fax n We enclose a check made payable to: IXPERION – Six Sigma Conferences, and send it to: 1 Riverside Road, Norwich NR1 1SQ, United Kingdom n Please charge my credit card n Visa n American Express n Mastercard n Maestro n JCB n Switch/Solo Card number Cardholder’s name Expiry date Cardholder’s billing address Please note that a process charge of 2.5% Sponsorship and Marketing opportunities will by added to your credit card bill. This conference will provide direct access to a pre-qualified audience that is almost impossible n I am unable to attend but please to reach through traditional marketing channels. Unlike larger exhibitions our events are send me n copies of the conference documentation at $450 content focused, ensuring the highest level of attendees. Sponsors and exhibitors are also (plus P&P). Payment must be guaranteed repeat exposure because we limit the number of opportunities available. received before dispatch. To find out more about the broad range of promotional opportunities available please call Thank you for your registration Sue on 866-SIGMA TALK or email EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT Register before November 5th and save up to $600!