SAQC Quality 1st Issue 2004


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SAQC Quality 1st Issue 2004

  1. 1. SAUDI ARABIAN QUALITY COUNCIL (Western Region) P.O. Box 17610, Jeddah 21494, Saudi Arabia Tel : 644-7713 Fax : 644-1123 E-Mail : Q UA L I T Y F O C U S NEWSLETTER DATE : 01 AUGUST, 2004 VOLUME 5 ISSUE 1 OF 2004 SAQC (WESTERN REGION) VISITS “AL-NOOR “AL- SPECIALIST HOSPITAL” IN MAKKAH INSIDE THIS ISSUE: From the Desk of the Director The first ever visit to Makkah on an Educational Plant Tour by SAQC in the Western Region was car- ried out at “Al-Noor Specialist Hospital” on June 10, 2004. The Plant Tour was a great success with AlHamrani FUCHS 2 & Saudi Binladin 12 SAQC members & officers attending as a team. The Plant Tour started with a presentation from Group Joins Corpo- 2 rate Membership “Al-Noor Specialist Hospital” management on the initiatives of Al-Noor on improving continually the Plant Tour at SJAHI 3 healthcare services provided by this esteemed organization. Six Sigma inGE 3 Al-Noor is certified to ISO 9001:2000 & Free Zone Technol- 14001 and the event was also marked by ogy 3 celebration of their achieving the pres- Quality Web Watch 3 tigious QMS & EMS Certifications. ASQ Conference on 4 SAQC (WR) also takes this opportu- Six Sigma nity to thank Al-Noor for joining Investing In People 4 SAQC Platinum Corporate Member- ship. The Healthcare Interest Group Dilbert 4 within SAQC will be more strengthened with Al-Noor coming on board. SAQC looks forward to contributing to this SAQC MISSION very important industry and establishing a mutually beneficial relationship with SAQC Plant Tour Team getting briefing about the different processes Al-Noor Specialist Hospital. The Saudi Arabian at Al-Noor Specialist Hospital from the Management Quality Council Why Re-Invent The Re- (SAQC) in the West- Wheel ? ern Region advances individual and organ- The first Healthcare event for the year 2003- izational perform- 2004 was conducted at Saudi German Hospi- ance excellence by tal during April, 2004. The speaker was providing opportuni- Nashat Nafouri, QA/QI Manager from ties for learning, KAMC. The presentation was well received quality improvement by participants from different hospitals includ- and knowledge ex- ing SAQC Members. The speaker focused on change how by using the Quality Management system Nashat Nafouri recieveing a plaque of appreciation from SAQC Director the healthcare sector can be improved. and Program Officer on behalf of SAQC (WR) Corporate Members of Saudi Arabian Quality Council (WR)
  2. 2. ALHAMRANI FUCHS “GOLDEN MEMBER” of SAQC (Western Region) Page 2 SAUDI BINLADIN GROUP “GOLDEN MEMBER” of SAQC (Western Region) “AL HAMRANI FUCHS PETROLEUM SAUDI ARABIA” BECOMES A GOLDEN MEMBER OF SAQC (WR) Al-Hamrani FUCHS Petroleum Saudi Arabia is welcomed aboard SAQC during the month of January, 2004 when they were given the Golden Membership Plaque to their Vice President Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed. Al-Hamrani FUCHS is one of the few organizations who are certified to the Environmental Management system ISO 14001 in KSA. Their plant in Yanbu operates to the highest level of stan- dards. SAQC thanks their management for their efforts and commitment to Quality. WELCOME ABOARD.. Mr. Abdullah Al-Jehani gives Mr. Mumtaz Ahmed, VP Al-Hamrani FUCHS, the SAQC Corporate Golden Membership Plaque as Program Officers Ban- dar Al-Qahtani shares the moment SAQC WELCOMES ABOARD “SAUDI BINLADIN GROUP” TO ITS CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP (GOLDEN) SAQC (WR) very warmly welcomes Saudi Binladin Group aboard the society. Saudi Binladin Group has joined the SAQC’s prestigious Golden Membership. The ceremony of SAQC Director, Dr. Ayed Al-Amri gives the Corporate Membership their joining was organized in one of the SAQC’s Technical (Golden) Plaque to Saudi Binladin Group’s Dr. Abdellatif Khemak- Meeting during April, 2004. SAQC appreciates the efforts of hem as Program’s Officer Bandar Al-Qahtani shares the platform. Dr. Abdellatif Khemakhem in promoting SAQC and its ini- tiatives. To remind our readers, Dr. Abdellatif Khemakhem had also represented Binladin Group by being a speaker for WHAT IS BRAIN STORMING ? Brainstorming is a process wherein a group of people focus on an one of our Technical Meetings. We take this opportunity to issue / problem and then come up with several radical solutions. also thank SBG for their continuous support by sponsoring some of our major events during the past 2 years. SAQC is They bring out ideas as they think of them, regardless of the content proud to be having SBG as a partner in our drive to promote of the ideas, such that each of the participants has the opportunity to quality in the western region. build on the ideas of others. No discussion, evaluation, or criticism of ideas is allowed until the brainstorming session is complete. Every brainstorming session should have a facilitator assigned to record all ideas. An American advertising executive Alex Osborn developed this technique in the 1940s. Types of Brainstorming: Individual Brainstorming: When you brainstorm on your own you do not have to worry about other people's egos or opinions, and can therefore be creative and generate more ideas. However, the ideas you develop individually may not be as effective since you do not have the experience of a group to help you. Group brainstorming: Group brainstorming can be very effective as it uses the experience and creativity of all participants. The advantage here is that when an individual participant is saturated, another participant's creativity and experience can take the idea to the next stage. Group brain- storming, therefore, tends to develop ideas more in depth than individual brainstorming. For effective brainstorming: • Clearly define the problem to be solved, and lay out any conditions to be met. • Encourage everyone to contribute and develop ideas, including the seemingly reserved members of the group. • A single train of thought should not be followed for too long during a brainstorming. • Ensure that one person documents all ideas generated during the session. Source : Corporate Members Of Saudi Arabian Quality Council (WR)
  3. 3. Page 3 SJAHI & GE shares its Experience with SAQC …. PLANT TOUR CARRIED OUT AT SAUDI JAPANESE AUTOMOBILE HIGH INSTITUTE On 23 October about 10 members of SAQC attended the SAQC Educational Plant Tour at Saudi Japanese Auto- mobile High Institute (SJAHI). The Plant Tour was a great learning experience. A presentation on the activities and the efforts of SJAHI was given followed by a tour. SAQC thanks SJAHI for their strong commitment to Quality and appreciate sharing of their unique experience with SAQC. Thank You. SIX SIGMA IMPLEMENTATION IN GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) The First Technical Meeting for the year 2003-2004 was conducted in Saudi German Hospital. The meeting was attended by more than 75 SAQC Members. The subject SAQC Director, submitted a plaque of appreciation to was the one with huge interest among the members and the SJAHI’s management for hosting the Educational Plant speaker an expert. Mr. Bassam Fakhry is Region’s Quality Tour at SJAHI Leader and Six Sigma Master Black Belt for GE Energy Services. The speaker shared with his audience his experi- ences of Six Sigma Implementation in GE in general and driving customer satisfaction and process improvements in particular using Six Sigma. There was a Q&A Session after the presentation which was followed by a light Dinner. The presentation and the speaker were rated Excellent from the results of the evalua- tion that were carried out at the end of the presentation. SAQC (WR) takes this opportunity to thank GE for its sup- port to the society. Mr. Fakhry was the second speaker from GE. The first being Mr. Shannon Korson. We welcome all our members to let us know if they would like to share their experiences on SAQC Platform. SAQC would be more than pleased to provide you the opportunity Mr. Bassem Fakhry is seen in the above picture receiving an to do so. appreciation plaque from SAQC Director, Dr. Ayed T.Al Amri FREE ZONE TECHNOLOGY : SAQC TECHNICAL MEETING ON INNOVATION - DECEMBER, 2003 DECEMBER, QUALITY WEB WATCH The Technical Meeting for the month of December, 2003 was titled “FREE ZONE TECHNOL- OGY”. The presentation was jointly delivered by two speakers ; Mr. Matthys J Fourie & Dr. Charles Good websites : H Kepner who are the authors of ‘Thinking Dimensions’, a recently developed method of innovation and quality approach for transforming creativity into realistic innovative solutions, calculating risks and financial impact for improving quality of services and products. The presentation was well received by more than 60 participants. All registered attendees were pro- vided a FREE Book titled “Innovation”-Free Zone Thinking Experience by Gabel Consultants by the same authors. SAQC Members who are interested in Buying the book on a discounted price may contact Gabel Consultants. SAQC thanks profoundly Gabel Consultants for providing this learning experience to the SAQC Participants and look forward to many more possible future learning events.
  4. 4. We are Online Page 4 ASQ'S 2005 SIX SIGMA CONFERENCE SAUDI ARABIAN QUALITY February 7-8, 2005 COUNCIL (WR) Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa Palm Springs, California P.O. Box 17610 ASQ's fifth Six Sigma Conference brings you a powerhouse of case studies, from Jeddah 21494 a full spectrum of reference points, industries, and organizations to help you realize your maximum potential. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Our presenters aren't just high-level theorists from big-name companies. Al- Phone: 966 2 644-7713 though many of them do represent large, Fortune 500 companies, they're here to share their Mobile : 05 0875-2915 (Mansoor Ali) personal experiences with leading projects and applying the tools that tangibly benefit their organizations. Further info can be obtained by going to the following website : Fax: 966 2 644-1123 Email: FIRST NATIONAL QUALITY CONFERENCE Under the Patronage of H.R.H.Crown Prince Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier and Commander of the National Guard and the sponsorship of Saudi National Quality Committee (SNQC) in cooperation with Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO), the First National Quality Conference was held in Riyadh Intercontinental Hotel from May 15 - 17, 2004. The conference was attended by hundreds of partici- pants from different trades, industries and regions. The attendance was FREE and the organization was excellent. The conference is considered as another milestone of qual- ity journey in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. PROF. MOHAMED ZAIRI ON : CAN YOU BE A WORLD CLASS CLASS ORGANIZATION WITHOUT “INVESTING IN PEOPLE” ? PEOPLE” Business as usual, any Technical Meeting where we have Prof. Zairi as a speaker, will not go unattended by most of our members. The Technical Meeting for January 2004 was attended by more than 80 members. Prof. Zairi gave a wonderful and a very eye- opening presentation on the trends and ap- proaches employed today by the most suc- cessful companies to maximize their suc- cesses using the human capital. During the presentation, we got an over- view of the model (The Assessment Process) which is the basis of certifying an organiza- Attendees listening to Prof. Mohamed Zairi on the subject of “Investing in People”. More than 80 tion as an Investor in People. The presenta- members attended the Technical Meeting which was organized in S German Hospital tion also covered the comparison between companies who are Investors in People and Non-Investor in People and the benefits which are accrued by organizations who are investing in peo- ple. A step by step detail of how to go about the process was also the highlight of the presentation. Prof. Zairi also emphasized on how important it is to have a commitment from the top management for con- tinual training and development of its assets, the people. This was the first presentation from Prof. Zairi for the year 2004-2005 and SAQC takes this opportunity to extend its deep thanks for Prof. Zairi towards extending us his continued support. WE , AT SAQC (WR) ARE PROUD OF HIS CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS THE SUCCESS OF THIS SOCIETY.