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  • 1. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Technical Features White Paper To produce materials that meet demanding specifications for quality, a systematic approach must be adopted for the measurement and tracking of quality test results. But, implementing a quality program presents the organization with many process, technical, and human capital challenges. Ei3 Corporation provides the converting industry with a unique and powerful way to implement a quality control program. Quality management, can manage, input, track, and report the quality results of your products. If you want to increase yield take a look at the features of Quality Management. A powerful quality system Quality management provides tools to help implement a Quality Management is designed for converting compa- product quality program. Quality managers, six-sigma black nies that want to implement quality management best belts, machine operators and production personnel are pro- practices, six-sigma or SPC, and puts workflows into vided with web pages that guide their activities. Data is action that enable them to reach higher yield and produc- acquired, displayed, reported and archived to drive aspects tivity goals. of a quality program. A Critical to Quality, or CTQ, parameter defines the manufactured characteristics a customer expects of a Easy to Configure, Easy to Use product. Therefore it is important that the results of tests for the CTQ parameters are available for analysis and Administrators define quality tests and limits for CTQs. reporting within the manufacturing organization. Then, machine operators are provided with clear web page Quality management provides the ability to manage, in- forms to input their test results. These results are stored put, track and report on CTQ parameters. Further, ma- and displayed in real-time on a quality dashboard. RTQ chine parameters that are related to quality, RTQs, are machine parameters are monitored to prevent quality monitored and correlated to the CTQs enabling benefits problems. Reports are generated for management, and the of advanced quality management and SPC. archived results serve as quality certificates for customers. Quality Management works by monitoring the machine parameters that affect quality, and alerts operators to achieve better CTQ results.
  • 2. Flexible Framework for Quality Configuration and Data Input Convenient On-line Configuration Quality management has a flexible framework that manages testing workflows and categorizes data. It works with most established quality programs by put- ting existing methods and workflows on-line. During configuration, the quality administrator uses Quality Management to create a data form for each product specification and operation. The form groups the test methods, frequencies, formulae and documents to be displayed to machine operators during the production run. Once the configuration is complete the dashboard updates to reflect changes made in the forms. For example, new quality spec limits for tests are posted immediately to maximize product yield. Operator Test Data Entry Forms During a production run the quality management dashboard prompts machine operators or quality technicians through the process of testing materials. The tests and specification limits are sourced from the configured data forms. From the dashboard, a window appears for each unit to be tested and guides the operator step-by-step through a clearly defined workflow. Many test types are accommodated, including: Pass/fail, letter grade, numeric input, multiple numbers, and mathematical equations. Also interfaces are available to connect directly to test devices to reduce the change for data entry errors. Operators can enter notes that become part of the production run quality record. Tracking the Work Order Quality is tracked by work order to provide powerful reporting and analy- sis capabilities. Information sourced from multiple converting operations such as printing, laminating slitting, folding and gluing is combined on the quality report to provide a complete record for each work order shipped. A Work Order is created for each set of material to be produced and is linked to a customer and a product specification. Optionally, the work order can be assigned to a manufacturing location and given a design. Quality management can work in concert with existing QC programs and the data can be directly linked to business ERP systems to create even more value.
  • 3. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Valuable Machine Information Real-time SPC for the converting plant Quality management brings real-time SPC to the converting plant and puts established best practices to work. Information is dis- played in a practical and clear manner that empowers operators to react quickly to changing conditions. Important Related-To- Quality, or RTQ, parameters are monitored using SPC to alert on potential problems. Quality management uses “run-rules” to display the status of the RTQ parameters to focus operator attention and filter out nuisance alarms. For the most critical parame- ters a run-rule status box is provided on the quality dashboard to provide constant visibility. RTQ Status Box Important machine parameters Name The machine measured parameter, red in alarm are monitored using the RTQ status box. SPC Run-rules are Status Color blocks indicate data points and run-rules used to show when a parameter goes out of control. Up to ten CTQ The CTQ affected by the RTQ parameter critical RTQ status boxes can be Time Hours and minutes the parameter has been in displayed on the dashboard si- one of the run rule alarm states, and # of alarms multaneously. Clicking on the title of the RTS status box brings up a six-sigma control chart showing the last 60 sam- pled points and their control zone as specified for the CTQ. (+/- one sigma per color band) ZONE Control Charts A Real-time control charts display B monitored machine parameters that may affect product quality. C Six-sigma zones are displayed in C color to help determine if the B parameter might cause quality problems. A This technique provides users with a powerful pro-active quality tool. Run-Rule Alerts Run rules are a proven and reliable method for spotting a parameter that is out of control and are used by Quality Management to alert machine operators of potential problems. Rule Name Rule Description Eight (8) Eight successive points are on the same side of the mean Four-of-Five (4/5) Four out of Five successive points fall in Zone B or beyond POWERED BY Two-of-Three (2/3) Two out of three successive points fall in Zone A or beyond One (1) A single point falls outside the 3 Sigma limit, i.e. beyond Zone A
  • 4. POWERED BY RTQ Rule Engine Results In View QUALITY MANAGEMENT DASHBOARD Overview RTQ, Related To Quality, alarms are logged for the current During production there are many tasks competing for the machine operator’s attention. Machine and Production information is displayed work order and guides operators to take corrective action. Because yield is important, operators must be made aware of quality issues but ‘information overload’ from unnecessary data can impair productivity. The ergonomic single-screen de- sign of the quality management dashboard is the result of a thorough analysis of operator re- Machine Speed Shows the actual, setpoint and recipe target speed Time Stamp The time that the RTQ alarm occurred quirements. It provides a real-time overview of production quality and highlights results to Production Order Information about the actual order currently being produced RTQ Name The RTQ parameter that went out of control empower operators early for prompt reaction to remedy potential problems. Violation The run rule that was violated by the RTQ Recipe The current group of machine setpoints being used CTQ Name The CTQ that the parameter affects Operator The operator currently responsible for the machine Take Action A link to a document displaying the procedure to remedy the RTQ alarm (optional) CTQ Production Unit History Each time the machine produces a unit to be tested, the box RTQ Status turns grey alerting the user that some tests must be made. Clicking on the box initiates the test process. When tests are Individual machine parameters that are known to affect product quality are completed, the box color indicates the unit results. displayed using colored blocks to indicate status according to run rules. Dark Grey Unit in production RTQ Explorer Compares machine parameters for good and bad product Light Grey Unit complete, ready for testing Configure Set-up RTQ explorer display for current work order Green Unit passed all tests Reset Clears run-rule alarms for all RTQ status displays Red Unit failed one or more tests Green Yellow / Start-up unit, do not count Status Blocks Machine parameters displayed using colored bars to show status according to run rules, and the CTQ affected Green Yellow X Scrap unit, do not count Black Spare space, not a unit Failed CTQs Units Produced CTQ Analysis A log showing the CTQs that failed in the current work order. A summary of the statistics for the current work order. A window displays control charts of the CTQ results for the current work order. Each CTQ that has numeric results is displayed in a scrolling window. Total The total units produced for the current work order Prod Unit ID This is the production unit that failed a CTQ test Passed Units produced on the current work order that passed Bars Groups of CTQ test results CTQ This is the name of the CTQ that failed Failed Units produced on the current work order that failed Bell Curve The natural distribution of the CTQ test results Actual This is the measured amount of the failed test Yield The percentage of passed units to total units Red Lines Upper Control Limit (UCL) and Lower Control Limit (LCL) Target The desired value for the failed test Green Line Mean value of the test results for the current work order Link A link to a document displaying the information and procedures to remedy the failed CTQ (optional)
  • 5. QUALITY MANAGEMENT Tools to find what affects product quality Find Parameters that Relate To Quality Imagine a production run where the produced material consistently passes all quality tests, but then something goes wrong and the material fails. On a complex converting line, where do you begin to look for the root cause of the quality failure? Quality Management can help find what has changed with a powerful tool called RTQ Explorer. This feature compares and analyzes all monitored parameters for the good and bad material and high- lights the ones that have statistical variation. These changed parameters become suspected RTQs and are monitored using the run rules to see if they influence the quality of the produced materials. At the end of the production run, if the suspected parameters are proven to relate-to-quality, they are added to the data forms for future monitoring. So that every time the product specification is run, the machine operator will see the RTQ status block of this important parameter displayed. RTQ Explorer Display The RTQ explorer works by comparing two sets of SPC data. Differences are highlighted as potential RTQ problems. Parameter Description Selected Units The production units which had CTQ failures Tested Units The production units which were made successfully with good quality Comparison—Mean A bar graph that shows where the mean of the selected (failed) unit compares with the mean of the tested unit expressed in terms of the tested standard deviation. Green means that they were within one sigma of each other Yellow means they were between one and two sigmas of each other Red means they were more than two sigmas away from each other and is a suspected RTQ Comparison—StdDev A bar graph that shows the ratio of the Selected standard units deviation to the tested units standard deviation. A value of 1 indicates they had the same degree of variation. Green means the ratio is less than one and the selected unit had less or equal variation Yellow means the ratio is between 1 and 1.5 and the selected unit had more variation Red means the ratio is more than 1.5 and the selected unit had much more variation and is suspected.
  • 6. Reports to empower decisions Report Title Function Used to Production Order Show the quality data form results View the raw data that was entered during a detailed by production unit for a given production run. production order Quality Investigation Highlights the quality problems for a View only the raw data for production units which Jacket given production order failed one or more of the tests. TM Stats Test Method Statistics provides mean, Explore test data sets with active charts to sigma, min, max # of points, Pp, Ppk, understand the quality results for a particular work LCL , UCL , and dynamic control order. charts PPK Performance Show the PPk of the test results. The Analyze and understand process capability and six sigma range of a process total drive improvement efforts variation where sigma is estimated by the sample’s standard deviation Certification Quality certification reports are based Retain a record of the quality test results made for on work orders for particular customer a work order to verify compliance with customer jobs requirements Custom Custom reports to user specifications Measure and report on results that drive organizational workflows towards the achievement of specific goals and objectives Consulting Services For Rapid Deployment Adopting quality management requires a commitment to change. Stakeholders will use new processes and follow new workflows for the organization to attain the benefits. To help implement these changes, the Ei3 Corporation provides consulting, change management and training services. Ei3’s experience in applying best practices to the converting industry provides a starting point for your quality program. Every situation is different and requires individual needs to be discovered to develop a successful implementation plan. Ei3 has a proven framework that applies a holistic approach to the Your Return On Investment adoption of quality management. The framework address both the technical and user aspects of a quality management Implementing a quality program is a challenging task for any deployment. organization. Quality Management streamlines the process by Quality Management can be delivered as a service by Ei3 providing a proven platform that incorporates established best Corporation. This software-as-a-service business model en- practices to address the needs of most converting companies. ables organizations to avoid significant costs and concentrate As an industry leader, Ei3 provides security and knowledge that resources on their core business. Also, quality management Quality Management will enable achievement of higher yields, works with existing quality programs and ERP systems to increased productivity and improved profitability. provide higher yields. To learn more about how quality management can impact your organization, contact Ei3 Corporation.
  • 7. THE EI3 SUITE OF NETWORK POWERED SERVICES INCLUDES: TECHNICAL SUPPORT TOOLS Remote Service Platform Advanced security techniques create a safe environment for troubleshooting experts to access machinery System File & Document Keep critical machine programs and documents on-line and available for Storage disaster recovery and troubleshooting sessions Lifecycle Tracking Know when parts need to be replaced to plan maintenance activities, increase performance and save capital PRODUCTION SUPPORT TOOLS Remote Monitoring & Review machine productivity data and trend key performance indicators Production Reporting and view performance reports by shift, day, and machine Downtime Tracking Identify root causes of downtime to maximize productivity Recipe Management Upload machine settings, track recipe changes, and monitor efficiency QUALITY SUPPORT TOOLS Quality Management Augment existing quality procedures, drive workflows, discover and monitor key parameters and report on product quality EI3 HAS FLEXIBLE SERVICE PLANS TO MEET INDIVIDUAL PLANT NEEDS Ei3 tools can be bundled together as a part of a complete service plan or can be used individually. Starting an Ei3 service plan requires a set-up fee and broadband internet access. Flexible invoicing is available including annual, quarterly or monthly schedules. Most plant sites can be activated in two to four weeks. To enjoy the advantages of these programs, contact Ei3 for more information. For more information contact: Ei3 Corporation 136 Summit Avenue Montvale, NJ 07645 QUALITY MANAGEMENT +1-201-802-9080