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Book before September 15, 2006
six sigma IQ presents the world’s most established, 7th annual                 and receive ...
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 Dear Executive,                                                                                        ...
boost the value and acceptance of your Lean Six Sigma initiative.
                    DAY ONE: MONDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2006
project, all clinical programs were spared, a $2,000,000 projected

9:00 – 5:00           ...
Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare
                                                    Conference, November 6-7, 2006. Post-con...
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  1. 1. Book before September 15, 2006 six sigma IQ presents the world’s most established, 7th annual and receive up to $500 off! LEAN SIX SIGMA For Healthcare Generate profits, maximize resources November 6-8, 2006 and break even on reimbursements with Walt Disney World Dolphin clinical Lean Six Sigma breakthroughs Orlando, FL Keynote Addresses: Proving the Value of Lean Six Presented in association with Sigma for Healthcare from the Boardroom Perspective Featuring new case Tim Tyson Dr Glenn Crotty Jr., MD, FACP President and CEO COO studies from: Valeant Charleston Area Medical Pharmaceuticals Center Charleston Area Medical Center Achieve true operational excellence in Virtua Health Free your health system with revolutionary 6 month Valley Baptist Health System Lean Six Sigma strategies: membership to ISSSP North Shore - LIJ Health Save yourself more than $3 million by mastering project selection like North Memorial System Healthcare Duke University Medical Win the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Center Award – hear how from a 2005 award winner! Generate profits with Lean Six Sigma opening the door North Memorial Healthcare by joint ventures and capital growth for North Shore Health New York-Presbyterian Systems Free Six Sigma Memory Jogger Hospital Improve bed flow by 88% like St. John Health by making Six Sigma the way you work BJC HealthCare Apply Lean Six Sigma to pay-for-performance to Centra Health break even on reimbursements like New York- Presbyterian Hospital Thibodaux Regional Medical Center Media Partners Preferred Associate Sponsor Membership Organization St. John Health Valeant Pharmaceuticals Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Accreditation points available! Call 800-882-8684 for more information Presbyterian Health System (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 (1) 800-882-8684
  2. 2. Associate Sponsor Dear Executive, BMG is the world’s leading provider of training and consulting for performance excellence. What would you do with… Specializing in Lean, Six Sigma and Innovation, BMG works with leading • More medical resources? companies around the globe to help ‘in- • Better staff retention? source’ new capabilities and develop new core competencies. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Longmont, • The ability to break even on reimbursements? Colo., BMG has developed a loyal clientele that today exceeds 200 • Full stakeholder, management and physician buy-in for your active businesses in industries as diverse as biotechnology, health care, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and energy. BMG process improvement efforts? has offices in 12 countries and has more than 100 employees worldwide. For more information, visit Get ready to answer these questions. You have only one place to get your hands on the tools you need to expand your resources. six sigma IQ’s 7th annual Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare conference offers you the most established speaker faculty to date, including a CEO and a COO, revealing all of the secrets for true hospital Session Sponsors operational excellence. JMP a business unit of SAS: Spend more time learning Six Sigma and less time learning software. JMP provides Here is your chance to hear how to: powerful analytics, custom design capabilities and a flexible scripting language in one solution that supports all phases of • Contribute over $3 million to the bottom line like Charleston Area Medical the DMAIC process. Our Six Sigma Menu, an intuitive Center by generating profits with Lean Six Sigma navigational tool, maps the analytic capability of JMP to all DMAIC principals. • Perfect your healthcare toolkit with a brand new case study featuring Virtua Website: Health’s experience with Lean, DfSS and Simulation GE Healthcare provides transformational medical • Maximize staff productivity just as Centra Health has by driving a fast and hard technologies that are shaping a new age of patient care. GE Healthcare's Performance Solutions group has led the effort Six Sigma culture change to bring improvement initiatives and GE best practices to • Win Six Sigma portfolio support from your CEO: Don’t miss this more than 3,000 healthcare organizations globally. For more groundbreaking session from the CEO of Valeant Pharmaceuticals information about Performance Solutions, visit our website at The learning will continue with an intensive post-conference focus day so you can get your hands on all of the latest technologies, methodologies and innovations you Featured Exhibitor need to transition your health system into a top revenue-generating enterprise. Destra Consulting Group, LLC 1711 Pearl Street, Suite 201 So take advantage of the lowest-ever team discounts and early bird reductions to Boulder, CO 80302 USA attend the world’s leading Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare event. Tel: +1 303 444 9619 Fax: +1 303 444 2570 See you in Orlando! Email: Warm Regards, Exhibitor Kristin Marinec Conference Director Media Partners information in print, online and via email., the Daily Dose, Modern Healthcare Presented in association with BPTrends is the primary source Alert, HITS and our monthly electronic magazine, Modern of business intelligence for Physician, each provide news that helps industry executives is the world's leading business executives and do their jobs better. online content provider for the Six Sigma process change practitioners community. It provides the most around the globe. Industry thought leaders provide analysis Toronto-based e-Zsigma is Canada's and opinion on trends, directions and best practices relating leader in Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise comprehensive and essential resources to to all aspects of business process management, including deployment. Our completely integrated hundreds of thousands of quality strategy, architecture, redesign, automation and human program of training, tools, methodology professionals each month. performance. BPTrends is the most comprehensive, in-depth and technology enables you to rapidly customize and deploy business process management resource devoted to a business improvement strategy that delivers the results that iSixSigma Magazine is the premier educating and informing the market and the BPTrends BP your shareholders and customers demand. Our strategic guide to successfully implementing Tools Reports are the most comprehensive, widely read partnerships with some of the world's technology leaders, reports on BP software tools available. With over 20,000 including SigmaFlow™ and Instantis™, make e-Zsigma your Six Sigma. Every other month the members, BPTrends is the largest community of BP first choice for Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise strategies. magazine delivers strategies, Professionals in the world. And, The BPTrends Group, a BPM indispensable insights, profiles, methodologies, benchmarking professional services company, provides executive and tools dedicated to helping its readers resolve today's education, training, mentoring and consulting services and American Pharmaceutical Review complex business issues. has partnered with Boston University to deliver the BU BPM is the leading review of business and Curriculum and Certification Program. technology for the pharmaceutical industry throughout North America. GOAL/QPC offers people practical tools Each issue offers its 30,000 readers unbiased editorial on the and organisational skills to support following topics: drug delivery, research & development, Preferred Membership Organization: teamwork and continuous process equipment manufacturing, and regulatory affairs. With its improvement within their organisations. cross border perspective, American Pharmaceutical Don't miss the opportunity to join the only Our most popular product line, the Memory Jogger™ series Review is able to keep its readership fully abreast of the latest trends and developments in the industry. organization, The International Society of Six of pocket guides, helps employees at all levels to acquire and perform critical skills for assuring product and service quality Sigma Professionals (ISSSP), committed to and effective process performance. Our newest additions to promoting the adoption, advancement and the Memory Jogger™ series – The Black Belt Memory is integration of Six Sigma in business. The ISSSP Jogger™, The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II, The Lean the main web information portal dedicated to chemical process Community supports this mission through Enterprise Memory Jogger™, and The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™. R&D. Updated on a daily basis, advocacy and awareness efforts; professional recognition and the unique mix of, specialist supplier listings, events, news, development; and by serving as an information and referral Modern Healthcare delivers the scientific posters and new products makes this a one-stop- source. Non-members attending the Lean Six Sigma for most comprehensive and shop for essential information. For reference there are links to research centers, journals, reviews and market reports. Healthcare will receive a registration pack on site to apply for trusted healthcare news and FREE 6 months membership. (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 (1) 800-882-8684
  3. 3. boost the value and acceptance of your Lean Six Sigma initiative. DAY ONE: MONDAY NOVEMBER 6, 2006 , Practical strategies and tools presented will enable you to: • Perform a service area performance assessment and action plan development 8:00 Registration • Strengthen your systems for performance measurement and analysis, employee participation, recognition, and improvement/project overview 8:30 Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks • Boost accountability and effectiveness of your original quality Charles DeBusk, Senior Manager, Performance Solutions, GE professionals Healthcare John DeVries, Manager, Improvement Systems, North Memorial Healthcare 8:45 Demonstrating the Impact of Six Sigma in Terms of Financials, Clinical Outcomes and Patient Safety to Contribute over $3 2:15 Panel Session: Estimating for Forward-Planning to Secure Your KEYNOTE SESSION Million to the Bottom Line Stake in the Tumultuous Healthcare Market How can you save over $3 million with Six Sigma? What would you do The healthcare market is constantly evolving, which means cut-throat with such an increase in profit margins and cost savings? Don’t miss competition and strategic forward planning. This interactive session will what Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) has to say about give you a chance to discuss how to: leveraging Six Sigma for ultimate profit generating success. This • Leverage DfSS for upfront healthcare planning success requires a leadership structure, a system for care delivery, a • Become more efficient to match growing patient demands system for review, a system to identify/make visible those system failures • Utilize Six Sigma and Lean as mandates for remaining competitive in and a system to mitigate those failures. Six Sigma has also allowed the the future CAMC surgical site to deliver the correct antibiotic within time Adrienne Elberfeld, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Virtua Health parameters of over 98%. It even reduced the amount of time it takes to Dr. Alan Cooper, Master Black Belt, North Shore Health Systems give patients proper doses of antibiotics. You too can raise the bar with Ed Craven, Director of Process Excellence, New York-Presbyterian patient safety and generate millions by: Hospital • Utilizing Six Sigma to drop the infection rate • Delivering consistent clinical outcomes that meet patient expectations 3:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking • Contributing to the bottom line business goal 3:30 Deploying Lean Six Sigma and Change Management to Ensure Dr Glenn Crotty Jr., MD, FACP, Sustainable Healthcare Results COO The key to successful and sustainable deployment of Lean Six Sigma is to Charleston Area Medical Center ensure high levels of commitment are engaged at all organizational levels. This includes engaging senior business leaders to the yellow belts by 9:30 Perfecting Your Healthcare Toolkit to Make Effective and providing not only essential technical skills, but the change management Sustainable Process Changes skills necessary to create lasting momentum. This session will also Ever wonder what it takes to push your hospital to the next level of highlight a deployment strategy that ensures the implementation of Lean efficiency? It starts with maximizing the right tools. By leveraging Six Sigma is not merely installing a toolkit, but means to enable WorkOuttm, Change Acceleration Process, Lean, Six Sigma DMAIC, organizational transformation. DfSS and Simulation, you can enable leaders and front line managers to • Cascading commitment utilizing the L.U.T.I. principle: Learn, Use, make effective and sustainable organizational changes. Teach, Implement to leverage support and sponsorship • Selecting projects that have a proven impact on pain points • Integrating Lean Sigma, facilitation skills, and change management as • Launching a huge marketing campaign to break cultural barriers an integral part of the process improvement toolkit • Applying the right tool to the right area • Maximizing returns on training and generating quick wins Adrienne L. Elberfeld, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Operations • Differentiating executive alignment from an executive overview in Improvement, Virtua Health educating business leaders about their role as process improvement sponsors 10:15 Morning coffee and networking • Understanding tips and traps for deployment in the healthcare environment 10:45 Aligning Six Sigma with Organizational Strategies for Ultimate Mike Aden, Director, Process Excellence, BJC HealthCare Lean Healthcare Success David Hannegan, Partner, Destra Consulting Group Healthcare is rapidly evolving and it is essential to keep Lean Six Sigma initiatives in sync with strategic direction. Find out how organizations are 4:15 Maximizing Staff Productivity While Ensuring Excellent Care and already: Customer Service for Patients and Families with Six Sigma • Operationalizing Lean Six Sigma for a real value analysis of your Centra Health’s challenge was to quietly build credibility for Six Sigma healthcare tools while targeting key areas of concern, rather than undergoing yet another • Adapting dashboards and balanced scorecards to measure Six Sigma mass deployment. After 3 years, senior executives recognize that Six alignment Sigma can truly be a game-changer. However, productivity across the • Making Six Sigma an integral part of the fundamental foundation of organization continues to be an uphill battle. It has become clear that success investing in Six Sigma would yield the best results and be more broadly • Winning acceptance from staff and driving a true culture change accepted by staff members. This presentation will explore the successes • Marrying Lean Six Sigma and the art of medicine and challenges of a modest approach to Six Sigma experienced by a Tracy L. Drake-Kirkconnell, Director of Six Sigma, Certified Master large, diverse healthcare system and its approach to maximizing staff Black Belt, Valley Baptist Health System productivity while ensuring the delivery of excellent care and customer service for patients and families. 11:30 Innovation and the Next Generation of Six Sigma in Healthcare Claudia Butler, Senior Process Engineer, Centra Health The healthcare industry greatly exceeds most markets in its complexity and susceptibility, with its own challenges and questions. Process 5:00 Aligning Six Sigma with Organizational Strategies for Ultimate management activities can help companies improve efficiency however Lean Healthcare Success organizations today are finding when combining Six Sigma with This session will cover the essential topics that healthcare leaders need to Innovation it brings with it its own challenges and questions. The know to successfully align Six Sigma and Lean efforts with their key sources, directions, and implications of change are nearly endless. In this business strategies and goals. Case studies will be presented showing presentation, David Silverstein will discuss how to apply Innovation to Six examples of Six Sigma and Lean project alignment with organizational Sigma in Healthcare - from the use of a new artificial intelligence strategies and goals. Attendees will learn how to: application that eliminates the use of sophisticated statistical tools; to the • Achieve close integration with goals and performance measures impact an innovative next generation Six Sigma program can have on • Tie project selection and outcomes to key measures of organizational healthcare organizations. performance David Silverstein, President & CEO - Breakthrough Management • Align Six Sigma and Lean with dashboards and balanced scorecards Group • Use Six Sigma as a leadership development tool • Make Six Sigma an integral part of the process improvement toolkit 12:15 Networking lunch • Combine Six Sigma with CAP, Work-Outtm and Lean Alan Cooper, Ph.D., Vice President, Learning and Innovation, North 1:30 Utilizing Lean Six Sigma to Power Traditional Improvement Shore – LIJ Health System Systems, Resources and Structures Antz Joseph, Corporate Black Belt , North Shore – LIJ Health System The deliberate connection of breakthrough strategic improvement capability with traditional improvement systems and resources will visibly 5:45 Chairperson’s closing remarks raise the effectiveness, accountability, and value of your organization’s traditional improvement program. The resulting synergy will similarly 6:00 End of day one (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 (1) 800-882-8684
  4. 4. project, all clinical programs were spared, a $2,000,000 projected DAY TWO: TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2006 , deficit was eliminated, $12,000,000 recovered and an inefficient process that had been losing over $8,000,000/year corrected. David T. Tanaka, MD, Clinical Professor, Duke University Medical ISSSP Master Black Belt Circle – A Breakfast Center Discussion Hosted by Breakthrough Management Group 12:15 Networking lunch 7:15 – 8:15 Breakfast included As the only membership organization dedicated to the advancement of Six Sigma, ISSSP is able to offer specialized events for Master Black 1:30 Proving the Value of Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare from a Belts. Topics often revolve around performance enhancement, training CEO Perspective KEYNOTE SESSION for advanced new skills and software, and linking Six Sigma to Cost, quality, and access to health care are critical socio-economic business strategy and collaboration. To learn more – including the topic issues. The problems are compounded by increasing life expectancies for this session and upcoming sessions – visit and caring for previously undiagnosed and untreated conditions. There has been significant focus in the past two decades on component management to reduce costs of hospitalization, physician costs, administrative costs and the cost of pharmaceuticals. This approach 8:00 Registration highlights the most visible or politically sensitive components but does not encourage a systemic view or process focus on improvement. 8:30 Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks Lean Six Sigma is effective at managing components within the health system, but its greater power may be in addressing system-wide 8:45 Maintaining Executive Support for Ongoing DMAIC Projects: issues and root causes. There is a significant opportunity to reduce Gaining Buy-In to Cultivate a Long-Term Relationship the overall cost of care by using Lean Six Sigma tools to bring a DMAIC is offering some very real results when applied to healthcare structured focus to healthcare as a system. development….are you aware of the level of efficiency you can achieve? Attend this special session to make sure you know how you Tim Tyson, can: President and CEO, • Fine-tune the DMAIC model based on healthcare needs Valeant Pharmaceuticals • Utilize DMAIC to tackle radiology throughput • Leverage technology and Lean to move projects to their next level Darcy Prejeant, Master Black Belt, Thibodaux Regional Medical 2:15 Aligning Lean Six Sigma With Organizational Strategies Center Healthcare is rapidly evolving and it is essential to keep Lean Six Sigma initiatives in sync with strategic direction. Find out how 9:30 Making Six Sigma and Operational Excellence the Way Your organizations are already: Health System Works • Achieving closer integration with goals and performance The use of Six Sigma and Lean tools has begun to become “the way measurement we work” across St. John Health. Thanks to a disciplined approach, • Adapting dashboards to measure Lean Six Sigma alignment SJH is also beginning to see the long-term, sustained improvements • Making Six Sigma an integral part of the process improvement that will help it consistently provide the highest quality patient care toolkit experience. In fact, the SJH quality team actually received prestigious • Combining Six Sigma with CAP,Work-Out and Lean internal recognition for their Six Sigma success. You too can achieve Carolyn Pexton, Director of Communications, Healthcare these goals: Solutions, GE Healthcare • Reduce the time it takes to deliver CT/Radiology results to ED clinicians by an average of 50% 3:00 Afternoon refreshments and networking • Improve daily rounds in Progressive Care by decreasing the average LOS by 30% 3:30 Best Practices in Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare: Going from • Improve bed flow by 88% Good to Great • Decrease patient wait time by 50% A Lean Six Sigma program which is aligned with strategic initiatives • Settle on a process that fits your Lean Six Sigma culture can ensure that a hospital remains strong in the competitive healthcare Todd Sperl, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, St. John Health environment. Experience the journey of a large teaching hospital as it built a comprehensive program with an expert team of full-time Black 10:15 Morning coffee and networking Belts to drive organizational change. See how innovations in Lean Six Sigma were successfully applied. Case studies are used to illustrate 10:45 Utilizing the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence in improvement projects to beef up regulatory compliance, medication Healthcare management, patient satisfaction and length of stay reduction. Upon The pressure is on from every conceivable angle for healthcare completion of this session, participants will be able to: Baldrige organizations to improve their results. The leaders have turned to the • Identify applications for using Lean Six Sigma in healthcare Award Baldrige criteria to achieve excellent results across a broad range of • Engage and motivate staff Winner performance measures. Mr. Snyder has “walked-the-walk” at Bronson • Utilize Lean Six Sigma to drive cultural change Methodist Hospital, the 2005 healthcare Baldrige winner. In addition he • Measure and monitor effectiveness has made it his business to understand how other healthcare high- Edward D. Craven, MBA, Black Belt, Director, Innovation Strategy, achievers have attained and sustained top performance. He will show NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital you how to benefit from what others have learned and share insights into practical, real-life approaches to achieve top performance in your 4:15 Selling Lean Six Sigma to the Healthcare Enterprise: Gaining organization. He says, “None of this stuff is rocket science, but it takes the Support You Need from all Departments from a Market discipline and desire to pull it off. The sooner you start the journey, the Perspective better.” Lean Six Sigma for healthcare spans far beyond Master Black Belts Bo Snyder, Baldrige Award Winner, Bo Snyder Consulting and process engineers. There are many other departments involved in this process that can make or break your Six Sigma efforts. 11:30 Reducing Debt in an Intensive Care Nursery with Innovative • Communicating the value of Lean Six Sigma for healthcare Process Improvement Strategies • Involving stakeholders and your supply chain in new healthcare Modern healthcare delivery is both complex and costly and neonatal strategies intensive care is no exception. With long lengths of stays coupled with • Familiarizing yourself with market pressures and learning how to high costs associated with critical care management, most intensive leverage Lean Six Sigma to deal with them care nurseries (ICNs) are in a constant struggle for the health of their Heath Rushing, Six Sigma Black Belt, Memorial Hermann patients as well as the clinical operation. In the past, the Duke ICN had Southwest Hospital multimillion dollar losses that threatened the reduction or loss of clinical programs deemed critical to the unit’s missions. Previous 5:00 Chairperson’s closing remarks efforts to improve the operational ‘bottom line’ were unsuccessful and cuts in personnel were planned if the financial losses continued. 5:15 End of conference Working within a multidisciplinary environment, financial data was obtained and statistical analyses (JMP) used to identify major specific contributors who are giving to the inefficiency of the reimbursement process. Following the successful completion of the four month (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 (1) 800-882-8684
  5. 5. DAY THREE: WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 8, 2006 , 9:00 – 5:00 lunch POST CONFERENCE FULL DAY TECHNOLOGY MASTERCLASS included Best in Class: Training and Coaching your Six Sigma Team for Enterprise-Wide Healthcare Support Healthcare is an industry that mandates Six Sigma be used in not only statistical analysis software package, simplifies the entire Six Sigma financial and office-based environments, but also clinical areas. But process and data management. Attend this technologically-rich most Black Belts are not well-versed in these highly medical-based masterclass in order to: clinical activities, like reducing one specific area of the progression of • Base data management on healthcare terminology and practices skin cancer for example. Training and coaching both the Six Sigma • Manage the difference in specialty areas and recognizing key talent team and physicians to work together is key in making clinical projects on both sides successful. • Communicate the cost and value of exemplary healthcare technology and tools for Six Sigma One major way to beef up your training efforts is the use of specific statistical tools and technology. Resources, such as a graphical based Marissa Langford, Program Manager, JMP Workshop A • 8:00 – 12:00 ISSSP Leadership Circle – ONE: The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership (a professional development workshop) The International Society of Six Sigma Professionals is a community of Conscious Leadership inspires self and others to reframe what we see leaders and practitioners interested in professional development, by making the connections between all the parts - countries as kin, service, information sharing, networking and recognition. In Leadership corporations as communities, employees as whole humans, religions as Circles, Six Sigma professionals are invited to explore areas of concern, partners rather than competitors. In this knowing we gain a greater discover new ways of thinking, and share insightful experiences and understanding of how all our actions touch and connect with everything lessons. else.” “Conscious Leadership” is the subject of this Leadership Circle, Lance Secretan shares the practice of Conscious Leadership through featuring Leadership Advisor Lance Secretan. Lance was the second the transformative CASTLE principles for you to experience: highest ranked speaker at the 2006 ISSSP Leadership Conference and 1. How to regain personal Courage is a national Top 10 speaker. In Lance’s own words: 2. How to live and lead Authenticity 3. The importance of Serving Bonus: “Six thousand years ago we were one - we shared the same stories and 4. The power of Truthfulness Book Signing myths, mysteries and magic. The classical Greek philosophers began 5. Why we must live in Love with the process of separate thinking. The great Renaissance thinkers picked 6. How to radically improve our Effectiveness Dr Secretan! up the pace and the genius of our modern scientific and technical era has unraveled this precious human asset. If we continue to separate ourselves - liberal/conservative, black/white, young/old, rich/poor - we Lance Secretan, Strategist and Leadership Advisor will wither as a society, perhaps as a species. Lunch served Workshop B • 1:00 – 5:00 ISSSP Healthcare Forum – Understanding the Value of Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare as a System (interactive session and perspectives from leaders in the industry) The ISSSP Healthcare Forum is composed of leaders throughout the The Healthcare Forum was founded on the belief that the entire health health system, focused on creating strategic, system-wide change. As a system needs to be addressed, and that Six Sigma and Lean are group, we’re focused on improving health care as a system, not just valuable tools toward this end. specific problems in cost, quality, or access, no matter how urgent they In this session, approximately five speakers will deliver short may seem from our individual perspectives. presentations about problems, causes, and solutions to challenges in the health industry. The presentations will foster a balanced, inclusive Every segment of the health industry has its own view of the sector’s view of the health industry. challenges and opportunities. Traditionally, companies have worked individually to reduce cost, improve care, and increase access. While Following the presentations, there will be an extended group discussion individual quality-improvement approaches can benefit individual and question-and-answer period. The facilitator will help identify the companies, problems are often shifted elsewhere, leaving no net gain highest-interest topics. For the last part of the day, you will split into for the health system as a whole. workgroups, allowing focused dialog among a diverse group of healthcare leaders. Tim Tyson, President and CEO, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Roxanne O’Brasky, President, ISSSP Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities Are you a solutions provider or consultant with a service or product to offer decision makers actively seeking Six Sigma solutions? If so, this is the ideal meeting ground to bring your services to the attention of the right audience. This is an expert-level forum that will attract senior delegates with purchasing responsibilities looking to gain strategic advice and to find solutions. We have a variety of packages available to suit your needs. For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please call +44 (0)20 7368 9500 or e-mail (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 (1) 800-882-8684
  6. 6. Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare Conference, November 6-7, 2006. Post-conference workshops November 8, 2006. Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, FL. REGISTRATION FORM 5 W AY S T O R E G I S T E R To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Call: 800-882-8684 or 973-256-0211 My registration code is ISSSP Fax: 973-256-0205 24 Hours A Day Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at quoting the registration code above to Mail: IQPC inform us of any changes or to remove your details. 555 Route 1 South Iselin, NJ 08830 E-Mail: Web site: TEAM DISCOUNTS Save $$$$ when you bring your whole project team! CONFERENCE PRICES Groups of 3 receive a 20% discount Please tick your choice Book and Pay by Book and Pay by Standard Price Groups of 4 receive a 30% discount September 15th, 2006* October 13th, 2006* Groups of 7 + receive a 40% discount Full three day (Standard prices only) Save $500 Save $300 $2697 conference $2197 $2397 V E N U E & A C C O M M O D AT I O N 2 Day Conference Save $400 Save $200 $2198 + 1 workshop $1798 $1998 VENUE: Walt Disney World Dolphin 2 Day Conference only $1699 1500 Epcot Resorts Blvd. Masterclass only $998 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-2653 Telephone: (407) 934-4000 Workshop only $499 Reservations: (407) WDW-MAGIC (939-6244) Please indicate which post-conference sessions you wish to attend (November 8, 2006): ■ A, ■ B or ■ Full Day Masterclass Fax: (407) 934-4099 I already subscribe to iSixSigma Magazine and am claiming my 10% discount* I am an ISSSP member and am claiming my 25% discount* ACCOMMODATION: I am taking advantage of the team discounts and am booking on ….. people at the same time. I have photocopied this Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included in the page for each delegate. registration fee. A limited number of reduced rate rooms are *Only one discount is applicable per person. In order to qualify for discounts, bookings must be received with payment by the available at the Walt Disney World Dolphin, Orlando, FL. stated deadline. Please complete form in capitals. Please contact the hotel direct and quote BOOKING I am claiming 15% off the regular subscription price of iSixSigma Magazine. One year price (6 issues) for $50.00 USD for REFERENCE 'IQPC Six Sigma for Healthcare' to ensure the US residents and $67.00 USD for non-US residents reduced room rates. Government price room rates also ■ Tick here to receive a FREE Memory Jogger pocket guide sent directly from GOAL/QPC prior to the conference available, but limited in number. A 6% sales tax will apply to anyone who is employed in the state of Connecticut D E L E G AT E D E TA I L S The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II DELEGATE 1 Please photocopy for each additional delegate A portable teaching and reference guide Mr Mrs Miss Ms Dr Other for everyone in the organization, The Six First Name Family Name Sigma Memory Jogger™ II explains the Position What, Why and How of Six Sigma. Provides a Six Sigma Overview, explains Email the DMAIC process and offers detailed Yes I would like to receive information about products and services via email instruction on how to perform over forty Organisation Six-Sigma analytical, decision-making Nature of business and planning tools. This pocket guide Address provides a concise and convenient source of everything your team needs to succeed. Postcode Country CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS Telephone Fax Delegates may be substituted at any time. IQPC does not provide refunds for cancellations. However, when written notice of Dept. Head Title cancellation is received more than seven (7) days prior to the Name of person completing form if different from delegate: conference, a credit to the value paid at that date will be issued, which may be used against another IQPC conference for up to one Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________ year from its date of issue. In the event that IQPC cancels an event, I agree to IQPC’s cancellation, substitution and payment terms payments received at the cancellation date will be credited towards attendance at a future IQPC conference or, in the event of a Special dietary requirements: Vegetarian Non-dairy Other (please specify) _____________________________ postponement by IQPC, a rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a credit in Please indicate if you have already registered by Phone Fax Email Web lieu of payments made towards a future IQPC event, valid for one year Please note: if you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking. from the date of issue. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation Conference No:QM2567K PAY M E N T M E T H O D S of an event due to causes beyond its control including, without Check enclosed for $ ...............................: (Make checks payable in U.S.Dollars to:IQPC) limitation, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial disputes or hostilities. Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase, Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239, ABA/Routing #: 021000021. Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: QM2567K SPEAKER CHANGES - Occasionally it is necessary for reasons beyond our control to alter the contents and timing of the programme By Credit Card: Please debit my credit card: or the identity of the speakers DATA PROTECTION - Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your details may be passed to other Card No Expiry date companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please Cardholder’s name ____________________________ Signature ________________________________ tick the box below. Card billing address (if different from Co. address) ____________________________________________ Please do not pass my information to any third party use only Office _________________________________________ State ___________________ Zip ________________ © IQPC Ltd. 2006 UK VAT registration no. GB 799 2259 67