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  1. 1. 2 0 0 9 I N T E R N AT I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E O N LEAN & SIX SIGMA Practical tools, techniques, and methods that you can apply immediately! March 11-12, 2009 ,, Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida March 11-12, 2009 Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida Applications in Government You could be spending $3,000 or $4,000 for a similar You could be spending $3,000 or $4,000 for a similar Applications in Manufacturing conference. This conference was designed to provide a conference. This conference was designed to provide a much more reasonable fee than any other conference on much more reasonable fee than any other conference on Applications in Service the same topic, and to give you the best education there the same topic, and to give you the best education there Free Interactive Workshops is for your professional growth! is for your professional growth! A3 Applications Latest in Lean Six Sigma Lean Six Sigma in the Office Lean Six Sigma Statistics Leveraging Lean Six Sigma People, the “Soft Side” of Change Lean Six Sigma for Beginners Featured Speakers How To Get Started Industry Case Studies Innovation & Value Lean Accounting LSS Culture Lean Measures LSS Leadership Value Stream Maps Thomas Pyzdek, Author Brigadier General Nitin J. Champaneria Sharyn Mlinar Overcoming Barriers The Six Sigma Handbook and The Handbook for John Posner, Director The U.S. Air Force Smart Senior Quality Engineer Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. Associate Technical Fellow The Boeing Company Quality Management Operations Best Practices Early Registration Gifts GPS (if you register to both conferences) The Best-Valued Lean & Six Sigma Conference in Digital Photo Frame Digital Camera IPod Shuffle Disney Park Ticket North America
  2. 2. 2009 International Conference on Lean & Six Sigma Practical tools, techniques, and methods that you can apply immediately! March 11-12, 2009 • Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida March 11-12, 2009 • Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, Florida Top 10 Reasons to Attend this Conference Message from the Conference Chairs… 10. Lean Measures and Accounting: Lean measures, project You can’t afford to miss the Lean Six Sigma conference this year! selection, and Value Stream Accounting; new approaches to old problems. We are all dealing with budgetary challenges, the economic downturn, off-shoring costs, and a list 9. Innovation and Best Practices: Case studies from business and of issues that keep us all awake at night. In these government with success stories that include tips and suggestions you ever-changing and uncertain times, you can still can use for your own applications. count on the proven results of the Lean Six Sigma (LSS) approach to address these issues. It 8. Lean Six Sigma Culture: Developing and maintaining, a Lean is no wonder that individuals with LSS knowledge culture, change, communication, and accountability, can be more and experience are highly valued and sought difficult than the technical side of improvement. after in the current marketplace. No matter how much you know, you can always bring more value 7. Lean and Six Sigma Leadership: Getting and keeping senior to your company. This conference was designed leadership, and the rest of the organization, energized and moving by people like you, to do just that. toward successful results. Hear from the industry leaders on a wide variety 6. Lean A3 Thinking and Innovations in Value Stream Mapping: of topics. Learn from the experts in free work- Reduce the clutter and revolutionize people’s approach to problem shops. Take away some great practical ideas that solving (A3). Learn better ways to see the Value Stream. you can use in your business right away. Learn to 5. Lean Six Sigma in the Office: How to get started and keep it going. succeed in the soft side of change – achieving greater buy-in and response from all levels of 4. Lean Six Sigma Basics: Foundation knowledge to get you started. employees. Network with your peers who have experienced the same challenges looking for 3. Lean Six Sigma Statistics: Using process data and statistics to help similar solutions. In all, the conference promises to be an excellent you create and verify positive change. return on effort. 2. Lean Networking: Come and network with some of the best known As Abraham Lincoln said, “the best thing about the future is that it only leaders and practitioners in the country. comes one day at a time.” These are two days you cannot afford to miss! 1. Apply Lean Now at a Great Value! Free workshops, immediate We look forward to welcoming you in person to the 2009 conference. takeaways for any change agent from beginners to experts. You could Best regards, be spending upwards of $3,000 or $4,000 for a similar conference. This conference was designed to provide a much more reasonable fee than any other conference on the same topic, and to give you the best education there is for your professional growth! Marco Luzzatti and Mercedes Bartow, Co-Chairs 2009 International Conference on Lean and Six Sigma Early Registration Gifts Organizing Committee Conference Co-Chairs If you register for the International Lean & Six Sigma Conference using Marco Luzzatti, Greenville Technical College the registration code “AQI2009”, you are entitled to one Early Mercedes Bartow, 370 Consulting Group Registration Gift, with the exception of GPS, which is available to the first twenty registrants who register to both the Lean Six Sigma and the ISO Vice-Chairs 9000 Conferences. If you register for both conferences, you may select Dean Davidson, The Adopt Lean Group one GPS, instead of two separate gifts. Choices of Early Registration John Gray, U.S. Air Force Gifts are: Rai Chowdhary, Team 2000 • GPS (if you register to both conferences) • Digital Picture Frame (7”) Technical Committee Jennifer Beckley, Advanced Technology Services • Digital Camera Dan Blakely, Greenville Technical College • I-Pod Shuffle Cathy Fisher, Quality Improvement Strategies • After 2 PM Disney Park Ticket Axel Granholm, Allscripts Susie Koslow, Acumen & BLS, Inc. Sharyn Mlinar, The Boeing Company Ashley Stroud-LoVerde, Allscripts Conference Contact Information: International Lean & Six Sigma Conference To register for the Lean & Six Sigma Four Camden Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15215 USA Conference, please use the combined Tel: (412) 782-3383, Toll free: (866) 500-3383, Fax: (412) 782-3384 conference registration form on page A-13. E-mail: 6sigma@iso9000conference.com; www.6sigmaconference.com Please turn the flyer over to view the Program for the International Conference on ISO 9000 B-2
  3. 3. SESSION 1: KEYNOTE SESSION 2: IMPROVING THE BOTTOM LEAN & SIX SIGMA PLENARY LINE USING LEAN & SIX SIGMA Wednesday Morning • March 11, 2009 Wednesday Morning • March Wednesday Morning • March 11, 2009 Session Chair: Marco Luzzatti, Conference Co-Chair Session Chair: Marco Luzzatti, Conference Co-Chair Session Chair: John Gray, U.S. Air Force 8:00 AM - 8:15 AM 10:10 AM - 10:45 AM; Paper #L21 Opening Remarks: Mercedes Bartow, Conference Co-Chair Lean for Leaders: Translating Lean into Financial Results Philip Kirby, President & Managing Director, Organization 8:15 AM - 9:00 AM; Paper #L11 Thoughtware International, Inc. How LSS and You Can Help the Leadership Process Thomas Pyzdek, Author of “The Six Sigma Handbook” & Evidence abounds that typically 40%-80% of all President, Pyzdek Consulting, Inc. “Continuous Improvement” projects in an organization are not “ on strategy” and thus do not We often criticize leaders for not supporting our contribute to the bottom line. In addition, a crucial efforts. What if you were asked for advice from a issue is getting an instant feedback on the impact of leader on how you could help them lead the daily actions on the bottom line. Learn the tools organization more effectively? Lean and Six Sigma and techniques to create a successful Lean practitioners have tools and methods that can have or Continuous Improvement program, link Lean much broader implications than we realize. As a concepts into strategy, and translate the “intent” into Lean Six Sigma practitioner, find out how you can “actionable, measurable, and sustainable financial answer the above question from a leader; including results.” Most importantly, learn to make the Lean strategy everyone’s helping managers with their most important job of job. deciding what the organization should do, and not do, to be successful. Also, learn the strategy to follow Philip Kirby is one of the top rated speakers at American Quality in strengthening crucial leadership drivers such as strategy development, institute’s conferences. He published two books “Thoughtware®: Change planning, control, measurement, decision-making, and the ability to the Thinking and the Organization will Change Itself”, and “The recognize the need for and quickly adjust business priorities. Even if you Future…You Can’t Get There From Here” reflects the depth of thinking, are not a Lean Six Sigma practitioner, there will be something to learn and inspirational value he brings to his profession. from this presentation. 10:45 AM - 11:20 AM; Paper #L22 Thomas Pyzdek is one of the leading Quality and Six Sigma State of Manufacturing in the United States and authorities and the author of over 50 copyrighted works including Why Lean is Vital “The Six Sigma Handbook”, “The Handbook for Quality Management,” John Allen, President, Total Systems Development and “The Quality Engineering Handbook”. U.S. corporations have systematically damaged their manufacturing 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM; Paper #L12 capabilities, which will undoubtedly have far reaching impact on the Application of Lean & Six Sigma in Government Operations economy for many years to come. Understand how manufacturing Brigadier General John Posner, Director, Air Force Smart capability has eroded during the last 20 years. Find out the clear formula Operations, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force for reversing this trend and how Lean plays a vital role. Learn why Lean is different from the “Get the cost out” programs. A case study will be The United States Air Force (USAF) rivals the world’s largest organiza- discussed from the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Company that is tions in size and complexity. Despite its strong reversing the trend, and doing quite well. history of success, the USAF faces increasingly diverse responsibilities and immense financial John Allen is the former Director of Training for Toyota's first North challenges. Traditional responses such as increased American plant. He was trained by the Japanese experts who funding or budget cuts are no longer sufficient. originally started the Lean movement. He frequently contributes to “Lean Find out how the USAF has embarked on an Manufacturing: A Plant Floor Guide,” DoD “Continuous Process unprecedented effort using tested industry ideas like Improvement (CPI) Transformation Guidebook”, and USAF “AFSO21 CPI “Lean” and others to drive “Continuous Improvement” Playbook” (the US Air Force's guide to Lean-CPI). and eliminate waste. Discussions will include the context for change, core program fundamentals, 11:20 AM - 11:55 AM; Paper #L23 engagement of employees at all levels, and Six Sigma - The Grass Roots Way examples of front line success. While far from perfect or complete, Air Rai Chowdhary, President/CEO, TEAM 2000 & Ted Owens, Force Smart Operations (AFSO) experiences have broader application to Master Black Belt, Applied Materials other military services and public sector. This presentation will share the unique steps and results from a Six Brig. Gen. John Posner is the Director, Air Force Smart Operations, Sigma journey within one business unit of a multinational semi- Office of the Secretary of the Air Force in Washington, D.C., conductor equipment company. The effort started locally at a business responsible for transformation efforts. He is a senior advisor and unit with only middle and lower management support. Initially, it was not Continual Process Improvement mentor to senior Air Force leaders. an officially approved company-wide project. Learn the key factors that Previously, he served on the Joint Staff as Deputy Director for determined the success of this Six Sigma project. Hear the remarkable Operations at the National Military Command Center. three-year results and how senior leadership eventually embraced the initiative. See how you, too, can duplicate this successful “grass roots” 9:45 AM - 10:10 AM - Refreshment Break Six Sigma effort in your organization. Rai Chowdhary provides training for Management and Leadership development for Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Applied Materials, Abbott Labs, and Pepsico. Mr. Owens has over twenty years of experience in quality engineering in the automotive, medical device, and electronics industries. 11:55 AM - 1:00 PM - Lunch Break B-3
  4. 4. SESSION 3: INNOVATIVE TRENDS SESSION 4: UTILIZING A3 AND IN LEAN & SIX SIGMA APPLICATIONS FIRST PASS YIELD TO ACHIEVE LEAN Wednesday Afternoon • March 11, 2009 Wednesday Afternoon • March Wednesday Afternoon • March 11, 2009 Session Chair: Cathy Fisher, QIS Session Chair: Cathy Fisher, QIS Session Chair: Axel Granholm, Allscripts 1:00 PM - 1:35 PM; Paper #L31 3:00 PM - 3:35 PM; Paper #L41 Applying Lean & Six Sigma Tools in an Office Environment Aligned Priorities and Action A3 Thinking Tim Oltman, Lean Engineering & Christa Fowler, Technology Axel Granholm, MBB, Director, Program Office, Allscripts Specialist - Six Sigma Site Focal, The Boeing Company Follow the journey of a $400M healthcare IT company as it transformed Winning organizations have successfully mastered Continuous its management system and culture from a labor intensive, PowerPoint®- Improvement methods in office environments and support processes Junk infused series of board (read: bored) meetings to a Lean system such as IT, Finance, Logistics, HR, and Engineering, not just in core of aligned dashboards, A3 Thinking, and effective problem solving. This manufacturing or business processes. See how Boeing applied presentation dives into Dashboards, called Tracking Sheets, and how Just-in-Time, Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, and other they are created and used. Leaders must present action A3s Continuous Improvement tools in an office environment. Learn how to demonstrating a thorough grasp of the situation, root causes, an action identify office Value Streams, create customer pull, and flow work plan covering counter measures and corrective steps. Participants will without interruptions. View an office application of Lean 5S, and find out come away with a management system tool based on A3 thinking that how to simplify activities to minimize queues and get ideas about how aligns business activity around “True North” and accurately gauges the you can successfully apply Continuous Improvement to your office and health of a business. support processes. Axel Granholm has been a healthcare IT professional for more than Tim Oltman is currently with the IDS Boeing, Wichita Lean Engineering twenty years. With certifications as a Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt, and office. He is a Boeing Six Sigma Black Belt, and heads the Wichita site Master Black Belt, he has led numerous Process Programs. Axel’s Six Sigma Steering Committee. He has over 20 years of Aerospace recent accomplishments include deploying Lean Six Sigma that resulted experience with General Dynamics. Christa Fowler is the Lead with in annual savings in excess of $2M per year. Technology Department at Boeing IDS Wichita. 3:35 PM - 4:10 PM; Paper #L42 1:35 PM - 2:10 PM; Paper #L32 Systematic Improvements to First Pass Yield at Saab Barracuda Case Study: An Air Force Acquisition Organization That from 2004-2008 Utilized Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies to Fix Problems Greg Moore, Quality Process Engineer, Saab Barracuda, LLC John E. Gray, Audit Program Manager, U.S. Air Force Saab Barracuda, LLC, is the leader in development, testing, and Government agencies are constantly challenged to improve production of multispectral camouflage systems used for reducing enemy capabilities while reducing resources. Too often, we hear horror stories detection of our soldiers. To provide the best product possible for about government carelessly spending taxpayer dollars. The Air Force soldiers, one key metric SAAB uses has been first pass yield (FPY). Acquisition function has been under significant scrutiny. The truth is FPY tracks how much work makes it through a process right the first almost every audit in the last 50-plus years has defined the same core time. Despite many challenges, find out how SAAB increased daily FPY problems. This begs the question “why isn’t anyone doing anything about every year between 2004 and 2008 from a low of 65% to consistently this?” This is a case study about an Air Force acquisition organization above 96%. Learn how one organization used First Past Yield to that used Lean and Six Sigma to fix problems within its service motivate associates to do the right things right the first time and to drive acquisitions and how it has forged a strategic plan to develop and Continuous Improvement. sustain a culture of Continuous Process Improvement. Greg Moore is a Quality Process Engineer with Saab Barracuda, John E. Gray is a Lean facilitator with the United States Air Force LLC. As a Quality Process Engineer, he is a facilitator for the Process Acquisition Management & Integration Center. He is an organizational Improvement Team meetings. Greg is also responsible for CAR/PARs, strategic planner, audit program manager, certified quality auditor, and a and vendor corrective actions. certified Plexus/Coach trainer. He has over 15 years experience with the United States Air Force, Air Combat Command. He is a veteran of many 4:10 PM - 4:45 PM; Paper #L43 Kaizen events in his current role. This is Lean Six Sigma Jeopardy! Kreg Worrest & Todd Daniels, Field Engineers, Montana 2:10 PM - 2:45 PM; Paper #L33 Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center Quality Engineering and Statistics at the Heart of Success of LSS and Operations Excellence Attend this presentation that uses the format of the popular game show Nitin J. Champaneria, Senior Quality Engineer, Jeopardy to help make training fun and improve retention. Attendees of Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. this interactive presentation will participate in a game of Jeopardy in which topics such as Lean Six Sigma, “Identify the Waste”, “Things Six Sigma is relatively new to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Find out how That Sound Funny,” and “Go With The Flow” are used to familiarize traditional quality improvement was enhanced at Hoffman La Roche participants with the concepts, tools, and techniques associated with using Lean Six Sigma methodology. Learn about deployment of Lean Six Sigma. This Worrest-Daniels presentation will provide resources, projects, and other critical success factors through a number participants with an entertaining look at this effective training technique of Lean Six Sigma projects resulting in millions of dollars in savings, that can be used to educate any audience. reduced defects and improved process cycle times. Hear how Lean Six Sigma has now made Hoffman-La Roche more effective in the way Kreg Worrest has over twenty years experience implementing quality decisions are made. and process improvement techniques for a variety of organizations. He is a Lean instructor for the National Institute of Standards and Technology Nitin Champaneria is responsible for applying quality engineering and MEP program. Todd Daniels has been involved with the implementation management, leading process improvement teams, and Six Sigma of ISO 9000 and AS9100 as both an internal employee and consulting methodologies at Hoffman-La Roche. Previously, he worked at DuPont engineer. and was awarded DuPont’s Engineering Excellence award. 4:45 PM - 5:00 PM - Wrap-up 2:45 PM - 3:00 PM - Refreshment Break B-4
  5. 5. SESSION 5: BASICS, TOOLS, SESSION 6: ACCOUNTABILITY & ELEMENTS OF LEAN SIX SIGMA AND METRICS IN LEAN SIX SIGMA Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track A) Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track A) Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track B) Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track B) Session Chair: Sharyn Mlinar, The Boeing Company Session Chair: Sharyn Mlinar, The Boeing Company Session Chair: Mercedes Bartow, Conference Co-Chair Session Chair: Mercedes Bartow, Conference Co-Chair 8:00 AM - 8:10 AM; Welcome & Announcements 8:00 AM - 8:10 AM; Welcome & Announcements 8:10 AM - 9:00 AM; Paper #L51 8:10 AM - 9:00 AM; Paper #L61 Back to the Basics: Overview of Lean Six Sigma How ‘Lean’ Are Your Measurements? Pamela Gladwell, President, Center for Quality Frances Kennedy, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Clemson of Management & Chief Quality Officer, GOAL/QPC University New to Six Sigma or Lean? Or, are you looking to re-evaluate how your Good measurements in a Lean organization do not come automatically organization applies Lean Six Sigma? Find out why both manufacturing and bad measurements can undermine successful achievement of goals. and transactional/service industries need both Lean and Six Sigma and The impact of measurements on people and performance is especially how these two methodologies blend together to provide companies with critical during times of change. It is crucial to assess whether a powerful approach to achieving operational excellence. Participants will performance measurements promote Lean decisions and behavior, as come away from this presentation with an overview of the basic tools well as, ensure alignment with strategic objectives. This presentation and concepts of Lean and Six Sigma, an understanding of why features a hands-on activity to demonstrate how you can assess metrics organizations use both, and what it takes to get started in Lean Six in a Lean organization. You will learn the three key attributes of good Sigma. Topics covered include an overview of the basic concepts and measurement and how to diagnose the ‘Leanness’ of your own tools for Six Sigma; basic concepts and tools for Lean; identifying the measurement system to determine the strengths and weaknesses of eight types of waste; and a discussion of why organizations need to use your performance measurements. both. Dr. Frances Kennedy of Clemson University is a sought after speaker, Pamela Gladwell is the President of the Center for Quality of author, and educator. She has been awarded the Lean Accounting Management, a Division of GOAL/QPC. Pam has a 20-year track record Summit’s 2007 Award for Advancing Accounting in the Lean Enterprise. of success with $25 Million in accumulated project savings. She spent 10 She is the 2006 recipient of the Silver Lybrand Medal awarded by the years driving results in various divisions of GE, and is a GE-Certified Institute of Management Accounting and the 2006 Award of Merit from Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. the International Federation of Accountants for her contributions to the field of management accounting. 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM; Paper #L52 How to Achieve Bottom Line Improvement with Lean and Six 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM; Paper #L62 Sigma Tools Solving the Puzzle: Bringing Visibility to Accountability Baskar Kotte, President & CEO, Quality Systems Enhancement, John Pyecha, Executive Vice-President & Partner, Inc. Competitive Solutions, Inc. This interactive presentation by an entertaining speaker provides To sustain a culture of accountability, an organization must create, specific Lean and Six Sigma tools to achieve bottomline improvements. document, and audit business systems that support an accountability Take home a proven disciplined approach to achieve bottom-line mindset. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to view accountability as improvement in twelve months in manufacturing and non-manufacturing a key business process. Failure to design and deploy sustained processes. Learn how to involve all employees in selecting key, dollar processes often results in an organization continuing to operate in a impacting processes for improvement. Review practical difficulties in “blame” mode that is perceived by the workforce as a lack of true achieving desired results and how to avoid similar ineffective outputs in commitment to the culture of accountability. This presentation is your organization. Case study results will be presented with specific dedicated to visible and auditable accountability systems essential to emphasis on simplistic Lean and Six Sigma tools you can use to improve sustain business acumen and urgency. See how to utilize action the bottom-line. This presentation concludes with a brief discussion of registers in order to build trust, eliminate the blame game, elevate financial connection to Sustainability and a Sustainability Concept to performance expectations, and ensure outcome driven meetings. address recent requirements of several Fortune 500 companies. This presentation will prepare the participant to appreciate the Learning objectives include the use of proven Lean and Six Sigma tools organizational payback from using accountability systems to create in a team environment; how to roll improvements into the ISO consistency and focus. Management System; and many practical difficulties in achieving desired results and how to avoid ineffective outputs. John Pyecha is Executive Vice-President of Competitive Solutions, Inc., assisting companies to improve business performance and Baskar Kotte is the President and CEO of Quality Systems communication by developing process based business systems. Prior to Enhancement, Inc., a training organization dedicated to Lean Tool CSI, he worked for major business consulting, hotel, and real estate Applications, Six Sigma, and ISO related standards. He is an original companies in roles including President, CFO, and various VP roles, and still active member of U.S. Technical Advisory Groups responsible including franchising where he added 1000 successful franchise hotels for writing the ISO 9000 and 14000 series of standards. to a major hotel chain. 9:50 AM - 10:05 AM - Refreshment Break 9:50 AM - 10:05 AM - Refreshment Break GOAL/QPC offers people practical tools and organizational skills to support teamwork and continuous process improvement within their organizations. Our most popular product line, the Memory Jogger™ series of pocket guides, helps employees at all levels to acquire and perform critical skills for assuring product and service quality and effective process performance. Our newest additions to the Memory Jogger™ series include Facilitation at a Glance! 2nd Edition, The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger™ and The Time Management Memory Jogger™. Coming soon … The Process Management Memory Jogger™, Coaching in the Workplace Pocket Guide, and The Innovation Process Memory Jogger™. B-5
  6. 6. SESSION 7: KEY TO SUCCESS SESSION 8: PEOPLE, TEAMS, USING LEAN & SIX SIGMA AND THE SOFT SIDE OF CHANGE Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track A) Thursday Morning • March Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track B) Thursday Morning • March 12, 2009 (Track B) Session Chair: Ashley Stroud-LoVerde, Allscripts Session Chair: Ashley Stroud-LoVerde, Allscripts Session Chair: Rai Chowdhary, Team 2000 Session Chair: Rai Chowdhary, Team 10:05 AM - 10:45 AM; Paper #L71 10:05 AM - 10:45 AM; Paper #L81 Understanding Value Stream Accounting: A New Accounting Techniques for Managing Group Dynamics Model for Lean Six Sigma Approach Ingrid Bens, Master Trainer, Participative Dynamics Andrea Chiarini, Contract Professor of Industrial Quality, Modena and Reggio Emilia University Process improvement projects are too important to let ineffective group dynamics drag them down. This presentation will explore the most Value Stream Accounting based on Value Stream Mapping using the common examples of ineffective behavior and will provide tools that principles of Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management anyone can use to manage them. Participants will practice a leads to a real discovery of the costs of waste. The steps for this system technique that can safely be used to redirect anyone who is acting include mapping the product/service through the classical Value Stream; inappropriately during a meeting. This presentation will also mapping the process going into details of the activities; measuring the recommend structuring tools that can be used at the beginning, current state of the activities (Cycle Time, Changeover Time, distance, middle, and end of any meeting to manage group interactions. etc); dividing the activities into value-activities and non-value activities, and measuring with Value Stream Accounting, and establishing the cost Ingrid Bens is a consultant and trainer with a Masters Degree in driver for each activity. The presentation will describe the model that has Adult Education. Her consulting expertise is in the area of been tested in two manufacturing plants and one service industry. Organizational Development, where she has designed and led numerous large-scale, strategic change efforts in a broad range of Andrea Chiarini, MEng – MBA, is a Contract Professor of ‘Industrial Fortune 500 companies, in government departments, and in non-profit Quality’ at Modena and Reggio Emilia University in Italy. He has organizations. written five books and several articles dedicated to TQM and Lean. 10:45 AM - 11:20 AM; Paper #L82 10:45 AM - 11:20 AM; Paper #L72 The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room: Reliably Achieving Complete Quality: Lean/Quality Success in a Low Volume High Organization Buy-in and Understanding Mix Manufacturing Environment Paul Vragel, Founder and President, 4aBetterBusiness James Joyner, Director of Lean, Quality & Service, Card-Monroe Corporation This case study focuses on getting buy-in and understanding of everyone in the organization and eliminating long implementation times Can Lean Tools & Methods work in a low volume/high mix manufacturing with potential loss of interest. This is accomplished by following four key environment? Based on James Joyner’s experience at Card-Monroe principles for achieving employee buy-in for participation and change Corp., (CMC), manufacturer of customized carpet tufting machines, the including finite rules that the Lean champion and management cannot answer is a resounding YES! Attend this information-packed presentation violate. The study further breaks out five stages of company and process to benchmark CMC’s award-winning achievements in the application of performance and four steps to sustainable cultural change. The such concepts as quality at the source, production pull system, 5S, attendees will learn ways of getting current projects back on track SMED, synchronous flow, cellular manufacturing, single piece flow and and ways to garner the cooperation and support needed for any more. implementation moving forward. James Joyner is the Director of Lean, Quality, and Service for CMC. He Paul Vragel has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in has worked with hundreds of organizations on six different continents, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute of Naval served as an advisor to the Japan Management Association, and Architecture. Previously, Paul held positions in International & Domestic authored several books related to Quality. Operations, Planning, Finance, and IT at Amoco Corporation. 11:20 AM - 11:55 AM; Paper #L73 11:20 AM - 11:55 AM; Paper #L83 Keeping Your Project Moving Forward Applying New Concepts to Creative Problem Solving Jeffrey Cray Jenkins, Lead IS Analyst for Global Best Scott A. Laman, Sr. Manager, Global Quality Systems, Practices, TRW Automotive Teleflex Medical, Inc. Project acceleration and replication can be achieved through consistent Effective problem solving often requires new ideas and new ways of project documentation. For this presentation, the emphasis is Six Sigma thinking. This presentation is about infusing innovation and creativity into projects; however, the same tools can be used for any type of project. the problem solving process. Some old and familiar tools will be Standard documentation leads to better learning libraries, which leads to presented, as well as, some less-known but extremely useful techniques. shared learning, which then leads to project replications. The way you The presentation will start with the basics of identifying general types of document your project can be just as important as the problem solving problems, solutions, tactics, and strategies. Then, the focus will be on tools used. Participants will come away with an understanding of Best Six Sigma's DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) Practice documentation utilizing standard project templates. methodology. Participants will come away learning new methods and thought processes that will enable them to lead and participate on teams Jeffrey Jenkins is a certified Black Belt with TRW Automotive, located at more effectively. their Mesa, Arizona, an Occupant Safety Systems manufacturing facility. He has over 17 years of experience with TRW Automotive, a major Scott Laman is currently the Senior Manager, Global Quality Systems at tier-one automotive supplier. As a certified Black Belt, he mentored many Teleflex Medical in Reading, PA. He is a Senior member of the ASQ, and Green Belt and Black Belt projects. He has extensive experience in both is certified as a Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Six Sigma Black Belt, manufacturing and transactional industries. and a Quality Auditor. 11:55 AM - 1:00 PM - Lunch Break 11:55 AM - 1:00 PM - Lunch Break B-6
  7. 7. SESSION 9: WORKSHOPS SESSION 10: WORKSHOPS A3 AND ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS VALUE STREAM MAPPING & STATISTICS Thursday Afternoon • March 12, 2009 (Track A) Afternoon • March 12, 2009 (Track A) Thursday Afternoon • March 12, 2009 (Track B) Session Chair: Susie Koslow, Acumen & BLS, Inc. Session Chair: Susie Koslow, Acumen & BLS, Session Chair: Jennifer Beckley, Advanced Tech. Serv. 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM; Workshop #91 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM; Workshop #101 Using A3 Management for Organizational Learning Process Descriptive Statistics and Control Charts and Problem Solving Sharyn Mlinar, Senior Quality Engineer, Associate Technical Axel Granholm, Director, Program Office, Allscripts Fellow, The Boeing Company Process Improvement programs do not work because they are seen as This presentation is a basic introduction to process description using new tools to support old behaviors. A3 Management creates lasting simple statistics and elementary control charts. Participants will be culture change, and is more about changing the way people think than introduced to the theory as well as a hands-on examples. They will it is a problem-solving tool. Arm yourself with a practical real-world also learn to calculate a process mean, root mean squared deviation, understanding of a technique for helping others tap into this very estimate a process central tendency and spread using standard powerful, simple, way of thinking. Participants will Learn and Do as deviation from the mean, sample mean and range, and x-bar and they begin to create their own Action A3. Participants will see the moving range charts. simplicity of A3 thinking, key elements of value from this problem solving approach, and how it reframes all problems as learning Sharyn Mlinar, a Boeing Company Associate Technical Fellow in activities across an entire organization. Statistics and Numerical Methods, is known for developing, training, and using process improvement tools and techniques. Sharyn was an Axel Granholm has been a healthcare IT professional for more than original curriculum developer of the Boeing Navigator program, similar twenty years. With certifications as a Lean & Six Sigma Black Belt, and to the GE Six Sigma Greenbelt training. Master Black Belt, he has led numerous Process Programs. Axel’s recent accomplishments include deploying Lean Six Sigma that resulted 1:50 PM - 2:40 PM; Workshop #102 in annual savings in excess of $2M per year. Innovative Methods in Value Stream Mapping Joseph T. LaCasse, President, InnoView Solutions 1:50 PM - 2:40 PM; Workshop #92 Building Strong Organizational Change Leadership Skills Today’s Value Stream Mapping (VSM) practitioners have many Pamela Gladwell, President, Center for Quality of Management competing objectives on their minds as they take VSM practice to the & Chief Quality Officer, GOAL/QPC “gemba”, where the work is being performed. Top on the list of objectives is “seeing” the process as it really works and “doing” things differently to Rapid change is a significant factor in business and it is essential for bring about significant improvements to the flow of the Value Stream. progress. However, driving change is not easy, as most people resist Many Value Streams are complex, pushing the requirements of VSM change. To thrive in today’s competitive environment, organizations must beyond the process snapshots available during many VSM exercises. view change as opportunities, rather than threats. Motivating individuals Yet the VSM process must remain simple, accessible, and easy for all to move beyond complacency can be difficult. Having the ability to those involved to understand if we are going to get all stakeholders to change quickly is a competitive advantage. At the end of this workshop, “buy-in” to the change process. This interactive workshop will include an participants will learn the tools to drive change effectively. They will also introduction to innovative VSM methods, a case study demonstrating use learn the five Key Steps to build change leadership and the factors that of the methods, as well as a “hands-on” VSM exercise. affect the success of their projects. Joseph LaCasse is the President of InnoView Solutions, Inc. He is a Pamela Gladwell is the President of the Center for Quality of certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years of Management a Division of GOAL/QPC. Pam has a 20-year track experience working with fortune 100 companies as well as medium sized record of success with $25 Million in accumulated project savings. companies. He has extensive experience in the implementation of Lean Pam spent ten years driving results in various divisions of GE, and is a and Six Sigma in both manufacturingn and service GE-Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. applications. 2:40 PM - 2:50 PM; Refreshment Break 2:40 PM - 2:50 PM; Refreshment Break SESSION 11: WORKSHOP: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR LSS PROFESSIONALS Thursday Afternoon • March 12, 2009 • Session Chair: Mercedes Bartow, Conference Co-Chair 2:50 PM - 3:25 PM; Workshop #111 matter what the topic is; make it safe for others to share their honest Crucial Conversations for the Lean Six Sigma Professional opinions; deal with people who either clam up or blow up; and influence Stacy D. Nelson, Master Trainer, VitalSmarts without exerting force. If you feel stuck--in your career, in a relationship, at home, wherever-- Stacy Nelson, a Master Trainer for VitalSmarts, has conducted training to chances are there is a crucial conversation that is keeping you there. organizations across the globe. Since receiving his Ed.D. and Ph.D. from This presentation based on the “New York Times” bestseller “Crucial Boston University, Stacy has experienced a long and influential career in Conversations” introduces you to the principles you need to handle crucial health and behavioral wellness, assisting individuals to achieve optimal conversations that if practiced will yield major improvements in areas like health and vitality by mastering the competing demands of life. A former productivity, quality, safety, diversity, change management, and personal professor of health, physical education, and recreation, Stacy also worked relationships. Get unstuck and improve your results and relationships. as an athletic director and coach for over 30 years. His performance Start improving your ability to handle crucial conversations. “Crucial earned him the Zapara Award for excellence in teaching. Conversations” teaches you the skills for dealing with them well. Participants will be able to: identify the conversations that are keeping 3:25 PM - 3:30 PM; Closing Remarks them from their desired results; speak persuasively not abrasively, no To register for the Lean & Six Sigma Conference, please use the combined conference registration form on page A-13. Please turn the flyer over to view the program for the International Conference on ISO 9000 B-7
  8. 8. The Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Related Standards ISO 9001:2008 Amendment Auditing to ISO 9001:2008 AS9100 Aerospace Revisions Automotive QMS Revisions ISO 9004 Revisions Future Trends in QMS Industry Sector Applications Multi-Standard Integration Conference organized in association with ASQ Early Registration Gifts March 9-10, 2009 GPS (if you register to both conferences) Digital Photo Frame Rosen Plaza Hotel Digital Camera Orlando, FL IPod Shuffle Disney Park Ticket Please turn the flyer over to view the program for the 2009 International Lean & Six Sigma Conference
  9. 9. 17th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000 The Leading Conference on ISO 9000 & Related Standards Message from the Conference Chair… Early Registration Gifts As a young child, one of my favorite games was If you register for the International Conference on ISO 9000, or for the Telephone. Do you remember the game where you International Lean & Six Sigma Conference using the registration code whispered a message in someone’s ear and each “AQI2009”, you are entitled to one Early Registration Gift for each person would continue whispering the message conference, with the exception of the GPS, which is available to the until it came back to the person who started it? It first twenty registrants to both conferences. You may choose one never failed that the message “My favorite day of GPS, instead of two separate gifts. To qualify for the early registration the week is Tuesday” turns into “My favorite color is gift(s), you must use the code “AQI2009” and your payment must be green.” received in full by January 30, 2009. Early registration gifts are available only by phone, fax, or mail, and not available by online Just like with the Telephone game, the message with the ISO 9001:2008 registration. Choices of Early Registration Gifts are: Amendment changes as it filters from experts to message boards to magazines to users. It has evolved from a message that indicates the • GPS Amendment is focused on clarifications, corrections, and compatibility with ISO 14001 to a message that states that the changes are not major • Digital Picture Frame (7”) that you only need to put a line through the final zero in 2000 to make it • Digital Camera an 8. • I-Pod Shuffle The 2009 ISO 9000 Conference has been structured to provide information from industry and international experts that have been on • After 2 PM Disney Park Ticket the front lines of recent changes to the Quality Management System • $50 Gift Certificate for the ASQ Booth (QMS) standards. The message will not be garbled, as you will be getting updates on the latest versions of ISO 9001, ISO 9004, TS 16949, and AS9100 directly from team members who have participated in the editing process. The conference will also focus on approaches to Integrated Advisory Board Management Systems, Risk Management, Continual Improvement, Innovation, and Customer Satisfaction that offer opportunities to • Joe Cascio, Federal Environmental Executive, Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of the President reenergize your QMS. Here are five topics you don’t want to miss at this year’s conference: • Charles M. Ludolph, European Community Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce 1. Updates on ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9004:2009 • Robert H. King Jr., Past President & CEO, ANAB 2. Where ISO 9001 is headed in the future 3. Implementing ISO 9001 in today’s economy • John E. West, Past Chair, U.S. TAG-TC 176 4. Integrated Management Systems • Reginald N. Shaughnessy, Past Chair, ISO/TC 176, Canada 5. Sector updates for aerospace and automotive • Scott K. Richter, ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) See you in Orlando! • R. Dan Reid, Worldwide Purchasing Manager, General Motors Powertrain Warm Regards, • Peter Merrill, President, Quest Management Systems • Dale K. Gordon, VP Quality, MPC Products Lorri Hunt, 2009 ISO 9000 Conference Chair • Bengt J. Kredell, Ph.D., EOTC, Sweden • Harold Hodder, Executive Director, International Automotive Oversight Exhibitor Information Bureau • Arthur L. Ramos, Waters Corporation (retired) Exhibit Dates: March 9-10, 2009 • Reg G. Blake, BSI America, Inc. Register early and receive a $100 discount per booth! • Paul Scicchitano, Quality Systems Update 8’ x 10’ booths are available for a fee of $1,490 if you register and • Stanley I. Warshaw, Ph.D., U.S. Department of Commerce fully pay before January 30, 2009, and $1,590 from this date until Feb 28, 2009. Conference Office Exhibit Set-up: Sunday, March 8: 3:00 PM-6:00 PM Exhibit Hours: Monday, March 9: 7:30 AM-6:00 PM International Conference on ISO 9000 Tuesday, March 10: 7:30 AM-1:00 PM 4 Camden Drive Move-out: Tuesday, March 10: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA 15215 USA Reception with Exhibitors: Monday, March 9; 6:00 PM-7:00 PM Tel: (412) 782-3383, Toll free: (866) 500-3383 Fax: (412) 782-3384 Please contact the Conference office and reserve your exhibit space E-mail: info@iso9000conference.com early. Web: www.iso9000conference.com Please turn the flyer over to view the Program for the 2009 International Conference on Lean & Six Sigma A-2
  10. 10. SESSION 1: KEYNOTE- HOW WILL THE SESSION 2: WHAT IS AHEAD ISO 9000 UPDATES AFFECT YOUR BUSINESS? WITH QMS UPDATES AND PRACTICES? Session Chair: Lorri Hunt, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc. Session Chair: Lorri Hunt, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc. Session Chair: John E. Gray, U.S. Air Force Session Chair: John E. Gray, U.S. Air Force Monday Morning • March 9, 2009 Monday Morning • March 9, 2009 Monday Morning • March 9, 2009 Monday Morning • March 9, 2009 8:00 AM-8:15 AM; Opening Remarks 10:35 AM-11:15 AM; Paper #21 A Preview of the Next Generation of the ISO 9004 Standard: The 8:15 AM-8:55 AM; Paper #11 ISO 9004:2009 Standard Contents and Its Intent Applying ISO 9000 in Today's Tough Global Economy Charles A. Cianfrani, Vice-President, ResCare Employment and Joseph A. DeFeo, President & CEO, Juran Institute, Inc. Training Services Group It is difficult enough to maintain an effective Quality The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is trying to System in good times, let alone during hard times. make a standard that is a useful tool to organizations that desire to go In this presentation, Joe DeFeo, President of Juran beyond meeting the minimum Quality Management System Institute, will share his insight into how your requirements (ISO 9001:2008 for example) to achieve organizational organization should think about its ISO system in a excellence. The new title is “Managing for the Sustained Success of difficult economy, and will provide a review on the an Organization--A Quality Management Approach”. The concept of following key points: How ISO 9000:2008 can be more sustained success is new to ISO 9004. This presentation will describe efficient for your organization; How you can sell your what the crafters of the standard were trying to embed in the document system as a risk mitigation system; How to reduce the cost of to enable an organization to ensure that it will continue to exist. This maintaining your system; How to move your system to the Board Room. presentation will also highlight some of the content of the new ISO 9004 not addressed, or only minimally addressed, in ISO 9001. Joseph DeFeo, a leading Executive Coach, is recognized worldwide for his training on business excellence. In serving a wide range of Charlie Cianfrani is an active member of ISO TC176. He is currently businesses as President and CEO of Juran Institute, Mr. DeFeo works designated as U.S. Expert to the ISO Working Group that wrote the with his team to help clients increase sales, reduce costs, and improve ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000 Standards (ISO TC176/ SC2/WG18) customer satisfaction. and directly participated in the writing of ISO 9001:1994 as well. He is currently a delegate to the ISO Technical Committee and Working Group 8:55 AM-9:35 AM; Paper #12 that wrote ISO 9001:2008 and is completing ISO 9004:2009. The ISO 9000 Renaissance John Knappenberger, President and CEO, 11:15 AM-11:55 AM; Paper #22 ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board The Process Approach… It’s So Simple It’s Hard James Collins, Master Trainer, Plexus Corporation The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 emphasize a Process Approach. Many have been working to assure the long-term value and organizations have struggled with practical ways to address this credibility of third party accredited certification. To this concept… ways that result in added profit and increased value for the end, a task force of ANAB’s Accreditation Council has developed a organization. This presentation is focused on tools to implement and “Certification Client Bill of Rights and Responsibilities”. This presentation audit the Process Approach with a focus on added value to the will cover that document and how ANAB intends to use it to promote the organization. Emphasis will be placed on “how to” as well as background renaissance of ISO 9000 and other ISO 9000 Management Systems. and overall general concepts. The differences between service and manufacturing organizations will be highlighted, and the tools used will John Knappenberger is the most senior staff officer at ANAB. He is be equally applicable to service, as well as manufacturing organizations. responsible for day-to-day operations, as well as responding to market demands for conformity assessment. He previously worked for Dura Jim Collins is a Master Trainer with the Plexus Corporation. He holds Automotive Systems, Inc., Carrier Corporation, and TRW, Inc. a Masters Degree in Systems Administration from St. Mary’s University and a Bachelors Degree from the United States Air Force Academy. A 9:35 AM-10:15 AM; Paper #13 Command Pilot with over 3,500 flight hours, Jim served in a variety of Understanding the Top Five Changes in ISO 9001:2008 That command and support positions. As an officer in the USAF, he taught Could Impact Your QMS leadership and ethics at the Air Force Academy and at the Military Lorri Hunt, President, Lorri Hunt & Associates, Inc. Academy, West Point. He currently serves on the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) Training Commission as a Technical This presentation will focus on the current information on the ISO Expert. A highlight of his time in the service included his family being 9001:2008 Amendment based on its first months of use following the designated by President Reagan in 1987 as “A Great American Family.” publication in November 2008. It will include a discussion of the top five clauses that have the potential to either be misinterpreted, or require a 11:55 AM-1:00 PM; Lunch Break modification to your QMS. It will also include up-to-date information on the migration that organizations will need to make from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2008. After this presentation, you will have an understanding of the general impact of ISO 9001:2008, as well as learning how to use this amendment to improve your QMS. Lorri Hunt is an active member of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to Reception with ISO Technical Committee 176. She was the international deputy task group leader for ISO 9001:2008, serves in the key position of Chair of Exhibitors & Speakers Task Group 9001/4, the United States group responsible for developing Monday, March 9, 2009 consensus positions related to ISO 9001 and ISO 9004, and the co-author of “The Insiders’ Guide to ISO 9001:2008.” 6 PM – 7 PM Exhibit Hall 10:15 AM-10:35 AM; Refreshment Break A-3
  11. 11. SESSION 3: CORRECTIVE ACTION SESSION 4: AS9100, AVIATION, AEROSPACE & SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AND DEFENSE QMS STANDARDS Session Chair: Mark Olson, Program Development, ASQ Session Chair: Mark Olson, Program Development, ASQ Session Chair: Diana Somerton, HR Textron Session Chair: Diana Somerton, HR Textron Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 1:00 PM-1:35 PM; Paper #31 1:00 PM-1:35 PM; Paper #41 Designing an Effective Preventive and Corrective Action AS9100: Aviation, Aerospace, & Defense Quality Management Process System Standard Ready for Takeoff Clyde M. Hedin, CQA, QATS Program Manager & Garabet H. L. L. “Buddy” Cressionnie, Senior Manager Quality & Mission Kassakhian, Ph.D., Quality Assurance Officer, QATS, Shaw Success Processes, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics; Alan Environmental, Inc.; John D. Nebelsick, Project Officer, U.S. Daniels, Quality Senior Manager, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Environmental Protection Agency The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) is scheduled to Preventive and Corrective Actions (PA/CA) are essential tools for release the next revision of AS9100, the QMS Standard for the aviation, maintaining an efficient ISO 9001 Quality Management System. An space and defense industries, in November 2008. The new revision of effective PA/CA process improves customer satisfaction by minimizing AS9100 will include not only the ISO 9001:2008 changes, but also product defects, and thus improving the bottom line through customer changes determined to be essential for the continual improvement of loyalty and repeat business. This presentation will discuss the practical AS9100. These changes will include expanding the scope to include the implementation of this process, provide examples of success stories defense sector; and complying with IAQG’s strategy. Mr. Cressionnie, a where Shaw’s PA/CA process has benefited the organization’s product leading authority on the revision of AS9100, will offer the latest and most quality and bottom line, and will include a demonstration of Shaw crucial information for anyone working in the area of Aerospace and Environmental’s Integrated Quality System database used to manage Defense. and trend in PA/CA data. Buddy Cressionnie leads the Americas IAQG writing team to revise Clyde Hedin is a project manager for Shaw Environmental, Inc. and the AS9100:2009 and is highly involved with the American Aerospace Program Manager of Shaw’s USEPA Quality Assurance Technical Quality Group (AAQG), and the US Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to Support Contract in Las Vegas, Nevada. His experience includes over ISO/TC 176. Currently, he oversees the QMS and Capability Maturity 20 years of managing environmental QA and laboratory programs. Model Integration (CMMI®) for Quality Assurance at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. 1:35 PM-2:10 PM; Paper #32 Event Investigations = Effective Corrective Actions 1:35 PM-2:10 PM; Paper #42 Keven S. Butler, MS, CSP, Independent Safety Review Chairman, “The Synergy of One” as it Applies to the Aerospace Industry Idaho National Laboratory Michael J. Dreikorn, President, The IPL Group, LLC Gain insight into how a deeper level of Event Investigation can lead to In his book, “The Synergy of One”, Michael Dreikorn argues that the vast Effective Corrective Actions despite challenges. This presentation will majority of errors and system failures are the result of ineffective include lessons learned from the experiences of a re-engineering leadership. Most shortcomings of leaders stem from a lack of unified team that worked on these issues for ten months. This resulted in a and structured system throughout their organization. “The Synergy of breakthrough in the investigation and corrective action process. There One” explains how to create an integrated system that incorporates were challenges such as management impatience, and resistance to resources, accountability, and culture into one synergistic formula that change. Different tools and techniques were required for the analysts will lead to consistent success. The aerospace industry is inherently to use. Learning about these strategies could help your organization complex, with various standards, and regulations. In this presentation, improve your corrective action effectiveness. Mr. Dreikorn will discuss how to develop high levels of sustainable Keven Butler has been performing event investigations since 1988. synergy within aerospace organizations to ensure success. Michael He is currently working for Battelle Energy Alliance (BEA), in the Dreikorn has extensive leadership experience in both public and private Specific Manufacturing Capabilities (SMC) facility where they sector, especially in high-tech industries including the aerospace manufacture armor packages for the U.S. Army. industry. Past leadership positions include VP of Quality for Pratt & Whitney, and Deputy Division Manager of the FAA’s Production & 2:10 PM-2:45 PM; Paper #33 Airworthiness Division in Washington, D.C. Social Responsibility 101-Should Systems Professionals Care? Lesa Vold, Director of Management Sys., Validus Services, LLC 2:10 PM-2:45 PM; Paper #43 How Will the AS9104-1 Changes Impact the Certified AS9100 Gain a clear picture of the importance of social responsibility. In today’s Supplier? media climate, you cannot miss the shift in consumer attitudes regarding Roger Ritterbeck, Aerospace Product Manager, QMI-SAI Global the products they use. Increasingly, product and nonproduct attributes are being recognized in the purchase decisions of consumers. This The new AS9104-1 will have significant impact on the aerospace provides new opportunities for companies to research and improve the certified suppliers. Several new changes have been integrated into this social aspects of their products. This presentation focuses on this new update. This presentation will provide an introduction and understanding social responsibility movement. Current consumer research will be of how changes to certification requirements imposed by the shared, as well as some case studies of public perception regarding International Aerospace Quality Group will affect certified suppliers. social responsibility. Ideas on projects that companies might undertake to This presentation will provide the participants an overview of the entire increase their social responsibility attributes will be discussed. AS9104-1 document in order to learn what impacts go along with an AS9100 registration, and what to plan for. Lesa Vold works on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, USDA Process Verified, and International Association for Continuing Education and Training Roger Ritterbeck has 20 years of experience in the aerospace, and Certification Programs for Validus. One of Lesa’s current projects automotive industries. He is an Aerospace Industry experienced Auditor include drafting a Standard for Green House Gas Soil Sequestration. (AIEA), and has conducted over 800 QMS audits in a variety of industries. He was member the AS9110 Re-Write Team. 2:45 PM-3:00 PM; Refreshment Break 2:45 PM-3:00 PM; Refreshment Break A-4
  12. 12. SESSION 5: MULTI-STANDARD SESSION 6: AUTOMOTIVE ISO TS-16949 REVISION QMS INTEGRATION AND UPDATES TO AIAG MANUALS Session Chair: Jack West, Past Chair, ISO/TC 176 Session Chair: Jack West, Past Chair, ISO/TC 176 Session Chair: Rai Chowdhary, TEAM 2000 Session Chair: Rai Chowdhary, TEAM 2000 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 Monday Afternoon • March 9, 2009 3:00 PM-3:35 PM; Paper #51 3:00 PM-3:35 PM; Paper #61 Integrating Quality, Environmental, and OHS Systems: What Automotive Auditors Need to Know – 2009? A Case Study Ralph Daniel Reid, M.B.S., M.A., ASQ Fellow, ASQ CQE, Senior Mary F. McDonald, CEO/CTO, McDonald Consulting Group, Inc. Purchasing Manager, General Motors Powertrain Implementing a Management System “from scratch” is often difficult; how As organizations continue to “right-size”, new quality practitioners are much more difficult is it to implement multiple Management Systems being recruited and they need to understand key concepts. These rather than only one? Twice as difficult for two Management Systems? concepts include variation reduction, evaluation of effectiveness, Three times more difficult for three systems? This case study will detail process capability, characteristic management, measurement system how one company implemented three Management Systems fundamentals, terminology and acronyms, corrective vs. preventive simultaneously, from the beginning, through the accelerated schedule, to action, root cause analysis, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis get registered, to the final result. It will detail the steps taken and the (FMEA), Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and Continual lessons learned. Improvement. This presentation will provide insight into the latest revisons to ISO TS-16949, and the AIAG manuals for APQP & FMEA. Mary McDonald holds a BS in Environmental Engineering and MS in Industrial Administration; she worked for 15 years at IBM before Dan Reid is a Senior Purchasing Manager with General Motors launching her own process improvement company in 1995. Mary works Powertrain. He was the first Delegation Leader of the International with her clients to improve their processes, to positively affect the bottom Automotive Task Force (IATF). He is best known as a co-author of line, and to improve customer satisfaction. QS-9000, ISO 9001:2000, the first ISO Technical Specification (TS) 16949, and the first ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA-1). 3:35 PM-4:10 PM; Paper #52 CMMI® & ISO 9001 Co-Implementation for Software & Systems 3:35 PM-4:10 PM; Paper #62 (S2E) Companies Applying ISO/IEC 17021 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Auditing: John Walz, Vice President for Standards Activities, IEEE Automotive Industry Examples Computer Society Standards Activities Board, The Sutton James W. Collins, Master Trainer, Plexus Corporation Group This presentation will review the latest automotive emphasis on Stage Last year ISO celebrated the 897,866 ISO 9001 worldwide 1 and Stage 2 auditing following ISO/IEC 17021, and how the certifications and SEI celebrated the 2140 worldwide organizations automotive industry applies the Process Approach in each stage. The completing CMMI® appraisals. Several trends are driving S2E stage 1 audit determines the “readiness” of an organization to be companies to implement both ISO 9001 and CMMI-Dev concurrently, audited and focuses on the maturity of a QMS based on a process such as the increased number of small S2E companies, a growth in approach with at least 12 months of data. The Stage 2 audit follows combined business and government markets, an increased number of audit trails based on “biased sampling” of the organization’s processes world-wide suppliers of S2E products, and increased transparency of and the performance of those processes. This presentation will cover all Management Systems. This paper will describe the synergy of both you need to know about Stage 1 and Stage 2 auditing. CMMI and ISO 9001, with an innovative approach to bridge CMMI & ISO 9001 implementation, management, and assessments. Jim Collins is a Master Trainer with the Plexus Corporation. A Command Pilot with over 3,500 flight hours, Jim served in a variety of John Walz retired from Lucent/AT&T with more than 20 years of command positions. As an officer in the USAF, he taught leadership management and coaching experience. Since then, he co-authored and ethics at the Air Force Academy, and at West Point. He currently three books covering the use of IEEE software and Systems serves on the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). Engineering Standards to support CMMI, ISO 9001, and Lean Six Sigma. He is a frequent contributor to the IEEE Computer Society 4:10 PM-4:45 PM; Paper #63 ReadyNotes, Podcasts, and webinar programs. Implementation of ISO 9001 in the Automotive Supply Chain Paul Mozoski, Quality System Manager & Kerie Price, Audit 4:10 PM-4:45 PM; Paper #53 Program Manager, Michelin North America, Inc. The Value of Management Systems Standards Integration Wanda Sarti, Quality Program Manager, IBM Supplier development is an essential component of the purchasing process. Direct suppliers to the Automotive Industry are required to The number of Management System Standards requested by customers develop their Supply Chain. The ISO/TS 16949:2002 Standard [cl. is rising. Organizations are faced with implementing multiple] states: “Unless otherwise specified by the customer, suppliers Management System Standards and complying with statutory, regulatory, to the organization shall be third party registered to ISO 9001 by an and client requirements. In today’s competitive environment, the accredited third-party certification body.” This presentation will examine integration of Management System Standards has proven to be the approach used to develop the Quality Systems of suppliers. The successful in minimizing the cost. Integrating QMS requirements and focus will be on the role of ISO 9001 in this development process, and legal requirements into a single process goes a long way to help an the pros and cons of second party audits versus third party registration to organization implement an effective QMS. This presentation will describe achieving results. the critical steps for integrating Management System Standards, and the benefits of integration. Paul Mozoski has 26 years of experience in the Quality Systems field. He is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and has a degree in Wanda Sarti is a member of the Liaison Group Between the U.S. Tags Engineering from the United States Military Academy. He has for ISO/TC176 and ISO/207. She served on the ISO Task Force performed Quality Audits in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and responsible for writing the “The Integrated Management Systems Asia. Kerie Price has successfully assisted in the certification of Handbook”, which an official ISO document. She is a leading authority manufacturing sites to the ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 standards. on the integration of ISO 9000, ISO 20000, TL 9000, ISO 17050, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 17021, and ISO 28001. A-5