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  1. 1. Book early for FREE Deploying and Integrating CD Rom worth Lean & Six Sigma $499! for Government May 22-23 2006, The Sheraton Premier at Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, VA. Workshops May 24 2006 Generating change and cultural acceptance for these proven cost-cutting tools Keynote Keynote and Chairman Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam Mayor Graham Richard, Presented in Deputy Chief of Staff, City of Fort Wayne, Indiana association with Logistics, Installations and A pioneer of Lean Six Mission Support Sigma in Government US Air Force “Totally relevant to my government job! Great info... inspired.” Terry Sims, IT Project Manager, US Air Force on the Lean Six Sigma Summit Pioneering organizations West Government track, October 2005. presenting at this unique “Incredibly value added. I'll be able to be more influential and strategic with my knowledge sharing leadership by incorporating what I've learned and focusing on output more than input.” forum: Heather Bryant, Senior Manager Lean Initiatives, Lockheed Martin on Lean Six Sigma Summit West, October 2006. City of Fort Wayne, Indiana “A great event for sharing practices and networking.” Camp Red Cloud, Installation Lee Byrd, Senior Process Improvement Analyst, CPS Energy on Lean Six Management Agency, United Sigma Summit West, October 2005. States Army Garrison Pioneering organizations will guide you through: Defense Intelligence Agency CPS Energy • Leading the change needed for process improvement success - The Aerospace Corporation, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation TQM Network reveal the keys to cultural buy-in The Aerospace Corporation • Cutting cost across your entire budget - the City of Fort Wayne, Office of Management and Indiana explains how it’s made $10 million savings and cost avoidance Budget in 5 years! ABN AMRO Mortgage Group • Ensuring success in Lean and Six Sigma projects outside Department of Energy Headquarters - Camp Red Cloud, United States Army Garrison, Korea, guides you through their successful three year deployment DynMcDermott Petroleum overseas Operations Company • Strengthening contractor relations using the power of Lean and Sacramento Regional Transit Six Sigma - the Department of the Environment and DynMcDermott District Petroleum Operations Company, winners of a Malcolm Baldrige NUWC Division Keyport National Quality Award 2005, describe their joint effort Advisor to the US Army • Linking Lean principles across multiple organizations - the Office of Budget and Management provides the key to streamlining and Sigma Breakthrough standardizing processes to prevent duplication among agencies Technologies, Inc. Decisioneering, Inc. Preferred Membership Media Partners Associate Sponsor Organization Federal Bureau of Investigation US Air Force (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 enquire@sixsigmaiq.com (1) 800-882-8684 www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a
  2. 2. Day 1: Monday May 22 2006 8.00 Chairman Mayor Graham Richard of City Fort Wayne’s introduction 11.45 Exploring the differences between private and public sector 8.15 Change and process improvement – Just why is it In this session, Michael will guide us through his leadership so difficult? of three Six Sigma deployments, highlighting the differences Six Sigma represents the cumulative knowledge of most between private and public sector. previous approaches to Process Improvement (PI), including • Embedding Six Sigma into a public sector culture lean manufacturing, statistical process control, business • Developing your strategic goals with the support of Six process reengineering and other PI methods. This sounds Sigma great, so why would Six Sigma projects ever fail? The • Training your team efficiently and on a budget bottom line: Process Improvement inherently involves cultural Michael A. Mattos, change, and change is hard. In this session, Kenneth will Chief of Facilities & Business Support Services address the following topics: Division, Sacramento Regional Transit District • What is the urgency for change? • Why is change hard – how is resistance realized? • How can leaders facilitate change? • What are the initial steps a leader must take to enable 12.30 Lunch and networking change? Kenneth D. Shere Ph.D., 2.00 Identifying the perfect Lean Six Sigma toolset for Senior Project Engineer, your organization The Aerospace Corporation This session will ensure you’ve got the know-how to put together your ideal Six Sigma toolkit, especially for 9.00 Save $10 million by using Six Sigma: The incredible transactional services. And once you’ve got your kit, then Fort Wayne story you can really develop it. When can you start investigating Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard will describe how the city more progressive tools such as Design for Six Sigma? is using innovation and Six Sigma to become globally • Which individual Six Sigma tools suit your organization competitive. Mayor Richard will discuss how Fort Wayne best? uses high performance partnerships with Six Sigma to • When do you use which tool? improve city services and save taxpayers millions of dollars. • Which tools suit transactional processes? Six Sigma has resulted in a $1.7 million cost avoidance at • Using specific tools to process your Six Sigma data the Water Pollution Control Plant. Potholes are now repaired Daniel Myung, Advisor to the US Army in four hours instead of four days. Permits for businesses are approved in less than 12 days instead of 47 days. In the post 2.45 Metrics, Variation and Design for Six Sigma - oh 9/11, post Katrina world, every city must demonstrate high my! performance service response to citizens – let Mayor Richard What should be measured in new product development? show you how. Metrics drive human behavior and only a few are possible in Mayor Graham Richard, product development to drive the right behaviors. What City of Fort Wayne, Indiana variation is allowed, controlled and reduced with DfSS? Some tools only flag gaps and others help us close them, but only when used in the right sequence. Should we always apply DOE to a design project? If not, when should we and 9.45 Achieving transformation through Air Force Smarts how? The answers to these and other design related Operations 21 questions about DfSS will be answered in this presentation. Lean Six Sigma can generate significant improvements Also offered is a glimpse of where things are heading with across the spectrum of military processes. There are second generation DfSS and process designs. substantial resource implications - cycle time, dollars, • Where did DfSS come from anyway? What were the equipment availability, quality and people. Air Force Smarts origins? Operations 21 (AFSO21) is the Air Force's methodology and • Which roadmap is the right one? IDOV, DMADV, CDOV? operating principles for implementing continuous process • What about technology projects? The same as DFSS? Or improvement. Lt Gen Wetekam will share with you his views different... on the value of a process improvement culture as well as the Joe Ficalora, Vice President of Technology, status of AFSO21. Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam, Deputy Chief of Staff Logistics, Installations and Mission Support, US 3.30 Coffee and networking Air Force 4.00 Panel Session 10.30 Coffee and networking Exactly what is the best approach to culture 11.00 Leveraging Process Improvement possibilities from change? the private perspective After hearing about various approaches to achieve buy-in for If you are ready to look outside the box, then look no further. Lean and Six Sigma from the last few presentations, what This session will provide a fascinating insight into the endless are your opinions? Are they the same methods that you’ve possibilities of Six Sigma and Lean from one of the world’s been using? Do you disagree with any of them? This panel most well known companies. session will give you the chance to discuss different • Exploring not just the successes, but also the potential approaches for achieving culture change and buy-in. Look pitfalls and how to avoid them outside the box to achieve superior cost savings. • Grasping the full extent of what is possible – don’t settle Michael A. Mattos, Chief of Facilities & Business for second best! Support Services Division, Sacramento Regional • Going global: Spreading not just across the US, but Transit District across the world Doug Shagam, Mayor Graham Richard, Six Sigma Deployment Champion and Vice President, City of Fort Wayne, Indiana ABN AMRO Mortgage Group 5.00 Chair’s round up comments and close of Day 1 (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 enquire@sixsigmaiq.com (1) 800-882-8684 www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a
  3. 3. Day 2: Tuesday May 23 2006 8.45 Chair’s opening comments JD Sicilia, Chief, Performance Management Group, Defense Intelligence Agency 9.00 Implementing Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Lee Byrd, Constraints in a non-profit environment Senior Process Improvement Analyst, Most implementations of Lean, Six Sigma, and the Theory of CPS Energy Constraints are driven by a company's desire to improve profit margins, market share or market segmentation. Mayor Graham Richard, However, implementation of these methods in a public sector City of Fort Wayne, Indiana organization, where revenue growth is discouraged, necessitates modifications on how product lead time, quality, and cost gains are realized, achieved, and returned to the 12.30 Lunch and networking customer. This also provides challenges on work force incentives to exploit Six Sigma tools and methods. In this 1.30 Working process improvement into your session, David will assess how these challenges have been government-contractor relationship integral to Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport's Once you’ve established a PI approach with your efforts to improving its engineering, logistical support, depot contractors, how can you actually work together to ensure maintenance, and test and evaluation services to the US that you are combining your efforts toward process Navy as well as its business processes, such as financial improvement and Six Sigma? The Department of Energy management. (DOE) have adopted the Malcolm Baldrige criteria to assess David Mortimore, their performance, in conjunction with DynMcDermott, Lean, TOC, Malcolm Baldrige 2005 Award Winners at the Strategic and Six Sigma, Manager, Petroleum Reserve (SPR). The DOE have actively NUWC Division Keyport encouraged Six Sigma to be used at the SPR operation. This session will provide a unique case study of how this has 9.45 Improving process in Federal Agencies by using already had a positive effect on government-contractor Federal Enterprise Architecture operations and the value that the DOE has seen. Dan Kelley, Assistant Project Manager for Using the underlying principles of Lean and the Federal Technical Assurance, Strategic Petroleum Enterprise Architecture Framework, Richard is working with Reserve, Department of Energy Federal Agencies to consolidate and standardize business Ron Schulingkamp, Strategic Systems Coordinator, processes. This enables the alignment of information DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company, technology investments to achieve higher performance in Managing & Operating Contractor for the agency mission objectives. The aim of the Federal US Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve Government is to become more citizen-centered and service- focused, and minimize work duplication between agencies. 2.45 Coffee and networking Richard will guide you through the methodologies that the Office of Management & Budget employs to achieve higher 3.15 Ensuring swift Six Sigma integration through effective performance and more cost effective services using the training and support Federal Enterprise Architecture. How an organization establishes its training and support Richard Burk, Chief Architect and Director, Federal when it begins Lean Six Sigma is critical to both its Enterprise Architecture Program, Office of Management integration and to the ultimate success of the program. To & Budget ensure successful deployment, determining who should be trained and at what level, selecting the best projects and 10.30 Coffee and networking establishing key metrics are vital. • Identifying the key aspects of Six Sigma that will apply to 11.00 Business Process Reengineering: How buy-in your workforce affects the promise and the reality • Integrating Six Sigma training with their day-to-day The Director of the FBI has made it a priority to reengineer business business processes that support their administrative, • Where does the public sector get Black Belts from and technical and instigative activities. IT policy and planning how can you keep them? have been at the forefront of this effort with Business Dale Siegelin, Process Reengineering (BPR), Enterprise Architecture and IT President, Metrics at the centre of attention. In this extended session, TQM Network Sonny and Robert will guide you through, not only these projects, but also how they have instigated cultural buy-in 4.00 Leading change away from the “mothership”: An and acceptance for BPR and process-orientated work. The overseas case study fact is simple; without this, process reengineering efforts Change in government is extremely challenging when you’re such as Lean and Six Sigma can easily fail. based far away from the centre of process improvement, Sonny Bhagowhalia, Program Management Executive, especially overseas! In this session William will guide us Office of the Chief Information Officer, IT Policy and through his garrison’s three-year journey to deploy Lean Six Planning Sigma so far from Headquarters. Robert J. Garrity, Jr., • Overcoming the fear of change and debunking myths Deputy Chief Information Officer, • Integrating Lean and Six Sigma with other process Office of the Chief Information Officer improvement efforts Federal Bureau of Investigation • Emphasizing the importance of leadership at all levels of your deployment • Unleashing the power of your workforce and looking 11.45 Panel Session for partners who can help Getting going: The early challenges of Lean & Six • Apro Nakaza! (Let’s Go Forward!) Sigma William L. Kapaku Jr., Do you have any questions after hearing the previous case Deputy Garrison Commander, Headquarters, studies? This panel session is the chance for you to discuss Camp Red Cloud, Installation Management with your peers the best methods for getting going, whether Agency, United States Army Garrison it be on initial deployment, or new projects following initial deployment. Bring questions with you and build a list during 5.00 Mayor Richard’s closing comments the conference to best use this time to discuss the best solutions for your problems. 5.15 Close of conference (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 enquire@sixsigmaiq.com (1) 800-882-8684 www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a
  4. 4. Workshop Day: Wednesday May 24 2006 Morning workshop: 9.00 - 12.30 Six Sigma: The first 90 days Led by Joe Ficalora, Vice President of Technology, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. & Debby Sollenberger, Vice President of Business Development, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc. Wouldn't you love to create a core competency when quickly inventing and executing new business models? Launching a Six Sigma initiative will serve as the impetus your organization needs to begin the journey to move from being good to being great. But, even more importantly, following the roadmap to launching Six Sigma in 90 days will ensure a very quick implementation with a 99.99996 percent (i.e. Six Sigma) chance for success. This is your chance to evaluate how to approach: • Change initiatives • Critical steps to driving a Six • Quick financial returns • Aligning actions to strategy Sigma deployment and any major • Driving operational discipline initiative • Developing leadership • Challenges and pitfalls Afternoon workshop: 1.30 - 5.00 Utilizing simulation and optimization Six Sigma tools to ensure successful deployment Led by Fred Ciochetto, Trainer, Product Consultant & Six Sigma Product Manager, Decisioneering, Inc. Simulation and optimization techniques are increasingly popular tools that provide Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma practitioners with analytic power beyond the traditional Six Sigma toolset. With simulation alone, you can: • Reduce the uncertainty around project success • Improve your understanding of the critical Xs and process flow inhibitors • Evaluate the impact of process changes prior to implementation By adding optimization techniques to simulation, you can arrive at the best possible solutions for complex problems that include inventory management, project selection, workforce queuing, and design performance. This workshop, designed for the beginner and advanced practitioner, covers the A to Z of simulation and optimization. Through a series of case studies, this workshop will provide Six Sigma, Process Excellence and Lean practitioners with a complete understanding of why, where, and how to apply spreadsheet simulation and optimization within Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma deployments, to achieve greater analytic power. ASSOCIATE SPONSOR WHO’LL BE ATTENDING THE CONFERENCE AND WORKSHOPS? ASSOCIATE SPONSOR SBTI is the leading Chiefs , Executive Directors, Directors and Senior Managers from the public sector from Lean Six Sigma the following departments: consultancy with a history of 60+ • Finance • Business Process Improvement corporate deployments. SBTI delivers a full • Budget Control • Quality range of services that include strategic planning • Chief Information Office • Top Administration & assessments, multilevel leadership workshops • Chief Financial Office • And Vice Presidents and Directors from and Belt training. We provide the knowledge • Business Process Reengineering government service agencies and needed to link Lean Sigma with your strategy contractors bringing quick and effective results. Building Better People. Building Better Companies. www.sbtionline.com ASSOCIATE SPONSOR EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES SPONSORSHIP AND FEATURED EXHIBITOR Are you a solutions provider or consultant with a service or product to offer decision makers actively seeking Six Sigma solutions? If so, this is the ideal meeting ground to bring your services to the attention of the right audience. This is a Director-level forum that will attract senior delegates with purchasing responsibilities looking to gain strategic advice and to find solutions. We have a variety of packages available to suit your needs. www.crystalball.com For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please call +44 (0)20 7368 9500 or e-mail sponsorship@iqpc.co.uk (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 enquire@sixsigmaiq.com (1) 800-882-8684 www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a
  5. 5. Want to get your hands on $10 million of savings and cost reduction? The City of Fort Wayne has… The power of Lean & Six Sigma are undeniable, but have you got full access to that power? Yes? No? Some, but you want more? Good news, permission is granted for full access. Only at Lean & Six Sigma for Government will public sector organizations • Discover the keys to successful start ups of new projects and guide you through their Lean, Six Sigma and Process Improvement success deployments with contributions from the Defense Intelligence Agency and stories. CPS Energy • And there’s no need to stop there: The advancement of tools and Gain the power to: improving contractor relationships is covered by the Department of • Embed Lean, Six Sigma and other Process Improvement techniques into Energy and DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company your organization’s culture • A unique Private Sector presentation from the internationally renowned • Guarantee no unnecessary spend ABN AMRO Mortgage Group will illustrate just what is possible, both in the • Increase productivity of contractor relationships US and across the globe, with Six Sigma • Streamline training procedures to see quicker Process Improvement results Set your sights high and release the full potential of Lean and Six Sigma in your organization! You’ll hear from those at the very highest level: PLUS The hands-on workshop day is the ultimate compliment to this unique • Take part in executive overviews from Lt Gen Donald J. Wetekam, Deputy knowledge-sharing forum – leave no Process Improvement stone unturned. Chief of Staff, Logistics, Installations and Mission Support, U S Air Force and Mayor Graham Richard of the City of Fort Wayne, Indiana, on just why With special public sector prices, you’ve nothing to lose. Ensure you are Lean & Six Sigma are the keys to success in the future putting yourself in the driver’s seat at the world’s only Lean & Six Sigma knowledge sharing forum for the Government. Presented in association with Free Issue and 15% Subscription Discount iSixSigma.com is the world's leading online content provider for the Six Sigma community. It provides the most comprehensive and All attendees get a free copy of the leading essential resources to hundreds of thousands of quality professionals magazine in its field, iSixSigma Magazine, each month. and a 15% discount on a subscription if you sign up when registering for the Summit (check box on the registration form, back page). iSixSigma Magazine is the premier guide to successfully iSixSigma Magazine is proudly published by the implementing Six Sigma. Every other month the magazine same people who created iSixSigma.com. delivers strategies, indispensable insights, profiles, methodologies, benchmarking and tools dedicated to helping its readers resolve today's complex business issues. The Black Belt Memory Jogger™ Provides new and experienced Black Belts and Preferred Membership Organization: others with guidance on their roles, and contains tips and step-by-step instructions for performing Don't miss the opportunity to join the only organization, The International more than 21 advanced Six Sigma tools. Starting Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP), committed to promoting the with the DMAIC Model, The Black Belt Memory adoption, advancement and integration of Six Sigma in business. The ISSSP Jogger offers 25 chapters of Six Sigma know-how. Community supports this mission through advocacy and awareness efforts; Use it as a training tool or as a quick reference to professional recognition and development; and by serving as an information keep your teams and projects on track. and referral source. Non-members attending the event will receive a registration pack on site to apply for 6 months free membership. www.isssp.com Tick the box on the back page to receive a FREE copy direct from GOAL/QPC. M E D I A P A R T N E R S QSB Consulting provides innovative Six Sigma how they sell and bring added value to your customers in ways you may never have training and coaching across Europe and the US. Our thought of. Ketch Consulting can help with training and consulting solutions that focus on providing the highest calibre of consultant directly target sales improvement, delivered onsite across North America. and trainer ensures we translate Six Sigma from theory into the real world, and enable our clients to deliver their Six Sigma projects faster and more successfully. Business Process Trends (BPTrends) is the primary source of QSB are the publisher of “Six Sigma and MINITAB” - the best selling pocket guide business process intelligence for a global community of business (ISBN 0954681304), and the software “Six Sigma Tool Finder” – an interactive DMAIC executives and process change practitioners. Membership in routemap. Visit www.QSBC.co.uk for more info. BPTrends is FREE to everyone, and all members receive Monthly e-mail UPDATES and ADVISORS. Go to www.bptrends.com and click on the GOAL/QPC offers people practical tools and organizational skills to BECOME A MEMBER box and start receiving the most comprehensive and timely support teamwork and continuous process improvement within their information on business processes available today. organizations. Our most popular product line, the Memory Jogger™ series of pocket guides, helps employees at all levels to acquire and Toronto-based e-Zsigma is Canada's leader in Six Sigma and perform critical skills for assuring product and service quality and effective process Lean Enterprise deployment. Our completely integrated program performance. Our newest additions to the Memory Jogger™ series – The Black Belt of training, tools, methodology and technology enables you to Memory Jogger™, The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II, The Lean Enterprise Memory rapidly customize and deploy a business improvement strategy that delivers the Jogger™, and The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™. results that your shareholders and customers demand. Our strategic partnerships with some of the world's technology leaders, including SigmaFlow™ and Instantis™, Ketch Consulting - Integrating Six Sigma into sales is more than just improving your make e-Zsigma your first choice for Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise strategies. forecast accuracy. Done right, it can enable salespeople and departments to improve www.e-zsigma.com (1) 973-256-0211 (1) 973-256-0205 enquire@sixsigmaiq.com (1) 800-882-8684 www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a
  6. 6. Deploying and Integrating Lean & Six Sigma for Government Conference: May 22-23 2006, Workshops: May 24 2006 • Sheraton Premier at Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, VA REGISTRATION FORM 5 W AY S T O R E G I S T E R To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Call: 800-882-8684 or 973-256-0211 ISSSP Fax: 973-256-0205 24 Hours A Day My registration code is Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at database@iqpc.co.uk quoting the registration code above to Mail: IQPC inform us of any changes or to remove your details. 555 Route 1 South Iselin, NJ 08830 E-Mail: enquire@sixsigmaiq.com Web site: www.sixsigmaiq.com/2636a TEAM DISCOUNTS Private sector team discounts available. Please call number above for more information. Each delegate is entitled to receive a FREE Memory Jogger pocket guide sent direct from CONFERENCE PRICES GOAL/QPC prior to the conference! Tick this box if you would like to take advantage of this ■ Packages BOOK AND PAY BY April 14, 2006* STANDARD PRICE V E N U E & A C C O M M O D AT I O N Receive a free Lean Six Sigma CD Rom, ■ Public Sector Gold Package VENUE: worth $499! $1499 Two day conference + Workshop Day Presentations from the Lean Six Sigma Sheraton Premier at Tyson’s Corner, Summit West, October 2005, including ■ Public Sector Conference only government focused track! $999 8661 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182 ■ Private Sector Gold Package Tel: +1 (703) 448-1234 Fax: 1 (703) 610-8293. Two day conference + Workshop Save $300 $2797 http://sheraton-vienna.felcor.com $3097 Day ACCOMMODATION: ■ Private Sector Conference only Save $100 $1799 $1899 Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included in the ■ I am claiming 15% off the regular subscription price of iSixSigma * Payment must be received with bookings to qualify for registration fee. A limited number of reduced rate rooms are Magazine. One year price (6 issues) for $50.00 (delivery in the US) and discounts. A 6% sales tax will apply for anyone who is employed $67.00 (delivery outside the US) or resident in the state of Connecticut. In order to qualify for available at The Sheraton Premier at Tyson’s Corner. Please ■ I am an ISSSP member taking advantage of my 25% discount* discounts, bookings must be received with payment by the contact the hotel direct and quote BOOKING REFERENCE ■ I already subscribe to iSixSigma Magazine and am claiming my 10% stated deadline. Conference registration includes standard CD 'IQPC Six Sigma for Government' to ensure the reduced room discount* Rom, conference documentation, lunch and refreshments on both days. Only one discount is applicable per person rates. Government price room rates also available, but limited in number. D E L E G AT E D E TA I L S DELEGATE 1 Please photocopy for each additional delegate FUTURE SIX SIGMA IQ EVENTS Mr ■ Mrs ■ Miss ■ Ms ■ Dr ■ Other ■ Please select which six sigma IQ events you First Name Family Name would like more information on: Position ■ 8th Annual Design for Six Sigma Email (Chicago, April 2006) ■ Yes I would like to receive information about products and services via email Organisation ■ Launch Six Sigma for IT/Software Development Nature of business (San Francisco, June 2006) Address ■ Launch Six Sigma for Shared Services Postcode Country (Europe, June 2006) Telephone Fax ■ 2nd Annual Lean Six Sigma Summit West Dept. Head Title (Las Vegas, September 2006) Name of person completing form if different from delegate: Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________ CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS I agree to IQPC’s cancellation, substitution and payment terms Special dietary requirements: ■ Vegetarian ■ Non-dairy ■ Other (please specify) _____________________________ Delegates may be substituted at any time. IQPC does not provide refunds for cancellations. However, when written notice of Please indicate if you have already registered by Phone ■ Fax ■ Email ■ Web ■ cancellation is received more than seven (7) days prior to the Please note: if you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking. conference, a credit to the value paid at that date will be issued, which may be used against another IQPC conference for up to one PAY M E N T M E T H O D S year from its date of issue. In the event that IQPC cancels an event, Check enclosed for $ ...............................: (Make checks payable in U.S.Dollars to:IQPC) payments received at the cancellation date will be credited towards attendance at a future IQPC conference or, in the event of a Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase, Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239, ABA/Routing #: postponement by IQPC, a rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable 021000021, Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: QM2636K to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a credit in Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number QM2636K lieu of payments made towards a future IQPC event, valid for one year from the date of issue. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage Conference No:QM2636K By Credit Card: Please debit my credit card: ■ ■ ■ as a result of a substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of an event due to causes beyond its control including, without Card No ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Expiry date ■■■■ limitation, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial disputes or hostilities. Cardholder’s name ____________________________ Signature ____________________________________ SPEAKER CHANGES - Occasionally it is necessary for reasons Card billing address (if different from Co. address) ________________________________________________ beyond our control to alter the contents and timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers _________________________________________________________________________________________ DATA PROTECTION - Personal data is gathered in accordance with State _________________________________________________ Zip ________________________________ the Data Protection Act 1998. Your details may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please event number: 2636 Or ■ MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC Ltd. Booking Order: Web: www.IQPC.com/legaliq, Phone: 1-800-882- tick the box below. 8684 or 973-256-0211, Fax: 973-256-0205 24 Hours A Day, Mail: International Quality & Productivity Center, 555 Route 1 South, Iselin, NJ 08830 Payment use only Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of registration and includes lunches, refreshments and detailed conference materials. Your registration will not be ■ Please do not pass my information to any third party Office confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to cancellation.