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Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma
Design for Six Sigma
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Design for Six Sigma


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  • 1. Book by March 10 Take special advantage and receive up to of our special DfSS team $500 off! discounts of up to 40% off! 8th ANNUAL Design for Six Sigma Revolutionize Product and Service Development by Managing Time, Costs and Innovative Tools with DfSS April 19-21, 2006 • Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro • Chicago Strategies to be discussed include: Featuring 30+ of the highest-level DfSS experts to date from: • Beat the clock by reducing both product/service development cycle time and furthering risk mitigation Hewlett Packard Preferred Membership Maytag Corporation • Gain executive buy-in and R&D, Marketing and Supply Chain Organization: support at the same time by aligning your DfSS strategies with U.S. Army corporate and departmental goals Bank of America Raytheon Company • Take advantage of innovation in design and value engineering with new strategies in DfSS excellence for transactional services Wells Fargo Motorola • Add depth to your VOC establishment activity to improve customer satisfaction with DfSS CMC Electronics Canada TYCO Healthcare • Achieve long-term DfSS growth and enterprise-wide Freudenberg NOK sustainability with unique project selection methods and evaluation strategies Decisioneering Inc. Bechtel Nevada • Mature into a best-in-class platform by making the most of DfSS tools, resources and critical parameters Presented Computer Sciences in association with: Corporation • Design effective and measurable cost management Research In Motion Ltd. strategies for upfront DfSS budget allocation Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. ARC Automotive National Semiconductor Media Partners: Ansell Healthcare Oracle Corporation New York-Presbyterian Hospital Hager Electro GmbH Instantis, Inc. Receive AMETEK, Inc. professional Cognition Corporation Sponsors: re-certification Eaton Corporation points! See inside Boston Scientific for details. Xerox Corporation +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  • 2. Tired of the same approach to Design for Six Sigma? Associate Sponsor The clock is ticking…is there ever enough time and resources for your SBTI has worked with well over 20 Fortune current projects? 500 clients and offers the most comprehensive set of DFSS programs in the industry. Because Look no further than six sigma IQ’s 8th annual Design for Six Sigma conference for the product and service development processes are the most complex of all business core processes, SBTI drives the leading AND most unique look at taking your upfront DfSS approach to that next philosophy that any DFSS program should directly support the development strategic level of success. process of each of its clients. Therefore, SBTI delivers programs that are completely customized to meet client needs. SBTI’s DFSS offerings include, but are not limited to, Design for Discrete Manufacturing, Design for Chemical Our impressive speaker faculty includes over 30 world-class experts in DfSS Manufacturing, Design for Transactional Processes, Design linking Lean and deployment and expansion. Six Sigma and Design for Lean. The flagship DFSS curriculum integrates marketing, technical, supply chain and manufacturing students into one • Expand your DfSS approach laterally across your organization with ALL NEW CASE classroom to create the focus on design teams working together. In addition SBTI offers highly unique marketing and sales for Six Sigma programs. STUDIES from representatives of product and service driven industries • Take home the tools and resources you need to develop products and services in the shortest possible time, with the highest reliability, and at the lowest cost with our 2 Breakfast Sponsor highest-level speaker faculty panels to date! Instantis works with companies that are implementing Six Sigma and want to gain • Make headway with your DfSS roadmap to uncover cutting-edge cost savings and control of their efforts, centralise knowledge, team management strategies with our 6 interactive workshops replicate their efforts throughout their organisation, and enhance the savings from their projects. Instantis offers fully • Find out how your DfSS peers are conquering key challenges by networking with them Web-based software solutions for Six Sigma project initiation, tracking and at our special DfSS executive dinner. Dinner will be served on the evening of management. Instantis' Six Sigma solutions include Project Lifecycle Thursday, April 20, 2006 at The Palm/Swissotel, with a spectacular view of Navy Pier Management and Idea Portal, which enable organisations to enhance their success with specific Six Sigma projects. Who will attend? Exhibitors • Six Sigma Champions • Chief Research Officers • Master Black Belts • VPs/Directors of R&D • Black Belts • Chief Marketing Officers • Green Belts • VPs/Directors Marketing • VPs/Directors of Design • VPs/Directors of Product Development • VPs/Directors of Process Improvement • VPs/Directors of Marketing Design • Quality Engineers • VPs/Directors of Shared Services Media Partners • Lean Engineers • Chief Information Officers • VPs/Directors of Quality Assurance • VPs/Directors of IT and Technology is Europe’s leading engineering website with daily news updates and technical • VPs/Directors Operational Excellence • VPs/Directors of Supply Chain articles written for engineers by engineers, covering • Chief Procurement Officers • VPs/Directors of Call Centers the disciplines of design, chemicals, process, • VPs/Directors of Procurement • VPs/Directors of Business Development electronics, oil & gas, and power generation. It is a vital technical source for engineers looking for the latest information and global developments. Industries targeted include: For 25 years, QAI has helped IT organizations become world-class by maturing processes, increasing the competency of staff, developing baselines, and measuring • Automotive • Hardware Developers • FMCG and monitoring performance. QAI provides services for Manufacturing • Telecommunications • Energy and Power quality assurance, software testing, and project • Aerospace • Healthcare • Utilities management professionals including: conferences, seminars, e-learning, on-site training, assessments, membership, best practices, Manufacturing • Pharmaceuticals • Manufacturers and software certifications. • Software Developers • Transactional Services • Defense GOAL/QPC offers people practical tools and organizational skills to support teamwork and continuous process improvement within their Presented in association with organizations. Our most popular product line, the Memory Jogger™ is the world's leading online content provider for the Six Sigma series of pocket guides, helps employees at all levels to acquire and perform critical skills for assuring product and service quality and community. It provides the most comprehensive and essential resources to effective process performance. Our newest additions to the Memory Jogger™ series – The hundreds of thousands of quality professionals each month. Black Belt Memory Jogger™, The Six Sigma Memory Jogger™ II, The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger™, and The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger™. iSixSigma Magazine is the premier guide to successfully Toronto-based e-Zsigma is Canada's leader in Six Sigma and Lean implementing Six Sigma. Every other month the magazine delivers Enterprise deployment. Our completely integrated program of training, strategies, indispensable insights, profiles, methodologies, tools, methodology and technology enables you to rapidly customize benchmarking and tools dedicated to helping its readers resolve and deploy a business improvement strategy that delivers the results that your shareholders and customers demand. Our strategic partnerships with some of the today's complex business issues. world's technology leaders, including SigmaFlow™ and Instantis™, make e-Zsigma your first choice for Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise strategies. Business Process Trends (BPTrends) is the primary Free Issue and 15% Subscription Discount source of business process intelligence for a global community of business executives and process change All attendees get a free copy of the leading magazine in its field, iSixSigma practitioners. Membership in BPTrends is FREE to Magazine, and a 15% discount on a subscription if you sign up when registering everyone, and all members receive Monthly e-mail UPDATES and ADVISORS. Go to and click on the BECOME A MEMBER box and start receiving the most for the Summit (check box on the registration form, back page). iSixSigma comprehensive and timely information on business processes available today. Magazine is proudly published by the same people who created QSB Consulting provides innovative Six Sigma training and coaching across Europe and the US. Our focus on providing the highest calibre of consultant and trainer ensures we translate Six Sigma from theory into the real world, and enable our clients to deliver their Six Sigma projects faster and more successfully. QSB are Preferred Membership Organization: the publisher of “Six Sigma and MINITAB” - the best selling pocket guide (ISBN Don't miss the opportunity to join the only organisation, The International 0954681304), and the software “Six Sigma Tool Finder” – an interactive DMAIC routemap. Society of Six Sigma Professionals (ISSSP), committed to promoting the Visit for more info. adoption, advancement and integration of Six Sigma in business. The ISSSP The Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) Community supports this mission through advocacy and awareness efforts; has approved this 7th Annual Design for Six Sigma Conference for 16 professional recognition and development; and by serving as an information Professional Development Hours (PDH) towards your New Product and referral source. Nonmembers attending the Six Sigma Summit will Development Professional (NPDP) Re-Certification. For more information contact PDMA @ 1-800-232-5241 or check us out on the receive a registration pack on site to apply for 3 months free membership. web SAVE International is the premier international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of the value methodology (also called value engineering, value analysis or value management). Value methodology Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities benefits include decreasing costs, increasing profits and improving quality. Are you a solutions provider or consultant with a service or product to offer decision Society members practice the value methodology in the public and private sectors for organizations in more than 35 countries. makers actively seeking Six Sigma solutions? If so, this is the ideal meeting ground to bring your services to the attention of the right audience. This is a Director-level forum that The Supply Chain Research Institute was created to will attract senior delegates with purchasing responsibilities looking to gain strategic assist companies improve their supply chain advice and to find solutions. We have a variety of packages available to suit your needs. operations through a combination of world class research and professional development programs For sponsorship and exhibition opportunities please call +44 (0)20 7368 9500 or designed to improve customer service, reduce process cycle times and develop supply e-mail chain leaders., (760) 447-3651 +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  • 3. Maximize your Learning Opportunities by Attending these Pre-Conference Workshops: Wednesday, April 19, 2006 Choose A or B 8:30 – 11:30 Workshop A. 8:30 – 11:30 Workshop B. Gaining an Understanding of True DfSS: Your Capturing the VOC in DfSS: Getting Past “What Do Introduction to an Upfront Approach You Want?” Design for Six Sigma is the evolution of Six Sigma into product and service Real Voice of the Customer research is more than just asking customers, development. Where traditional Six Sigma efforts focus on improving “What do you want?” Yet many DfSS practitioners go about VOC in just this existing processes, DfSS delivers new products, services and processes way – which is probably why some have mistakenly concluded that VOC that exceed customer expectations faster, cheaper and with exceptional stifles creativity and kills innovation. True VOC is much more sophisticated, quality built into the product from the beginning. With this introduction, you but need not be complicated. This workshop will provide an overview of will have a firm understanding of the implications and benefits from DfSS critical steps and best practices in collecting the VOC, within the context of with key insights on how to begin building a successful program. DfSS. Participants will learn the fundamentals of VOC. • DfSS in your business: What it means for your leadership • How to structure a VOC project • Laying the groundwork for a deployment • Deciding who should be involved in VOC • Deployment considerations • Tested methods for customer interviews • Program benefits to product development and to the business • How VOC feeds into the DMADV process Joe Ficalora, Vice President of Technology, John C. Mitchell, Principal, Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. Applied Marketing Science, Inc. Choose C or D 12:00 – 3:00 Workshop C. 12:00 – 3:00 Workshop D. Fundamentals of Strategic Six Sigma: An Integrated Strengthening Design Concepts and Harnessing the Approach to Greater Results VOC with Value Engineering Six Sigma is no longer only about quality and consistency within stand This interactive session is intended for those with limited or no experience alone projects. It is about coordinating an entire community of teams and with real Value Engineering. It will present the value methodology - also projects to deliver targeted strategic results. For DfSS initiatives to achieve know variously as Value Analysis (VA), Value Engineering (VE), or Value their fullest potential, an integrated, Strategic Six Sigma approach is Management (VM) - as defined and supported by SAVE International, the essential to align design efforts, production groups and marketing teams professional society for value. You will gain a basic understanding of value into effective portfolios of projects to meet key strategic initiatives. This methodology and how it is applied in DfSS to generate and select design workshop will review case studies, best practices and leading software concepts meeting the customer's functional requirements. solutions that are essential for any Strategic Six Sigma initiative to drive • Examine the foundation and origin of VM meaningful and significant business improvement results. • Look at the elements upon which it is based • Focus DfSS project selection to key business objectives • Review a case example of how VE was successfully integrated into the • More effectively engage key executives and business unit leaders Design (D) phase of the IDOV process • Better define marketing focus and product development to compress Drew Algase, CVS, Master Black Belt, DfSS project cycle times Freudenberg NOK • Increase project efficiency and accountability • Improve collaboration and knowledge sharing Jeff Watts, Vice President Corporate and Partner Marketing, Instantis, Inc. Choose E or F 3:30 – 6:30 Workshop E. 3:30 – 6:30 Workshop F. Merging Critical Parameter Management and Utilizing Simulation and Optimization to Improve Your Requirements Management in DfSS DfSS Projects This workshop will explore best practices in creating a complete, easy to Rapid time-to-market, reduced use of physical prototypes, fewer defects, use, and manageable design trade space that incorporates Voice of the minimal post-design rework, and satisfied customers. These advantages Customer, Requirements Management, and Critical Parameter are what make DfSS such an appealing methodology. But achieving these Management processes. You will create a sample product definition and benefits is by no means an easy task. For instance, how does your design define the relationships between qualitative requirements, quantitative team create a successful new product or process when it has little or no requirements, and the driving specifications and parameters. You will then available design data? One increasingly popular approach that perform some analytical "roll ups" of the critical parameters and learn how circumvents the lack of design data is the combined use of simulation and to predict system behavior based on sensitivities of design choices. optimization. Advances in desktop software and PCs now mean that these **Attendees should bring a laptop as we will install software to use during rigorous design techniques can be applied by almost any engineer or this interactive session analyst. Through a series of case studies, this workshop will provide you • Create and manage the first House of Quality with the why and the how-to for spreadsheet simulation and optimization. • Flow down and manage requirements and critical system parameters • Why you need to quantify variability in DfSS projects • Create relationships between requirements and parameters to track • How simulation and optimization fit into the DMADV methodology system performance • Practical techniques for identifying robust, high quality solutions • Build transfer functions to "roll up" parameter variation • Why all forms of optimization are not equal • Track system performance with dynamics scorecards Crystal Campbell, Trainer and Product Consultant, David M. Cronin, Director, Business Development, Decisioneering Inc. Cognition Corporation +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  • 4. • Configuring DfSS for NPD and existing project reengineering Day One – Thursday, April 20, 2006 • Developing central support and effective training programs • Establishing project selection criteria for DfSS projects 8:30 Registration • Appropriate application of DfSS tools and methodologies • Determining deployment requirements and metrics for success 9:00 Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks Tom Judd, Senior Director, Product Development Quality, Master Black Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, Sigma Breakthrough Belt, SSPD Corporate Initiatives Group, Motorola Technologies Inc. 2:20 Understanding How Your DfSS Deployment Evolves to Mitigate Risk 9:15 Beating the Clock: Managing Cycle Time and Risk to Achieve 100% and Culture Change DfSS Optimization From the initial roll-out to a mature deployment, DfSS will evolve how it Hewlett Packard’s product design teams are organized into a structure looks and feels within the organization. Skill sets of the organization will called System Design Teams (SDT). Each SDT has marketing change, perceptions of the program will be altered, and the Six Sigma representation to link with R&D and HP is now transitioning to the use of Excellence organizational culture will evolve. This discussion will address issues system engineers to flush its requirements. HP has a prioritization Award that Maytag encountered with DfSS deployment and the challenges it Six Sigma process that works to identify the new requirements, takes into account Winner overcame over a 3 year period. Excellence • What are the issues in the beginning, middle and mature stages? Award when the new requirements need to be delivered based on our product Winner partner needs, and then organizes the work. • Is the deployment ever complete? • Expand your product delivery scope with DfSS • What are the challenges and solutions along the way? • Change your prioritization and DfSS planning processes • How will the commitment of senior management impact the program? • Effectively take a look at WIP out of your development process • What about the individual impact of DfSS? Sandy Lieske, Director of Engineering, Hewlett Packard • How are risks to the deployment identified and mitigated? Ian Osborn, Manager, Systems Engineering, Laundry R&D Certified 9:55 A Disciplined Approach to DfSS – Using A Systems Perspective Master BlackBelt, Maytag Corporation This session will focus on a specific model for development in preliminary DfSS work. With such an upfront approach, ARC Automotive 3:00 Afternoon tea and networking is leveraging DfSS prior to concept generation. It incorporates various tools like VOC and KJ analysis to analyze the current state of products 3:30 Managing Variation Before Tolerance in DfSS Deployment for Long- with the future state to more effectively determine product fit and gaps in Term Platform Growth the market place. It is proven that to use DfSS successfully, you have to tear down some • Improve your positioning in the marketplace walls (bars) in your business. Where do we have walls and what enables • Conduct risk analysis using a business FMEA us to overcome these walls. By guiding through real examples you will • Create a structured approach to development to mitigate those risks learn about detecting barriers and how to manage this. Eric Lussier, Master Black Belt, ARC Automotive • DMAIC vs. DIDOV - What's common, what are the differences? • QFD - The glue between VOC and CTQ 10:35 Morning coffee and networking • The system comes first - start with the System Level Y • Optimization before improvement - manage variation before tolerance 11:05 Exploring a Sequential Approach to VOC in Transactional Services Karlheinz Eichinger, Master Black Belt, Hager Electro GmbH Identifying and understanding customer expectations is a crucial requirement for the design effort. To accomplish this, your design team 4:10 Panel Session: Innovative Strategies for DfSS Project Selection must obtain VOC. There are numerous approaches to obtaining this This interactive panel session will help you face some of the major Voice, and your design team is challenged with how to both effectively challenges you are dealing with in DfSS deployment and continuous Six Sigma and efficiently utilize these approaches. In essence, your team needs to improvement. Bring your own personal examples and questions about Excellence Award balance the identification and prioritization of customer needs with the securing and learning from VOC within both product and service-based Winner time and the cost it takes to conduct the research. environments. Here is your chance to identify key DfSS project selection • Examine the Voice of Customer initiative as a process strategies by defining VOC. This session is designed to help you work • Find out more about each of the major deliverables through your challenges and gain hands-on experience and feedback • Evaluate approaches to effectively obtaining these deliverables in an from DfSS professionals. efficient manner • How are your projects allowing you to meet customer expectations? Richard Paxton, Master Black Belt, Bank of America • What are your system requirements? What is critical to quality (CTQ) in a transactional environment? 11:45 Gaining Executive and Financial Buy-In for your DfSS Projects by • How do you identify the most effective business area for DfSS? Identifying Key Cost Savings Techniques • How do you generate and select the best concepts to expand your Probably one of the hardest sells for the practitioner in DfSS is to show platform? gains that the financial department will recognize. With Six Sigma all of Lisa Heagle, Director, Project Management, Wells Fargo the projects were more basic. Now with DfSS we are going to be looking Dr. Michael Haslam, Master Black Belt, National Semiconductor at saving costs, as it is very difficult to validate savings that go directly to Randall A. Villeneuve, Vice President, Industry Business Unit, NAS, the bottom line. These projects deal mostly with opportunity cost. Now if Oracle Corporation you have ever had to get a controller to fess up to the fact Opportunity Cost is REAL you know what a conundrum that can be. 4:50 Incorporating DfSS into the New Product Development Process to • Identify corporate goals and align DfSS projects accordingly Capture the VOC • Remember what Six Sigma did and compare/contrast Six Sigma vs. In this session, you will learn how to harness synergies between DfSS DfSS tools to drive increased customer satisfaction in an integrative approach • DfSS and its power in the future to continuous improvement. Hear how to make VOC integral not just to Homer W. Frasure Jr., Six Sigma / Lean Master Black Belt, your processes but also to your organisational structure, delivering best AMETEK, Inc. practice results in NPD. • Faster selection of the right projects 12:25 Networking Lunch • Incorporation into the StageGate process for Product Development • A standard template for gathering and analyzing information to make 1:40 Achieving Long-Term DfSS Growth by Developing Effective effective business decisions Deployment Strategies • A systemic way of capturing Voice of the Customer information As a Six Sigma expert, you know selecting the right initiative projects is Sudi Narasimhan, Director of Quality & Continuous Improvement, key to process improvement success. Especially with DfSS, it is crucial Ansell Healthcare to apply the approach only to the most appropriate areas of business development to ensure successful deployment that will engrain DfSS into 5:30 Chairman’s Summary and Closing Remarks the culture. This session will show you new ways to identify and select Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, the most effective areas so that the business would greatly benefit from Sigma Breakthrough Technologies Inc. DfSS, such as: • Setting new management metrics to drive behaviour End of Day One +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  • 5. 12:20 Networking Lunch Day Two – Friday, April 21, 2006 1:40 Enabling the Supply Chain by Linking DfSS with Technology Integration 7:30 ISSSP Master Black Belt Circle - An Integrated Approach to DfSS A suite of automatic identification technologies is being used to enable asset 7:30 – 8:30 - Breakfast included visibility and materiel tracking in military supply chains. This presentation will cover current and future technology enhancements that can be made when One of the most challenging aspects of DfSS programs is maintaining DfSS is incorporated in supply chain business processes for military effective dialog and collaboration. In DfSS, this is complicated because there operations, including content security in-transit. is typically a larger number of team members and contributors than most • Current technology applications in military logistics enabled by DfSS “traditional” DMAIC approaches. To maximize design opportunities, DfSS • In-transit visibility challenges for military operations practitioners need to work closely with teams in sales, marketing and design, • Improvements to business process management in addition to leveraging their traditional relationships in manufacturing and • Technology integration to secure DfSS within the military supply chain finance. Please join an interactive dialog with other industry MBBs to share Fred Naigle, FCBS, HQDA, DCS G-4, DALO-SMI, Army AIT Program, thoughts and compare notes about what is required to best resolve these U.S. Army DfSS challenges. Attendees will learn to effectively apply the right tools at the right time and to develop effective design solutions more rapidly. 2:20 Dollar Savings: Combining DfSS with Value Engineering to Achieve Cost and Variation Reduction 8:30 Registration CMC Electronics has utilized DfSS to enhance customer’s satisfaction and the company’s competitiveness. This presentation will focus on showing 9:00 Chairperson’s remarks and recap of Day One how CMC integrated cost reduction and DfSS, and the lessons learned Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, Sigma Breakthrough during the deployment process. Several cost reduction techniques are used Technologies Inc. in product development: Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), Value Engineering, etc. Combined with DfSS, they produce an interesting 9:15 Leveraging DfSS to Statistically Model and Optimize the System Design methodology where variation, recurring and non recurring costs are targeted Performance-Cost Trade Space for reduction. Whether we practice systems engineering in the Aerospace, commercial, • Aligning DfSS and Value Engineering medical, automotive or service oriented industries, the game we play is the • Recurring and non recurring cost reductions obtained same: we must develop and deliver increasingly complex and robust • Key success factors for the deployment of this methodology Systems. We also have to develop products in the shortest possible time, Alexandre Boussetta, Master Black Belt, CMC Electronics Canada with the highest reliability, and at the lowest cost. This session will show you how to utilize DfSS for statistically modeling and optimizing your systems. 3:00 Afternoon tea and networking • Product design performance • Defining cost trade and how to improve performance with DfSS 3:30 Metrics and Variation and DfSS, Oh My! • Pitfalls to avoid in the design process What should be measured in new product development? Metrics drive Neal Mackertich, Ph.D, Systems Engineering DfSS, Raytheon Company human behavior and only a few are possible in product development to drive Chris Hamman, Systems Engineering DfSS, Raytheon Company the right behaviors. What variation is allowed, controlled and reduced with DfSS? Some tools only flag gaps and others help us close them, but only 9:55 Taking Advantage of Simulation-Based Experimentation for DfSS when used in the right sequence. Should we always apply DOE to a design The goal in product design or business process engineering is to create project? If not, when should we and how? The answers to these and other systems that are robust to the sources of variation that inhibit their intended design related questions about DfSS will be answered in this presentation. functionalities. An economically robust system is generally achieved through Also offered is a glimpse of where things are heading with second generation nonlinearity relationship between its responses and variables and/or the DfSS and process designs. interactions between its variables and the source of variation. Achieving both • Where did DfSS come from anyway? What were the origins? robust and optimal functionalities of a system is the heart of DfSS • Which roadmap is the right one? IDOV, DMADV, CDOV? • Identifying voice of the customer (VOC) • What about technology projects? The same as DFSS? • Translating VOC to critical-to-quality characteristics (CTQs) Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, Sigma Breakthrough • Using Quality Function Development (QFD) Technologies Inc. • Modeling system transfer function (TF) using engineering drawing and stack-up analysis 4:10 Why Six Sigma isn't Enough: The Push for Lean Design and Profitability Liem Ferryanto, Ph.D., DfSS Deployment Leader, Research In Motion Ltd. This session will show how DfSS can be combined with other programs to Crystal Campbell, Trainer and Product Consultant, Decisioneering Inc. reap substantial financial benefits. Often companies don't need to spend more, they need to dust-off some tried and true programs and combine them 10:35 Morning coffee and networking with Six Sigma activities. Delegates will learn how companies can achieve market benefits that use the entire gamut of Lean tools. 11:05 Life or Death: Incorporating the R&D Lab Environment with DfSS Project • Add 3 to 8 points of profitability Management • Prepare for the inevitable business crisis Improving project management, particularly in an R&D or Lab setting, is a • Use DfSS as one of your tools, not the only tool challenge…especially in a a quasi-nuclear environment. Beyond lacking a • Overcome cultural barriers and alter corporate inertia cogent measurement system, there’s characterizing behaviors, and Michael Bauer, VP of Manufacturing, Computer Sciences Corporation understanding the voice of the customer! What’s presented here is Bechtel Nevada’s experience in applying DfSS to Project Management in one of its 4:50 Optimizing the Supply Chain with DfSS within Inventory Management customers’ operations (which happens to be 10 times its size). and Revenue Enhancement • Strengthen your project characterization approach The NYP Hospital applied DfSS methodologies to drive cultural change in a • Gaining the support you need with project selection large and complex healthcare environment. It designed new processes and • Analysis tools – simple or complex? tools across the continuum of care to eliminate the potential of receiving, • Implementing change management with DfSS housing, and distributing expired product. Learn how your DfSS approach Lewis Gordon, Master Black Belt, Nevada Test Site, Bechtel Nevada will be deployed to improve revenue and supply chain management. • Apply the DfSS process to a revenue enhancement and inventory 11:45 Panel Session: Winning the Support your Need: Effectively Managing management in the healthcare environment Corporate Structural Change by Strengthening DfSS Coaching • Maximize existing information technologies to achieve results Strategies • Design a communication strategy and training program to drive cultural This session will look at change management approaches that can be change within a large, complex organization achieved with DfSS. To remain competitive in today’s process-driven • Engage the medical staff and hospital leaders environment, you must go beyond a TQM approach and start to transition • Validate and use comparative data to identify and value benefits of new into a team-based philosophy. DfSS is an approach that requires innovation programs within your work culture. Expand your product and service development • Verify and ensure that program goals are met boundaries by effectively managing a company-wide culture change. Edward D. Craven, MBA, Black Belt, Director, Innovation Strategy, • Understand the change management challenges that are involved in DfSS NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital implementation • Highlight practical ways to overcome these challenges • Win over the support you need to strengthen DfSS platforms 5:30 Chairman’s summary and closing remarks Joanne Kalp, Director of Operational Excellence, TYCO Healthcare Joe Ficalora, Executive Vice President, Sigma Breakthrough Leonard.A.Parker, VP, Chief Engineer, Xerox Corporation Technologies Inc. Yavuz Goktas, Ph.D., Certified MBB, Certified Lean Expert, CRE, CSSBB, Eaton Corporation End of Conference Kevin Ward, Director, R&D Design Systems, Boston Scientific +44 (0)20 7368 9300 +44 (0)20 7368 9301
  • 6. Design for Six Sigma 2006 April 20-21, 2006 • Pre-conference Workshops April 19, 2006 • Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro • Chicago REGISTRATION FORM 5 W AY S T O R E G I S T E R To speed registration, please provide the priority code located on the mailing label or in the box below. Call: 800-882-8684 or 973-256-0211 Fax: 973-256-0205 24 Hours A Day My registration code is SAVE Please contact our database manager on +44(0) 207 368 9300 or at quoting the registration code above to Mail: IQPC inform us of any changes or to remove your details. 555 Route 1 South Iselin, NJ 08830 E-Mail: Web site: TEAM DISCOUNTS • Teams of 3 receive a 20% discount • Teams of 4 receive a 30% discount • Teams of 5 or more receive a 40% discount CONFERENCE PRICES Book and Pay by Packages* March 10, 2006* Standard Price V E N U E & A C C O M M O D AT I O N ■ Platinum package: 2 Day Conference + Save $500 VENUE: Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro, 733 W Madison, Chicago, IL $3896 60661, 312-829-5000, 312-602-2199 dinner + 3 Workshops $3396 Save $400 ACCOMMODATION: Overnight accommodation is not included in the ■ Gold package: 2 Day Conference + dinner $3297 registration fee. However reduced rates are available at Crowne Plaza + 2 Workshops $2897 Chicago Metro. Please contact the hotel direct and quote “DfSS” when Save $300 booking. It is advisable to book early to secure the reduced rate. ■ Silver package: 2 Day Conference + $2398 $2698 dinner + 1 Workshop PAY M E N T M E T H O D S Save $200 Check enclosed for $ ...............................: ■ 2 Day Conference only + dinner $2099 $1899 (Make checks payable in U.S.Dollars to:IQPC) ■ Workshops only (each) $599 Details for making payment via EFT or wire transfer: JPMorgan Chase, Penton Learning Systems LLC dba IQPC: 957-097239, ABA/Routing #: 021000021, Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number: BOOK BY MARCH 10th AND RECEIVE UP TO $500 OFF! QM2571K Reference: Please include the name of the attendee(s) and the event number QM2447K Please indicate which workshops ■ If you do NOT wish to attend ■ I am claiming 15% off the you wish to attend (19th April 2006): the dinner, please tick this regular subscription price of By Credit Card: Please debit my credit card: ■ A or ■ B, ■ C or ■ D, ■ E or ■ F box and $100 will be iSixSigma Magazine. One discounted from the base year price (6 issues) for ■ ■ ■ ■ Tick here to receive a FREE price $50.00 (delivery in the US) Memory Jogger pocket guide sent directly from GOAL/QPC prior to ■ I am taking advantage of the and $67.00 (delivery outside Card No ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ the conference team booking discounts and am booking on …. people at the US) ■ I am an ISSSP member taking Expiry date ■■■■ *One discount is available per the same time from the same advantage of my 25% Cardholder’s name __________________________________ person; to qualify, bookings must be company. I have photocopied discount* Signature _________________________________________ received with payment by 10th March. Please complete form in this page for each delegate* ■ I already subscribe to Card billing address (if different from Co. address) capitals. iSixSigma Magazine and am ___________________________________________________ claiming my 10% discount* ___________________________________________________ CAN’T MAKE THE EVENT? Purchase all the conference documentation: Slides and audio on CD Rom - $499 + tax *A 6% sales tax will apply for anyone who is employed or resident in the state of Connecticut. In order to qualify for discounts, State _________________________ Zip ________________ bookings must be received with payment by the stated deadline. Conference registration includes standard CD Rom, conference documentation, lunch and refreshments on both days, pre-conference cocktails and the awards ceremony dinner. Only one discount is applicable per person event number: 2571 Or ■ MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE IN U.S. DOLLARS TO: IQPC Ltd. Booking Order: Web:, Phone: 1-800-882-8684 or 973-256-0211, D E L E G AT E D E TA I L S Fax: 973-256-0205 24 Hours A Day, Mail: International Quality & Productivity Center, 555 Route 1 South, Iselin, NJ 08830 Payment Policy: Payment is due in full at the time of DELEGATE 1 Please photocopy for each additional delegate registration and includes lunches, refreshments and detailed conference materials. Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received and may be subject to Mr ■ Mrs ■ Miss ■ Ms ■ Dr ■ Other ■ cancellation. First Name Family Name CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS Position Delegates may be substituted at any time. IQPC does not provide refunds for cancellations. However, when written notice of Email cancellation is received more than seven (7) days prior to the conference, a credit to the value paid at that date will be issued, ■ Yes I would like to receive information about products and services via email which may be used against another IQPC conference for up to one year from its date of issue. In the event that IQPC cancels an event, Organisation payments received at the cancellation date will be credited towards attendance at a future IQPC conference or, in the event of a Nature of business postponement by IQPC, a rescheduled date. If the delegate is unable to attend the rescheduled event, the delegate will receive a credit in Address lieu of payments made towards a future IQPC event, valid for one year from the date of issue. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation Conference No:QM2571K Postcode Country of an event due to causes beyond its control including, without limitation, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial Telephone Fax disputes or hostilities. Dept. Head Title SPEAKER CHANGES - Occasionally it is necessary for reasons beyond our control to alter the contents and timing of the programme Name of person completing form if different from delegate: or the identity of the speakers DATA PROTECTION - Personal data is gathered in accordance with Signature _________________________________________________________________________________________ the Data Protection Act 1998. Your details may be passed to other I agree to IQPC’s cancellation, substitution and payment terms companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you do not wish to receive these offers, please Special dietary requirements: ■ Vegetarian ■ Non-dairy ■ Other (please specify) _____________________________ tick the box below. Please indicate if you have already registered by Phone ■ Fax ■ Email ■ Web ■ ■ Please do not pass my information to any third party use only Office Please note: if you have not received an acknowledgement before the conference, please call us to confirm your booking.