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  • 1. Opportunities by the Millions Patricia Gallagher EMS/P2 Team Leader Los Alamos National Laboratory LA-UR 07-7709
  • 2. Who Implements P2/EMS CO$T$ Waste Management Professionals Technical Process/ Facility Staff Control Mechanisms Treatment & Recovery Other Recycling In Process Recycling Source Reduction
  • 3. Pre-EMS P2
    • Before EMS, P2 was a guerilla effort: coerce, cajole, convince, beg
    • Not nearly as successful as a result
    • P2 fully integrated into EMS effort
    • LANL received ISO 14001:2004 third party certification in 2006
    • P2 efforts have increased by orders of magnitude with EMS
  • 4. Environmental Management System
    • Remedy: LANL developed a P2-based EMS
    • Required by DOE O 450.1
      • LANL certified to ISO 14001:2004 standard
    • Governing Policy begins with Prevention
    • Identifies significant environmental aspects & risks
    • Directorates develop action plans to address risks
    • Process creates institutional objectives and targets
      • Waste reduction
      • Energy and Fuel Conservation
      • Equipment & Materials Disposition
      • Zero Liquid Discharge
      • Compliance
    • P2 Program provides upstream implementation mechanisms
    • Aligning EMS objectives to key organizational priorities
    • Working Groups led by P2 staff
  • 5. Participation : Numbers and levels are key in Developing EMS
    • 2005-2006: Created at the worker level with upper and middle management support
      • Senior management environmental steering committee
      • 33 divisions as organizational units
      • Over 90 participants in the development of the EMS
      • Really engaged the brilliance of workers
      • Won the DOE P2 Star Award in 2006
    • 2007: New contractor, massive reorganization
      • Even stronger senior management support
      • 16 directorates as organizational units with 69 divisions
        • Lost active division participation; middle management essential
        • Need to re-engage at a lower level again, higher level too removed
        • New worker safety teams provide a great opportunity
        • Won NNSA Award, “Integrating Safety and Security into EMS Lifecycle: A Body-Contact Sport”
  • 6. P2/EMS Program Process Assess Risks EMS Goals Waste generation #s EMS Action Plans Planning: Develop P2 targets Implementation Preventive Action & Review Waste Volume Forecast Haz Waste Min Plan Enviro-Grams LANL & NNSA P2 Awards/Newsbulletins Lean/Six Sigma Process Engineering Support GSAF Projects New Project/Design Reviews Lab Policies/Guidance/Toolkits Communicate successes Internal & External assessments Senior Mgmt Steering Committee
  • 7. Tools for Generators
    • Created tools:
      • ROI calculator
      • Clean out toolkits
      • EMS toolkit
      • Badges, posters
      • Presentations
    • ROI calculator is an eye-opening tool in terms of recognizing the cost of waste
  • 8. Lean/Six Sigma
    • Using new Laboratory improvement initiatives to include prevention in institution-wide efforts
      • Chemical management
      • Hazardous materials acquisition and disposition
      • Fleet management
      • Work planning
      • Safety and security planning
    • Lean/Six Sigma tools replace traditional P2 assessments
  • 9. Results were immediate
    • 2007 $1.2 million in investment provided $5.2 million in cost avoidance using only pilot results
    • 2007 projects totaled $17 million in cost avoidance
    • 2008 P2 awards involved 56 teams, over 300 staff and resulted in $5 million in cost avoidance
    • Cost avoidance tricky: staff and support systems still on the books, cost avoidances are transparent to managers
      • Real cost savings is in avoidance of management less than just disposal
  • 10. P2 Program Reach
    • Operational improvements
      • Steamer Lay-up: just produce process steam when needed, not 24/7
      • Isolated duct work to keep from washing down an entire facility
      • Use of dissolvable PPE, extending use of launderable PPE
      • Chemical Lifecycle Management
      • Green Procurements
    • Construction/Sustainable Design:
      • CMRR soil reuse and recycle project: 150,000 cubic yards of waste diverted
      • LEED standards for large projects
    • Office waste
      • Restricting use of canned air and UPSs
    • Procedural
      • Improving work review and materials management processes
  • 11. Key Findings
    • Insert yourself into the biggest organizational problems
      • P2 staff are expert problem solvers and facilitators
    • Leverage everything
    • Spend more time planning
      • Lean/Six Sigma approach: 90-95% time planning, 5% execution
      • Get the right sponsorship
      • Define the process owner and all the players
      • Understand all the issues and upstream and downstream effects
      • Understand the strategy and tactics necessary for implementation
    • Couch benefits in a way that resonates with customers/sponsors
  • 12. Contact Information
    • Patricia Gallagher
      • 505-667-2278
      • [email_address]