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  1. 1. H Glossary oneywell, GE and Motorola have done it; small busi- nesses have their eyes on it, too. Indeed, Six Sigma has become the rising star in process improvement and Green Belt—a person with working knowledge of Six quality management. Sigma methodology and tools, who has completed train- During the last year, Quality Digest has featured several ing and a project to drive high-impact business results articles regarding the latest innovations in Six Sigma. The March Black Belt—a highly skilled Six Sigma expert who has 2002 issue features the article “Six Sigma and Process Simula- completed four weeks of classroom learning and, over the tion,” which comes in handy for those interested in learning about course of four to six months, demonstrated mastery of the the relationship between Six Sigma and computer modeling. Also tools through the completion of a major process improve- check out our April and May 2002 issues to read D.H. Stamatis’ ment project “Guidelines for Six Sigma Design Review,” which guides you Master Black Belt—the Six Sigma expert most highly through successful implementation of Six Sigma’s design- skilled in the methodologies of variation reduction. After measure-analyze-improve-control model. These articles can be a year-long project-based certification program, Master found at Quality Digest’s Web site, www.qualitydigest.com. Black Belts train and mentor Black Belts, help select and lead high-value projects, maintain the integrity of measure- Six Sigma Guide ments, and develop and revise Six Sigma learning materials. Six Sigma Software and Services Directory ........................119 Lean Expert—a person who has completed four weeks of Listed alphabetically by company name, the guide contains lean training and one or more projects that have demon- nearly 250 Six Sigma software and/or service providers. This strated significant, auditable business results and the directory includes company name, address, phone and fax num- appropriate application of Six Sigma Plus lean tools bers, Web address, and a brief description of the organization’s Lean Master—a person highly skilled in implementing offerings. (Please note that not all companies provided us with lean principles and lean tool utilization in diverse business descriptions.) If your favorite consultant, trainer or software environments. Certification involves one year of intense provider isn’t listed in this year’s guide, we apologize. Organi- study and practice in advanced lean tools, teaching and zations were contacted several times, and we’ve only included mentoring. those that responded to our requests for information. DFSS—design for Six Sigma. Methodology using tools, training and measurements to enable the design of prod- As with all Quality Digest guides, the Six Sigma Guide is in ucts and processes that meet customer expectations and no way meant to endorse or exclude a particular organization. can be produced at Six Sigma quality levels. Rather, it’s meant to be used as a starting point in the data- DMAIC—define, measure, analyze, improve and control. gathering process. Readers are encouraged to contact the A systematic, closed-loop process for continued improve- companies directly for more information and to ask for—and ment that eliminates unproductive steps, focuses on new check— references. measurements and applies technology for improvement. We appreciate any feedback you have on our Six Sigma Guide. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve this guide for next year, e-mail them to sourcebook@quality digest.com. 118 Quality Digest/January 2003
  2. 2. 3C Technologies Inc. ASC’s five-stage M/PCpS methodology practical approach that will work for your 6834 Spring Valley Drive, Ste. 202 for process characterization, optimization and business and your culture. Holland, OH 43528 control delivers a standardized step-by-step Ph. 800-327-6583 Fax 419-868-8993 approach and procedure to achieve superior Amadeus International Inc. www.3ctech.com quality and performance, continuous process 400 Jean-Lesage Blvd., Ste. 500 ASI DataMyte Inc. Customized training, consulting, assess- improvement, variation reduction, and Six Quebec City, PQ G1K 8W1 Canada 2800 Campus Drive ments and products for ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS Sigma. Ph. 888-842-9989 Fax 418-525-0909 Plymouth, MN 55441 16949:2002, QS-9000, TE Supplement, ISO www.amadeus-csi.com Ph. 800-455-4359 Fax 952-935-0018 14001, lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, TPM Advanced Systems & Designs www.asidatamyte.com and supply chain management. Top-rated in- 3925 Industrial Drive American Quality Associates house and public workshops on implementa- Rochester Hills, MI 48309 7628 S.E. Autumn Lane AutoData Systems tion, documentation and internal auditing Ph. 866-772-0012 Fax 248-844-2199 Hobe Sound, FL 33455 6111 Blue Circle Drive (APQP, FMEA, R&M, 8D, etc.). Software: www.spcanywhere.com Ph. 772-286-8430 Fax 772-286-8490 Minneapolis, MN 55343 ISO 9000:2000 Rapid Converter; ISO 9000, www.amerquality.com Ph. 800-662-2192 Fax 952-938-4693 QS-9000, TE, ISO/TS 16949:2002 Rapid start- Advent Management www.autodata.com up kits; document control; workflow; custom International Ltd. Andell Associates AutoData Systems provides turnkey and software development; digital dashboards and 411 Old Baltimore Pike 2686 E. Carla Vista Drive advanced desktop data collection solutions supplier portals. Chadds Ford, PA 19317 Gilbert, AZ 85296 that help companies measure their perform- Ph. 800-726-7985 Fax 413-618-5273 Ph. 480-893-9004 Fax 480-283-0979 ance. Use AutoData software to measure sat- 4aBetterBusiness Inc. www.getresults.com Andell Associates provides assistance in isfaction, capture service data and determine 1 Northfield Plaza, Ste. 300 the technical, organizational and interpersonal market requirements. The software helps the Northfield, IL 60093 Affiliated Educational aspects of quality management. Our team user build surveys and other forms, process Ph. 847-470-3513 Fax 847-470-3511 Consultants Ltd. makes it easy to understand and use advanced completed forms using an imaging scanner, and www.4abetterbusiness.com 1510 W. Greenleaf Ave., Ste. 2-A Six Sigma tools to drive bottom-line improve- generate reports from which effective quality Process-based approach to prepare for Chicago, IL 60626 ments and customer satisfaction. management decisions can be made. Six Sigma success. Generate employee enthu- Ph. 888-880-7490 Fax 773-508-4068 siasm for participation and results, reduce www.aecltd.com Aon Management AXEON Inc. errors and costs, and improve response time Affiliated Educational Consultants pro- Consulting/Rath & Strong 1920 W. 5200 S., Ste. 10 and company profitability. Implementation- vides training and customized professional 45 Hayden Ave., Ste. 2700 Roy, UT 84067 based systems approach. Interactive training services in Six Sigma for large, medium-sized Lexington, MA 02421 Ph. 877-782-3405 Fax 801-525-9136 (CD-ROM or on-site using your products) for and small organizations. These services include Ph. 800-622-2025 Fax 781-861-1424 www.axeon.net product and process improvement. Includes public seminars, management overviews, and www.aon.com/rathstrong interactive CD-ROM training for process map- the training of Green Belts, Black Belts, The leading provider of global customized BCI Knowledge Group Inc. ping, root cause analysis, FMEA, internal Master Black Belts and Champions. AEC also Six Sigma solutions with a comprehensive, 135 Kinnelon Road, Ste. 203 auditing and ISO 9001:2000. provides Six Sigma implementation services. flexible range of consulting services and train- Kinnelon, NJ 07405 ing (live and online). Specializes in combining Ph. 973-838-4775 Fax 973-838-4074 ABYSS Co. industry expertise, multilingual capabilities, www.bciknowledgegroup.com P.O. Box 2091 leadership and people issues with Six Sigma Howell, MI 48844 methods. Creators of the Six Sigma Pocket The Ben Graham Corp. Ph. 866-782-2977 Fax 517-223-8696 Guide. Other products and services include 6600 S. Troy Frederick Road www.abysscompany.com Lean Sigma, GE WorkOut, The Courier Tipp City, OH 45371 Six Sigma Start-Up is an introductory Simulation, Design for Six Sigma, Rath & Ph. 800-628-9558 Fax 937-667-8690 training course on the principles and practices Air Academy Associates Strong’s Six Sigma DMAIC Road Map, www.worksimp.com of Six Sigma. It teaches operators, engineers, 1650 Telstar Drive, Ste. 110 Rath & Strong’s Champions Pocket Guide Graham Process Charting software is supervisors and managers the key concepts Colorado Springs, CO 80920 and Rath & Strong’s Six Sigma Team designed for charting business processes in of Six Sigma. Ph. 800-748-1277 Fax 719-531-0778 Leaders Pocket Guide. detail. Charts visually display all the items www.airacad.com involved in a process. The eight ANSI standard Adams Six Sigma Air Academy Associates specializes in Applied Technology symbols cover all aspects of work at the ele- 10A Bayou Road reducing waste and minimizing variation in 1237 Clark Way ment level: doing work, checking work, mov- Lake Jackson, TX 77566 products and processes through training and San Jose, CA 95125 ing work from one location to another and Ph. 979-297-5198 Fax 979-297-4408 consulting in Six Sigma. Our program offerings Ph. 408-266-5174 Fax 408-266-5174 nothing happening. Charts highlight value- www.adamssixsigma.com include executive overviews, Champion train- www.e-at-usa.com added steps and identify who does the work and Specialist in Six Sigma, total quality man- ing and consulting, Green Belt and Black Belt Our Web-based training seminar presents where it is done. agement, strategic planning, goal setting, team training, project mentoring, Six Sigma for important aspects of the ASQ-certified Six building, employee motivation and statistical transactional audiences, and design for Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge. The Benchmark Technologies Corp. process control. Sigma. Our training programs feature fully course is designed to prepare the student to pass 3161 N. Republic Blvd. integrated textbooks, student guides and soft- the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt examination. Toledo, OH 43615 Advanced Integrated ware, such as SPC XL, DOE PRO and DFSS For $495 per module the student receives an Ph. 800-637-9536 Fax 419-843-7218 Technologies Group Inc. Master Excel-based packages. 812-page text, use of MINITAB, a copy of www.benchmark-usa.com 47 W. Main St. ActivStats, 20 hours of online training with Avon, CT 06001 Alamo Learning Systems expert instructors, 10 quizes, one of four final Best Practices LLC Ph. 888-826-2484 Fax 860-284-1145 3160 Crow Canyon Road, Ste. 280 exams keyed to the ASQ exam and 10 hours of 6350 Quadrangle Drive, Ste. 200 www.theaitgroup.com San Ramon, CA 94583 free consulting on the improvement project. Chapel Hill, NC 27517 Ph. 800-829-8081 Fax 925-277-1919 Ph. 919-403-0251 Fax 919-403-0144 Advanced Quality Consulting www.alamols.com Arch Associates LLC www.best-in-class.com 1219 1/2 Lawe St. 15770 Robinwood Drive, Ste. 101 Best Practices LLC analysts study and Green Bay, WI 54301 ALeSys Northville, MI 48167 provide services around the financial and cul- Ph. 920-366-7760 Fax 920-437-4877 2222 N.W. 40th Terrace Ph. 734-420-0122 Fax 734-420-0425 tural implications of Six Sigma implementa- www.advancedqualityconsulting.com Gainesville, FL 32605 www.archassociates.com tion. We’ve also published a detailed guide Ph. 800-758-1071 Fax 352-336-9969 modeled after GE’s successful program entitled Advanced Systems Consultants www.alesys.com “Building Six Sigma Excellence: A Case Study P.O. Box 1176 ALESYS assists customers in developing of General Electric.” Scottsdale, AZ 85252 and implementing Six Sigma processes and Ph. 480-423-0081 Fax 480-368-0614 methodologies through communications and www.mpcps.com training. We apply Six Sigma principles in a Quality Digest/January 2003 119
  3. 3. Besterfield & Associates Change Management tools such as data mining and design of exper- e-Zsigma 2 Clark Drive Consulting Inc. iments to nonstatisticians. Training and coach- 1 Dundas St. W., Ste. 2500 Fairview Heights, IL 62208 82 Benson Drive ing can be done remotely via the Internet. Toronto, ON M5G 1Z3 Canada Ph. 618-394-1794 Fax 618-394-1794 Wayne, NJ 07470 Ph. 416-593-8026 Fax 416-204-1939 Ph. 973-696-7878 Fax 973-696-5858 www.e-zsigma.com www.cmc-global.com Eagle Group USA Inc. Clark Quality Advantage Inc. DataNet Quality Systems 50 W. Big Beaver Road, Ste. 130 14801 County Road 40 24567 Northwestern Highway, Fourth Floor Troy, MI 48084 Goshen, IN 46528 Southfield, MI 48075 Ph. 800-508-9044 Fax 248-355-4623 Breakthrough Management Ph. 888-234-6737 Fax 574-642-5004 Ph. 248-357-2200 Fax 248-357-4933 www.eaglegroupusa.com Group (BMG) www.clarkqa.com www.winspc.com Eagle Group is a training and consulting 2101 Ken Pratt Blvd. DataNet develops software solutions and organization registered to ISO 9001 and ISO Longmont, CO 80501 provides professional services to help manu- 14001. We design and provide solutions for the Ph. 800-467-4462 Fax 303-827-0011 facturers improve quality, productivity and implementation and training of quality, envi- www.bmgi.com profitability. DataNet solutions include Win- ronmental and occupational health and safety Breakthrough Management Group, a lead- SPC statistical process control software and management systems, Six Sigma, lean manu- ing Six Sigma training, software and consult- QualTrend manufacturing intelligence soft- facturing and TQM initiatives. Our Six Sigma ing firm, specializes in on-site, full-scale Six ware. DataNet services support Six Sigma course comprises nine days of training and Sigma deployment and open enrollment train- programs by building solutions to transform offers Green Belt status. ing classes. BMG also offers fully interactive Clydesdale International raw data into business metrics through Web-based Six Sigma training available online Management Consulting advanced statistical analytics. DataNet solu- Earth Tech Business Process through BMG University. 570 El Camino Real, No. 150 tions enable enterprises to manage with Digi- Consulting Redwood City, CA 94063 tal Dashboard displays to monitor worldwide 36133 Schoolcraft Road Brecker Associates Inc. Ph. 800-360-4476 Fax 650-367-7383 enterprise or supplier performance on a single Livonia, MI 48150 1783 Theodan Drive www.clydesdale.com screen. Ph. 800-793-2691 Fax 734-779-2860 Pittsburgh, PA 15216 Our Accelerated Registration Program www.earthtechems.com Ph. 412-341-7523 Fax 412-341-9688 provides training, consultation and documen- DataSavvy LLC Earth Tech implements Six Sigma as part www.brecker.com tation development necessary for registration. 1930 Indian Trail of our overall management system practice. Brecker Associates trains Six Sigma lead- Average program length is six months with a Lake Oswego, OR 97034 ers in the application of lean thinking and Six 100-percent success rate. We also provide Ph. 800-636-3709 Fax 503-636-1578 Eastern Michigan University— Sigma principles and techniques to obtain stand-alone services such as gap analysis, www.datasavvy.com Center for Quality sustained bottom-line results. Teams produce internal audit training, management review 2000 Huron River Drive, Ste. 101 dramatic value, quality and productivity training and process reengineering. Datasweep Inc. Ypsilanti, MI 48197 improvements without the commitment to 55 Almaden Blvd., Sixth Floor Ph. 800-932-8689 Fax 734-481-0509 high-cost training programs. Competitive Edge San Jose, CA 95113 www.centerforquality.org 309 Calle Neblina Ph. 408-350-7300 Fax 408-275-0225 Brewer and Associates Inc. San Clemente, CA 92672 www.datasweep.com EGsoft, a Division of 2721 87th St. Ph. 949-498-0122 Fax 949-498-0122 SPC controls over process and quality, Electroglas Inc. Lubbock, TX 79423 www.competitiveedge.com manufacturing process enforcement, operator 257 S.W. Madison Ave. Ph. 806-745-8030 Fax 806-748-0890 training, work instruction monitoring and Corvallis, OR 97333 www.bai-bk.com Consultants in Quality Inc. enforcement, testing interfaces, field defect Ph. 800-478-2892 Fax 541-758-4666 319 Friendship St. and repair tracking, sampling plan enforce- www.statware.com California Council for Iowa City, IA 52245 ment, incoming quality audits, real-time KPI Excellence Ph. 888-330-8283 Fax 319-339-9488 dashboard, and corrective and preventive action Engineous Software P.O. Box 1235 More than 15 years of experience in workflows, preventive equipment maintenance. 2000 Centre Green Way, Ste. 100 Poway, CA 92074 management consulting. Cary, NC 27513 Ph. 858-486-0400 Fax 858-486-8595 The Decision Group Ph. 800-374-9235 Fax 919-677-8911 www.calexcellence.org Contemporary Consultants 2007 Fromby Court www.engineous.com 14890 Southview Drive Charlotte, NC 28211 California Manufacturing Southgate, MI 48195 Ph. 704-364-4619 Fax 704-367-0797 Escoe Bliss Communication Technology Center Ph. 734-281-9182 Fax 734-281-4023 www.decisiongroup.com 17910 Skypark Circle, Ste. 108 1801 Solar Drive, Ste. 190 www.iabls.com Irvine, CA 92614 Oxnard, CA 93030 DS&D Cast Solutions Inc. Ph. 888-814-3633 Fax 949-263-9249 Ph. 805-604-3066 Fax 805-604-3041 CyberMetrics Corp. 2501 Hamilton Circle www.escoebliss.com www.cmtc.com 7500 E. Butherus Drive, Ste. 105 Pelham, AL 35124 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Ph. 205-663-0272 Fax 702-995-8179 Essential Resources LLC Casewise Systems Inc. Ph. 800-777-7020 Fax 480-922-7400 www.dsdcast.com 45 Park Place S., Ste. 330 100 Century Parkway, Ste. 150 www.cybermetrics.com Morristown, NJ 07960 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054 Six Sigma is a rigorous and disciplined Dynamic Quality Systems Ph. 888-326-7250 Fax 888-326-7251 Ph. 800-893-8398 Fax 856-380-1499 methodology that uses data and statistical 6818 Tralee Court Essential Resources LLC offers full- www.casewise.com analysis to measure and improve a company’s Fort Wayne, IN 46835 service Six Sigma, QS-9000 and ISO 9000 operational performance. Our software for Ph. 260-486-5580 Fax 260-486-5580 customer satisfaction measurement and Center for Quality Excellence at gage management, gage R&R, equipment www.dynamic-quality.com management services. Southern Polytech University maintenance and supplier analysis are tools you Dynamic Quality Systems provides 1100 S. Marietta Parkway need to comply with Six Sigma objectives. ASQ/RAB- and ICQC-certified consulting, Marietta, GA 30060 training, gap analysis and system implemen- Ph. 770-528-7407 Fax 770-528-7454 Data Vision Statistical tation. Six Sigma, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, www.cqe.spsu.edu Consulting and Training LLC QS-9000, ISO/TS 16949, ISO/IEC 17025, 2541 Far Hills Ave., Ste. 202 TL 9000, TE Supplement, AS9000 and more. Excel Partnership Inc. Centre for Strategic Management Dayton, OH 45419 We provide training for Six Sigma, SPC, 75 Glen Road 1420 Monitor Road Ph. 866-314-8848 Fax 208-279-4497 GD&T, internal auditing, corrective action, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 San Diego, CA 92110 www.data-vision.biz problem solving and more. Ph. 800-374-3818 Fax 203-426-7811 Ph. 619-275-6528 Fax 619-275-0324 We provide just-in-time project coach- www.xlp.com www.csmintl.com ing and training. We teach advanced statistical 120 Quality Digest/January 2003
  4. 4. Our company offers an effective and compre- George Group has expertise in deployment Harpco Systems Inc. factorial DOE for Six Sigma are more. Includes hensive Six Sigma program. Our experienced design, lean Six Sigma and design for lean Six 28056 Oakland Oaks Court SPC tools and a new cause-and-effect tool. trainers and consultants, all certified Master Sigma curriculum and training. We offer soft- Wixom, MI 48393 Black Belts and Black Belts, can help you ware tools for supply chain acceleration, value- Ph. 248-374-1718 Fax 248-374-0022 drive your organization toward Six Sigma based project selection, project results tracking www.harpcosystems.com excellence and tangible rewards. and development of your company’s knowl- edge base. We provide consulting, coaching, The Harrington Group Inc. Expert Resource training and products that help you meet your 11501 Lake Underhill Road 11 Millstone goals. Orlando, FL 32825 InfinityQS International Irvine, CA 92606 Ph. 800-476-9000 Fax 407-382-6141 7998 Donegan Drive Ph. 949-451-0004 Fax 949-451-0004 Georgia Tech’s Center for www.hginet.com Manassas, VA 20109 www.expertresourceconsulting.com International Standards & Quality HGI Six Sigma courseware and software. Ph. 800-772-7978 Fax 703-393-2211 Expert Resource provides Six Sigma 151 Sixth St., Room 143 www.infinityqs.com training, consulting and process management Atlanta, GA 30332 Hartley Group—Performance software. Ph. 800-859-0968 Fax 404-894-1192 Paradigms Inc. InfoSynergy Inc. www.industry.gatech.edu/quality 7006 N.W. 63rd St., Ste. 205 2 N. First St., Fourth Floor Factory Systems LLC Bethany, OK 73008 San Jose, CA 95113 400 Northeast Drive, Ste. P GfK Isometric Solutions Ph. 800-391-7308 Fax 405-722-1552 Ph. 408-924-0458 Fax 408-924-0459 Columbia, SC 29203 8401 Golden Valley Road www.thehartleygroup.com www.infosyne.com Ph. 800-868-7481 Fax 803-786-2110 Minneapolis, MN 55427 InfoSynergy’s Aneka Event Management www.factorysystems.net Ph. 800-328-6784 Fax 763-542-0864 Helm Instrument Co. Inc. Application is an integrated best-practices 361 W. Dussel Drive framework with built-in checks and balances Future Insite Inc. GlobalQual Inc. Maumee, OH 43537 for efficient management of quality systems. 7055 Engle Road, Building 5 6931 E. Dartmoor Road Ph. 419-893-4356 Fax 419-893-1371 AEMA is a suite of solutions for calibration, Middleburg Heights, OH 44130 West Bloomfield, MI 48322 www.helminstrument.com document control, internal audit, corrective Ph. 800-446-8665 Fax 440-826-3431 Ph. 248-932-8438 Fax 248-932-8438 and preventive action, management review, www.insite-inc.com GlobalQual provides standardized 40- Hertzler Systems Inc. training, and continuous improvement. hour Green Belt training. 2312 Eisenhower Drive N. Gary Phillips Associates Goshen, IN 46526 Institute of World Class 18208 Laraugh Drive GOAL/QPC Ph. 574-533-0571 Fax 574-533-3885 Management Northville, MI 48167 2 Manor Parkway www.hertzler.com 6624 Penney Way Ph. 248-348-0192 Fax 248-348-4578 Salem, NH 03079 Hertzler Systems helps capture and man- Carmichael, CA 95608 On-site training and consulting in Six Ph. 800-643-4316 Fax 603-870-9122 age data required for Six Sigma deployment. Ph. 916-716-8015 Fax 916-536-9758 Sigma and design for Six Sigma: introduction, www.goalqpc.com The GainSeeker Suite provides a data collec- www.iwcm.org Champion, Black Belt and Green Belt, plus Our newest pocket guide is The Six Sigma tion and storage infrastructure that puts vast Quality improvements, including customized training for Master Black Belts. Memory Jogger II, a guide to tools for Six amounts of data at Black Belts’ fingertips. increased customer satisfaction, increased Sigma improvement teams. GainSeeker also gathers transactional data. on-time deliveries and reduced defect rates, GE Fanuc Automation North while reducing inventory. Six Sigma is one of America Inc. GRT Hogan Center for Performance several tools we use for reducing defect rates. 2500 Austin Drive 3800 Steeles Ave. W., Ste. 103W Excellence Charlottesville, VA 22911 Woodbridge, ON L4L 4G9 Canada 2915 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 152 Integral Solutions Inc. Ph. 800-433-2682 Fax 434 978-5205 Ph. 905-856-1320 Fax 905-856-1369 Dallas, TX 75234 222 E. Fourth St. www.gefanuc.com www.grt77.com Ph. 972-406-1976 Fax 972-406-2922 Royal Oak, MI 48067 Our Global Solutions team uses Six Sigma www.hogancenter.com Ph. 248-543-6040 Fax 248-543-2882 practices in all customer interactions. We also H & H Servicco Corp. www.integralsolutions.com help you use Six Sigma and its methodologies P.O. Box 9340 Huntington Quality Associates to improve your overall business operations. North St. Paul, MN 55109 533 Henry St. Interax Group Ph. 651-777-0152 Fax 651-777-0152 Huntington, IN 46750 655 Fulton St., Ste. 148 GE Inspection Technologies www.samplingplans.com Ph. 800-496-8476 Fax 260-356-6006 Brooklyn, NY 11217 1 Neumann Way, MD F118 H & H Servicco Corp. provides software www.hqa.com Ph. 888-401-3956 Fax 866-619-5803 Cincinnati, OH 45215 to develop statistical sampling plans for accept- www.interaxgrp.com Ph. 800-572-9499 Fax 513-672-7360 ance sampling and audit sampling. IBM Business Consulting Services www.ge.com/ndt 12902 Federal Systems Park Drive Intercim Inc. H.W. Fahrlander & Associates Fairfax, VA 22033 501 E. Highway 13 GE Instrumentation Services 640 Downing Drive Ph. 703-741-2001 Fax 703-322-7842 Burnsville, MN 55337 6465 East Johns Crossing Richardson, TX 75080 www.businessconsulting.ihost.com/gx/ibm.nsf Ph. 800-343-3734 Fax 952-894-0399 Duluth, GA 30097 Ph. 972-783-1216 Fax 972-783-6043 IBM specialized Six Sigma services www.intercim.com Ph. 800-432-2572 Fax 770-999-7074 Specialized assistance and training in include sales design for Six Sigma, design for www.gecals.com implementation of cost-effective Six Sigma and Six Sigma for e-transformation and lean Six Interliance LLC TQM programs. Concentration on problem Sigma. 151 Kalmus Drive, Ste. K2 GEI Inc. solving and cost-effective improvement pro- Costa Mesa, CA 92626 315 S. U.S. Highway 31, Ste. A grams using proven approaches. iGrafx Ph. 800-540-7917 Fax 714-540-6113 Greenwood, IN 46142 1600 Carling Ave. www.interliance.com Ph. 877-885-7811 Fax 877-885-7822 Harold S. Haller & Co. Ottawa, ON K1Z 8R7 Canada www.geilean.com 5 Ashley Court Ph. 800-772-6735 Fax 503-691-2451 International TechneGroup Inc. GEI utilizes lean manufacturing, Six Cleveland, OH 44116 www.igrafx.com 5303 DuPont Circle Sigma and business process improvement that Ph. 440-895-0775 Fax 440-895-0965 Comprehensive range of flowcharting, Milford, OH 45150 will solve problems and improve the perform- www.haroldhaller.com simulation and document management tools for Ph. 800-783-9199 Fax 513-576-3994 ance of your business. Harold S. Haller & Co. provides Green organizations tackling ISO 9000, lean, Six www.qfdcapture.com Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt train- Sigma or other process improvement. Based on Quality function deployment software for George Group Inc. ing integrated with the HITS suite of five soft- ABC FlowCharter, iGrafx documents any Six Sigma metrics, measuring customer satis- 13355 Noel Road, Ste. 1600 ware programs for design of experiments, process in less time and with more value. faction, business planning, product develop- Dallas, TX 75240 process modeling, isolating sources of varia- Flowcharts created with iGrafx FlowCharter ment and general decision making. Our tools Ph. 800-777-8066 Fax 972-458-9229 tion, process optimization and process moni- 2003 are compatible with iGrafx Process for provide data entry, analysis, calculation and www.georgegroup.com toring via control charts. Six Sigma, with which you can conduct full- report-formatting capabilities. 122 Quality Digest/January 2003
  5. 5. Iowa Quality Center Ph. 888-854-8200 Fax 905-892-3151 3375 Armar Drive www.jfyi.com Launsby Consulting Marion, IA 52302 Six Sigma at JFYI provides a customized 2830 Bethune Court Ph. 319-398-7101 Fax 319-398-5698 ISO9, a Vintara Brand approach led by a Master Black Belt from Colorado Springs, CO 80920 www.iowaqc.org 1433 Webster St. Motorola. Our service package includes exec- Ph. 800-788-4363 Fax 719-282-3099 Oakland, CA 94612 utive overview, design for Six Sigma, Black www.launsby.com IQC Inc. Ph. 866-321-4769 Fax 509-357-8673 and Green Belt training. Launsby Consulting provides on-site sem- 137 N. Main St., Ste. 600 www.iso9.com inars in design for Six Sigma. Training is cus- Dayton, OH 45402 ISO9 has developed a solution that will tomized to meet your needs. Ph. 800-450-1387 Fax 937-223-9001 streamline your path to Six Sigma compliance. www.iqcinc.com Lean Boot Camp ISSSP/International Society of 50 Barrett Parkway, Ste. 1200, M.S. 135 IQS Inc. Six Sigma Professionals Marietta, GA 30066 19706 Center Ridge Road 7678 East Greenway Road, Ste. 100 JMP, a Business Unit of SAS Ph. 800-924-2517 Fax 678-354-2666 Cleveland, OH 44116 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 SAS Campus Drive www.leanbootcamp.com Ph. 800-635-5901 Fax 440-333-3752 Ph. 480-368-7083 Fax 480-585-0640 Cary, NC 27513 Lean/Sigma Boot Camp includes more www.iqs.com www.isssp.com Ph. 877-594-6567 Fax 919-677-4444 than 50 hours of instruction. Indoor/outdoor IQS Inc. provides Web-based integrated ISSSP was created to provide the focal www.jmp.com activities. Become a Lean/Sigma resource for quality management software. IQS supports point, coordination and drive needed to pro- JMP provides powerful analytics, custom your organization. Six Sigma requirements through software, mote the advancement and integration of Six design capabilities, an easy-to-use interface and training and consulting. Sigma among business and improvement a flexible scripting language in one integrated Leap Technologies Inc. practices, enhance the professional growth solution that supports all phases of the DMAIC 1513 W. Jackson Blvd. ISO America Inc. of individuals involved, provide a source for process. Understand your data visually so you Chicago, IL 60607 1805 Cypress Drive knowledge and reference information, and can get to the root cause of problems early. Ph. 800-254-6805 Fax 312-896-1472 Irving, TX 75061 promote the growth and adoption of Six Sigma www.actionworkout.com Ph. 214-533-8571 Fax 972-438-9149 through ongoing and advanced education. JTI Systems Inc. Leap Technologies offers the Action www.isoamerica.com 4020 Vassar Drive N.E., Ste. B Workout System and Six Sigma Workout. Add Six Sigma training utilizing an enter- ITTI LLC Albuquerque, NM 87107 our our advanced tools to your toolkit to get prisewide process approach. Training includes 875 Old Roswell Road, Ste. C-500 Ph. 505-710-4999 Fax 505-878-0322 more people engaged in performance improve- all aspects of Six Sigma. Roswell, GA 30076 www.jtipmap.com ment and accelerate results to the bottom line. Ph. 678-879-6379 Fax 678-879-6316 www.ittillc.com Juran Institute Inc. Lifestar 115 Old Ridgefield Road 2244 S. Olive St. J.F. Young International Inc. Wilton, CT 06897 Denver, CO 80224 P.O. Box 59 Ph. 800-338-7726 Fax 203-834-9891 Ph. 888-468-1535 Fax 888-468-1536 Fonthill, ON L0S 1E0 Canada www.juran.com www.qimacros.com Juran Institute is a leader in managing for QIMacros for Microsoft Excel SPC soft- breakthrough results and Six Sigma quality. ware automates more than 50 charts and Juran’s research, consulting and training pro- graphs. vide the means to increase product and service quality, reduce costs associated with poor LIM, Leadership in quality and heighten competitive edge. Juran International Management enables sustainable breakthrough results 1580 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway through application of the breakthrough Sunrise, FL 33323 methodology and Six Sigma tools. Ph. 305-479-5391 Fax 305-380-1174 www.limglobal.net Kavon International Inc. LIM augments and complements Six 12275 Bean Road Sigma efforts by creating a transformed orga- Chardon, OH 44024 nizational culture, creating high-performing Ph. 888-637-9598 Fax 440-286-9510 teams, developing Black Belts and developing www.kavon.com effective and successful leaders. Kavon has established a Lean Resource Center that provides the resources to become Loyola University New Orleans a lean enterprise. Our Lean Learning Center 6363 St. Charles Ave., Box 15 trains staff personnel to achieve lean goals New Orleans, LA 70118 and objectives. Ph. 504-864-7964 Fax 504-864-7970 www.cba.loyno.edu Keystone Technical Associates We offer consulting in areas within qual- 529 Reading Ave., Ste. O ity management. We specialize in preparation West Reading, PA 19611 for the Baldrige application, service quality, Ph. 610-208-0710 Fax 610-372-2099 quality function deployment, Six Sigma and www.ktai.com SPC. We have experience with service organi- zations, educational institutions and govern- Lanner Group Inc. ment agencies. 11000 Richmond Ave., Ste. 680 Houston, TX 77042 Lynk Software Inc. Ph. 888-757-1611 Fax 713-532-3732 P.O. Box 5498 www.lanner.com/americas Scottsdale, AZ 85261 Ph. 480-998-1933 Fax 480-998-4979 Latzko Associates www.lynksoftware.com 215 79th St. Lynk Software Inc. developes Everest North Bergen, NJ 07047 customer-focused quality software. Enhance Ph. 201-868-5338 Fax 201-868-5338 customer relations and achieve continuous Latzko associates helps organizations improvement with focus on complaint han- achieve quality processes. dling, issue tracking and corrective action. 124 Quality Digest/January 2003
  6. 6. Complement your ISO, Six Sigma and Baldrige Ph. 800-488-3555 Fax 814-238-1702 requirements with built-in customization. Free www.minitab.com evaluation version available online. MINITAB Release 13 is easy-to-use sta- tistical software that provides Six Sigma pro- M.E.N. Associates fessionals with the methods they need: Pareto, 4915 Torrington Ave. Gage R&R, Capability Analysis, Regression & Parma, OH 44134 ANOVA, Basic and Advanced Statistics, DOE, Ph. 216-973-1211 Fax 440-238-6657 Response Optimization, SPC, Capability Six- www.menassociates.org pack, and more. Macpin Associates Inc. Motorola University Consulting 22 Church St., Ste. 103-331 & Training Services Ramsey, NJ 07446 1295 E. Algonquin Road, IL05 Ph. 201-529-4343 Fax 201-529-4143 Schaumburg, IL 60196 Macpin’s consultants provide customized Ph. 800-446-6744 Fax 847-538-2578 education/training and consulting services mu.motorola.com focused on leading management teams Motorola University brings business and employees to achieve improved business improvement practices to leading organi- performance, better financial results and zations around the world. As the inventor of higher customer satisfaction levels. Six Sigma, Motorola University offers services designed for speed, results and sustainability, Management Engineers whatever the size or nature of the business. P.O. Box 146 Key specialities include business improve- Downers Grove, IL 60515 ment tailored to client’s organizational needs, Ph. 815-577-9746 Fax 815-577-9751 customized Six Sigma launch support, and Management engineers offers complete open-enrollment Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma training and paperless systems. Green Belt programs. Maset LLC MSQPC—The Quality Center P.O. Box 10730 22 N. Front, Ste. 200 Tempe, AZ 85284 Memphis, TN 38103 Ph. 480-775-1269 Fax 480-491-2144 Ph. 901-543-3528 Fax 901-543-3510 www.masetllc.com www.msqpc.com We consult with organizations and MSQPC—The Quality Center offers Six facilitate activities to reduce cycle time for Sigma executive overviews, three-day any process. We teach Six Sigma to your leader/Champion training and two-week organization. Green Belt training in partnership with Smarter Solutions. MechSigma Consulting Inc. 7301 Moss Ridge Road NC State University—IES Parker, TX 75002 Campus Box 7902 Ph. 972-808-0153 Fax 972-442-2398 Raleigh, NC 27695 www.mechsigma.com Ph. 800-227-0264 Fax 919-515-6159 www.ies.ncsu.edu/quality North Carolina State University’s Indus- trial Extension Service helps companies imple- ment Six Sigma methodology for Green Belts, MetricStream Black Belts and coaches using the DMAIC 2360 Walsh Ave. model of learn and do. Classroom training is Santa Clara, CA 95051 provided; time away from class is spent on Ph. 408-982-8743 Fax 408-982-8741 project work with weekly progress reports www.metricstream.com evaluated by the Six Sigma instructor team. Project work with a high ROI is expected. Michael Obst LLC Executive overviews and other training sched- 7400 Edinborough Way, Ste. 5304 uled on-site. Minneapolis, MN 55435 Ph. 952-897-3716 Fax 952-897-0363 New Learning Systems www.mikeobst.com 19964 Winter Lane Michael Obst LLC is a full-service man- Saratoga, CA 95070 agement consulting firm. We provide bench- Ph. 888-867-1828 Fax 408-867-8665 marking, strategic goal alignment, executive www.newlearningsystems.com workshops, Champion/evangelist training, Black Q-Skills provides interactive learning on Belt and Green Belt training, team selection and major quality tools to implement Six Sigma building, problem resolution and ROI tracking. efforts. Q-Skills cuts training time and costs, removes obstacles for learning and use, and can be used at all levels of the organization. Niku Corp. 305 Main St. Redwood City, CA 94063 Minitab Inc. Ph. 650-298-4600 Fax 650-298-4601 Quality Plaza, 1829 Pine Hall Road www.niku.com State College, PA 16801 126 Quality Digest/January 2003
  7. 7. Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial mentation planning, project selection, and selecting Champions, Palisade Corp. Resource Center Black Belts, and Master Black Belts. We also offer coaching for 31 Decker Road Hanover Industrial Estates, 75 Young St. Six Sigma design teams, testing and certification, and hiring sup- Newfield, NY 14867 Hanover Township, PA 18706 port. Oriel will customize training materials to meet the needs Ph. 800-432-7475 Fax 607-277-8001 Ph. 800-654-8960 Fax 570-819-8931 of your organization. www.palisade.com www.nepirc.com The DecisionTools Suite, including @RISK and Preci- P4 Management Solutions sionTree, provides a full set of decision analysis tools for Northwest Analytical Inc. P.O. Box 66659 Excel. @RISK performs Monte Carlo simulation on spreadsheet 519 S.W. Park Ave. Albuquerque, NM 87193 models to find the probability of all possible outcomes. Preci- Portland, OR 97205 Ph. 877-748-7246 Fax 505-994-4897 sionTree allows you to construct decision trees and influence dia- Ph. 888-692-7638 Fax 503-224-5236 www.p4solutions.com grams in Excel then run Monte Carlo simulations with @RISK. www.nwasoft.com Data collection and analytical software for SPC functions. Objectives International Inc. 4370 La Jolla Village Drive, Ste. 400 San Diego, CA 92122 Ph. 858-874-7886 Fax 858-874-7887 www.objectivesintl.com Omnex 3025 Boardwalk, Ste. 120 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Ph. 734-761-4940 Fax 734-761-4966 www.omnex.com Omnex provides training, consulting and software to hos- pitals, manufacturing, transportation, service, environment and electronics industries. Omnex offers implementation and appli- cation of quality standards and methodologies like ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO/TS 16949, QOS and Six Sigma. EwQMS, the Enter- prise-wide Quality Management System, is an all-Web software suite on which you can run all of your business quality operations. Omnex Systems LLC 3025 Boardwalk, Ste. 120 Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Ph. 734-761-4940 Fax 734-747-6368 www.omnexsystems.com Omnex Systems LLC develops software to assist in the man- agement of ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14000, QOS, APQP, etc. Our Web-based Enterprise-wide Quality Man- agement System suite includes BOSS (business/quality man- agement), MSA Pro (measurement systems analysis and management), Audit Pro (audit management), AQuA Pro (process realization and APQP management), Document Pro (document management and control), HR Pro (human performance man- agement) and TPM Pro (total productive maintenance). Optima Internet Partners 225 E. 66th St., Ste. 2A New York, NY 10021 Ph. 212-535-2947 Fax 212-535-5385 www.fs9000.com Oriel Inc. 3800 Regent St. Madison, WI 53705 Ph. 800-669-8326 Fax 608-238-2908 www.orielinc.com Oriel Inc. is a management training and consulting firm with expertise in Six Sigma. We offer consulting support for imple- Circle No. 31 or visit www.qualitydigest.com 127
  8. 8. Partners Through Change Inc. Pister Group Inc. 1259 S. Elizabeth St. 550 Eglinton Ave. W. Denver, CO 80210 Toronto, ON M5N 3A8 Canada Ph. 303-777-9680 Fax 303-765-4567 Ph. 905-886-9470 Fax 905-764-6405 www.partnersthroughchange.com www.pister.com PTC provides internal and external train- We provide guidance related to the sta- ing at all levels (Green Belt, Champion, Black tistical elements of a Six Sigma system. We Belt). We provide consulting services and also provide software products that address key technical support (e.g., statisticians, experts on Six Sigma statistical methods. Six Sigma tools). PTC provides project man- agement oversight and works with the execu- PIVOT Management Consultants tive team in understanding Six Sigma projects. P.O. Box 536 Upland, CA 91785 Patton & Patton Software Ph. 877-748-6862 Fax 909-982-7161 3815 N. Oracle Road www.pivotmc.com Tucson, AZ 85705 Six Sigma consulting and training for the Ph. 800-525-0082 Fax 520-888-2937 production floor, Green Belts, Black Belts, www.patton-patton.com champions and executives. Broad experience: housing/construction, furniture, automotive, PCA Group LLC aerospace, electronics, printing, fiberglass, 3325 Lorna Road, Ste. 2295 etc. Also provide training at local colleges. Birmingham, AL 35216 Ph. 800-284-2430 Fax 309-407-3120 www.pcaadvantage.com Peak Consulting Group Inc. 1659 Scott Blvd., Ste. 2 Santa Clara, CA 95050 Pivotal Resources Ph. 408-248-2362 Fax 408-249-3009 1460 Maria Lane, Ste. 400 www.peakconsult.com Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Peak Consulting provides Six Sigma Ph. 800-699-6220 Fax 925-975-0501 sources coordinated with lean, ISO 9000 and www.pivotalresources.com strategic planning. Pivotal Resources provides assistance in implementation planning, Six Sigma skills Philip G. Stein Consultants development, support coaching and analysis, 400 Oak St. and coaching and application. Consultative Pennington, NJ 08534 and training services. Ph. 609-737-9144 Fax 609-737-9411 www.measurement.com The Pleiades Co. 20 Dogwood Terrace Wayne, NJ 07470 Ph. 973-248-0555 Fax 973-616-9858 www.pleiadesquality.com Pleiades International Inc. 21 E. Greyhound Pass Carmel, IN 46032 PIC (Productivity Improvement Ph. 317-569-1814 Fax 317-582-1122 Center) www.pleiadesintl.com 199 Wentworth St. E. Oshawa, ON L1H 3V6 Canada Plexus Corp. Ph. 800-263-3735 Fax 905-721-3339 1408 Northland Drive, Ste. 310 www.picquality.com St. Paul, MN 55120 Ph. 888-753-9871 Fax 651-644-4949 Pilgrim Software Inc. www.plexus-training.com 2807 W. Busch Blvd., Ste. 200 Tampa, FL 33618 PMC/Production Modeling Corp. Ph. 813-915-1663 Fax 813-915-1948 3 Parklane Blvd., Ste. 1006 W www.pilgrimsoftware.com Dearborn, MI 48126 Pilgrim Software provides enterprise qual- Ph. 313-441-4460 Fax 313-441-6098 ity management software solutions. Pilgrim’s www.pmcorp.com solutions automate all aspects of quality man- PMC offers advanced industrial engi- agement, such as ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, neering, supply chain management, lean man- FDA requirements, Six Sigma and lean man- ufacturing, finite capacity scheduling, training ufacturing. and technical staffing solutions. Training and workshop topics include finite capacity sched- Pinnacle Enterprise Group uling, supply chain improvement, simulation 2149 Timberridge Court engineering, productivity improvement, prod- West Bloomfield, MI 48324 uct development, Six Sigma, lean manufac- Ph. 248-706-1740 Fax 248-706-1741 turing, lean health care and lean office www.pinnacleeg.com administration. Pinnacle and its Coalition for Organiza- tional Excellence offer training and consulting Premier Performance Network on topics within the Six Sigma tool set. 950 Summit Circle N. York, PA 17403 128 Circle No. 22 or visit www.qualitydigest.com
  9. 9. Ph. 866-674-4627 Fax 717-846-6044 Ph. 248-476-1234 Fax 248-476-6682 www.premierperformance.net www.projecttech.com PPN provides consultants to support The Project Technologies Group assists coaching, mentoring and training in Six Sigma companies in becoming compliant to ISO deployment. We offer training workshops such 9000, QS-9000, AS9100 and NADCAP, the TE as executive overview, Champion, Black Belt Supplement, ISO 14001, ISO/IEC 17025, and and Green Belt (both traditional and transac- ISO/TS 16949. We also assist organizations in tional), plus design for Six Sigma. Our con- Six Sigma. We offer the following Six Sigma sultants act as project leaders and Master Black training: Six Sigma Overview, Six Sigma Belts if needed. Champion, Six Sigma Black Belt (four mod- ules), Six Sigma Green Belt (two modules) and Primary Data Six Sigma for Design. All of our consultants are 310 N. Front St., Ste. 4, No. 374 accredited RAB auditors, NADCAP or Black Wilmington, NC 28401 Belt-certified. Ph. 805-541-8696 Fax 805-541-8697 www.primaryspc.com Proxima Technology Primary Data Primary SPC system pro- 1350 17th St., Ste. 200 vides real-time data acquisiton, monitoring Denver, CO 80202 and reporting for both variables and attrib- Ph. 720-946-7200 Fax 720-932-9499 utes data. Flexible routines for statistical report- www.proxima-tech.com ing can be used for Six Sigma programs. Proxima Technology’s Business Service Management solution uses the Six Sigma Process Integrity Inc. process improvement model (DMAIC) and its 5840 W. I-20, Ste. 150 techniques to help companies improve IT Arlington, TX 76017 dependent business processes. This helps IT/IS Ph. 817-561-6600 Fax 817-561-5339 organizations improve, achieve and deliver IT www.processintegrity.com service excellence. Process Integrity provides business excel- lence consulting. Waste elimination, process Q2 Inc. capability improvement and growth. 980 Terry Troy, OH 45373 Process Quality Associates Inc. Ph. 937-335-8595 Fax 937-335-8595 690 King St., Ste. 2 www.qsquaredinc.com London, ON N5W 2X3 Canada Ph. 800-837-7046 Fax 519-667-1722 QISoft Ltd. www.pqa.net 24 Drayton St., Ste. 410 PQA offers Six Sigma training and facil- Savannah, GA 31401 itation. Ph. 912-790-7990 Fax 912-790-7998 www.qisoft.com ProcessModel Inc. QIS provides cost-effective applications 32 W. Center St., Ste. 301 for automated and manual entry of production Provo, UT 84601 and quality lab data, SPC charting, statistical Ph. 801-356-7165 Fax 801-356-7175 and variation analysis, built-in report writer, www.processmodel.com document management, and more. Perform statistical analysis using data collected, stored, Productivity Press and managed by QIS. 444 Park Ave. S., Ste. 604 New York, NY 10016 QRX Inc. Ph. 800-394-6868 Fax 212-686-5411 5925 Chatham Lane www.productivityinc.com The Colony, TX 75056 Productivity Press publishes material on Ph. 469-384-0480 Fax 469-384-3509 lean manufacturing and business improve- www.qrx.com ment. Our books, audio books and newsletter, QRX offers Six Sigma training and con- “Lean Manufacturing Advisor,” help educate sulting independent or in conjunction with and support organizations in their efforts to ISO 9000. implement advanced management and manu- facturing methodologies. QSE/Quality Systems Engineering Inc. The Productivity & Quality 2724 Kathleen Drive Center at Cleveland State Brighton, MI 48114 University Ph. 810-229-7329 Fax 810-494-5001 2121 Euclid Ave. www.qseprocess.com Cleveland, OH 44115 QSE PPAP Package and QSE Correc- Ph. 888-256-5268 Fax 216-875-9755 tive Action: process flows, characteristic fail- www.lean-sixsigma.com ure worksheet, FMEAs, control plans, gage The Productivity & Quality Center pro- plans, error proofing, standard work instruc- vides Six Sigma training in all areas of study, tions, all created from one data input. Auto- including manufacturing Black and Green matic RPN reporting based on user entry of Belt, design and marketing for Six Sigma, and target. Spanish available. Training and facil- transactional business process improvement itating the quality documents required for using Six Sigma. ISO/TS 16949. The Project Technologies Group QSoft Solutions Corp. 22000 Springbrook Ave., Ste. 104 P.O. Box 556 Farmington Hills, MI 48336 East Rochester, NY 14445 Quality Digest/January 2003 129
  10. 10. Ph. 800-669-9701 Fax 585-272-0054 companies, using MINITAB and Hertzler Systems software. Qualitron Systems Inc. www.qsoftguide.com 1673 Star Batt Drive We offer books and software to guide and assist a com- Qualitran Professional Services Rochester Hills, MI 48309 pany’s Six Sigma initiatives. 237 Shoreline Drive Ph. 888-569-7094 Fax 248-299-0000 Hawkestone, ON L0L 1T0 Canada www.qualitronsystems.com QualiFine Industries Inc. Ph. 800-461-9902 Fax 705-329-1890 975 E. Nerge Road, Ste. N140 www.qualitran.com Quality Advantage Inc. Roselle, IL 60172 Qualitran Six Sigma training and consulting encompasses 555 Randall, Ste. 2 Ph. 888-317-4820 Fax 630-295-8454 all Six Sigma breakthrough disciplines. Six Sigma Black Belt Troy, MI 48085 www.qualifine.com training seminar provides Six Sigma training in two four-day Ph. 888-321-3864 Fax 248-528-6802 Enterprise data collection and analysis to manufacturing blocks. Consulting is available. www.qualityadvantage.com Quality America Inc. 7650 E. Broadway, Ste. 208-210 Tucson, AZ 85710 Ph. 800-722-6154 Fax 520-722-6705 www.qualityamerica.com Quality America’s Six Sigma partners offer training and consulting at all stages of deployment. On-site courses, which can be customized for your specific needs, and public seminars. Training courses include executive overview, Champion train- ing, Black Belt training and Green Belt training. Quality Associates International Inc. 23810 Michigan Ave., Ste. 103 Dearborn, MI 48124 Ph. 888-367-3632 Fax 313-565-4895 www.quality-one.com Quality Associates International Inc. provides Six Sigma Black Belt and Green Belt training via classroom or computer- based training courses. Quality Assurance Institute 7575 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Ste. 350 Orlando, FL 32819 Ph. 407-363-1111 Fax 407-363-1112 www.qaiusa.com Quality Council of Indiana 602 W. Paris Ave. West Terre Haute, IN 47885 Ph. 800-660-4215 Fax 812-533-4216 www.qualitycouncil.com QCI offers a certified Six Sigma Black Belt primer, which may be used in preparation for ASQ’s CSSBB exam. It includes 400 sample questions. QCI also offers a solutions text to accompany the primer and an exam CD, which contains 1,000 sample questions. Quality Education Services Inc. 17714 Bannister St., Ste. 104 Dallas, TX 75252 Ph. 800-966-3291 Fax 972-931-0367 www.qesinc.com Quality & Engineering Services 156 S. Highway 17-92, Ste. 5 DeBary, FL 32713 Ph. 800-309-9083 Fax 386-668-1919 www.qes9000.com The Quality Group 6059 Boylston Drive, Ste. 250 Atlanta, GA 30328 Ph. 800-772-3071 Fax 404-252-4475 www.thequalitygroup.net Six Sigma-TIP e-learning includes an introduction that presents and gains buy-in on critical business culture issues; Green Belt level curriculum with four define/measure courses to organize projects. Establish baselines, define improvement goals and construct measurement systems. Six analyze/improve/con- 130 Quality Digest/January 2003
  11. 11. trol courses teach how to produce significant Quality Management Quality Systems Assessment Co. QualityCoach.Net savings, sustain the gains and leverage them International Inc. 1949 W. 252nd St. 581 Northwestern Ave. across the organization. P.O. Box 271 Lomita, CA 90717 Wooster, OH 44691 Exton, PA 19341 Ph. 310-539-9510 Fax 310-539-9510 Ph. 800-648-9510 Fax 330-202-9087 Quality Institute of America Ph. 800-666-9001 Fax 800-329-9004 www.qsaco.com www.qualitycoach.net 1100 NASA Road 1, Ste. 309 www.aworldofquality.com Houston, TX 77058 Ph. 888-522-9001 Fax 281-335-7233 Quality Measurement Systems www.qi-a.com 3925 Industrial Drive QIA provides a full range of Six Sigma Rochester Hills, MI 48309 QualiWare Inc. training and certifications: Master Black Belt, Ph. 866-772-0012 Fax 248-844-2199 70 W. Red Oak Lane, Fourth Floor Black Belt and Green Belt. www.spcanywhere.com White Plains, NY 10604 Quality Systems Enhancement Ph. 914-697-4799 Fax 914-697-4797 Quality Integrators Corp. Quality Plus Engineering 1790 Woodstock Road www.qualiwareinc.com 2 Orchard Heights Blvd., Ste. 36 4052 N.E. Couch Roswell, GA 30075 QualiWare provides an integrated graphi- Aurora, ON L4G 3W3 Canada Portland, OR 97232 Ph. 866-577-4476 Fax 770-518-9968 cal business modeling system that supports the Ph. 905-841-1466 Fax 905-841-9752 Ph. 800-266-7383 Fax 503-233-1410 www.enhancequality.com development and management of quality man- www.qic-intl.com www.valueaddedauditing.com agement systems, business process maps, IT sys- We provide software such as MINITAB Quality Plus Engineering provides the Quality Systems Management tems and overall enterprise architecture. Publish and GainSeeker to assist in Six Sigma analy- full breadth of Six Sigma services. 5632 Everhard Road N.W. your quality management systems to your sis, as well as consulting to assist in defining Canton, OH 44718 intranet with our HTML conversion capability. Six Sigma projects. Quality Solutions Inc. Ph. 330-284-3535 Fax 330-478-8331 P.O. Box 40147 www.qsmgmt.com QualTrax Inc. Quality Leadership Systems Inc. Cleveland, OH 44140 105 Industrial Drive 7810 Ballantyne Commons Parkway Ph. 800-471-1646 Fax 440-933-7077 Quality Technology Co. Christiansburg, VA 24073 Charlotte, NC 28210 www.qualitysolutions.com 1320 Tower Road, Ste. 139 Ph. 800-277-3077 Fax 540-382-1801 Ph. 704-319-2247 Fax 704-544-7728 Customized Six Sigma training and imple- Schaumburg, IL 60173 www.qualtrax.com qls-inc.com mentation consulting support services. On- Ph. 800-680-0700 Fax 847-884-7280 Quality Leadership Systems Inc. provides site training for Black Belts, Green Belts, www.qtcom.com Quest Management Services on-site Six Sigma training, including Cham- Champions and overview courses. Successful implementation of Six Sigma 6711 Mississauga Road, Ste. 108 pion, Green Belt and Black Belt. methodology in industries including manu- Mississauga, ON L5N 2W3 Canada facturing, medical devices, telecommunica- Ph. 866-846-4065 Fax 905-813-4454 tions and automotive. www.questmanagementservices.com Circle No. 35 or visit www.qualitydigest.com Quality Digest/January 2003 131