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  • 3. 50% more than
  • 4. 1.5% chance p erm onthofgettingcaughtintherai n whilecycling 18% population daily Denmark has the worlds safest bicycle culture busiest stretch of road - Norrebrogade -36,000 daily Danes just over 1000 km a year per capita ( First Cycle lane - Esplanaden - 2500 Bikes in Copenhagen ) ( Cycle lanes built by the lakes - 80,000 Bikes in Copenhagen ) Stolen bikes Copenhagen what causes the most punctures? Number of bikes found in the lakes each year 1.17 million km peddled a day 0 -10 -20 -30 10 20 30 40 65% 50% Copenhageners commute daily by on a hot sunny day this can rise to 52% of Bullitt Bike owners with beards ?Do Cycle Lanes Make a difference % 20 km ( artists own research ) is to clear cycle tracks before road clearing Copenhagen city policy SNOW 80% CP H cyclistsstillcyclein January CPH WE Bike theft in CPH cyclehelmetsareNOTcompulsory 80,000‘s stolen per year in CPH in1 300recovered of cycle tracks in greater CPH 1890 1910 million in Copenhagen1.7 million in Copenhagen1.7 40% in to school why do Copenhageners cycle ? 1.21 million km pedalled collectively Copenhagen ChiLdrEn a day in 1 km cycle lane costs approx. DKK 500 000 1 km cycle track costs approx. DKK 8 million METRO As a comparison, it costs DKK 1 billion to create 1km of metro and DKK 70 -100 million for 1km of wide motorway. new cycle lane =20% more , s How much does a cycle track cost? trafic light green wave maintain a speed of to avoid red lights 150 approx it’s healthy 32%29% kr it’s cheaper it’s 33% convenient A B 55%it’s faster Yearly health benefits of Socio-economic benefits of in CPH Billion DKK 1.7in CPH NET social gain DKK 1.22 per cycled km 9%environmental 1000 kmover
  • 5. Apprentice bricklayer 1924 - Won a place to study architecture at the Royal Academy of the Arts 1925 - Silver Medal - Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs 1951 - Inspired by Charles and Ray Eames' furniture, Jacobsen designs the moulded plywood Ant Chair Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen Designed for the Novo pharmaceutical factory 1952 - Ant Chair - model 3100 1930 - Jacobsen wins his first public project to modernise the beach at Bellevue 1943 - Arne Jacobsen left Denmark in a row boat for exile in Sweden 1955 - Series 7 Chair - Model 3107 Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen Over 5 million units have been produced It’s also the worlds most copied chair 1958 - Swan Chair Manufacturer : Fritz Hanson Designed for SAS Royal Hotel The original was built in Jacobsens garage at his home in Klampenborg 1958 - Egg Chair Manufacturer : Fritz Hanson Designed for the lobby and reception areas of the SAS Royal Hotel 1960 - SAS Royal Hotel opens in Copenhagen The worlds first design hotel - Jacobsen designed a building in its entirety, down to the smallest fixtures 1938 - 1941 - Aarhus City Hall Designed by Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller 1936 - Skovshoved Petrol Station The filling station was originally commissioned by Texaco 1959 - Drop Chair Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen Only 40 chairs made (leather with copper legs) for the bar at SAS Royal Hotel 1962 - Oxford Chair Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen Designed for the professors at St. Catherine’s College in Oxford 1971 - Arne Jacobsen dies March 24th 1964 - 1967 Cylinda Line Tableware Hollowware in stainless steel, for Stelton. Jacobsen true to form also designed the packaging 1957 - Grand Prix Chair Manufacturer : Fritz Hanson Originally known as the Model 3130, the chair was renamed after it won the Grand Prix at the XI. Triennale di Milano in 1957 1957 - Arne Jacobsen Cutlery Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel Used by the crew in Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001, A Space Odyssey” 1939 - 1945 World War 2 190 2-Born in Co penhagen 1957 - AJ Table Lamp Manufacturer : Louis Poulsen Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel Base originally intended to contain an ashtray 1961 - Vola HV1 Mixer Tap Manufacturer: Vola, Denmark 1977 - The Royal Danish Embassy, Sloane Street, London, GB 1964 - 1966 St. Catherine’s College, Oxford Again Jacobsen was involved in every last detail, including the garden, and the choice of fish for the pond 1965 - 1978 Denmarks National bank First section finished in 1971 Dissing + Weitling brought the project to completion after Arne Jacobsens death 1966 - Ox Chair Manufacturer: Fritz Hansen Designed over a 5 year period The Building Continues 1931 - Lifeguard tower - Bellevue Beach ARCHITECT AND DESIGNER
  • 6. 100m 200m 300m 400m Eiffel Tower Architect Stephen Sauvestre Construction started 1887 Completed 1889 Roof 300.65 m Antenna spire 324 m Roof 381m Antenna spire 443.2 m Empire State Building Architect Shreve, Lamb and Harmon Construction started 1929 Completed 1931 Great Pyramid of Giza Architect Hemon, or Hemiunu? Constructed c. 2560 BC Completed c. 2540 BC Ancient Height 146.5 m Contemporary Height 138.8 m 500m 700m 500m 800m Burj Khalifa Architect Adrian Smith at SOM Construction started January 2004 Completed 2010 Roof 828 m Top floor 584.5 m ChristiansborgTower
  • 7. The Zoo Tower 1905 Carpenter - Otto Arboe Height 43.5m Radisson SAS Royal Hotel 1960 Architect: Arne Jacobsen Height 70m Project Axeltorv Unbuilt Architects: Lundgaard & Tranberg Height 61m Church of Our Saviour 1752 Architect: Lambert van Haven, Spire - Lauritz de Thurah Height 90m Himmelskibet, Tivoli 2006 Funtime Height 80m The Golden Tower, Tivoli 1999 S&S Worldwide Height 63m Rådhus Tower 1905 Architect: Martin Nyrop Height 105.6m Christiansborg Tower( the“3rd”palace of Christiansborg )1928 Architect: Thorvald Jørgensen Height 106m Børsen 1640 Architect: Lorentz and Hans van Steenwinckel the younger Height 56m The Round Tower 1642 Architect: Hans van Steenwinckel the younger Height 36m Church of Our Lady 1829 Architect: Christian Frederik Hansen Height 60m Palads Hotel Tower 1910 Architect: Anton Rosen Height 65m Skt Petri Church 15th Century Church Spire built 1757 Spire Height 78m Nikolai Church Tower 1909 ( New Spire ) donated by Carl Jacobsen, founder of Carlsberg brewery Height 90m Rosenborg Palace 1624 Architect: Hans van Steenwinckel the younger Height 50m The Marble Church 1740 - 1894 Original Architect: Nicolai Eigtved , later: Ferdinand Meldahl Height 79m Svanemøllen Power Station 1953 Architect: Louis Hygom Height 101m Project LM Unbuilt Architect: Steven Holl Height 65m Bella Sky 2011 Architects: 3XN Height 76.5m The Winding Chimney 1900 Architect: Vilhelm Dahlerup Height 56m Øresund Bridge 2000 Designers: Klaus Falbe Hansen, Jørgen Nissen, Niels Gimsing, Georg Rotne Height 204m COPENHAGEN SKYLINE designed by
  • 8. COPENHAGEN TIMELINE designed by Tivoli Entrance 1890 Emil Blichfeldt & Richard Bergmann The Chinese Tower 1900 Knud Arne-Petersen The Winding Chimney 1900 Vilhelm Dahlerup Rosenborg Palace 1624 Hans van Steenwinckel the younger The Pantomime Theatre 1874 Vilhelm Dahlerup The Round Tower 1642 Hans van Steenwinckel the younger Børsen 1640 Lorentz and Hans van Steenwinckel the younger no 9 Nyhavn 1661 Church of our Saviour 1752 Lambert van Haven Lauritz de Thurah ( Spire ) Amailenborg 1750 Frederik V Thorvaldsen Museum 1848 Michael Gottlieb Bindesbøll Church of our Lady 1829 Christian Frederik Hansen Skt Petri Church Spire 1757 15th century church Frederick II The Marble Church 1740 - 1894 Original Architect: Nicolai Eigtved later: Ferdinand Meldahl The Little Mermaid 1913 Sculptor Edvard Eriksen The Elephant Gate 1901 Vilhelm Dahlerup Zoo Tower 1905 Carpenter - Otto Arboe Rådhus Tower 1905 Martin Nyrop Nimb 1909 Knud Arne Petersen Nikolai Church Tower 1909 ( New Spire )donated by Carl Jacobsen Palads Hotel Tower 1910 Anton Rosen Carlsberg Glyptotek 1914 Vilhelm Dahlrup Knippelsbro 1937 Kaj Gottlob Svanemøllen Power Station 1952 Louis Hygom SAS Royal Hotel 1960 Arne Jacobsen Skovshoved Service Station 1937 Arne Jacobsen The Glass Hall Theatre 1946 Poul Henningsen Christiansborg Tower 1928 ( the“3rd”palace of Christiansborg ) Thorvald Jørgensen Øresund Bridge 2000 Klaus Falbe Hansen, Jørgen Nissen, Niels Gimsing, Georg Rotne The Black Diamond 1999 Schmidt Hammer Lassen The Golden Tower 1999 S&S Worldwide Copenhagen Opera House 2004 Henning Larsen Himmelskibet 2006 Funtime Royal Danish Playhouse 2008 Lundgaard & Tranberg The Crystal 2011 Schmidt Hammer Lassen Bella Sky 2011 3XN Project Axeltorv Lundgaard & Tranberg Unbuilt Project LM Steven Holl Unbuilt 8 House 2010 Bjarke Ingels Group ( BIG ) Islands Brygge Havnebadet 2003 Bjarke Ingels Group ( BIG ) The Blue Planet 2013 3XN
  • 9. MOV Movember