Oliver Ziegler, Collective 2014 - Which comes first metrics or experience?


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There is not clear answer to “which comes first” but what we do know is that successful companies are constantly looking at metrics and experience as a way to build an engaged workforce. Join Oliver as he discusses both sides of the equation. He’ll cover how to utilize metrics to make informed decisions and where experience plays a role in better adoption.

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Oliver Ziegler, Collective 2014 - Which comes first metrics or experience?

  1. 1. Which Comes First? Metrics or Experience? Oliver Ziegler VP – Global Customer Care, Sitrion Kelly Gault Senior Solutions Engineer, Sitrion
  2. 2. You need employee engagement…
  3. 3. Which Comes First? Metrics User Experience
  4. 4. User experience is first! Thomas Mann Novelist 1857-1955
  5. 5. Realized benefits from new designed mobile enabled intranet for all staff PhotoReference©RebeccaJacksonhttps://rebeccajacksonblogs.wordpress.com/tag/intranet/
  6. 6. Content Design Layout
  7. 7. Elements of User Experience • Content • Layout • Design • Process
  8. 8. Coca-Cola iConnect
  9. 9. Sitrion Adoption Framework can help you • Available through our Engage Community • Assisted by our Education Center & Engagement Services
  10. 10. User experience is first! Content precedes design – Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration. Jeffrey Zeldman Designer www.zeldman.com
  11. 11. No – metrics should be first! “What gets measured, gets managed.” Peter Drucker
  12. 12. Metrics
  13. 13. Metrics Example 1 – Q & A
  14. 14. Metrics Example 1 – Q & A Use your community managers and social ambassadors to model quick answer times and marking answers as good. Add badges that publically reward users for asking or answering questions within the social network. Implement a campaign to educate people on the value of marking answers as good. Encourage employees to NOT answer questions in email but to instead to use the social network to post the question and then answer it.
  15. 15. Metrics Example 2 – Community
  16. 16. Metrics Example 2 - Community Review the contributors that are getting the most attention – what type of activities are they performing, what type of content are they posting, etc. Analyze which activity types get the most attention and perform or encourage more of those. Review the number of unique contributors in the community and look for ways to boost the number. Analyze the number of followers and the number of followers joining and leaving the community.
  17. 17. Metrics Example 3 – Activity Types
  18. 18. Metrics Example 3 – Activity Types Include social network contributions in the performance review process and rank desired actions as more important factors. Modify badging strategy to reward only the type of activity your company deems most valuable or meaningful. Host a contest among groups or communities and base the award on growth in the level of ‘deeper engagement’ activities.
  19. 19. Metrics User Experience It Doesn’t Matter Which Comes First? Both are needed!
  20. 20. Questions? linkedin.com/in/oziegler/ Oliver Ziegler VP – Global Customer Care, Sitrion Kelly Gault Senior Solutions Engineer, Sitrion @kellygault ca.linkedin.com/in/kellygault Thank you!