New analytics of web governance


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Siteimprove - New analytics of web governance.

Siteimprove Customer Workshop Oct 2013

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New analytics of web governance

  1. 1. The New Analytics of Web Governance
  2. 2. 1. About me 2. Web Governance 3. Web Governance analytics 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  3. 3. About Me
  4. 4. First article published on A List Part 2013 2012 2009 2008 2007 2006 1-855-SITEIMPROVE 2011 Partnership with Siteimprove Release “The Website Manager’s Handbook” 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 Start publishing articles on Second article published on A List Part 2010 Start to research Web Governance
  5. 5. About Web Governance
  6. 6. What is it? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  7. 7. Web Governance describes everything needed to manage a website in a controlled & orderly way. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  8. 8. Data & security mgt Change control Governance rules QA Build Design Content KPIs Publishing Feedback Social Networks Resoucring Approve activity Performance Architecture mgt Promotion Strategy Review Testing Planning Technical monitoring Hosting 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  9. 9. Skills Data & security mgt Teams Manpower Change control Build Governance rules Design QA Documentation Content KPIs Systems Tools Publishing Procedures Feedback Social Networks Resoucring Budget Approve activity Performance Architecture mgt Promotion Strategy Review Testing Planning Technology Roles Technical monitoring Hosting 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  10. 10. At its most basic, Web Governance can be described in terms of just 3 components as summarised in the following illustration. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  12. 12. SIZE 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  13. 13. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT MAINTENANCE INFRASTRUCTURE Set strategy & KPIs Planning Publishing Select architecture Set governance rules Content QA Performance mgt Set all resourcing Design Feedback & engagement Architecture mgt Approve & monitor activity Build Performance monitoring Data & security mgt Testing Technical monitoring Hosting Change control Promotion Review 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  14. 14. Skills Standards Tools Salaries Manpower Procedures Systems Technology Roles & Teams Documentation Technology Services PEOPLE PROCESSES TOOLS BUDGET 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  15. 15. 2 Based on a measure of Scale, assess the granularity of your Governance Activities. 1 Find out how Big, Busy & Complex your site is - & how it will change over time. 3 Based on the granularity of the Activities, plan the sophistication of your Governance Resources. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  16. 16. 2 The Activities of Web Governance are simple & occur infrequently 1 Little content Low traffic Basic technology 3 Resources are unsophisticated, cheap & require little management. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  17. 17. 2 Activities are highly complex, highly granular & occur frequently 1 Lots of content Heavy traffic V. complex technology 3 Resources are sophisticated, expensive & require lots of management. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  18. 18. Psst! Can also compare sites of the same scale… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  19. 19. ReOrganise 1 Discover 2 Organise 1-855-SITEIMPROVE 3 Optimise
  20. 20. Use the Framework to ensure all Activities & Resources of Web Governance are covered. Use the Framework to communicate & plan a new system of Web Governance. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE Use the Framework to maintain stability & optimise for better RoI.
  21. 21. Web Governance Analytics
  22. 22. Web Governance is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  23. 23. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  24. 24. A system of Web Governance that delivers quality & stability has a number of features… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  25. 25. 1 1. All activities are done (with no gaps) & to the right level of granularity … 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  26. 26. 1 2 2. With the right numbers of people with the right skills in appropriate roles & teams… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  27. 27. 1 2 3 3. Using rigorous & reproducible processes that deliver consistent quality on a timely basis… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  28. 28. 1 2 3 4 4. With the assistance of correctly sourced tools & technology that are appropriate to the job… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  29. 29. 1 2 5 3 4 5. Based on a budget that matches expectations for online strategy & online quality. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  30. 30. The quality & stability of this system (or lack of it) can be assessed via the analytics of Web Governance… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  31. 31. Organisational Indicators Operational Indicators Online Indicators 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  32. 32. Quantitative RoI Business risk Staff retention … Qualitative Staff feedback & satisfaction Quantitative Speed Quality Cost … Quantitative Functionality Usability Accessibility … Qualitative Customer feedback & satisfaction 1-855-SITEIMPROVE Qualitative User feedback & satisfaction
  33. 33. Quantitative Happy staff Low risk Good RoI … Quantitative On time Consistent quality Affordable … Qualitative “A great place to work” (Example) Content Quantitative 100% error free High readability Good SEO … Qualitative “Very responsive team & great comms.” Qualitative “Clear info about a difficult topic.Thanks! 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  34. 34. CMS tool SEO tool Project mgt tool QA & error tool Bug tracking tool Web analytics tool Site availability tool Web readability tool … … 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  35. 35. It is when these indicators go “bad”, that there may be something amiss in Web Govenance 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  36. 36. Quantitative Qualitative High staff turnover “An awful place Very costly team to work :(” Dodgy practices … Quantitative Late delivery Shoddy work Expensive … (Example) Content Qualitative “A thoroughly difficult team to work with” 1-855-SITEIMPROVE Quantitative Lots of errors Poor readability Missing metadata … Qualitative “Hello!? Please reply to my emails!”
  37. 37. How to do an audit to see if Web Governance is at fault… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  38. 38. 1 1. Audit all activities to ensure everything is being done (i.e. there are no gaps). For example, if content goes live with many misspellings, is it because the task of 'Quality Assurance' is not occurring, or is only being done on a cursory level? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  39. 39. 1 2 2. Identify if person(s) responsible has enough skill, time & direction to do the job. Perhaps the staff member responsible does not have enough time. Alternatively, perhaps no-one has been formally assigned to QA by the Web Manager? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  40. 40. 1 2 2. Identify if person(s) responsible has enough skill, time & direction to do the job. Perhaps the responsible staff member does not have the right skills. Or maybe the Web Manager has nominated someone who is inappropriate to the role? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  41. 41. 1 2 3 3. Identify how each task is done, how rigorous the process is & how well it is followed. Perhaps QA is occurring but the staff member is ignoring the documented process. Or perhaps the process itself is not detailed enough and is missing key steps? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  42. 42. 1 2 3 4 4. Identify what tools are used (if any) & whether they are suitable to the job. Perhaps the staff member does not have the right tool for the job or is using the tool in the wrong way? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  43. 43. 1 2 5 3 4 5. Finally, check what budget is available & whether it is appropriate to the task. Perhaps too much budget is applied elsewhere, e.g. so much funding goes into creating new content that little is left over for on-going maintenance? 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  44. 44. Diagnosis is not always simple. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  45. 45. But high turnover of staff due to too excessive pressure/demands. Web Team works well with internal customers. Poor leadership? Inadequate budget/time? Misdesigned processes? Web Team delivers a good quality web experience. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  46. 46. Using data for better decision making 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  47. 47. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  48. 48. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  49. 49. What to do now… 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  50. 50. Get the tools. Get the insight. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE Start optimising.
  51. 51. We want a dashboard, so more APIs please! 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  52. 52. 1-855-SITEIMPROVE
  53. 53. Web Governance Framework © Shane Diffily. For LOTS of free downloads about Web Governance, go to