Social Media for Good and Profit - Cause Marketing Case Study


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SiteLab presents a cause marketing campaign case study for client Sunkist Growers, the leading international supplier of fresh fruit, and the oldest operating citrus cooperative in America, owned by thousands of citrus growers across California and Arizona. Learn how they used social media to propel their brand and do social good by partnering with retailers across the country to encourage families to raise money for charities close to their hearts.

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Social Media for Good and Profit - Cause Marketing Case Study

  1. 1. Social Media For Good & Profit A CAUSE MARKETING CASE STUDY
  2. 2. SITELAB INTERACTIVEJenn Barber – Social Media StrategistFrom startups to large enterprise brands, I consultSiteLab’s clients to connect them with opportunitiesto engage with social media. A few of my clientsuccesses include: Growing Facebook likes to over 40,000 in less than 6 months @jbarber5000 Attracting over 680,000 referred visits from Pinterest alone Writing engaging content Retweeted by the Huffington Post and Self Magazine
  3. 3. SUNKIST GROWERS – ABOUTDid you know Sunkist Growers is a non-profit company? The oldest continually operating citrus cooperative in America Do not own a single citrus grove Cooperative of CA and AZ citrus growers Billion dollar / year company (with no stock!) Largest marketing cooperative in the worlds fruit & vegetable industrySunkist in Social Media Facebook – 95,570 likes Twitter – 8,795 followers Pinterest – 253 followers
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT COMPANYgoes with cause marketing
  5. 5. SUNKIST SOCIAL(IZES) FOR GOOD Sunkist Growers does a cause marketing campaign annually  2008 – “Slice & Click” pic of your “Sunkist Smile” (orange wedge in the mouth) to win prizes. Sunkist donated $50K to Special Olympics.  2009 – Grew its Facebook presence by matching $1 for every new Facebook LIKE up to $5,000.  2010 – “Sharing is Caring” partnership with Jewel-Osco® to donate $7,500 to a local food bank in IL and promote Cara Cara variety.  2011 – Partnered with Kennedy Wilson bank to donate $300K to 2011 Japan Relief Fund for Tsunami victims through fan donation matches.  2012 – Brought back the award-winning, cause marketing “Take a Stand” campaign.
  6. 6. Sunkist “Take a Stand” Take a Stand  Since 2004, 65,000 kids from every US state and every province in Canada help charities through the Take A Stand promotion  Encourages kids to donate their earnings from “a good old-fashioned lemonade sale.”  Has raised $3 million for charity by kids since 2004  Open to kids ages 7-12  Partners with Retailers to sell lemonade stands  Gave away 60 lemonade stands through FacebookCASE STUDY
  7. 7. SO…how’d they do it?
  8. 8. CREATED RELEVANT CONTENTRecipes and how-to information, optimized
  9. 9. MADE IT EASYDownloadable, professional materials
  10. 10. SHARED INSPIRATIONPictures of participants, past and present
  11. 11. PROMOTED EVERYWHERE #TakeAStandUse traditional, social, and mobile media
  12. 12. PARTNERED WITH RETAILERSPaired citrus w/other lemonade ingredients
  13. 13. HOW TO GET STARTED first, find a cute kid…
  14. 14. HOW-TO START: ASK QUESTIONS Is there a charity you strongly support (or that your customers do)? What is your budget for development, execution, and promotion? How much can you donate? Will you match? Is there anyone you can partner with to donate more? Who are your influencers? Point-of-sale, bloggers, etc. What type of supporting materials or information can you develop? Is there a campaign you can recycle? How can you get people excited about your charity too? Do you have a personal story to share?
  15. 15. HOW ABOUTsome tips and tricks
  16. 16. GIVE FROM THE HEARTAlign your campaign with your values.
  17. 17. GIVE THEM A TAKEAWAYDrive your ask home with a simple, powerful and memorable sentence.
  18. 18. LET PEOPLE CHOOSEIncludes a vote or creative user submission.
  19. 19. CONTRIBUTE MORE THAN $$$Contribute education, services, and materials.
  20. 20. DON’T FORGET KEY STAKEHOLDERS Promote to employees, vendors, suppliers, business partners, industry groups.
  21. 21. CREATE BRANDED PRODUCTSSales can be directed to partners organizations.
  22. 22. FIND OUT WHERE $ GOES Find out exactly where the $ goes.
  23. 23. MEASURE SUCCESSMetrics Number of pledges* Funds raised* Website traffic Click-through rates Facebook LIKES /engagement YouTube Video Views Twitter hashtag usage Benchmark and measure success!
  24. 24. DOs & DON’Ts DO be authentic and sincere DO write and get approval on social media posts before launching DO expect criticism and have a plan to address DO be flexible and patient when dealing with non-profits DON’T be vague on how much of donations goes to non-profit DO stay in cause marketing for the long haul DO think local DO get people excited about the cause before asking for money DON’T be afraid to be honest and apologize if things go wrong DO plan communications for when you reach your goal
  25. 25. Q&Ait’s your turn