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SSJD Altar Linens
SSJD Altar Linens
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SSJD Altar Linens


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • 1. Prayers for Blessing Linens Most items are made to order and require time to complete. Church EmbroideryB less O Lord, these altar Please check website for linens prepared for use in most up-to-date prices: Pure Linen your church. May all our Altar Linens prayer and worship here be in the power of your Holy Spirit and ST. JOHNS CONVENT 233 Cummer Avenue to your praise and glory, and be Toronto, ON M2M 2E8 shown forth in the work done in TEL: 416-226-2201 FAX: 416-226-2131 your name, for the sake of Jesus e-mail: Christ our Lord. AMEN. ST. JOHN’S HOUSE, BC 3937 St. Peters Road Victoria, B.C. V8P 2J9Almighty and everlasting God, bless TEL: 250-920-7787 FAX:250-920-7709 e-mail: and consecrate these altar linens for use at the Holy Eucharist, to CHURCH LINENS AND THEIR USEthe honour and glory of your name To order your fair linens, please write or phonethrough Jesus Christ our Lord who or e-mail: lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Sister Jocelyn, SSJD AMEN. Sisterhood of St. John the Divine c/o St. John’s Convent or e-mail Sr. Jocelyn at jocelyn@ssjd.caGracious God, listen to our prayerand bless these linens prepared foruse at the Holy Eucharist through A Monastic Community within the Anglican Christ our Lord. AMEN. The Sisterhood of St. John The Divine is a Church of Canada registered charity. Our charitable donation number is BN 11925 4266 RR0001.
  • 2. FAIR LINEN PALL FAIR VEIL Fair linen or A piece of plexiglass A large square altar cloth is a or glass, 6 1/2 or 7 of fine linen hand-hemmed inch square, covered used to cover cloth of fine with white linen. the sacramental linen which Usually it has a cross vessels. It covers the top or some other symbol usually has a of the altar and embroidered in white in the centre. It is cross embroidered in the centre. hangs down at placed on the chalice.each end. It is placed over the cerecloth. Itis embroidered only in white, with a crossin each corner and one in the centre,representing the five wounds of Christ, inHis hands, His feet and His side. PURIFICATOR LAVABO TOWEL A small square piece Latin I will wash. of linen used to wipe A small rectangularCREDENCE the edge of the cloth that is used byCLOTH chalice as the the priest to dry his/Cloth of fine communion is her hands after thelinen that sits administered. There is bread and wine haveon the a cross embroidered been prepared forcredence on one corner. consecration. A lilytable in the design is embroidered on one end.sanctuary where the sacramental vesselsare kept until carried to the altar for theEucharist. There is usually a crossembroidered in the centre. CORPORAL A square piece of Altar linens may be linen about the size purchased from Sr. BAPTISMAL of a napkin which Jocelyn, SSJD, TOWEL is placed on the fair ( All Rectangular linen on the altar. The linens are hand-sewn linen cloth used sacramental vessels are placed on this. and made from Irish at baptismal The corporal has one white embroidered Linen. services and cross at the front edge. It is symbolic ofembroidered with the words Holy one of the Lords grave cloths.Baptism.