Unconventional Drilling in Canada – The Weatherford Way


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Apresentação de Justin Vandenbrink, da empresa Weatherford, durante o evento promovido pelo Sistema FIEB, Fundamentos da Exploração e Produção de Não Convencionais: a Experiência Canadense.

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  • Primarily Unconventional marketDiverse landscapeRequires adaptation, flexibility, and infrastructure
  • Segmented by business unit – provides focused engineering and field supportCustomized to client’s needsAlign like to likeManufacturing creates the tools for the Canadian market2900 regional operational employees (Sales, engineering, geology, finance, Hr) help successfully deploy those tools
  • We provide – Well Planning / Directional & MWD Engineers / MWD Tools / Mud Motors / Remote Capabilities
  • 80% wells in Canada are drilled horizontalAlmost 25 years improving horizontal and directional drillingMore than doubled the amount Hz wells Weatherford drillsIn 2014 we will help our clients drill over 800 unconventional horizontal wells
  • World record holder – drilled 20 leg multilateral from one padPeace River – challenging – People, planning, tools (MWD & Mud Motors)
  • Provide cased hole perforation servicesConsidered the industry experts in cased and open hole completions solutions – Canadian Success Story!!
  • Due to technical expertise and operational strengths we have grown our completions business significantlyThe average unconventional well is approximately 16 zones and WFT annually completes just over 10,000This represents compounded annual growth of over 272%
  • We are Canada’s only provider of all five forms of liftIn Canada we do not and will provide pumping services to the marketOur primary focus is on improving and optimizing production
  • In Canada shale gas currently does not require lift do to significant downhole pressureHowever, shale oil (Cardium/Bakken) primarily uses rod pump and gas lift to produce the oil to surface95% of shale oil wells use Rod pumping systemsJet pumps are used for frac-flow back while gas lift provides producers with access to gas a low maintenance high production artificial lift solution
  • In Canada we are considered the most experienced and trusted FishermenWhen there is a mistake or problem in your wellbore we have the people and the tools to get you outThru-tubing and casing exits allow customers to repair or renew existing, old or abandoned wells
  • Unconventional Drilling in Canada – The Weatherford Way

    1. 1. Unconventional Drilling in Canada – The Weatherford Way Justin Vandenbrink Presenter’s Name Manager Global Product Line Wellsite Consultants Date Jomo Green Director – Sales and Marketing Weatherford Canada Partnership
    2. 2. Major Plays in Canada: Dominance of Unconventionals 1. Unconventional Shale Gas - Horn River Basin 2. Unconventional Shale Gas - Montney in West Central Alberta to NE British Columbia 3. Unconventional/Conventional /Deep Basin – Duvernay 4. Unconventional Oil - Cardium 5. Unconventional Bakken Oil Shale 6. Unconventional - Utica 7. Bitumen Mining/SAGD Region 8. Heavy Oil Region 9. Shallow Gas/CBM Region 10. East Coast/Offshore Oil 1 2 7 3 Tcf 10 4 8 Calgary Canada is the 5th largest holder of shale gas reserves in the world 9 5 6 • 388 Tcf of technically recoverable shale gas • 5.5x more than 2011 proven gas reserves of 69.5 Tcf © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. Weatherford’s Canadian Footprint Country headquarters: Calgary Service bases: 100 Manufacturing facilities: 6 Total employees: 4,245 (~2,900 in Region Operations) © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. Evaluation: Understanding the Reservoir © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 3
    5. 5. Wellsite Geoscience Technologies  Effectively brings “Labs to Wellsite” for critical measurements  Acquire and interpret data from cuttings and mud gas while drilling  Characterize target zone and reduce geological risk  Immediate input for completion design before TD © 2012 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 2013 4
    6. 6. Labs to Wellsite using Fluids and Cuttings SRA Source Rock Analyser Organic Organic Richness, Fluid Type and Profile of organic richness and maturity parameters XRF/XRD 5 © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved. Elemental chemostratigraphy for active input to geosteering GC-TRACERTM
    7. 7. Labs to Wellsite – samples are important XRD Mineralogy Inorganic Stratigraphy, Mineralogy, Roc k Properties XRF/XRD 6 © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved. & XRF Customized Brittleness Estimation
    8. 8. Drilling Services: Directional / Horizontal Wells © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 7
    9. 9. Canadian Horizontal Wells Drilled by Weatherford © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 8
    10. 10. World Record: Weatherford Drilling Services Canada © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 9
    11. 11. Completions: Getting More From The Reservoir © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 10
    12. 12. Canada: Zonal Isolation Sleeves Deployed by Weatherford © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 11
    13. 13. Production: Optimally Getting to Surface 12 © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved.
    14. 14. Artificial Lift Technologies for Shale HYBRID SYSTEMS Rod Pumps Production Jet Pumps Gas Lift Initial unloading & frac flow-back Production Mobile Rod Systems Hydraulic Piston Pumps Portable production Deep low volume production © 2010 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 13
    15. 15. Intervention: Re-Entry & Repair 14 © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved.
    16. 16. Unconventional Opportunity in Brazil • Brazil will need to time and expertise to build • Expected activity increase – Q4 2014 onwards • 240 Blocks for Unconventional • Leverage Canadian expertise and technology to help develop Brazil’s unconventional market © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 15
    17. 17. Thank You for Your Time © 2009 Weatherford. All rights reserved. 16