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Trican Well Service - Unconventional Resources Presentation



Apresentação de Jim McKee, da Trican Well Services, durante o evento promovido pelo Sistema FIEB, Fundamentos da Exploração e Produção de Não Convencionais: a Experiência Canadense.

Apresentação de Jim McKee, da Trican Well Services, durante o evento promovido pelo Sistema FIEB, Fundamentos da Exploração e Produção de Não Convencionais: a Experiência Canadense.



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Trican Well Service - Unconventional Resources Presentation Trican Well Service - Unconventional Resources Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • TRICAN WELL SERVICE Unconventional Resources Presented By: Presentation Jim Venditto , Roberto Huertas Trican Well Service Ltd | 2900, 645 – 7th Ave. SW | Calgary, AB T2P 4G8 | P: (403)266.0202 | F: (403)237.7716 |
  • Company Overview Trican Well Service Ltd.    International pressure pumping company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada Operating bases on five continents Largest pressure pumping company in Canada and a leading fracturing company in Russia, with growing operations in the United States, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Norway and Australia
  • History Expanded operations into Eagle Ford shale in USA Formed as a Canadian public company Entered the Australian market Expanded operations into Marcellus Shale in the USA Formed Industrial Cleaning and Pipeline Services group Formed JV in Saudi Arabia 1996 2010 2002 2000 2011 2012 2007 Formed JV in Colombia Entered U.S. and Algeria Expanded into the U.S. Bakken Entered the Russian market Formed an alliance with Emerald Surf Sciences for Water Management Opened R&D Centres in Moscow and Houston Formed a Completion Systems and Downhole Tools group and acquired i-TEC Well Solutions Formed JV with GeoTomo for microseismic interpretation and application
  • Global Core Services With a recognized commitment to training, safety, quality and R&D, Trican is a technical leader in each of our service lines.          Fracturing Cementing Coiled Tubing Acidizing Nitrogen Industrial Cleaning & Pipeline Services Microseismic Fracture Mapping Geological Solutions Completion Systems and Downhole Tool Services
  • Safety At Trican, we make health and safety a top priority and have developed a comprehensive safety program.    Audited Safety Program New Employee Orientation and long-term training After consulting with employees in 2006, Trican introduced Target Zero as an ongoing safety initiative, encouraging safety in the workplace
  • Experience Horizontal CT Logging 40,000 HP Frac Helicopter Frac Helicopter Frac 800 Mt Frac 800 Mt Frac
  • Canada Geographic Coverage Canada geographic equipment distribution Current Canadian fleet  414,000 fracturing HP  56 Cementing units  38 N2 Pumpers  19 Acid Units  20 Coil Units
  • US Geographic Coverage - Fracturing Trican’s eight operational bases provide fracturing services supported by 17 frac fleets and 573,500 HHP. Base Equipment Longview: 2 frac fleets; 22 pumps each; 44 total; 88,000 HHP Mathis: 2 frac fleets; 15 pumps each; 30 total; 75,000 HHP Mill Hall: 3 frac fleets; 18 pumps each; 54 total; 135,000 HHP Minot: 1 frac fleet; 9 pumps; 22,500 HHP Odessa: 3 frac fleets; 31 pumps; 75,000 HHP Searcy: Non-operational, administrative base Shawnee: 2 frac fleets; 13 pumps each; + 1 foam frac fleet; 28 total; 56,000 HHP Springtown: 2 frac fleets; 14 pumps each; 1 spare; 29 total; 58,000 HHP Woodward: 2 frac fleets; 16 pumps each; 32 total; 64,000 HHP
  • Frac Equipment
  • Technology and Innovation With a comprehensive and integrated approach to innovation, our technical teams share expertise, knowledge and ideas across geographic borders. This enables us to be nimble, responding to our customers quickly to provide effective solutions in any location. Some of our technological innovations include:              MVP Frac™ FlowRider BPS (Burst Port System)® EcoClean-XB™ Novum TriFrac-C™ Polar Frac™ GNE-1 Divertsol TriFrac-MLT Friction Reducers AccuLite™ Green Chemistry
  • MVP Frac
  • MVP Frac  Slickwater system that increases production from the well.  Patented chemical solution that reduces proppant settling in slick water fracs  Over 1600 fracs completed with this technology in the Cardium, Montney and Deep Basin  20% increased production from wells based on initial case history  Strong market acceptance in Canada; introducing to U.S. in Q3 2013
  • Test Results – Sand – Water Proppant bed height of greater than 40% Maximum wellbore proppant pack Sand and Water at 60 gal/min 20% of the proppant flowed out of the model Sand and Water and FlowRider™ at 60 gal/min 10% of the proppant flowed out of the model
  • Test Results – Sand – Water – Gas Test shows excellent proppant transport and floating sand Floating Proppant Gas Porosity
  • Test Results – Sand – Water – Gas Gas breakthrough creates flow channels Gas Gas Breakthrough
  • Economical  Works with conventional frac sands  Eliminates the need for expensive gelled fluid used for higher sand concentrations 43 g of settled proppant following agitation Conventional slick water slurry (left) and MVP frac slurry (rihgt)
  • TriFrac MLT System
  • “Money and Fresh Water are Terrible Things to Waste”
  • TriFrac-MLT Frac System  TriFrac-MLT is an innovative, high performance hydraulic fracturing fluid system that enables operators to use 100% flowback or produced water. It is a Patent Pending system exclusive to Trican. Trican currently maintains a competitive advantage with this fluid system and have a Customer interest. 1. 2. To simplify the logistics associated with produced water reuse programs To reduce the secondary waste streams created by treatment processes that concentrate the waste and minerals present in the produced water
  • Water Resource Issues  Eliminate the use of Fresh Water Resources  Cost on Water Well drilling  Costs associated with Purchase  Transportation  Piping to location  Costs associated with treating flowback or produced water  Numerous technologies for treating water  No need for additional treatment equipment on location other than simple filtration  Eliminate Disposal Costs
  • TriFrac-MLT Frac System  Fluid Systems • •  TriFrac-MLT – CMHPG polymer w/Zr crosslinker Linear and crosslinked fluids TriFrac Fluids at 150°F - 250°F
  • Produced Water Removing suspended solids Untreated Produced Water 25 micron filter Produced Water 5 micron filter Produced Water Produced water from North Dakota
  • Water Analysis Untreated Water pH SG 1.046 Na 65,580 K 522.9 Ca 30,360 Mg 1,333 B 367.7 Mn 15 Sr 1,763 Fe 95.72 Ba 20 F- ND Cl- 5 micron Filtered fluid 6.65 192,072 NO3- 26.5 HCO3- 524 PO4 ND SO42- 211.9
  • Produced Water with TriFrac-MLT 25 micron Filter for the job
  • Produced Water with TriFrac-MLT Produced water from North Dakota
  • Economics on Water Management Conventional  Fresh Water Cost plus transportation  Disposal Cost plus transportation 100% Recycle Costs  Fresh Water Cost  100% Recycle Water Cost w/ transportation  Filtration Savings Total per 500 bbl tank ~1,050,000 gallons is 50 tanks - $8.00 bbl. $ 0 bbl. $ 2.00 bbl. $ 0.50 bbl. $ 5.50 bbl. $ 2,750.00 per tank $ 137,500.00 savings
  • Economics on Water Management  Trican developed an innovative fracturing fluid (CMHPG linear and crosslinked gel systems) formulated in 100% untreated produced water that unlocks the code for recycle water designed to conserve fresh water aquifers and use recycle produced and flow-back waters.  This process will save millions of gallons of fresh water per well and save $$$
  • BROKEN CMHPG AND GUAR CROSSLINKED GELS 20 lb/1000 gal CMHPG in produced water 25 lb/1000 gal CMHPG in produced water 30 lb/1000 gal CMHPG in produced water 20 lb/1000 gal Guar in fresh water 25 lb/1000 gal Guar in fresh water 30 lb/1000 gal Guar in fresh water  CMHPG exhibited much smaller polymer fragments than Guar at the microscopic scale as well as the macroscopic scale.
  • EcoClean Fluids
  • SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION  EcoClean Fluids  Continuing to expand our line of environmentally friendly fracturing fluids  Completed close to 2,000 treatments in 2012  R and D focus on drinkable fluids that use less fresh water
  • i-TEC Well Solutions A Trican Well Service Company i-Frac CEM Cemented Sleeves BPS Toe Initiation Sub
  • Completion Tools Trican acquired i-TEC in January 2013 • Operations in Norway, USA and Canada • Offer Multistage Frac Tools, Completion and Intervention tools for both open hole and cemented installations • Innovative design team with 10 patents granted or pending • Competitive advantage with patented completion systems that has capacity for 440 open hole stages (240 cemented) • Good market acceptance of tools so far in 2013
  • Completion Tools i-TEC Lower completion solutions Open Hole i-Frac / i-Valve completions Cemented i-Frac CEM / i-Valve CEM completions Screened Open/Close ICD Sandscreen completions
  • i-Frac CEM Sleeves Cemented & OH Completions:  Available in 4-1/2”, 5” & 5-1/2”  Multiple sleeves per stage (Mimic plug & perf)  Frac in half the time  Less water usage  Dissolv-a-ball – Dissolvable Frac Balls  Eliminate drill outs  Drillable cast iron ball seats.  Variety of seat increments to increase stage count  1/6”, 1/8”, 1/10”, 1/12”, 1/16”
  • BPS Flow Initiation Sub Eliminate TCP:  No ID Restrictions  Match Casing Size  No Moving Parts
  • Trican Reservoir Solutions
  • TRICAN RESERVOIR SOLUTIONS  Microseismic Solutions  Trican partnered with GeoTomo to offer leading edge microseismic analysis  Used to optimize frac designs  Geological Solutions  Offer unconventional rock analysis, core testing and rock mechanics  Reservoir Solutions  Reservoir model that integrates geological, microseismic and frac data to optimize long-term reservoir recoverability
  • Trican GeoTomo Microseismic
  • Strategy Statement  Trican and GeoTomo (TGM) is a strategic partnership primary focus is servicing the needs of its customers to understand the effectiveness of well stimulation.  GeoTomo develops high-end geophysical software products that help geophysicists around the world to image beneath the subsurface  Developed New Innovative processing software
  • Services            Pre-survey Modeling & Design Project Management On-site Data Acquisition Field QC Data Processing Interpretation Final Report and Presentation Integrate with the Fracture Model providing direct measurement of the fracture geometry Integrate with core analysis from TGS Reprocess previous microseismic surveys performed by competition Evaluating Software sales to key customers
  • Integrating Microseismic Data
  • Trican Geological Solutions
  • Trican Geological Solutions  Reservoir characterization: techniques and developments  Field services  Core profiling and geochemistry  Routine and special core analyses  Geomechanics  Petrophysical modeling, data integration  Integrated reservoir evaluation case study from North America  Basin-scale evaluation  Reservoir sweet spots  Stimulation strategy development
  • Trican Geological Solutions’ operations Focus on unconventional plays: Resource evaluation and characterization with field operations in Canada, USA, UK, India & Turkey. Plus analytical projects from countries all around the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Middle East
  • Goal Unconventional methods for unconventional reservoirs: Most reported analysis of gas shales are based on over-simplified or nonapplicable analytical methods. For example:  GRI methods of K and φ  coal desorption methods for shale OGIP  conventional reservoir analyses for Sw  isotropic mechanical properties  assume infinite conductivity fractures Our goal is improved log calibration, OGIP, mechanical stratigraphy and completion design through appropriate rock and log analysis
  • Typical Shale Gas Frac Spread 24x 2500 Horsepower pumping units, 6 sand Hogs, 2 Chem. vans, 3 Data Vans, 1 Mechanics Truck, 1 Putzmeister,1 Twin cementer, 4 Iron trucks and 80 men.
  • Horn River – Project Perspective • Customer 1. – Horn River • Project was made up of 346 fracs of either 5000m3 or 4000m3 200t slick water Fracs over a six month period. • Customer 2 - Horn River • Project was made up of 164 Fracs of either 4000m3 200t or 3000m3 150t slick water over two month period
  • Project Perspective For Customer 1, we pumped 1,500,000 m3 of Water; the equivalent of 600 Olympic sized swimming pools into the ground. And will produce back no more than 20% to 50% of that. For Customer 2, it was 238 pools. During Customer 1 project, we pumped 61,000 tonnes of sand, the weight of 377 Jumbo Jets. For Customer 2 , was another 189 jets
  • Pad Based Work The Evolution of Frac Treatments Days Months Hours
  • Thank You