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Investment in renewable energy - Sojitz Corporation



Presentantion shown during the XIV Brazil-Japan Joint Economic Committee Meeting, that took place in the city of Salvador, in Brazil, during august 9th and 10th of 2011.

Presentantion shown during the XIV Brazil-Japan Joint Economic Committee Meeting, that took place in the city of Salvador, in Brazil, during august 9th and 10th of 2011.



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Investment in renewable energy  - Sojitz Corporation Investment in renewable energy - Sojitz Corporation Presentation Transcript

  • Investment in Renewable Energy ~ For sustainable growth of Brazil and Japan ~ Salvador - August 10, 2011 Shigeru Oono Sojitz Corporation Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 0
  • □ Global Investment in Renewable Energy CAGR 36.2%p.a.(’04-’10) Graph shows trend of global new investment in renewable energy during the period 2004 – 2010. US$ 211 billion was invested globally in 2010 which is over 6 times the investment of 2004. Significant increase in small distributed capacity, namely rooftop PV.*note) does not include energy-smart technologiessuch as smart grid and electric vehicles Ref: Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (UNEP) Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 1
  • □ Top 10 Invested Countries in Renewable Energy in 2010China ranks top with approximately US$50 billion of investment in 2010 along withother emerging countries such as Brazil and India ranking in 5th and 9th respectively.Without counting small scale projects, new investments in emerging countriesexceeded that of developed countries for the first time in 2010. US$ #2 #3 #4 #1 Japan 3 India 4 #9 #5 #6 Canada 5.2 billion #7 Spain 4.9 billion #8 France 4.0 billion Note) includes small scale projects (namely rooftop PV) Ref: Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment (UNEP) #9 India 4.0 billion #10 Czech Republic 3.6 billion Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 2
  • □ Electricity Generation by Sector Graphs show forecast until 2035 of growing renewable sectors of OECD and non-OECD countries. Growing need to diversify investments in region as well as sector. CAGR( tWh ) 8000 Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy (’08 – ’35) Hydro Biomass Wind CSP - 7000 Geothermal Solar PV CSP Solar PV - Marine Geothermal 7.2% 6000 CAGR (’08 – ’35) Wind 15.0% 5000 Marine 16.3% < OECD Countries > < Non-OECD Countries > Biomass 11.1% 4000 CSP 19.5% Solar PV 12.0% 3000 Geothermal 4.2% Hydro 2.8% Wind 8.0% 2000 Biomass 4.2% 1000 Hydro 0.7% 0 CY2008 CY2015 CY2020 CY2035 CY2008 CY2015 CY2020 CY2035 Ref: IEA World Energy Outlook 2010 New policies scenario Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 3
  • □ Recent Investment in Renewable Energy Projects by Japanese Trading Companies Biomass Biomass Trading Photovoltaic CSP Wind Geothermal Bio-fuel Power Sojitz Bio-ethanol / Biomass Power Bio-ETBE (100%) (KOMIPO) (ETH,Odebrecht) (Braskem) Itochu (Bunge) (Energy (GE, Sumitomo, (Abengoa) Management) Google) (JGB) Marubeni (Hemphill (Invenergy) Geothermal Power & Lights) (GDF Suez) (Osaka Gas) Mitsubishi Bio-pellet (Acciona) (Acciona) (Vis Nova Trading) (EGCO) Mitsui Wood Pellet Bio-plastic (International (FCC) (Windfarmer) (Plantation (Dow Chemical) Power) Energy) Sumitomo (EDD) (Invenergy) (Datang) (SAG Solarstrom) (GE, Itochu, Google) Toyota Bio-pet Bio-ethanol (China Man-made (Petrobras) Fiber)Based on company press release (announced 2006 – to date) = Operation has not started as of today. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 4
  • □ Governmental Support for the Developmentof Renewable Energy Projects Loan / Equity Participants/Guarantee BRAZIL RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS Government Company Banks GREEN Global action for Reconciling Economic Equipment growth and ENvironmental preservation Export Equity Loan Insurance EXPORTER INVESTER LOAN LENDER Trade and Investment Insurance forTrading company Trading company Trading company Preventing Global Warming Manufacturer Manufacturer Banks Memorandum of Understanding BRAZIL GOVERNMENT SECTOR (MOU) Government Instruction for Cooperation Work Public offer Entrustment BRAZIL RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS JAPAN INDUSTRY SECTOR Company Manufacturer Trading company Implementation Documents (ID) Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 5
  • □ Introduction of Sojitz’ Activities in Renewable Energy SectorThe Solar Park in Betzweiler ■Sojitz’ major investments in Renewable Energy Sector ▲Sojitz’ major trading activities in Renewable Energy Sector USA ■PV Power Project Developer (from 2010) Japan ■Biomass powerGERMANY generation■Photovoltaic (PV) ▲ PV modules toPower Generation Asia, North and(from 2010) South America, Europe, and BRAZIL Africa■Bio-ethanol production and biomass power generation▲Bio-ETBE trade to EU and Japan Markets▲High Purity Silicon Metal for PV cell use to Japan and Korea Bio-ethanol plant (ETH) Silicon production plant (Minasligas) Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 6
  • □ What are the innovations needed in theRenewable Energy Sector ? Agricultural Innovation Industrial Innovation Increase of sugarcane Cellulose Feedstock for Several Production yield Ethanol Production Brazilian entities Technological Innovation Improvement in conversion Technological Innovation efficiency of PV cell Biomass fired power system Improvement in Concentrating Bioethanol fired power system Solar Power Technologies Brazilian and Japanese companies play an important role intechnological breakthrough of the Renewable Energy Sector. Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 7
  • Collaboration of Japan and Brazil - Daido’s Concentrator Photovoltaic Power Generation - Concentration Photovoltaic (CPV) has higher efficiency and lower cost than conventional solar cells. [Effective installation in pasturelands in Brazil] Solar TrackingHomogenizer : Wide acceptance angle Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 8
  • ARIGATO! OBRIGADO! Copyright © Sojitz Corporation 2009 9