Advanced Measurements - Frac Controls Overview


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Apresentação de Jeff Aitchison, da Avanced Measurements, durante o evento promovido pelo Sistema FIEB, Fundamentos da Exploração e Produção de Não Convencionais: a Experiência Canadense.

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  • When you are completing a well, the quality of the completion work has a direct influence on how the well will performIn the operation of the hydraulic fracturing equipment the control system used on the stimulation equipment is extremely important – it can be the difference betweenA successful wellwith good productionbrought online quicklyAnd safelyOr …2. A failed well;Perhaps sanded offRuptured casingDamage to the formationIncorrect data does not show what actually occurred on the jobOr simply delayed due to problems with the equipmentSo, the equipment and especially the controls used to control how the equipment operates are critical to a well completion operationIf the controls don’t work properly, the job won’t be done properlyWouldn’t it be great if there were a control system that could help prevent these problems, and was not only reliable, but also helped prevent equipment problems?
  • AMI has been in the controls and automation business for 25 years25 years of Controls & Automation experienceFocusing only on real time controls for mobile oilfield service equipment since 2000Over 100,000 Software Engineer man-hours invested in platform>125 years combined development experience with frac controlsWe have over 1600 control systems deployed worldwide, in over 10 countriesWe provide support, formal training etc.We operate in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Russia, Middle East and China
  • This is a picture of a stimulation operation that failed due to parting of the casing 100 feet below the surface. They were pumping at 8500 psi, when a rapid increase in pressure resulted in the casing failure. This is one of may failure modes that a good control system can mitigate.A good control system should be Robust (so that is stands up to harsh environment of hydraulic fracturing operations)Reliable (so that the controls do not cause the shutdown of an operation in the middle of a job)Accurate (so that the job is executed according to plan and the correct data is collected in order to assess the job and to keep track of the equipment status)Safe (so that the workers and the equipment all return home safely)
  • Our fracturing equipment control systems are the benchmark of the industry.With over 1600 systems deployed worldwide and over 10 years of field experience, our controls have been proven to be extremely robust and reliable. This mature platform allows frac fleets controlled by the FracCommand suite to operate longer without on the job failures that can cause damage to the well and undesirable downtime.All we do is develop controls and automation for mobile oilfield service equipment … this is our core competency. As a result, our controls are developed and maintained by a team of professional controls engineers, with decades of fracturing equipment control experience.Because of this, our control systems operate they way they supposed to … we get the job done with no fuss.Our control systems collect very granular data about what happens on the job. Not only do we collect data required for the treatment report, but we also store all the data channels from all the equipment on every vehicle’s control system.In addition, we also log all alarms and warnings from the equipment, and we log all operator inputs. From this we can recreate exactly what happened on a job in the event of a problem or safety incident.The maintenance of a frac fleet is critical … a poorly maintained fleet can cost the service company money in unnecessary repairs, and can delay the production of a well due to unforeseen downtime.Our control systems track the maintenance of the equipment by logging maintenance operations and providing the maintenance crew with the information they need to do relevant maintenance, rather than unnecessary maintenance. We also provide a maintenance report after every job.
  • DVCommand is the central nervous system of the FracCommand SuiteFrom a centralized location in the data van, DVCommand controls, monitors and displays the whole process; water, proppant, chemicals, flow rate, pressure and more.We’re not in the business of making datavans — we’re in the business of helping YOU make great datavans.Whether you are building your own datavans, or purchasing from one of our OEM partners, we can help ensure an optimal DVCommand configuration that includes:Centralized control of all FracCommand controlled vehicles in the Frac spread while retaining the option of local vehicle control Powerful data acquisition and monitoring of vehicle information, pressures, rates and more — thousands of channels of data available Comprehensive and flexible data displays and logging Centralized monitoring, alarming and real-time reporting Each vehicle maintains its own configuration data, however, the data van provides one central location to easily access and modify the configuration of any vehicle. Each vehicle logs it’s own data and DVCommand provides the ability to log this data redundantly in the Data Van
  • PumpLink provides world-class control of pumps with automated, real-time and historical information on pump performance.Frac spreads of up to 32 pumps are supported, with the multi-pumper control application in the data van. With remote control in the data van, the DVCommand software operator can start and stop pump engines, control throttles, shift gears and invoke neutral idle.Significantly improve predictive pump maintenance.Since the sensor data can predict service levels based on real wear-and-tear calculations, you can rely on Just-In-Time maintenance reports from ReportLink that decrease downtime and maintenance costs.Jobs done safely, reliably, consistently.Safety features include redundant local and remote controls (software based), as well as fully redundant manual control (hardware based, independent of the software). Additionally many operational interlocks are provided in the controls, some of which are customer configurable, to ensure safe operation and compliance with service company’s preferred operational procedures. Several levels of pressure kickout are provided.
  • BlenderLink is a customized blender process control that is highly configurable for a variety of sand & dry chemical augers, and tub types.Configurable screens operated from the Datavan provide simultaneous centralized control, monitoring, and logging of the blender process.More than a control system, BlenderLink manages all blender related data in real time and provides historical data via ReportLink for all post job analytics. BlenderLink also includes system wide monitoring, alarm management, and configuration of any vehicle from a centralized location.BlenderLink includes support for rig ups with multiple blenders, chem and hydration per job including seamless switchover to backup units if needed.
  • ChemLink controls up to 11 pumps to add chemicals to the fluid.Each chemical has closed loop control based on the Blender Suction Rate, Hydration Suction Rate or Simulated Rate and required concentration.All chemical operations can be automated as per the frac schedule entered in the DVCommand software.The ChemLink controller can operate on its own or be remotely controlled from the DVCommand system. A manual operator panel on the ChemLink control unit is provided — control of the engine can also be done through the manual throttle mounted in the operator panel.ChemLink control unit provides Ethernet and RS-232 outputs to transmit data collected from the system.The HydrationLink system consists of 5 Chem-add loops and Auto-Tub Leveling controls.Each chemical has closed loop control based on the blender suction fluid rate and required concentration, and it also controls automatic tub level control.HydrationLink integrates with BlenderLink and automatically controls the blender tub level.The blender tub level will be maintained at the tub level setpoint through closed loop control of suction rate based on tub level.As with all Advanced Measurements controls, the HydrationLink controller can operate on its own or be remotely controlled from the DVCommand system.In manual mode, an operator will have manual control of the inlet valve using a potentiometer. When not being automated, our tub level control can be operated locally in automatic or manual mode, depending on the Auto/Manual/Off switch.HydrationLink comes with an operator console complete with integral control system.Customized versions (custom operator panel and drop in backplane) can also be provided.HydrationLink provides Ethernet and RS-232 outputs to transmit data collected from the system.
  • 1. FracCommand controls have been proven in the field for over 10 years in 10 countries.This provides our customers with the most reliable control of their operations.We have a dedicated Frac controls engineering team, which is the biggest in the industry … We are experts in control and automation … “It’s all we do” … we don’t build frac vehicles … we don’t perform hydraulic fracturing services … we just build great control systems.We are focused on providing more value for our customers2. Our controls are state of the art, at the leading edge of technology.We have been perfecting these control systems for over 10 years, with over 60 man-years of development investedWe draw our feedback and future development plans from across the industry … so that we continue to develop what the industry needs going forward.3. FracCommand controls are deployed worldwide. We support systems globally, and have over 10 years experience doing this.We also work with our customers and partners to empower them to support themselves.We have formal training programs for equipment operators, electronic support technicians and field engineers on how to use, configure and support the system without our helpThe FracCommand system is available in multi-language and multi-unit configurations, so that the system can meet the needs of the global market4. Finally, we can install FracCommand controls on any equipment configuration, and we work with all major frac equipment manufacturers to install our products on their equipment.Furthermore, we can retrofit existing equipment to remove old controls and replace them with FracCommand controls.We do this in partnership with our customers, or as a turnkey service.We don’t build frac equipment … We build controls … and that is what we do best
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  • Advanced Measurements - Frac Controls Overview

    1. 1. Frac Controls Overview
    2. 2. est. 1989 Deployed to the field for over 10 years Over 100,000 jobs completed 1600+ systems deployed worldwide
    3. 3. FracCommand Controls • Proven reliability and robustness • Rapid control response and accuracy • Record of what actually happens on the job • Maintenance information tracking
    4. 4. Benefits of FracCommand Controls 1. Robust control systems for reliable operations – We’re experts in control and automation – For AMI ‘It’s all we do’ 2. Rapid control response and accuracy – Proven control algorithms that get the job done right! – Accountability of operations through data & event logging 3. Global support footprint – Formal Training Programs – Global support – Language and units support 4. Install controls on any equipment – We build controls … not frac equipment – … and that's what we do best
    5. 5. Summary • We are interested in working with – Local hydraulic fracturing service companies • Investigate options to provide control systems – Local manufacturers of frac equipment • Explore how we might partner with local manufacturers – Local manufacturers / re-sellers of control systems • Local manufacturing and business development partner – Operators • Discuss importance of hydraulic control systems for successful well completions