Know Your Brand & Live It


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Presentation for Her Corner Semi

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Know Your Brand & Live It

  1. 1. Know Your Brand & Live It
  2. 2. YOU are your brand. (So are your employees.)
  3. 3. What is a brand?BASICS:LogoBusiness CardsWebsiteMarketing MaterialsThank You Cards
  4. 4. What is a brand?DEEPER:Website Content Social Media PresenceEmails Office AtmosphereSales Pitch EmployeesProposals PresentationsAnswering the Phone Internal CultureClient Referrals Blog Posts
  5. 5. Great Brands
  6. 6. BRANDED:Excellent customer service
  7. 7. BRANDED:Not your ‘typical’ airline
  8. 8. BRANDED:Consistency
  9. 9. BRANDED:Happy green cleaning
  10. 10. DEFINE your brand
  11. 11. What Do You Do?BMW is a luxury car company.
  12. 12. But What Do You REALLY Do?BMW makes the ultimate driving machine.
  13. 13. Know the Answer To This:Why should I buy from you? (as opposed to all my other options, including doing nothing?)
  14. 14. What Do Others Say? Clients Colleagues Potential Clients Referral Sources Friends/Family
  15. 15. If your company was human? Personify your brand.
  16. 16. CREATE your brand
  17. 17. CREATE the lookWould you hire your 16-year-old cousin to do your taxes? Hire a professional! (please)
  18. 18. CREATE the look•  Define colors (and reasoning for colors).•  Use keywords to describe your thoughts.•  Know your competitor’s brands.•  Fit your industry.
  19. 19. CREATE the look
  20. 20. CREATE the look
  21. 21. CREATE content•  Write with your branded voice.•  Keep content clear & concise.•  Write EVERYTHING down.•  Don’t be afraid to hire a professional.
  22. 22. CREATE content•  Reception script•  Newsletters & sign-up emails•  Blog posts•  Website•  Template emails•  Core values
  23. 23. CREATE the brandYour brand isn’t just outfacing.•  Processes•  Systems•  Hiring•  Culture•  Benefits
  24. 24. REFINE your brand
  25. 25. REFINE your brand
  26. 26. REFINE your brandStart with what you can. Upgrade when you’re ready.
  27. 27. REFINE your brand Rewrite content. Update ideals. Grow. Change. Move.
  28. 28. REFINE your brand Ask for input.
  29. 29. LIVE your brand
  30. 30. BE Your Brand.What do others believe?
  31. 31. BE Your Brand.Do your employees know your brand?
  32. 32. FILTER everything through your brand. Emails Blog PostsHiring Twitter Culture Newsletters Education Sales Facebook Marketing Campaigns Office Environment Presentations YouTube Policies Content
  33. 33. LIVE your brandA good brand begins to look more like a belief system.
  34. 34. BELIEVE your brand Who is your fan club?
  35. 35. BELIEVE your brandBuild a community around your brand.
  36. 36. It’s YOUR brand. Define it. Create it. Refine it. Live it.Your customers will believe.
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