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Broadband availability in Rural Westmeath
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Broadband availability in Rural Westmeath


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  • 1. Broadband Availability in Rural Westmeath Saoirse Meehan
  • 2. Areas to be Covered in Westmeath by National Broadband Scheme (NBS) National Broadband Scheme 2008, Dept Communications, Energy & Natural Resources
  • 3. Castletown,Westmeath is part of the Rural Broadband SchemeB rat h, Cas t l et ow al n,Fi nea The Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources recognised that there is a lack of broadband services in the area and is working to rectify this by 2013 (Dept of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, 2010)
  • 4. Irish Broadband Subscription by Mode of Access 07- 12 Q1Delivering a Connected Society: A National Broadband Plan for Ireland, Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources (30 th August 2012)
  • 5.  <iframe width="640" height="360" src=" d/1t0o4jQTvQM? feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  • 6. Fixed Wireless BroadbandFIXED WIRELESS High-speed Internet access can also be delivered without wires. A wireless modem inside the building or a small antenna outside picks up the signal – the choice depends on where you are located relative to the transmission site and what obstacles might be in the way. A phone line is not required (Smyth, 2006) Ripplecom fixed wireless broadband uses radio technology to connect a home or office (Ripplecom, 2012).
  • 7. Ripplecom Unlimited Business Value 8 downloads is very good, Price €60 but I am also concerned Download Speed 8 Mb with the Upload Speed 1 Mb amount of data I can Download Limit Unlimited uploadSince wireless Connection Type Wirelessbroadbandoperates Contention Ratio 20:1independently Installation Fee €149 High contentionof yourtelephone line ratio means that Terrestrial Fixed at any time Iyou do not Medium ofrequire a Wireless via Radio could be sharing Communication my connectiontelephone line Technology(and associated with up to 20line rental) other people Type of Communication Broadband Company
  • 8. Satellite BroadbandSATELLITE BROADBAND Download data transmission speeds Satellite based broadband service are usually faster than upload solutions offer universal access speeds and there can be a time delay within the footprint of the orbiting satellite provider using wireless (lag) associated with uploads which links to ground based mobile and can make some services difficult to fixed terminals. They are use (Smyth, 2006). particularly useful in serving remote areas unserved by DSL, cable and mobile broadband. (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, 2012) The technology uses adaptive modulation and coding techniques which address the conditions of rain fade ensuring high availability under differing weather conditions (Digiweb, 2012).
  • 9. Enterprise Satellite Broadband Download data transmission speeds Price € 32.95 are usually faster than Download Speed 8 Mbps upload speeds and there can be a time Upload Speed 2 Mb delay (lag) associated Extremely high with uploads which Download Limit 8 Gb contention can make some rate and would services difficult to Connection Type Satellite reduce the use. download No specific speed information but considerably Contention Ratio could be as high as 400:1* Installation Fee €219.95 Medium of Initial outlay is Wireless Satellite very expensive CommunicationDigiWeb use a French Satellite Type ofcalled KA-SAT from Tooway Communication Broadband *Ground Control, Satellite Communications Systems
  • 10. Fixed Wired BroadbandDIGITAL SUBSCRIBER LINE (DSL) ASYMMETRIC DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER Fixed Wired Broadband LINE (ADSL): Utilises a technology that A family of technologies generically transforms a normal telephone line into referred to as DSL or xDSL which are a high-speed digital line that enables access to telephony services and the capable of transforming a normal Internet at the same time. ADSL telephone line into a high-speed provides always-on access to Internet or digital line (Smyth, 2006) . TV and Video on-demand services at speeds that are 10 to 40 times faster than a standard 56k modem. An ADSL line has a higher downstream speed (into the end user) than upstream speed (away from the end user), (Economic and Environmental Science Team, 2009).
  • 11. Business Lite Next Generation As the download Price € 20.65 plus VAT speed and uploadVery low speed areupload Download Speed 8 Mbpsspeed different this is an Upload Speed 512kb ASDL cable Download Limit 10 Gb Connection Type ADSL No information Contention Ratio given Line Rental € 20.96 Fixed Wired Medium of Broadband DSL Communication cable, specifically ADSL Type of Communication Telecommunications Company
  • 12. Mobile BroadbandMOBILE BROADBAND The retail broadband market does  Mobile broadband is delivered via not include mobile broadband the mobile network directly to the because based on an analysis of device (mobile phone) or to a demand and supply side computer via a dongle. A dongle is substitution, on a comparison of a small connector that attaches to technical characteristics, and on an a PC card in a laptop on one end, assessment of actual customer and to an Ethernet cable on the switching in the market, retail other end. mobile broadband is not considered to be a close substitute for retail fixed broadband (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Laptop Communication, 2010). al ig n rS we 3G Wireless To Modem 3G Cellular /3G Tower Desktop PC 3G Mobile Broadband Wireless Router
  • 13. VodafoneRetail mobile broadband is Vodafone Mobile Wifi R205not an effective substitutefor retail broadband Price €19.99offered over DSL, due 3G is the Mobile Phoneprimarily to functional Download Speed 7.2 Gb Networkdifferences, differences in Upload Speed 512 kbpricing, and in customeruse. Technically mobile Download Limit 10 Gb“broadband” is MobileInternetas it does not meet Mobile / 3G HSPA+the international definition Connection Typeof broadband (ComReg, (21Mbps)2011). Contention Ratio 48:1 Can be delivered through a WiFi Installation Fee €29.99 device or a “dongle” Medium of Mobile Broadband Communication Type of Mobile Communication Communication Company
  • 14. Not Available due to Rural Location A separate cable socket is installed and is connected to a PC via a special cable modem. To use the connection from other rooms, an internal wireless network can be used. TV viewing is not interrupted while the Internet is being used Cable and neither service interferes with the other. A phone line is not required. Because of the capacity of the wiring used, faster data transmission speeds can be provided on cable networks than are currently available on phone lines (Smyth, 2006) Not Available in Fibre Optic Cable: A transmission medium that uses glass or Ireland at a retail plastic fibres rather than copper wire to transport data or voice Fiber signals. The signal is imposed on the fibres via pulses (modulation) of light from a laser or a light-emitting diode (LED). level EirGrid are Optic Because of its high bandwidth and lack of susceptibility of interference, fibre-optic cable is used in long-haul or noisy looking into it with Welsh Cable applications (Smyth, 2006). company Geo It is the Rolls Royce of connectivity. WiMAX A set of emerging wireless technologies which can greatly increase the range of high speed wireless broadband. The technology behind WiMAX should allow for wireless data speeds (Worldwide of up to 40Mbits/s over a distance of 10km using relatively Interoperability inexpensive equipment. WiMAX is not a technology, but a for Microwave “stamp of approval” given to equipment that meets certain Access) conformity and interoperability test (OECD, 2006)
  • 15. Pyrotechnician I am a Pyrotechnician based in Balrath, Castletown, Finea in rural Westmeath. The criteria that I use while exploring broadband options are;  Download Speed; this is an important factor as I need to be able to download large documents such as stage plans  Upload Speed; Online promotion is a main marketing tool. High upload speed broadband will allow me to upload videos of latest gigs and effects  Contention Ratio; although the contention ratio is not a primary factor when considering various broadband types it is important to consider it at some level as level as it highlights the number of people that one will be sharing the connection with and can have an adverse effect on the download and upload speed  Price; with everything price is an important factor when choosing a service
  • 16. Comparison of Products Available Ripplecom DigiWeb Eircom Vodafone Price €60 € 32.95 € 20.65 plus VAT €19.99Download Speed 8 Mb 8 Mbps 8 Mbps 7.2 Gb Upload Speed 1 Mb 2 Mb 512kb 512 kbDownload Limit Unlimited 8 Gb 10 Gb 10 GbConnection Type Wireless Satellite ADSL Mobile / 3G HSPA+ High; 400:1Contention Ratio 20:1 48:1 Low;18:1Installation Fee €149 €219.95 € 20.96 €29.99 Medium of Fixed Wireless Wireless Fixed Wired WirelessCommunication Radio Technology Satellite DSL /ADSL Mobile BroadbandCommunication Broadband Broadband Telecommunications Mobile Communication Company
  • 17. References Body of European Regulations for Electronic Communication (BEREC) (2010) BEREC-RSPG report on market definitions. Unknown: BEREC. Available at: [Accessed 3 rd October 2012] Comreg (2011) Response to Consultation and Decision. Ireland: Author. Available at: [Accessed 30 Sep 2012] Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (2008) National Broadband Scheme (NBS) Dublin: Author. Available at: htm [Accessed 2nd October 2012] Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (2010) Rural Broadband Scheme. Dublin: Author. Available at: 99117BEB56B0/0/Westmeath.pdf [ Accessed 2nd October 2012] Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (2012) Delivering a Connected Society: A National Broadband Plan for Ireland. Dublin: Author. Available at: [Accessed 30 Sep 2012] DigiWeb (2012) Satellite Business Broadband. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 1st October 2012] DigiWeb (2012) Tooway and DigiWeb [Online] Available at: [Accessed 1st October 2012]
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