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New gifting option sirius

  1. 1. Do check out detailed product collection and styling series ranging from novelties to fashion accessories to desktop concepts. S. Product Image Description Branding Indicative No Price . 1 Travellers mouse Re-chargeable wireless mouse Screen 850/- for the travellers. IT has a Printing detachable receiver charging base 2 Completely Techie A New Techie desktop gadget with multi functionality 700/- including five pin phone Logo charger, a sticky surface printing on mobile holder and three USB the Gadget extension port for all your digital devices and a techie antenna pen to write. 3 Key Finder It’s a gift for all because we all mess our keys and yell for Your logo - eons. on the card Now we will never required and the key the same as this key finder holder works for extreme long distance and it’s too loud, leaves no space for mess.
  2. 2. 4 Benetton T-Shirts Benetton Products are very popular among young generation for their trendy Logo and stylish look and feel. printing 400/- These polo t-shirts are made from high quality cotton and follows the UCB trend, by incorporating high end mechanism in a very beautiful design.5 Benetton T-Shirts Benetton Products are very popular among young generation for their trendy and stylish look and feel. This watch has a stainless steel back to that protects it from impact caused due to 300/- dropping, It’s economic price tag gives the luxury of wearing a brand in an economic cost.6 Professional time Perfectly corporate gift with golden metal clock in a solid Laser metallic case to make it a Engraving perfect present. 370/-
  3. 3. 7 Yoga Mat Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used as an aid Logo 450/- during the practice of yoga to Printing in prevent hands and feet corner of slipping during asana practice. the mat8 Quills Pen Quills Pen is made from real feather and it’s a great piece Gift box 650/- of history as all the great packing epics and the beautiful fonts are made.9 Super Wallet Looking for that perfect wallet which has enough 225/- space, for currencies as well Logo as cards. This is the answer; Embossing it’s perfect with additional space to accommodate multiple business cards with a secret space to carry your essentials.10* Projection clock Projection clock is a perfect high end gift with a beautiful Design and an outstanding 1750/- mechanism. It’s projects the Color time on the wall when the top Screen round surface is pressed. Printing Has a date, time, and temperature display with 20 different alarm sound mode. Runs with battery as well as with mobile charger.
  4. 4. 11* Clocky Clock It’s a clock that runs with music when the alarm is set. It won’t stop until you run Color 1750/- behind it and stop it Etching over personally, it’s a perfect the clock morning clock that will not let you sleep ones you set the alarm, it left no space for procrastination.12 Quills Pen* Quills Pen is made from real feather and it’s a great piece of history as all the great Gift box 1750/- epics and the beautiful fonts packing and are made. branding over the box13 Rubic’s cube* Gift box Black gift box with Screen packing and printing Photo 185/- Printing
  5. 5. 14 Snake Cube* 165/- Natural square puzzle game. It’s a game made of different Gift box wooden pieces combined packing and together with elasticity, Have laser to arrange in cube shape and engraving requires a lot of mental energy to concentration to stack up in a form of cube.15* Leather steel keychain Fine Finished international Laser 70/- key chain with ample space Engraving for your logo16* Leather steel folding keychain Laser Engraving 150/- (New design)17* Concept Metal ring 150/- keychain Laser Engraving (New design)18 Promotional Ceramic Mug Put your logo and message over the mug, use it for coffee Digital 100/- as well as a pen stand and Transfer souvenir. Printing
  6. 6. 19 Promotional Pen Stand Promotional wooden finish pen with an esthetic design to Laser sooth your desktop Engraving 210/- on the wooden Front20 Promotional Pens Gift set of metal pen Screen Printing 325/- (for more options please over the write us ) Box and Laser engraving on the pen21 Promotional Badges Put your message with this Digital metal badge to make your Printing event memorable.22 Promotional Bags Bags are ever green gift Color Brand this back pack with Embroidery, 450/- your logo. Printing and Tag placing
  7. 7. 23 Promotional Diaries Leather finish diaries for you Logo 480/- Embossing24 Conference Folder This folder consist of a CD case, Writhing pad for writing Logo minutes of the meeting, a pen, Embossing 495/- a pencil, eraser, sharpener a name card holder and a file pocket for collecting the conference material.25 Promotional Souvenirs Souvenir for event to thanks all the participant and a Laser 1550/- memory to recollect. Engraving26 Official Trophies We offer customized trophy And mementos for your Laser organization as per the budget Engraving 575/- range and quantity.
  8. 8. 27 Time & Trophy This fine piece of time is an award too. The metallic Laser surface is to reward the ahead Engraving 550/- of time personalities.28 Trophy Plate Laser 550/- Engraving 750/- 950/-29 Hot n Cold Flask A perfect gifting flask for your team event, Conference and training programs. Screen Printing 210 with your message30 Fly High This is a desktop clock for all the high flyers of your 255/- organization
  9. 9. 31 Awards and Concept Trophies We conceptualize awards and trophy for a niche event. Officially partnered for Complete conception Indian news broadcasting designing awards, and Production OOH media awards, Reality real estate awards, and Indias Top 50 Marketers Awards.• Items marked with an * asterisk are imported products (new stock)• VAT will be additional as per actuals.• We will require 5 - 7 days for delivery after confirmation of sample (as per applicable per product)• The above cost is inclusive of branding on one side wherever possible.Regards :Team Sirius GiftingEmail:| Website : |The content of this email and any attachments (email) is confidential, may be privileged, subject to copyright and may be read and used only by the intended recipient. Ifyou are not the intended recipient please notify us by return email or telephone and erase all copies and do not disclose the email or any part of it to any person. Emailtransmission cannot be guaranteed to be secure, or error free as information could be intercepted, corrupted, lost or destroyed as a result of the transmission process. The sender,therefore, does not accept liability for any errors, omissions, viruses or delay in transmission as a result of this mail. We monitor email communications through our networksfor regulatory compliance purposes and to protect our clients, employees and business. Opinions, conclusions, and other information in this message that do not relate to theofficial business of SIRIUS INTEGRATED TRADING PVT. LTD. or its affiliate(s) shall be understood to be neither given nor endorsed by SIRIUS INTEGRATED TRADINGPVT. LTD. or its affiliate(s).Thank you for considering the environmental impact of printing emails.
  10. 10. Sneha Bharadwaj Navin GautamMobile: +91-9910113761 Mobile: +91-9891095111Email: Email: Why Gifting ?Promotional products are exceptional tools for building brand identity. Customized productsare far more cost efficient than paid advertising. They convey a strong impression of yourproduct or service. Promotional products appeal to your target customers and give them areason to help you advertise to other potential customers.Promotional products are an extremely affordable form of advertising. Unlike print orbroadcast advertising, promotional items do not expire quickly. A promotional productremains valuable as long as the item can be used. The long-term value of promotionalproducts make them extremely affordable advertising. By the time a promotional product isretired by the customer, it has long since justified its original production cost. Once your itemsare distributed, they spread the word of your brand identity.Promotional products establish a killer brand identity by conveying a strong message aboutthe quality and reliability of your company or product. The ultimate goal is to embed yourdesired message into the memory of your target customers. The outstanding customizedproducts produced by Sirius Gifting will exemplify your attention to detail and quality andreinforce your message. As your promotional products are exposed to the public, awareness ofyour brand will increase as a high rise to the investment made. Quality promotional productswill always reward your investment. Whats the Sirius Idea?
  11. 11. Sirius gifting is launched to promote independent merchandise services and products tovarious vends associated with it. The wise sages at sirius gifting began to search the worldfor other, curiously awesome products to promote. Specializing in business gifts, corporategifts and promotional merchandise.A quality promotional gift means remembrance; so all of our products can be branded withyour own corporate message or logo to help your company achieve maximum exposure.We understand how stressful arranging a promotional event can be, so we will endeavor tomake the process of organizing your gifts as easy and stress free as possible. Ourknowledgeable staff is on hand either by phone or email to assist you with any queries youmay have, and will guide you through the process to make sure your needs are met.Our foundation lays in continuous updated products concerning futuristic gifting trends withinimitable services that help you to reward, motivate and create loyalty for your target group,employees, customers and channel partners. We are proud of the quality of service weprovide, and will personally ensure you are happy with the product and the lead-time beforeconfirming the order.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Sirius is an active market driven gifting company specialized in delivering unique business solutions, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We have aunique work environment that combines the freedom, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of a small company with the financial stability and benefits of a largecorporation. We have over 1000 cutting edge corporate gifts and branding concepts to make the absolute gifting concoction. Mission To be the most admired & cherished company with profitable growth through superior customer service, innovation, quality and commitment. Awards Most innovative concept launch 2010 We Offer Corporate gifts, official merchandise, promotional concept, gifts and giveaway consultants