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Excel function
Excel function
Excel function
Excel function
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Excel function


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Math function =sum(n1,n2……..) Sum function return total of given number or ref. Exam =sum(4,5,2) 11 =product(n1,n2,n3…….) Product function return multiplication of given number or ref =product(5,4,2) (5*4*2=40) 40 =min(n1,n2,n3…) Minimum function return mini number from given number or ref =min(4,5,6,2) 2 =max(n1,n2,n3…….) max function return maximum number from given Number or ref =count() count function count numerical cell =counta() countall function count all cell from given ref. =countblank() function count blank cell =average(n1,n2,n3……) average function return average of given num =average(4,5,6) 5 =ceiling(number, significant) =ceiling(123,10) 130 =floor(number, significant) =floor(123,10) 120 =round(number, significant) =round(123.256,2) 123.26 =roundup(number, significant) =round(123.256,2) 123.26 =rounddown(number, significant) =round(123.256,2) 123.26 =int(number) int function return integar value from given numer =int(145.20) 145 =mod(number , divisor)
  • 2. =mod(10,3) 1 Mod function return reminder =power(number , power) =power(5,3) power function return power of given number and power 125 (5*5*5) =fact(number) Fact function return factorial of given number =fact(5) 120 (5*4*3*2*1) =rand() rand function return random number =randbetween(min number, max number) Rand between function return randomly number between given Min and maximum number =rank(number, rang) Rank function return rank of given number from given rang =sort(number) Return square root of given number =sQrt(25) 5 Text function =upper(“string “) upper function convert all letter in capital letter =upper(“lion”) LION =lower(“String”) lower function convert all letter in small letter =lower(“LIOn”) lion =proper(“this is a book”) Proper function convert capital letter of each word of given string =proper(“this is a book”) This Is A Book =len(“string”) Len function count char of given string =len(“lion”) 4 =left(string, number) Left function return particular number of char from the left side =left(“ram”,2) ra =right(“string”,number)
  • 3. Right function return particular number of char from right side =right(“ram”,2) am =trim(“string”) Remove space from left and right side of string, =concatenate(“string1”,”string 2”……………..) Concatenate function concatenate given multiple string oncatenate Operator is also aviable in excel (&) =rept(“string”,”number of times) rept function repeat given string no of times =rept(“lion”,3) lionlionlion =value(text) value function convert string number in numerical number =text(number) text number convert numerical number in string number =code(“char”) code function return ascii code of given number =char(ascii code) function return char of given ascii code =replace() Date and time Date formate depand on o.s ( o.s default fomat is mm/dd/yyyy)
  • 4. =and(con1,con2,……) And function return ture if given all condition are true =or(con1,con2,con3………………. .) Or function return false if given all condition are false =not(condition) Not function convert condition result. If condition is ture it return false. If Condition is false it return true =countif(range,condition) countif function count cell according to given Condition =iferror(error,”massage”) if error function return given massage if any error =sumif(range,condition) Sumif function return total of given range according to condition .