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Lead Generation Rekindle Relationships

Lead Generation Rekindle Relationships



Lead Generation - Don't Forget Inactive Accounts

Lead Generation - Don't Forget Inactive Accounts



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    Lead Generation Rekindle Relationships Lead Generation Rekindle Relationships Presentation Transcript

      • How to Get Started
    • What Result are You Seeking?
      • Retention of Client base
      • Reactivate dormant accounts
      • Reward Referrals
      • Targeted lead generation
      • Top of Brand Awareness…keep your name in the front of the pack
      • Does your billing or sales software export customer data as a text file, like excel?
      • Is your client data updated regularly?
      • Does your database include e-mail addresses?
      • Does your database include prospects and/or dormant accounts?
      • Can you clearly define your ideal client?
      What data do you have to work with?
    • What Message for your Customers?
      • Tell a story – how your service or product solved a problem.
      • Reminder of how you are different – why they should buy from you.
      • Testimonial – let others share why they chose you.
      • Special Offer – we give deals to new accounts and our clients know that. Offer something your client doesn’t currently buy or that would improve your relationship with that client.
      • Introduce a new service or product – how you are evolving to respond to your clients’ needs.
    • Marketing Media - Customers
      • Postcard – best method to send one message, no issue with blocked by the server , you control the quality of your image and product.
      • Newsletter or sales letter – best for professional, consultant message. Formal equates to expert.
      • E-mail message – short message can be easier to implement, economical to send, a good supplement to a multi-media marketing program.
      • Phone or visit that offers value – no idle chat, no sales talk. Today’s buyers only have time for people that make their workday better , solves a problem fast, saves them time or money. Become their expert resource .
    • Content Checklist - Customers
      • Call to Action – what do you want them to do?
      • Sense of Urgency – Give them a reason to ACT NOW
      • Track your response “hits” – use an 800#, include an offer code or track-able price, “bring in this coupon”, log-on and enter to win contest, etc…
      • Phone, Website, email and now QR Code …options they are comfortable using to communicate with you
      • Personalization – everyone likes to be remembered.
    • Message to Reactivate Dormant Accounts
      • Your company has gone through changes and came back stronger – tell them
      • You miss them and would like to get re-acquainted – tell them
      • You now sell, produce, offer services they don’t know you do – tell them
      • Your loyal buyer is gone – you need to “court” the new buyer on how much easier it is for him/her to keep you as their vendor of choice
    • Marketing Media - Dormant
      • Sell Sheet or Rack card -use bullet points with topics of interest to them
      • Introductory letter – We’ve missed you, we believe our XXX service is a good fit for your company
      • Invitation Card – announcing we now offer XXX, come take a tour, let’s meet over coffee, etc.
      • Ad Specialties – take a gift for your face to face meeting, or prize for the first 50 who respond, etc.
    • Content Checklist - Dormant
      • Make sure you have current, up-to-date contact information – staff time on the phone getting new info is the best, using a list cleaning service is the next best option .
      • Include what you are going to do next for them – call and offer to meet , give them a welcome back special offer, request an opportunity to solve a problem they’re facing .
      • Ask permission to keep in contact – If they say yes, you’re one step closer. If they say no, you can reallocate your resources.
    • Referrals - Nurture this Resource
      • A Referred Client has already been told you are a quality company.
      • A Referred Client is less likely to price shop for your services.
      • A Referred Client is more likely to stay with you for a longer period of time.
      • A Referred Client costs you less time/money to “court” for their business.
    • Opportunities for Referrals
      • When you come to the rescue for a current client – it’s a good time to ask… who else might we be able to help?
      • Let others speak for you… educate your networking peers, describe to them, your ideal client or opportunity.
      • Offer a Reward for a Referral that becomes a client. Use the back of your business card, create a footer on your email, include asking for referrals as a part of your sales materials.
      • Thank a current client for their business a hand-written note still has the highest value. Top of brand awareness increases your potential for referrals.
    • Marketing Activities - Referrals
      • Enclose a customer survey with your invoice.
      • Deliver a reward “gift” to a customer or fellow networkers that sent a client to you.
      • Make sure your website makes it easy for visitors to forward your information to others.
      • Track the number and % of new clients that come from referrals and share in your communication with your clients.
      • If referrals are the best method for new accounts – why prospect? Mindset… always stay in the seek mode (not a reactive mode).
    • Referrals – You might start with:
      • Whom do you know who… (finish the question with a specific customer profile)
      • I’m expanding my business and am seeking new clients. I need your help…
      • I have something important to ask you.
      • We’re looking for more customers just like you. Do you know of someone that could use our services?
    • Lead Generation – Define the Target
      • What client profile purchases your high margin sales?
      • What client profile brings strong repeat business ?
      • Are these profiles available, rented or purchased from a mail or email list provider?
      • What has been your best “fishing hole” for new accounts?
      • What is your sales process? How many “touches” are required to generate a sale?
    • Lead Generation - Message
      • What would your clients say is the biggest reason they buy from you?
      • How would you avoid using the “lowest price” as your approach for prospecting?
      • How are you different from their current supplier?
      • Why are you a valuable resource?
      • What offer would entice them to become a new client?
      • Hint: if it’s not an offer that would get you to buy – it won’t get them to buy either.
    • Lead Generation - Media
      • Determine if your leads lists should be further separated into specific groupings (niche).
      • Determine what message or offer is “ideal” for each niche.
      • What is the dollar value of your average order? What is the average lifetime value of your client? What is your budget per lead?
      • Now we can select the media, the number of “touches” and the budget needed for generating leads.
      • Stay the course… track results, test message and adjust.
      • If you must trim budget “court” a smaller niche group or stretch intervals a little. Leads are not optional, they’re your future.
      • Lead generation
          • Mail list acquisition, integrated marketing campaigns, mailing services
      • Cross sell / up-sell
          • Database management, variable/personalized printing, fulfillment
      • Customer retention / re-activation
          • CRM campaign management, database management, promotional items
      • Control of your brand identity materials
          • Web to print systems, graphic design, posters signs and banners
      • Marketing performance analysis
          • Integrated direct marketing, online reporting, variable/personalized printing technologies
      Providing Capabilities to meet your Business Objectives
    • Providing Capabilities to meet your Business Objectives
      • Printing services - Digital and Offset
        • Variable / Personalized
      • Posters, signs and banners
      • Web to print technologies
      • Direct mail services
        • Integrated direct marketing technologies
        • Database management
      • Promotional items
      • Graphic design
      • Complete bindery and finishing services
    • Sir Speedy Phoenix/Glendale
      • www.sirspeedyphoenixglendale.com • [email_address]
      • Phone 623.939.0092 • Fax 623.939.7073
      • 5310 W. Glendale Avenue • Glendale, Arizona 85301