0.5 End Times and The Return of Christ: Table of Contents


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This presentation serves as a table of contents to study of Bible prophecies regarding the Return of Christ, the reestablishment of Israel in the Holy Land, the disposition of the Saved and the Lost and the righteous judgments of God.

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0.5 End Times and The Return of Christ: Table of Contents

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS What follows is a hyperlinked table of contents to a 35 set presentation series focused on biblical prophecy regarding the return of Jesus Christ. The 35 sets settle into three groups: OT, NT/epistles and John’s Revelation. I compose in Keynote 5 and must therefore upload to SlideShare in PDF, since SlideShare does not handle Keynote submissions easily.
  2. 2. THE RETURN OF THE (REAL) KING Most of the slide sets to which this table of contents provides you access were originally used in an adult Sunday School series. I write without benefit of formal theological training, which, as you may well imagine, represents a mixed blessing. By way of blessing, anticipate a uniformly unique perspective on God’s Word as it pertains to the Return of the (real) King.
  3. 3. SlideShare’s hyperlinks won’t work until Slide #4–something to do with spam prevention, so . . . this is a filler designed to accommodate that necessity. I’m well aware of how irrepressibly cute I appear. I exercise the power of kitty cuteness.
  4. 4. SURVEY OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY, A STUDY OF THE END TIMES AND OF THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST ion of t roduc G AP he skO op t sh Work Index to Content VISIT: skOG W orkshop Headqua www.len rters at nyhoy.co m for ot interest. her item s of EMAIL: leonard. hoy@gm ail.com
  5. 5. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK 1 ASSUMPTIONS: in which we consider who ‘you’ addresses when encountered in biblical prophecy. “Are you talking to me?” 2 BIBLE AS A BRIDGE: in which a suspension bridge’s architecture serves as a graphic illustration of the Bible narrative’s integrated structure. 3 WHAT HAVE WE LEARNED: What has the above graphic given us for a view of the God of prophecy?
  6. 6. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK 4 ALL BOW DOWN: in which we consider glory and magnificence at the formal end of human history. 5 DISPENSATIONS: the twin towers of our biblical bridge support a prophetic roadway along which God’s plan of redemption plays out in ordered measures. 6 ISRAEL, GOD’S TIMELINE: in which I explain the unique role Jewish history plays in our use of biblical prophecy. (An introduction to Slide VII)
  7. 7. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK 7 BASIC COVENANT: in which we consider in some detail God’s covenant with Israel and its role in prophecy. 8 DIASPORA: the tragedy of Israel’s ejection from the Promised Land and its role in prophecy. 9 EZEKIEL 38+39: in 1948, God regathered His people back to the land . . . now what happens?
  8. 8. SET ONE: STRUCTURE AND TIMELINE OF 70TH WEEK 10 CONTENT OF THE 70 WEEKS: A treatment of the 70 Weeks’ prophecy, concentrating on its central elements and events. 11 ZECHARIAH 12-14: If Revelation gives us Armageddon, Zechariah shows us the final battle for Jerusalem and God’s intentions for redeeming His people.
  9. 9. SET TWO: PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS 12 INTRODUCTION: in which we consider who ‘you’ addresses when encountered in biblical prophecy. “Are you talking to me?” 13 THE ASCENSION: in which we consider how day to day life fits in with an interest in the hereafter 14 THE OLIVET DISCOURSE: we look at Jesus’ treatment of His own return. This discourse forms THE bridge between Daniel and Revelation.
  10. 10. SET TWO: PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS 15 OLIVET COMPANION VERSES: I offer you a series of verses that guide and deepen our understanding of Christ in the Olivet Discourse 16 RAPTURE AND RESURRECTION: I Corinthiansone of THE classic rapture passages comes to the fore. 17 I THESSALONIANS: the companion passage to I Corinthians 15’s treatment of the rapture and resurrection.
  11. 11. SET TWO: PROPHECY IN THE GOSPELS AND IN PAUL’S LETTERS 18 THE CHURCH AVENGED: II Thessalonians 1 and the justice of God on behalf of His Church 19 THE MAN OF SIN: II Thessalonians 2 and the Man of Lawlessness released and revealed 20 APOSTASY IN THE CHURCH: Paul warns Timothy about the winnowing of the Church 21 SALVATION: A companion piece to #18, which has begged the question, “Can I lose my salvation?”
  12. 12. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION 22 INTRODUCTION TO REVELATION: In which I explain the purpose of ‘backward engineering’ the book of Revelation 23 GATES NEVER CLOSE: The architecture of Eternity– a comparison of islamic and christian visions. 24 THE ETERNAL CITY: The amazing physicality of Revelation 21’s treatment of the Eternal City
  13. 13. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION 25 THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST: Chapters 19 and 20 depict the return of the Savior 26 MILLENNIUM AND REVELATION: I spotlight and expand on Revelation’s thin treatment of this very real dispensation. 27 ON THE EDGE OF THE END: Five whole chapters (14-18) devoted to circumstances immediately leading to the return of Christ.
  14. 14. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION 28 TIMELINE FOR REVELATION 5-13: I superimpose the 70th Week’s geometry on the distinctly non-sequential progression of these chapters. 29 SEQUENCE OF SEALS, TRUMPETS AND BOWLS: How do these three judgmental series arrange themselves in on our 70th Week Timeline? (Thank you, Robert Gundry!)
  15. 15. SET THREE: SIX TRIBULATION ACTORS 30 SATAN IN REVELATION: ENTITY I–The Adversary of old tries to go toe-to-toe with his Maker. What’s he hope to accomplish . . . .and how? 31 THE ANTICHRIST IN REVELATION: ENTITY II–focusing mostly on Chapter 12, we follow his story arc through several scattered passages. 32 THE SAINTS IN REVELATION: ENTITY III–The overcomers, the margin of God’s victory! The brothers!!! US?????
  16. 16. SET THREE: BACKWARDS THROUGH REVELATION 33 THE JEWS IN REVELATION: ENTITY IV–The thin references in Revelation to this group’s role in the Tribulation receives full treatment. 34 THE NATIONS IN REVELATION: ENTITY V–The source of a harvest of souls you never saw coming! 35 THE CREATION: ENTITY VI–Waiting for the freedom of the children of God and its own glorious redemption